Friday, January 31, 2020

The Anatomy of a Smear: Why Americans Distrust and Hate the Mainstream Media

Editor's note. Anyone who writes and publishes a false claim linking me to The Base will be sued for libel. I do not know these people and I have never met them!! So, any and all posts claiming otherwise will be documented and used in a court of law to garnish your wages. Republished from the Occidental Dissent website. I agree with Hunter Wallace that this group is a Fed honeypot to entrap people. 

Editor’s Note: In case you were wondering, this is who we call “journalists” these days. Feel free to watch the video below to see how they cover “hate.” Maybe this video can get more than 158 views? SPOILER: Antifa are the good guys and those who oppose them are bad guys.
I just got off the phone with Chris Joyner of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
As you know, I now have a rule of turning down all media requests from “journalists” in light of previous dishonest and hyperbolic stories that have been written about this website. In this case, I had no choice because he is working on a “story” that is going to try to connect this website to the Neo-Nazi accelerationist group “The Base” and a recent murder plot in Georgia. You got to be kidding me, right? WTF is this shit about?
I’m sure that our readers are as shocked to learn about this development as I was when I was first notified about this developing “story.” What the hell does this website have to do with “The Base”? Haven’t we spent months here documenting how all these accelerationists were getting arrested? Haven’t we literally spent years here stretching all the way back to the 2000s during my public feuds with Glenn Miller and Harold Covington criticizing vanguardists and violent accelerationism? I’ve written dozens of articles about violence, domestic terrorism, mass shootingsvanguardism and accelerationism and throughout everything I have actually written here about the subject have made it crystal clear that I think it is a retarded “strategy.” In fact, I am so opposed to it that I moderate the comment section here just to weed out these people from coming here and posting about their RAHOWA fantasies on this blog when I am not online. It is a major annoyance for our commentators that their comments here aren’t automatically posted and as I have explained it is a routine hassle for us because of those people and Antifa trolls.
Obviously, I have nothing to do with this group “The Base” which is a fed honeypot whose “leader” is a Russia-based intelligence contractor, much less a murder plot in Georgia which was penetrated by a federal agent. It would never occur to me to join, support or promote a Neo-Nazi pagan accelerationist group or to hang out with a bunch of LARPers like that who want to bring on the Boogaloo in encrypted chats on Telegram. I don’t know any of these people and have only heard about them due to the recent hysteria in the media, but past is prologue and that has never stopped “journalists” from trying to rope me into these stories. It has happened at least half a dozen times now. In the aftermath of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, Antifa “journalists” from The Daily Beast and The Huffington Post attempted to rope into that story based on solely on the fact that the shooter – who was a total stranger – had “regabbed” an article that I wrote here that criticized Donald Trump and had said a few things in my mentions. Imagine being “connected” by the media to a terrorist attack on the basis of a rando liking, retweeting or replying to you on Twitter. Such has been my bitter experience with the media.
This happens every few years. When Glenn Miller aka Rounder went on his shooting spree in Kansas City, there was an attempt to “link” me to Glenn Miller based on the fact that I knew who he was on the internet. Nevermind the fact that I thought he was a blowhard, a laughingstock and a cartoon character throwback to the WN 1.0 movement who I made fun of for years. When Dylann Roof went on his shooting spree in Charleston, there was an attempt to “link” me to that incident too because the CofCC posted crime statistics on its website. When James Fields, Jr. plowed his car into the crowd in Charlottesville, I was once again accused of being involved in a massive conspiracy even though I like pretty much everyone else who was there did not know Fields either. When a White Nationalist who was high on drugs pulled an emergency brake on an Amtrak train in Nebraska in 2018, I was once again accused by the same people of being “linked” to him. The basis of the “link” was that this individual had also attended the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Antifa groups on Twitter have a long history of making up stories, throwing shit up against the wall and trying to make it stick. This is at least the sixth time it has happened.
The latest “story” is that a “Bartow County couple” was targeted by The Base in a murder plot who thought they were Antifa because they read a series of articles on Occidental Dissent that I wrote about Georgia Antifa in late 2018This is news to me. If the FBI or the Bartow County, GA police have any reason to believe that to be true, they have made no effort to contact me about it. I have no way of knowing if it is true either because as far as I can tell the names of the anonymous “Bartow County couple” haven’t been published anywhere. I couldn’t find anything about this website and this case in the affidavit that has been published on the internet. Regardless of whether or not it is true, I promptly deleted those articles because I want nothing to do with either accelerationists or violent Antifa groups. Well over a year ago, I realized that it was a mistake to engage with those people and that it was a massive a sink of our time to feed these trolls and that the best way to deal with them is to ignore them.
