Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Conditioning for Death

Omniphi Media, a producer of high-quality video presentations to accompany some of Dr. Pierce’s most popular weekly American Dissident Voices broadcasts has just released a new production.
Utilizing Dr. Pierce’s broadcast of December 9, 2000 entitled, “Conditioning for Death”, Omniphi Media has produced another stellar work that Dr.Pierce would be proud of.
As the producer supports the work of the National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group (NARRG) to restore responsible management to Our Cause, the NARRG website address is boldly displayed both at the beginning and the end of the 14 minute program.
We graciously thank Omniphi Media for this promotion that will certainly bring many former members and racially conscious people who care about the future of the National Alliance to our website as it travels through cyberspace.
Sit back and enjoy yet another of Dr. Pierce’s demonstrations of Iron Logic synchronized to the high quality professionalism of stimulating and stirring visual artistry.
For newcomers to our website, explore around to learn of the dire circumstances the National Alliance is up against unless we prevail. Be sure to read our Pledge of Intent giving an outline of our vision of professional management for our National Alliance.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jews in America struggled for decades to become white. Now we must give up whiteness to fight racism.

Let's teach our children that we are, in fact, not white, but simply Jewish.

Gil Steinlauf is the senior rabbi at Adas Israel Congregation in Washington, D.C.
Adapted from a Rosh Hashanah sermon delivered at Adas Israel Congregation.
This summer, I had a conversation with a young woman about her Jewish identity. She told me how she grew up in a family that was very involved in her synagogue. She went to Jewish day school. She had been to Israel multiple times. But she felt very far from her Jewishness. She simply couldn’t find the relevance of Judaism as she was making her way on her own in the world. I asked her what she did feel passionate about. She told me she has been reading and thinking a lot about racial justice. What moved her was the#BlackLivesMatter movement — how, in light of FergusonCharleston and seemingly endless incidents of injustice against black people in our society, she felt a need to grapple with the racism that is so pervasive in this country and how it affects her identity.
“As a white woman,” she said, “as the product of so much white privilege, it makes me all the more angry to see how other white people so blindly and carelessly feed into the racial climate of our society.” “So the fact that you are white makes this issue all the more painful, all the more personal for you?” I asked. “Yes,” she said.
I certainly identified with her angst. I find the reality of American racism unbearable: the legacy of slavery; the institutional discrimination that is so pervasive; the scourge of mass incarceration of black Americans, with its collateral damage on families; the ongoing blight of housing segregation; the role of law enforcement in furthering racist systems and hierarchies; all this, and so much more. My answer to her, and my answer for all American Jews during these Days of Awe, is that finding our true Jewish identity can begin by questioning our whiteness.
In a flawed and racist society, we Jewish Americans are prospering, reaching the top echelons of privilege and power. With racism and injustice entrenched year after year, generation after generation, we must now ask ourselves: What role do we play in that injustice now that most of us live as white people in America? We must cease to consider ourselves to be part of the social construct of whiteness, despite all the white privilege that America affords us, privilege that eluded many of our parents and grandparents. Starting in this new year of 5776, we must teach our children that we are, in fact, not white, but simply Jewish.
The great blessing and promise of America to our ancestors was that it was a land of opportunity, where we are all recognized as equal, where nothing, not even the heavens, is beyond our reach. We all know that the saga of Jews in America is a stunning success story. Our success here is built on the efforts of the first generations of American Jews who struggled mightily to assimilate — to slough off the ways of the old country, to out-American the Americans. In many ways, today it’s difficult for us to appreciate how remarkable this success is.
Well into the 20th century, we Jews were barred from the whitest country clubs. We couldn’t buy houses in the whitest neighborhoods. Even today, some of us remember being called anti-Semitic names, having pennies thrown at us or being beaten up because we are Jewish. But that young woman I spoke with this summer, and most of her young adult Jewish peers today, can hardly fathom being singled out, being treated as “other,” because of their Jewishness. And the main reason why anti-Semitism is no longer mainstream in our society is because sometime in the last half century, we convinced America that we, too, are white.
All those years of singular focus on making it in America paid off!  Our achievements in business, in medicine, in the arts, in government, in all circles of American life have resulted in success and security rarely known to our wandering ancestors. The history of my own synagogue in D.C., Adas Israel Congregation, mirrors the history of Jews in our country. Over a century ago, its founders dreamed of one day building what they referred to as a “great Cathedral synagogue” standing tall and proud in our nation’s capital, as powerful as the great American monuments of this city. By this spring, thepresident of the United States was visiting their congregation to give a speech and visit with preschool kids.
These days, the country clubs and exclusive neighborhoods are as Jewish as they are WASPy. Indeed, we Jewish people have been building a great, shining American tower, and we have just about reached the highest heavens. But in our own century, we are waking up to the fact that our astounding success in America is a Pyrrhic victory. Our own children and grandchildren, raised as white American children of privilege, have completely forgotten who built their place in society, or why their well-meaning ancestors so passionately endeavored to build it. Many no longer value their essential Jewishness in their worldviews or life plans. For most, the success built by American Jews is indistinguishable from general American white, privileged success. That young woman was right in noticing that most white Americans — Jewish, WASP or otherwise — can’t or don’t fully notice how people of color are trapped by racist structures of power. They can’t even identify how racism infuses all aspects of our lives, our choices and our expectations of themselves and others, despite good intentions.
You might think I’m not being entirely fair. Yes, most of us and our children are a part of white America now. But we know plenty of young Jewish Americans who are very proudly Jewish. Many are devoted to Israel, devoted to good causes; they fight racism and other injustices. But if we are going to take our American-ness and our Jewishness seriously, we must own all the ways that we have benefited from and continue to benefit from the worst elements of American racist culture.

