Saturday, May 23, 2020

For-Profit Nursing Home In Viral Video Is Understaffed and Run By Criminals, Yet Still Receives Medicare Funds

Antifa is nowhere to be found in regards to anti-white racism.

The viral video of 20-year-old black man Jaydon Hayden viciously assaulting a white 75-year-old military veteran at a Detroit nursing home has shocked the country. 
According to a local news report, Hayden -- who has a separate pending assault case -- was taken to the facility after being diagnosed with COVID-19.
Why a violent criminal with COVID-19 was being housed in a nursing home and able to get into the room of a long-term elderly resident has yet to be answered. 
The scene of the crime, Westwood Nursing Center in Detroit, is part of a privately owned, for-profit chain that receives Medicare and Medicaid funds from the state in spite of  scores of complaints about the quality of care and understaffing. 
According to a website that tracks nursing home abuse, Westwood Nursing Center received $15.9 million dollars in revenue in 2018, yet remains critically understaffed, with an average review of two stars for staffing and quality by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services. 
The owners profiting from this systematic neglect of the elderly are two Indian immigrants, Devenkumar Patel and his wife Amee Patel. 
According to public documents, Devenkumar Patel is a criminal who was sentenced to 16 months in prison in 2016 for health care fraud. Patel used his chain of nursing homes to perpetuate the fraud, yet despite his conviction, the Patels are still listed as being in control of Westwood Nursing Center.
The majority of nursing homes in America are owned by private equity firms and health care capitalists who cut corners in pursuit of profits, yet they still receive money from Medicare and Medicaid to care for the elderly in a substandard way. In New York State, after a period of privatizing state-run nursing homes, allegations of abuse and neglect rose 18%from 2013 to 2015.
For-profit nursing homes have been found to provide low quality care compared to public ones due to low wages and staff cuts intended to maximize profitability. Many times the greed is compounded by miserly Indian owners and a neglectful, poorly paid and impatient black or immigrant staff. 
Charlene Harrington, who has studied nursing homes for decades, has found that the worst nursing homes in the country are by and large privately owned. In the age of COVID-19, this has led to higher mortality rates in many privately run homes, especially those with high levels of minority staff and residents. The average assisted living care facility worker in America makes less than $10 dollars an hour. 
Why the federal government continues to provide taxpayer funds to line the pockets of shysters like the Patels is a question not many are asking. America's elderly end up paying the price. 