In the articles that I wrote about Georgia Antifa, I did not “dox” them. Unlike Atlanta Antifa which posted photos of Sam Dickson’s house on their website and encouraged their followers to harass his neighbors, I DID NOT publish their phone numbers or addresses. I published the names of Antifa who had been arrested in Georgia at violent protests like Auburn, Newnan and Stone Mountain. Most of their names and mugshots were published by the media including by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I also identified several of the ringleaders of the group who either 1.) attended public protests and posted glamour shots of themselves on Facebook or 2.) who identified themselves as “Atlanta Antifa” on their defunct public Facebook group. There were several members of a group called the North Georgia Socialist Rifle Association who all posted their real names on Facebook and tagged themselves in a group photo in Shelbyville. If you publicly identify yourself as Antifa on Facebook and attend multiple Antifa protests unmasked wearing t-shirts emblazoned with an Antifa logo and the name of your Antifa organization, do you have a right to complain about being called Antifa on the internet? I don’t think so.
My quarrel with Atlanta Antifa began in early 2017 when they threatened to storm the hotel and violently shutdown Identity Dixie’s Atlanta Forum. Shortly thereafter, Atlanta Antifa crossed state lines and came to Alabama and physically assaulted a friend of mine who was trying to attend the Richard Spencer event at Auburn which is my alma mater. Later, they cooperated with Christopher Mathias of The Huffington Post to recycle their stories doxxing several rightwing activists all over Georgia. Then there was the Newnan rally in 2018 which they tried to disrupt and were arrested. Then there was their campaign of harassment to get Casey Jordan Cooper kicked out of John Marshall Law School for his political beliefs. Then there was the harassment of Sam Dickson in his own neighborhood. This anarchist group has no problem whatsoever engaging in doxxing, violence, vandalism, stalking, defamation or harassment, but whines when as a result of its extreme tactics in trying to cancel people for their political views it predictably makes a slew of enemies on the Right. I’m not in the least bit surprised (though I was unaware) that it started a brand new quarrel with this new group “The Base” because it has made an enemy out of EVERY RIGHTWING GROUP in Georgia. It does not, however, follow that all its various enemies were somehow working together or that all these different groups have created a “kill list” or “target list” for The Base or that all their various enemies are even in contact or aware of each other’s existence. To publicly make this accusation in print is LIBEL.
Normally, I would just ignore what Atlanta Antifa posts on their own obscure blog and their poorly trafficked anarchist newshub because such garbage is not worth responding to and it isn’t newsworthy either. Who cares what Antifa groups are publishing on their own blogs? No one cares except for fake news “journalists” who work for the mainstream media and who increasingly in the Trump era act as the press secretary for the Far Left by recycling story after story after story DIRECTLY from Antifa blogs. Is it ethical for “journalists” to recycle baseless gossip, rumors and unfounded accusations from Antifa blogs? Is a rumor about domestic terrorism that your Antifa friends are liking and retweeting on Twitter a story? If I were to share my thoughts on Twitter about how Atlanta Antifa engages in doxxing, vandalism, violence and harassment in the Atlanta Metro Area, would that be a “story”? Of course not. Such a story wouldn’t fit the liberal narrative about “hate” in America. The “Council Against Hate” would call that “giving a platform to White Nationalist extremists.” No objections appears to be raised to giving a platform to violent Antifa groups and the Far Left.
There is no evidence that 1.) I have anything to do with this fed honeypot accelerationist group “The Base,” 2.) that I support or have any sympathy for this ridiculous pagan LARP group, 3.) that I know anyone involved in this group or 4.) that this website has anything to do with “The Base” or this particular case which NEITHER the defendants OR law enforcement have ever suggested. It is sensationalist he said/she said gossip. Even if it was true that I called a person Antifa who attended an Antifa rally wearing a t-shirt that said “Antifa” in 2018, I did nothing wrong.
I’m beyond fed up with biased “journalists” trying to associate me with domestic terrorists and mass shooters in order to smear me for their Antifa friends to get upcummies from leftists on Twitter and in the newsroom. I’m sick of being “linked” to people who I don’t know, whose views I do not support and whose actions I cannot control and for whom I am not in anyway responsible, but that is where the media is at these days. If it happened to you not once, not twice, not even three times, but SIX F***ING TIMES you would be as furious as I am at the moment. That’s a pattern and there has got to be an explanation for why it continues to happen.
What else can anyone do but avoid these groups? If you avoid these groups and do not support their agenda, it seems your name will still dragged through the mud by the media anyway. The “Council Against Hate” has a narrative and the facts will be twisted to suit the narrative. Cue gigantic eyeroll at the liberal lack of self awareness.
Note: There is a reason why it is called “fake news” and the “lying press.” This is what happens to all sorts of people all the time who haven’t created their own platforms and lack the ability to respond or who get deplatformed by the media colluding with Antifa groups.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