Susan Sontag's Hate Speech

Monday, September 14, 2015

Stand With Dustin Heathman

Dustin's Story
On June 1, 2014, in Williston, Florida, Dustin Heathman was setting up his speaker system when he glanced out the window and saw a cop with a shotgun walking through the front yard. Right from the very start they were prepared to kill, all for a suspended driver's license. A SWAT team came not long after. Snipers surrounded the house, which is in the woods. Some of them wore ghillie suits.
Following a financial argument, Dustin's father had decided to call the cops on Dustin and lied to them, claiming that Dustin had stolen from him. This was his way of 'getting back' at Dustin. He also told them that there was a warrant for Dustin's arrest for the suspended license. So the Marion County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) responded by sending in a SWAT team, as if he was holding hostages.
Multiple Supreme Court rulings have determined that traveling along public roads, including via automobile, is a Right protected by the Constitution, rather than a privilege. Licenses can only be required in commerce (delivery drivers, taxi drivers, etc). Dustin has plenty of case law to prove this. Also, American common law says that if there's no victim, there's no crime. So where's the victim? What's the crime? But even if this was a valid crime, it's a victimless misdemeanor. They chose to send in a small army and a military-grade armored vehicle over a suspended license. Who can actually blame Dustin for being scared?
Fearing for his life and knowing he hadn't actually done anything wrong, Dustin tried to avoid confrontation. He KNEW what cops are like these days. He knew it wasn't as simple as "comply with officers' demands and you won't get hurt." Look at the homeless guy who got killed in New Mexico. Or the man who was shot 16 times because he was reaching for his wallet when the cops demanded to see an I.D. Dustin KNEW about this kind of stuff. And he knew how corrupt Marion County is. He had reason to fear for his life.
So, he tried to avoid confrontation. After awhile, he got on the phone with the SWAT negotiator, who didn't do her job and failed to negotiate a thing. He said he wanted to resolve the situation peacefully. He talked about his rights, and how he knew he hadn't committed a real crime. He was not threatening to kill cops, and he as not making 'anti-government statements' the way MCSO claims he did. He never suggested that he wanted to die, or ANYTHING like that. Quite the opposite, in fact.
By their own admission, the SWAT van was moving forward to attack. The cops opened fire on the house. They used 3 cans of tear gas. Multiple windows were broken. Dustin had every right to defend himself, yet he did not hurt ANYONE in doing so. He was forced to. If he hadn't handled things the way he did, he likely would have been killed. They were the aggressors. They came prepared for war, enforcing an invalid statute, and they clearly had no interest in a peaceful resolution. But he NEVER tried to kill anyone. He had plenty of opportunities for hours to kill cops if that was his intention. And what kind of would-be cop killer would choose a bulletproof vehicle over the officers standing out in the open? He could have shot out the windows of the BearCat if he'd wanted to. The negotiator even said that he'd described all the weak spots on the BearCat. And he was inside where they couldn't see him, but he could see them. He could have killed several officers if he'd wanted to. Yet he never fired a single shot at any of them and no officers were injured.
Dustin came out and surrendered, was handcuffed, and then severely beaten by several MCSO officers. He suffered a fractured eye socket, a damaged ear, and a concussion. They told the media that he was injured by shattered glass, but of course broken glass can't explain the way he looks in his booking photo.
MCSO decided to charge him with ten counts of attempted murder on law enforcement. They lied to the media about what had happened. According to them, Dustin was making a bunch of anti-government statements and saying he wanted to kill a bunch of cops. This is NOT true. He never said anything like that. The cops claim he shot at them, however NO officers received so much as a scratch. No one was injured, no one was killed. He did not point a gun at any of the cops. And he did NOT shoot at any officers.
Marion County admitted that the reason they came for him with such force is because of his so-called "anti-government activities." Dustin has been speaking out against the growing police state and the tyranny here in the USA for a long time now. He has never committed any kind of crime in doing so. He is not anti-government; he's anti-tyranny. And it is not illegal to question the government, or to speak out against tyranny. He has never threatened to kill cops or anyone else for that matter.
The cops failed to record anything until AFTER everything was over. They don't have any dash cam or body cam footage. The phone conversation with the negotiator wasn't recorded (which would have been enough to clear his name, if it had been recorded). They record traffic stops, but not a tactical deployment? They remembered the number for the local pizza parlor, but forgot to have their cameras rolling. Mighty convenient for them, and awfully suspicious. If Dustin really had been threatening them, don't you think they would have made sure to record it? And THEY had called HIM. So they had plenty of time to set up a recording device to capture the whole conversation, but they didn't. Why?
Marion County's version of events is full of lies, contradictions, and half-truths. Their version of events raises too many questions which cannot be answered by their account. MCSO is somewhat infamous for using excessive force and for being so corrupt. They also have the highest incarceration rate in all of Florida, at 1.5 times higher than the state average.
Dustin is not the violent thug that the cops are trying to make him out to be. He's a very caring person. He has a son and two dogs that he loves. He's an animal rights activist and self-described pit bull advocate. He worked for the Humane Society for awhile. He stands for the Constitution. He's got the Betsy Ross flag tattooed on his chest and the Founding Fathers tattooed on his shoulder. He had a framed copy of the Declaration of Independence. He loves his country. Yet he is now a political prisoner because he dared to speak out against tyranny.
Dustin has done nothing wrong. He never tried to kill anyone. He is an innocent man facing ten life sentences for standing up for his rights and not hurting anyone in doing so. Please share his story. This kind of thing is going to keep happening more and more often if we fail to speak up now. We got rid of our kings in 1776.
He did what he had to do, he did what he had a right to do, but he didn't do what they say he did.