Friday, May 22, 2020

America’s Political Prisoners

There is rising consciousness about the abusive and corrupt behavior of the FBI due to its treatment of members of Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.
Figures like Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen were all entrapped in a conspiracy by federal agents seeking to overthrow the duly elected president of the United States. The saga has led to calls in conservative publications to break up the FBI and investigate the extent of their abusesagainst Americans whose political views they do not approve of. 
Fortunately for Flynn, Cohen, and likely Stone, they are now being provided redress. The Department of Justice's decision to drop the Flynn case is welcome. Michael Cohen and Manafort have been released from prison and will be spending the rest of their sentences under house arrest. Roger Stone, while still battling in court, will likely figure a way out. 
But not all people being railroaded and tortured in solitary confinement by the FBI can count the president of the United States as a personal friend.
Below is a list of American political prisoners subjected to similar treatment, with background information and their most up to date addresses for writing them. 
1) Jacob Scott Goodwin - 1931215
Augusta correctional center
1821 Estaline Vallet Rd, Craigsville, VA, 24430
Jacob Scott Goodwin attended the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. 
Goodwin and other men had been expelled from Lee Park and obeyed the Charlottesville police's state of emergency order. He was returning to his car in a parking lot, but was followed by a gang of armed blacks led by Harris. Harris was photographed carrying a weapon shortly before the brawl, which he then used to begin attacking people, including beating an elderly person over the head until he fell to the ground. 
The media portrayed the melee as a random racially motivated attack, and in spite of all the exculpatory evidence, Goodwin was sentenced in 2018 to a shocking 8 year sentence. 
2) Daniel Patrick Borden - 1920347
Dillwyn Correctional Center
1522 Prison Rd, Dillwyn, VA, 23936
3) Alex Michael Ramos - 1917415
Greensville Correctional Center
901 Corrections Way, Jarratt, VA, 23870
Borden and Ramos were also convicted for defending themselves against Deandre Harris and his gang. Borden was sentenced to 4 years in prison, while Ramos, who notably only threw a single punch at Harris, was sentenced to 6 years. 
4) Richard Wilson Preston - 1916593
Coffeewood Correctional Center
12352 Coffeewood Dr, Mitchells, VA, 22729
Richard Wilson Preston also attended the 2017 Unite the Right march. Preston was convicted of discharging a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school -- a procedural crime when looking at the context.
A video of the incident shows clearly what happened. After the state of emergency was announced, nationalist demonstrators began to leave the park.
A black man named Corey Long was filmed waiting for the marchers at the exit with a flamethrower, which Preston then responded to by firing a warning shot to scare him away, saving countless young men from being maimed or killed. Preston, faced with a possible sentence of 10 years, pleaded to no contest and was sentenced to 8 years instead. 
5) Benjamin Drake Daley - 77036-112
FCI Sheridan
Federal Correctional Institution 
P.O. Box 5000
Sheridan, OR, 97378
Benjamin Drake Daley was a small business owner in California who attended the 2017 Unite the Right rally. Federal agents raided his home in 2018 and slapped him and his martial arts club, the Rise Above Movement, with rarely used "conspiracy to riot" charges, based largely on accusations from "antifa" blogs and a documentary by Wall Street funded firm ProPublica.
One piece of evidence used by federal prosecutors to make their case was the supposed "assault" of Don Gathers. Footage from the incident shows Don Gathers attacking Daley, who used self-defense in response. This was of no consequence to politically motivated prosecutor Thomas Cullen. 
Members of RAM prosecuted under similar "rioting" charges in California were released by Judge Cormac Carney, who ruled that the statutes were unconstitutional, Nevertheless, Daley was sentenced to 37 months in prison by a Virginia court. 
6) Michael Paul Miselis - 77038-112
FCI Herlong
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 800
Herlong, CA, 96113
Michael Miselis was a UCLA doctoral student in aerospace engineering who also attended the 2017 Unite the Right Rally. His dreams and aspirations as a Northrop Grumman engineer were dashed when federal agents stormed his home. 
Miselis was charged alongside Daley under the same statutes ruled unconstitutional in California. He was sentenced to 27 months in prison, despite having no criminal record. 
7) Thomas Walter Gillen 77035-112
FCI Manchester
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 4000
Manchester, KY, 40962
Thomas Gillen was another accused member of RAM, prosecuted for the same unconstitutional "crimes" as Miselis and Daley by the FBI. He is currently serving his 33 month sentence. 
8) Joffre Cross III - 023211057
Geo Joe Corley 
500 Hilbig Rd
Conroe, TX 77301
Joffre Cross III, a Texan and a nationalist, was swarmed by FBI agents for two counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm and possessing a kevlar vest. Cross was previously convicted for an alleged illegal sale of body armor in 2007.
The FBI used video of Cross allegedly firing a rifle at a gun range as their evidence. The FBI found Cross' large collection of World War II memorabilia and posed it for the media to make it look like they had arrested a would-be "white supremacist terrorist." 
Cross, who does not have the money to fight in a federal case, was forced to plead guilty. He will be sentenced on May 27th. 
Bookmark this link, as we will continue to update this list with the most current information for writing these men. 

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Obama-Appointed CDC Chair Doctor "We’ll just get rid of all the White Americans"

Antifa is nowhere to be found when there's racism being directed towards white Americans. Also, you're too chicken shit to protest a Nation of Islam meeting despite the ADL and SPLC’s claim that they're racist and anti-Semitic. Why the double standard and egregious hypocrisy?

