Saturday, March 21, 2020

Reclaim America

“We must all hang together, or we will surely hang separately.”
—Benjamin Franklin
It is easy to lose heart. It is easy to let your shoulders hunch forward, your eyes to sink to the ground, your back bend. It is easy to give in, easy to lose hope, easy to become disillusioned. 
I admit that at times I have been disappointed: in events, in outcomes, in people. Too many times have I watched people throw away their potential or their future or their highest hopes. Too many times have I seen those who lose heart betray not only their movement but themselves, as well. 
All of America is now familiar with the enormity of the betrayal I suffer personally & presently. And yet, despite this – or perhaps *because* of this – never has there been more reason for encouragement. The entire System comes together, all fangs bared, claws out, a hundred-headed monster hellbent on discrediting, demoralizing, & destroying anyone & everyone coming to the assistance of its prey – and it meets not submission but resistance. 
Never could I have imagined the outpouring of support I have received, and I want everyone who has gone to bat for me and all who have been in contact with me at the jails to know how deeply I appreciate it. If ever in the past I had doubts about the future of the dissident right, all uncertainty has now been silenced. I have received messages & stories of adventure & prayers & pictures of my kids & commissary & donations & updates on political matters, and I am thankful to each & every person who has provided me with these things. Not one other person in the jail system is half so lucky. 
This brings me to another point: Never forget your martyrs. We have men all over the country who have been arrested on false charges, slandered by the government & the media, and held without bond. Their true crime is their political activism – or, rather, *being on the wrong side* – and we must remember that without these men we would have no political force whatsoever. They need your support & your messages & your donations just as much as I do, and I trust that you will send these things their way. 
And when you do speak with them, tell them that I send my regards. Please relay my apologies that I have been temporarily put out of action. Most of all, assure them that this is not the end of our legal fight to reclaim this country: we are at the beginning. 
We still have at least two cases with the potential to be brought before the United States Supreme Court; which is to say that we have two major opportunities for the dissident right to shape the law of the land over the next several years. We have an entire generation coming of age right now, looking to us to lead the way. There is too much at stake for us to lose heart now. 
Keep fighting. Give them hell.

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