The Story

This is a fundraiser to help political prisoner Dustin Heathman get a lawyer so he can receive a fair trial.

The full story can be found here:

A SWAT team showed up to handle a suspended license. Dustin stood up for his rights, hurt no one, and is being falsely accused of trying to kill cops. He's facing ten life sentences when he never hurt a fly and actually intentionally avoided injuring any of his attackers. He never tried to kill anyone. The cops lied to the media about what happened. Dustin was targeted for his political beliefs.

He deserves a fair trial. We have found a highly reputable lawyer willing to take his case all the way through trial for only $15,000.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Friend of the Devil: John Friend Loses His Job for Pure Hatred

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 12, 2015
John Friend has been fired for his beliefs.
Friend, you might remember, I used to be friends with. Though I still think he’s a very nice person – “Friendly Friend,” we used to call him – I decided to professionally distance myself from him due to his focus on conspiracy theories.
However, here he is on my site now, as he has been fired from his job for his personal beliefs, which is insane and obviously illegal (or would have been, if he wouldn’t have walked into the trap – see below).
A 29-year-old clerical employee in the Escondido City Manager’s Office was forced out of his job this week after city officials learned he operates an anti-Semitic website and is active in a movement that blames Jews for the 9/11 terror attacks.
Poway resident John Friend was hired by Escondido about three months ago as a division coordinator, which is responsible for a variety of administrative duties in the City Manager’s Office including supervising support staff and helping develop office policies and procedures, according to the city’s website.
Three months is a pretty good run.
Potok is losing his edge.
City officials said they were unaware at the time that Friend is an outspoken blogger and contributor to several white supremacist publications.
Friend told a reporter he finds “inspiration and guidance from America’s Founding Fathers” as well as “white Christian patriots” such as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels.
The Found Fathers owned slaves!
Didn’t you get suspicious when they gave you a choice between two things which ostensibly had the exact same outcome?
Let this be a lesson to everyone: whenever you don’t know what’s going on, call a lawyer. Or at least say “I’m going to need to talk to a lawyer.”
Phillips said he could not comment in detail about the situation because it’s a personnel issue.
However, he said, “John worked in this office and I did find out about some of his writings on the Internet and it certainly raises concerns for the city and for me personally as his boss.
Sources said Friend kept his political beliefs quiet while working and was generally well liked in the office.
Friend said while he is highly critical of the federal government, he was impressed with the leaders and employees of Escondido and that he enjoyed his time there.
“To my knowledge, no one in the office had complained about me, and I was unaware of any complaints emanating from the outside public relating to my work performance,” he said.
John, meet the “outside public”:
mark potok kik
John Friend’s website is The Realist Report. It’s about 80% great stuff, 20% total tinfoil. I read it myself.
City Manager Clay Phillips said he was unaware of Friend’s activism until a reporter began asking questions about it on Tuesday and a second person called in the same tip.
Friend — an “at will” employee for the city — said he was called into his supervisor’s office on Wednesday and given the option of stepping down or being fired. He chose to resign.
That was actually entrapment, John. And a bluff. You should have called a lawyer. Or me.
If you would have demanded to be fired, at worst you’d have a job still and at best you’d have a sweet lawsuit. Now you just have no lawsuit, no job and media publicity which will keep you from getting another one.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Remembering 9-11-01 Terrorist Slaughter