MLK 2020: Courage Is Contagious

THE MLK MYTH is on its last legs. It may look strong if you’re a TV watcher, with the lying media dinosaurs’ electrodes plugged right into your brain. (By the way, friends don’t let friends watch enemy transmissions.) It may look strong if you go by censored search engines like Google. But among those for whom knowing means finding out for yourself based on objective facts — among those for whom truth is important — the “Martin Luther King” myth is toast. The National Alliance exposé of King — still being published as our “No King Over Us” pamphlet — is now going on its 27th year. It has enlightened hundreds of thousands. It has inspired television and radio broadcasts. It has inspired furious denunciations and attacks on us.
But most importantly, our exposé — and the hard and courageous work of those who have put it out to the public, year after year, decade after decade — has moved the public debate toward the indisputable, documented truth: The fake Saint Martin was a Jewish-funded, Jewish-controlled puppet of nearly the worst character imaginable, and was not only working to destroy White America but was also a betrayer of his own people, who sold out their independence and self-determination for filthy Jewish money and led them to the path of death through “integration.”
And it certainly hasn’t hurt that just a couple of years ago some of the secret files on MLK were leaked about a decade earlier than their planned release date of 2027 — probably by patriots behind the scenes in the government, and possibly by one or more who had read our exposé. These leaked files, buried in FBI papers ostensibly about the JFK assassination, indicate that the National Alliance exposé — that our “No King Over Us” flier (and the “Beast As Saint” video based on it) was correct and accurate.
When just a small part of the FBI file on King was released in 2017, among its conclusions were that:
• King was surrounded by advisers with strong links to organized Communism (just as the National Alliance told you a quarter century ago)
• MLK’s statements were always subject to approval by Communist operatives, especially his main handler, Jewish Communist Stanley Levison (just as the National Alliance told you a quarter century ago)
• MLK was a secret supporter of Communism, “a whole-hearted Marxist” (just as the National Alliance told you a quarter century ago)
• His organization, the “Southern Christian Leadership Conference,” set up a “tax dodge” to raise funds for its activities and conceal Jewish/Communist sources (just as the National Alliance told you a quarter century ago)
• MLK was unfaithful to his wife, and had sexual liaisons with numerous females, including part-Mestizo, part-White folk singer Joan Baez (just as the National Alliance told you a quarter century ago)
• King took part in “drunken sex orgies” involving both Black and White prostitutes, coerced young women to take part in unnatural acts, and “initiated” them into illicit or perverted sex if they were hesitant (just as the National Alliance told you a quarter century ago)
The report states that King’s advisers and handlers — led by King’s communist Jew ghost-writer Stanley Levison — approved everything King said in advance: “King is such a slow thinker he is usually not prepared to make statements without help from someone,” it reads.

Linking King to Communism, it stated: “King is a whole-hearted Marxist who has studied it (Marxism), believes in it and agrees with it, but because of his being a minister of religion, does not dare to espouse it publicly.”
At a February 1968 workshop to train ministers in “urban leadership” evidently monitored by the FBI, the report reveals: “One Negro minister in attendance later expressed his disgust with the behind-the scene drinking, fornication, and homosexuality that went on at the conference. Several Negro and white prostitute[s] were brought in from the Miami area. An all-night sex orgy was held with these prostitutes and some of the delegates.”
The document reports that King also engaged in a “two-day drunken sex orgy” in Washington in January 1964: “When one of the females shied away from engaging in an unnatural act, King and others of the males present discussed how she was to be taught and initiated in this respect,” it added. “It is a fact that King not only regularly indulges in adulterous acts but enjoys the abnormal by engaging in group sexual orgies.”
From the FBI transcripts, we learn that MLK told one of his fellow Black “civil rights” associates on the telephone: “Get your damned ass down here because I have a beautiful White broad here,” referring to a White woman he and his fellow “Southern Christian Leadership Conference” colleagues were sexually abusing that evening. Additionally, in at least one case “Dr. King” witnessed — and encouraged — the rape of one of his female followers, and laughed while the rape was taking place in his presence.
You can read the full FBI report in PDF form here at
And, as I revealed in my broadcast last year: What has been the reaction of the Jewish-run US media to these stories? Mostly crickets.
The Bezos-owned and Jewish-dominated Washington Post ran one story on the new rape revelations in the FBI documents, mostly talking about how wrong one academic was to report on the transcripts that criticized Saint Martin. Beyond that, nothing. The search results for the relevant keywords on the Post‘s site returned only a story about an earthquake off the coast of El Salvador:

The Jewish-run network CNN went even further, giving the MLK rape revelations the complete silent treatment . . .