Thursday, May 14, 2020

"Antifa" Magazine Shuts Down After Editor Accused of Being A Rapist

Commune Magazine, a flashy and professional looking "antifa" publication that sought to provide intellectual direction to the anarchist movement, announced yesterday that it would discontinue its operations and refund all its subscribers.
The catalyst for this decision were allegations that an unnamed editor had raped another left-wing activist. A source familiar with the matter has confirmed to National Justice that the alleged rapist is Shyam P. Khanna, a 31-year-old anarchist organizer based in Brooklyn. 
According to a March 28 Medium post by Jessica "Leila" Raven, Khanna had been abusing her and then committed a rape against her. Raven then confronted him, demanded an apology and asked him to read four feminist essays. After Khanna agreed to read the articles, he raped her again, the accuser says.
A second post, dated May 7th, repeats the allegations and details a prolonged campaign to have him removed from Commune Mag's staff. 
Khanna appears to be heavily involved with the "antifa" scene in New York City. On social media, his now deleted account @dollarpizza1 can be seen repeatedly interacting with Jamie Peck of the Antifada podcast as well as Doug Henwood, a wealthy anti-white figure who has been accused of predatory and strange sexual behavior himself.  
While Commune Mag has been canceled, it appears that two editors accused of protecting him, UC Davis professor Joshua Clover and Berkeley's Jasper Bernes, are going to continue their similarly named anarchist poetry project Commune Editions in spite of demands that they shut it down as well. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Federal Lawsuit Asserts That Protest of Zionism and Jewish Power Is Not First Amendment Protected

A brand new legal attack has been mounted by the Jewish community against the First Amendment. 
Gerber v. Herskovitz, filed last December in the Eastern District of Michigan, claims that protests by an anti-Zionist group called Witness For Peace outside Ann Arbor's Beth Israel Congregation amounts to "group libel" of Jews, among other violations. 
Witness for Peace is a small protest group founded by Henry Herskovitz, who is Jewish himself, to call attention to Israeli atrocities supported by Beth Israel. The group has peacefully picketed the Synagogue since 2003. 
The lawsuit seems frivolous on its face, but organizations like The Lawfare Project which specialize in pro-Israel litigation have signed up as co-counsel for the plaintiffs, making it a formidable assault. The Lawfare Project sues institutions and governments around the world to prevent them from boycotting Israel or protesting Zionist brutality. 
Many Americans are under the false impression that the First Amendment is safe on top of piles of Supreme Court precedents. The truth is more complicated. 
The 1952 case of Beauharnais v. Illinois used logic similar to one of Gerber v. Herskovitz's complaints.
In Beauharnais v. Illinois, Jewish justice Felix Frankfurter authored the 5-4 majority ruling upholding the criminal conviction of a man who distributed leaflets calling attention to black crime along with a non-violent appeal for whites to politically organize. According to Frankfurter, Joseph Beauharnais was guilty of "libeling" the black race by referring to it as being more likely to commit crime, and this was thus unconstitutional. The legal concept of "group libel" is what underpins many "hate speech" laws in Europe. This landmark case has yet to be overturned. 
Gerber v. Herskovitz is different in that it is also suing the Mayor of Ann Arbor Christopher Taylor for allowing the anti-Israel protests to continue. Aside from Witness for Peace engaging in "group libel" against Jews, the complaintstates that both protesters and Ann Arbor city officials are violating laws that ban discrimination in public areas, flouting federal civil rights law, infringing on Beth Israel's religious rights, and that Mayor Taylor is failing to enforce a local ordinance that limits the placement of signs on grass  near sidewalks. 
The ACLU stepped in last March to file an amicus brief on behalf of the defendants, but the language used in their filing is peppered with attacks on the defendant's message, calling their anti-Zionist slogans "offensive, upsetting, and distasteful for activists to stage political demonstrations outside a synagogue." With over-the-top editorializing like this, the Jewish lawyers at the ACLU may be doing the defendants more harm than good. 
Arguments in Gerber v. Herskovitz have been paused due to the coronavirus until June. 

Trove of Leaked FBI, Fusion Center and DHS Documents Provide Insight Into Antifa, Charlottesville, Political Bias, and the Erosion of Civil Liberties

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