It’s September 11th – the 14th anniversary of the terrible 9/11 Muslim terrorists’ slaughter of our people in our country.
Sept 11th is a special/holy day for me. This day basically justifies all my political activism over the last 25 years, shows that I was near 100% right.
I lived in New York City 1985-91 and personally saw the dark, hairy, hostile and hateful Muslim men that somehow were allowed to come to our country. Remember Mohamed Ata and his murderous crew were invited to come to the United States on unsupervised student visas. They attended flight school in Florida (I wonder if flight teachers noticed Mohamed was only interested in flying the planes, no interest in take off or landings HELLO!). I left New York City shortly before the Islamic extremists try to blow up the World Trade Center the first time in 1993 (link). I have spent the better part of the last 25 years warning regular Americans, including my former mainstream Conservative associates that Islamic mass murder of our people is one of the worst, but also one of the sure fire bad result of not controlling immigration. 9/11/01 is also the easiest, most effective event to persuade regular, sane Americans, Southerners about immigration, racial realities.
Invited to Florida
Invited to Florida
9-11 terrorist
When, we – the League of the South protested Tyson Foods flooding Middle Tennessee with Bantu Muslim Somalians, virtually every single regular Southerner responded positively to my argument that hey:
“We don’t want many/any more 9/11s”
“Mohamed Ata wasn’t a Tennessee Good Ol boy”
“Al Qaeda, ISIS or really all the dark, swarthy Ayrab Islam -hate folks from Algeria, Somalia, or Tower Hamlet London England – they ain’t gonna let us live and let live and enjoy BBQ Pork and a 6 pack of Bud”.
The paranoid, loner, loser, societal drop out Jew obsessed conspiracy mongering nuts always insist that the Muslims didn’t do 9/11 or else we somehow deserved it for supposed American, White Western sins against the Palestinians or the Pakistanis. Libertarian Loon Ron Paul made exactly that treasonous argument at the GOP New York City presidential debate on the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01. Needless to say, this pro Muslim terrorist position wasn’t widely popular with GOP voters or really anyone besides the terrorists or cultural marxist extremists who simply hate everything White American; these hate White America types will go for anything violent and anti White – the Viet Cong, the African National Congress or the Taliban. Remember that confused, spoiled leftist kid from Lib San Francico John Walker Lind will support anything and everything that works to kill our people and destroy our civilization.; he went from smoking MJ, grooving on Bob Marley to joining the Taliban in Afghanistan!
Now, also understand that the (heavily Jewish) neo Conservatives, cuckservatives, Conservative Inc, Christian Zionists etc will always try to spin the 9/11/01 attacks as justification for more US military attacks, misadventures in the Middle East. The 1st and second US wars, invasions of secular Iraq (SADDAM IS HITLER) were debacles and have actually turned over large parts of Iraq, Syria the Middle East to these 9/11/01 style Islamic terrorists. Sadly, our people are very susceptive to lying Neo Con war propaganda accompanied by some Ted Nugent, Hank Willians Jr. war mongering song with simple, lying themes like “Saddam is Hitler”, “BOMB IRAN STOP ANOTHER HOLOCAUST”.
Our position should be simple and clear.
Honor Sept 11th as a holy day to remember our martyred dead:
The 300 Spartans/300 FDNY New York City Firemen who gave their lives for our people and our civilization on 9/11/01
Sept 11th is immigration restriction day in the USA, North America… what remains of the White West.
Does Japan have problems with Islamic terrorists slaughtering Japanese people in Japan? No. Because Japan doesn’t let Islamic extremists come in to Japan. Those people supposedly on our side who want to concentrate on REAL Jewish problems should work to expose, oppose real bad Jewish programs to flood the USA/West with the worst migrants, immigrants including the Islamic extremists – yes Virginia the Jews really suck on immigration.
Stay strong and stay sane brothers and sisters. Sept 11th is an important remembrance day.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Steve Earle Pens New Anti-Confederate Song