. . . with the last major article they ran on the subject of King telling us about “Martin Luther King Jr.’s resounding and living legacy” and “moral” crusades for “love.” Now that’s chutzpah.
What about the news source that’s widely believed to be the polar opposite of Jewish/leftist CNN — Breitbart News? Despite its conservative/populist rhetoric that draws in a lot of White readers, Breitbart was founded by a Jew and is honeycombed with Jews. Except for a very brief mention in one of Ann Coulter’s pieces (they carry her syndicated column), which was just a few words in passing, Breitbart News also gave us the silent treatment on the rape revelations about multiracialism’s Black saint.

As I said last year at this time, it’s time to put your faith in — and your support 100 per cent. behind — the one group that’s told you the 100 per cent. truth all along, and is still telling you the truth on this and a hundred other important issues — the National Alliance.
In 1968 our people’s enemies knew that MLK was a cracked and broken idol of diminishing use to them. So they had him knocked off and made a “sanctified-by-death” martyr out of him. But that charade is now over. The cracked and broken idol, the filthy degenerate phony, is now once again of diminishing use to our enemies. And of increasing use to us. His story — his true story — shows the media liars for what they are, shows the anti-Whites for the anti-White genocidal haters that they are — and even shows nationalists of other races, including Black people, the bankruptcy of the self-serving Jews and race-mixers who oppose the self-determination and freedom of all peoples except their own.
Our “No King Over Us” pamphlet/folded flier can get the truth out to hundreds or thousands of people in your community.
In the text version of this broadcast on, we’ll give you everything you need: A high-quality video, a high-quality audio version of the video, a National Alliance flier in PDF form for printing and mass distribution.
You can watch or download the professional, impressive video based on my original broadcast:
Video Player
You can listen to or download the audio version of the broadcast, too:
Listen to The Beast as Saint, audio version
And you can download our dynamite, irrefutable “No King Over Us” flier —
— and we even provide instructions on how to fold our “No King Over Us” fliers if you print them yourself (if you get them printed at a print shop they can fold them for you):

The National Alliance “No King Over Us” flier which exposes our enemies’ lies about their “saint.”

Share all this on social media, of course; that’s easy — but also take the extra effort to go to your local print shop with the PDF file, or print it out yourself, and get out there with real world activism. Nothing makes a more powerful impression than a real-world act of courageous truth-telling. Nothing better tells your neighbors that we really care. There is no better way to tell our people that we’re with them, right here on the streets of our community. Nothing makes the White resistance more real. 
These fliers have also proven to get results through the reaction of the controlled media, who often take the (mistaken) attitude that they can reduce the impact of the flier by attacking it (and the Alliance) as “bigotry,” “hate,” or “neo-Nazism.” All they succeed in doing is inoculating the public against the use of those pejorative terms, since any reader can easily see for himself who is speaking with reason and authority — and who is frantically trying to prevent the public from reading an alternative point of view.
These fliers can be placed inside screen doors, under windshield wipers, posted in quantity on community bulletin boards, handed out on the streets or at community events, slipped under the doors at college campuses and dormitories — wherever our people can be found.
As our National Alliance chairman, William White Williams, said: “Every year the same old propaganda is trotted out in the controlled media celebrating the degenerate Michael King (aka ‘Reverend Doctor Martin Luther’ King, Jr.) to coincide with the national holiday named for him. So what can we do to expose these lies? Distribute our accurate and truthful flier alerting fellow Whites to the fraud, that’s what. One of our ‘No King Over Us’ fliers is enclosed [with our members-and-supporters only National Alliance monthly printed BULLETIN]. Get a print-ready file of this flier here: — then take it to your local copy store and print as many as you think you can distribute. Fold them yourselves to save money or have the print shop fold them for a nominal charge. Should you hand one to another kinsman face-to-face you might say, ‘Read this to discover why this communist reprobate’s FBI file is sealed until the year 2027.’ …Everyone should download and print out hundreds — or thousands — of copies of our excellent exposé. Each flier fits on a single piece of 8.5 x 11-inch paper. Make sure that this truth-telling work blankets your neighborhood this weekend. It can be distributed at ‘MLK’ events too. The truth is a powerful weapon — use it!” And — as Dr. William Pierce told us more than once — courage is contagious.
The appropriately animalistic sculptured visage of MLK looks down upon the grubby landscape near “Martin Luther King Drive” in Jersey City, New Jersey

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