Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Gary Yarbrough is on his way to Valhalla

Gary is Leaving for Valhalla

The prison just called me. They told me to get myself and Gary’s immediate family to the prison. They are arranging a special visit because Gary is on his way to leaving this Earth. The counselor is calling me back in the morning to let me know the special visit is being set up because Gary is to sick to make it to the visiting room so special arrangements are being made. Please light a candle or say a prayer for him. My heart is breaking, as is many other people’s.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Press release from Matt Hale

Press Release
(For Immediate Release)

Political Prisoner Matt Hale Calls for the Elimination of the FBI.
                              Also seeks his Release by President Trump.

Contact:     evelynhutcheson1938@gmail.com
Website:    freematthale.net

Florence, Colorado
March 8, 2018

     In the wake of the recent horrible school shooting in Parkland, Florida where the Federal Bureau of Investigation failed to act upon numerous tips which clearly indicated that the shooter was planning  to do exactly what he ended up doing, wrongly imprisoned White Racist leader Matt Hale today called for the elimination of the FBI as a federal agency altogether.
     It will be recalled that Hale was convicted on charges in 2004 of having solicited the murder of a federal judge, the person he allegedly "solicited" quaintly being a highly paid agent provocateur employed by the FBI. In any event, there is no evidence whatever that any such solicitation occurred—as reflected by the complete transcript of his trial which is now posted at freematthale.net—and Hale is currently seeking the commutation of his draconian 40 year sentence at the hands of the great President Trump. Hundreds of signatures are being gathered for his release at this time.  
     From his prison cell at "Supermax" in Florence, Colorado, here is what Hale had to say today:

     "The horrible school shooting in Parkland, Florida just goes to show how misplaced the priorities of the FBI truly are: it would rather imprison me, a clearly innocent man, for political reasons for decades, and harass even  the President of the United States  and his family for politial reasons, than even try to stop some nut from committing mass murder in our public schools. That's why I was motivated to speak out today. The FBI knows damn well that I committed no crime and it knows damn well that President Trump did not illegally collude with the Russians." And yet it persists in its reprehensible conduct all the same because of its inherently political, partisan nature. I am therefore calling for the total elimination of the FBI by act of Congress or, if possible, by President Trump alone as part of his total authority over the executive branch of the federal government. I agree with President Trump that he does have the authority to fire anybody in the executive branch of government that he pleases and I urge him to exercise that power at this time. It's high time to say "You're fired!"
to the FBI!
     Hale also had this to say today: 
"People need to understand that the FBI is a political police force, similar to the KGB in the old Soviet Union. It is not a legitimate law enforcement entity. Rather it only ocasionally seeks to solve and prevent actual crimes but only to mask its inherently corrupt, political nature. In addition, there is no authority whatsoever for an "FBI" within the Constitution of the United States in the first place and thus its very existence is in violation of the supreme law of the land. The Founding Fathers of this country made it quite clear that all police powers instead rest with the states, not the federal government, and thus the FBI never should have been created by the transvestite J. Edgar Hoover in the first place. Therefore the perverse situation that we have of federal agents roving about the country spying, entrapping, framing and railroading innocent people for political reasons has gone on long enough. We need to return all law enforcement powers to the states where they belong, as well as release all those from prison who have been wronged so badly by illegal FBI activity."
             *End of Press Release*


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