By Hunter Wallace
“Singer-songwriter Steve Earle has partnered with the Southern Poverty Law Center to take a stand against the Confederate battle flag and is urging Mississippi to remove the emblem from its state flag with the release of his new song, “Mississippi It’s Time.”
The song is available for streaming here and for download on iTunes beginning Friday, September 11. All proceeds will go to the SPLC. …”

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Roundtable Discussion: Sheldon Adelson, Jewish Influence, and Campaign Finance

Is it “bad optics” for the Jews
By Hunter Wallace
I’ve just come up with a great idea.
Let’s have a roundtable discussion across the blogosphere and on Twitter under #JewishControl – nothing but the “top” racists and anti-Semites – on the recent article inNew York Magazine about Sheldon Adelson and whether all the Republicans going out to Las Vegas to get down on their knees before their master is “bad optics” for the Jews.
Do you think it is “bad optics”? Some of us have believed for years that Jewish oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson and their creatures like AIPAC have usurped control over US foreign policy. As Donald Trump would say, Adelson has 100 percent total control over his puppets. Does that fuel anti-Semitism? What do you think?

Sheldon Adelson Is Ready To Buy The Presidency

By Hunter Wallace
“As such, he is unaccustomed to being ignored. Among the 17 candidates currently vying for the Republican presidential nomination, most are also competing in the “Adelson primary”: the hotly contested race for the donor’s heart, which runs through Israel. Adelson’s support for the Jewish state is so intense that he opposes American efforts to broker a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, arguing that the Palestinians are “an invented people” whose “purpose … is to destroy Israel”; rather than negotiate with Iran, Adelson has called for a preemptive nuclear strike against the Islamic Republic. The stakes of getting on his good side are enormous. In 2012, Adelson spent $20 million supporting Newt Gingrich, single-handedly keeping him afloat during the primaries and doing great damage to Mitt Romney in the process; then, after Gingrich finally fell, Adelson shelled out $30 million to plump up Romney. All told, Adelson reportedly spent $100 million against Obama in 2012. In 2016, says one prominent ­Republican operative, “every candidate thinks, I can either be the Gingrich of the cycle, meaning Sheldon could give me oxygen, or I don’t want to be on the opposite side of who his Gingrich is this ­cycle. They want to benefit from Sheldon’s largesse or make sure no one else benefits from it.” …
Netanyahu’s congressional speech, which was arranged by House Speaker John Boehner and boycotted by some 60 Democratic members, was a watershed moment in the partisanization of Israel — a development that, along with the Zionification of the GOP, may prove to be one of the most enduring foreign-policy legacies of the Obama years. Even if the GOP never wins the Jewish vote or the most money from Jewish donors, Jewish Republicans have already seized control of their party’s foreign-policy platform for the foreseeable future. Under the next Republican president, one neoconservative foreign-policy thinker predicts, the American Embassy in Israel will be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. American military aid to Israel, already substantial, will become even more substantial. “They’ll get whatever they want. They’ll get shit they don’t want. We’ll arm them to the teeth.” And it won’t just be Israel. On other national-security issues, ranging from domestic surveillance to Iranian nukes, the priorities of Adelson and his fellow Jewish Republicans are now the priorities of the GOP. “Now, when the GOP ultimately does succeed and takes back the White House,” this neocon says, “the hawks will have their way.”
Is it a “Jewish conspiracy” or just how the system works?

Amazing video shows Zio-led invasion of Greece and all of Europe

Watch the following short video of the invasion and war going on in Greece and coming to all of Europe. The Global ZioMedia conglomerates told the huge lie painting the ‘refugees as mostly women and children. They are emotionally conditioning Europeans to believe that lie with the photo of child who drowned in Turkey.
In truth, massive immigration into Europe is nothing less than the annihilation of Europe and the European people. It is the transformation of the peaceful and beautiful communities of Europe to the horror of what has become of the once peaceful land of Syria.
It is vital that Europeans around the world, and for that matter all people, understand why Europe and the entire Western world faces a crisis of existence.
The three driving forces behind this latest immigrant crisis in Europe are all the clear result of Jewish supremacist power in the Western world.
1) Jewish organizations have been the driving force behind efforts for opening the borders of every European nation across the world. This is not a debatable subject, this is fact. For over 100 years leading Jewish organizations have been working to break down immigration policies of the United States and European nations.
The headline of the leading Jewish newspaper in the United States, the Jewish Daily Forward, says it all:
“Jewish Groups Lead Push to Crack Open Doors to Syrian Refugees”
The Jewish Daily Forward also has had many other telling headlines such as:
“Jews Unite Behind Push for Immigration Reform”
All this at the same time all these powerful Jewish organizations with hundreds of millions of dollars of funding have supported Israel and warned of “Isreal’s demographic crisis” even though the fact is that Israel is actually becoming more Jewish demographically with each passing year.
2) The ZioMedia has relentlessly worked to instill self-hate into the European people’s with massive hate propaganda demonizing European people and their heritage. At the same time it has relentlessly promoted mass immigration of non-Europeans into European nations as a “blessing” that will lead to a society of greater peace and love. In spite of this massive propaganda Europeans are beginning to see with their own eyes that the transformation of Europe is bringing anything other than “peace” and “love” to our nations.
3) the creation of the Zionist, Jewish supremacist state of Israel and the huge crimes of this nation against the indigenous people of that region have been the primary destabilizing force in the last 500 years of Middle Eastern history.
The Syrian refugee problem itself is a direct result of Jewish tribalist control over the foreign policies of America and Europe and the propaganda of a Jewish dominated globalist media that has demonized one of the most advanced, moderate, secular nations in all of the Middle East: Syria.
Zionists led both the efforts to sanction and economically destroy the Syrian government and directly supported jihadists and Muslim extremists who flooded into Syria.
Zio-controlled Western governments and media are still demonizing the Syrian government, although it’s moderate Muslims and Christians who are the ones doing the fighting and leading the struggle against the insanity of Isis and Al Qaeda.
This insane policy exists only because the Zionists see Syria as an enemy because they support the Palestinian people, the Lebanese people, and the Iranian people.
It is not the Syrian people and government who are committing the terrorism in Europe, America, around the world. Is an offshoot of the very forces Zionist controlled America have supported in Syria and ultimately in Iraq.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ain’t That America: U.S. Marshalls Throw Kim Davis In Jail

Kentucky clerk jailed for opposing Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage
Editor's note: Tell this Judge that God's Law supercedes man's law.

By Hunter Wallace
For years, the League of the South has been telling Southerners that they will have to choose between, among other things, American patriotism and their religious beliefs, and well, here we are today:
“A federal judge has ordered a Kentucky county clerk to jail Thursday after she repeatedly refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
U.S. District Judge David Bunning said Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis would remain in the custody of U.S. Marshals until she complied with court orders to issue the licenses. Bunning said fines weren’t enough to compel Davis, who has remained defiant in the face of the Supreme Court’s decision in June to legalize same-sex marriage, Ryland Barton of Kentucky Public Radio reported.
Bunning told Davis that while public officials may have their own religious beliefs, they still must respect the law, Blue Grass Politics tweeted. …”

By the way, you also have the US Supreme Court to thank for what Planned Parenthood is doing to the unborn. Still believe the USA is “God’s Country”? Just give it a while and look us up in a few years.

The False Narrative: It’s Open Season on Killing Whites and Cops

Whites aren’t safe anywhere in America
By Hunter Wallace
I think I will post this one here as a test just to see if the Hatewatchers have anything to say about it. For some mysterious reason, they missed Vester Flanagan II’s “race war” and the White cop who was assassinated in Texas.
Yesterday, the Hatewatchers drew my attention to this White guy in Texas who wanted to attack the Black Panthers with sling shots to drive them out of town. The black guy in the video below though is actually advocating killing Whites and police officers. Which video is more “hateful”? What do you think?
Note: The SPLC has condemned the C of CC for spreading what it calls a “false narrative of a victimized white majority under siege by allegedly violent people of color in the United States.”

For-Profit Nursing Home In Viral Video Is Understaffed and Run By Criminals, Yet Still Receives Medicare Funds

Antifa is nowhere to be found in regards to anti-white racism. The viral video of 20-year-old black man Jaydon Hayden viciously ass...