Sunday, October 26, 2014

Georgia Senate Race Demonstrates How Jews Control Our Elections

October 26, 2014
A close-fought senate election in the state of Georgia—and an accidental leaking of a campaign document—has once again clearly outlined just how the Jewish Lobby goes to work controlling elections to the highest offices in America.
The senate race—between Democrat Michelle Nunn and Republican David Perdue has, in the words of the Jewish Business News, been attracting “Jewish Attention.”
According to the Jewish Business News, Georgia  is a “state with a sizable Jewish voter block” and the “race to fill the open seat of retiring Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss is attracting truckloads of cash from outside the state for advertising buys.”
Although campaign finance filings from the current quarter are not due to be released on Oct. 30, Politico reported Oct. 14 that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) spent $800,000 on TV ad buys in Atlanta on behalf of Nunn and is expected to spend $200,000 more in the coming weeks.
So where, one might ask, is all this cash coming from?
The answer was provided—accidentally—in a leaked finance campaign document briefing—which was accidentally published on Nunn’s campaign site for one day—and then quickly taken down.
The campaign document was however spotted and copied by the National Review magazine, and republished in part.
The finance campaign document, drawn up by well-known Jewish Supremacist “campaign strategist” Diane Feldman—who also counts among her clients Minnesota senator Al Franken, South Carolina representative James Clyburn, and former Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa—identified Jews as a vital element for the Nunn campaign, specifically saying that their money would be vital to score a victory.
Even more importantly, Feldman pointed out that the level of Jewish support—and therefore campaign money—was directly linked to Nunn’s “support for Israel.”
The document drew attention to the “tremendous financial opportunity” in the Jewish community and identifies Jews as key fundraisers.
It notes that “Michelle’s [Nunn] position on Israel will largely determine the level of support here.”
According to the Jewish Business News, Nunn’s position on Israeli is something that “she has yet to articulate — her message on the subject is marked ‘TBD’ [to be decided] in the document — and Israel goes unmentioned on her campaign website.”
The document said that at least a quarter of a million dollars could be unlocked from the Jews in Georgia alone—with the implication being that this would be dependent on how subservient Nunn would be to Israel and Jews in general.
This is a significant amount when it is considered that according to official estimates there are around 130,000 Jews in the metro-Atlanta suburbs.
The Jewish Business News went on to detail how the two candidates have thus far been courting this “opportunity” of Jewish money:
Although both candidates’ positions on issues such as Israel have remained murky, efforts to reach out to the community have come in the form of Rosh Hashanah greetings from Nunn to Atlanta’s synagogues, according to a local rabbi who asked not to be named in order to remain apolitical.
According to the rabbi, both candidates also attended a pro-Israel rally at the Jewish Federation of Atlanta during the summer, though they did not speak at the event.
Although Nunn has made few public statements on Israel, JStreetPAC, the political action committee of the left-leaning lobby J Street, has spent more on her campaign than any other candidates in the nation.
According to, Nunn for Senate has received $120,189 from JStreetPAC this election cycle. This amount is significantly more than the $97,819 the organization gave incumbent New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D).
According to Kerwin Swint, political science department chair at Kennessaw State University, a specifically Jewish issue that might affect the state’s Senate election is Nunn sharing a party with another too-close-to-call Georgia candidacy—that of Jason Carter, who is running for governor and is the grandson of former U.S. president Jimmy Carter. Many Jews consider the former president’s past statements about Israel and the “Jewish lobby” to be anti-Semitic.
It also important to note that J-Street is also a Jewish organization, the J standing for Jewish, and it defends the ethnic cleansing of Israel and ostensibly works for a two state solution. In an ideological difference of opinion, many radical Jews support a separate state as a way to preserve Jewish ethnic purity of Israel. It is not based on any call for justice, but what they see as the Jewish interests. So basically the candidates have two choices for funding on Israel, from two Jewish groups!
Georgia has a population of 10 million—yet it is a community of 130,000 Jews that are only about 1.3 percent of the population, and yet that both parties are directing their campaigns with great concern for the Jewish influence. Note also that huge amounts of Jewish money is coming in from New York and states far away from Georgia. And don’t forget that the way that Jewish dominated media treats a candidate also has a tremendous impact. All of this is a blatant object lesson in how “democracy” in America works these days.
Any candidate who is not pro-Israel, or who does not first and foremost express their loyalty to Jewish Supremacism, is almost automatically excluded from even being able to run for office.
Watch this video below by Dr. David Duke on how the Zio-fanatics control even presidential elections in America, and make sure that whoever “wins” an election, the Jewish ethnic self-interest is always served.

League of the South Immigration Protests in Cartersville & Calhoun, Georgia

Gliebe Becoming a Court Regular in Cleveland Area

Erich Gliebe is once again back in court in his hometown. Yet another lawsuit has been filed this year by a debt collector against him.
No sooner than Gliebe had settled out of court with a debt collection company from Colorado on May 7 of this year over a sum of nearly $6,300, another one from Virginia; Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC filed a lawsuit in the Parma Municipal Court in Parma OH on May 15, 2014 to collect $2,205 worth of bad debt.
Gliebe has retained an attorney to represent him in the case. A pre-trial hearing was slated for October 23rd.
We report this from public sources as an example of fiscal irresponsibility as it relates to our own lawsuit.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cartersville & Calhoun, GA Demonstrations

SNN has coverage of the League of the South’s demonstrations in Cartersville and Calhoun, GA. This included a hostile confrontation with several MS-13 gang members who were told to go back to Central America. Read more at:
Note: I’m told there were about 35 League members in Northwest Georgia. Add that to the 90 we had in Memphis this weekend and about 125 people were doing something in the South.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Soviet Spy David Greenglass Dies: How Jewish Communists Betrayed America’s Nuclear Secrets

The announcement that David Greenglass, one of the original gang of Jewish Communist spies who betrayed America’s nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union, has died at the age of 92, serves as a timely reminder of the treasonous nature of Jewish Supremacism.
Greenglass was the brother of Ethel Rosenberg, and part of the infamous atomic treason spy ring of the 1940s and 1950s which handed the blueprints of the atom bomb to the Soviet Union—a state which had been set up by Jewish Communists in the first place.
Greenglass served ten years in prison and was released in 1960. He settled in Brooklyn, New York, and lived out his life peacefully under an assumed name.
The background to Greenglass’s arrest is covered in detail in the book “The Secret Behind Communism” by Dr. David Duke (obtainable from here).Herewith follows an extract from that book, dealing with the Jewish Communist atomic treason against America:
On February 3rd, 1949, British intelligence agents arrested a diminutive German-born atomic scientist by the name of Klaus Fuchs. He was accused, and subsequently convicted, of passing atomic secrets to the Russians.
At the beginning of World War II Fuchs had been interned by the British as an enemy alien. He was subsequently released from British custody and admitted to the U.S. at the personal instigation of Albert Einstein.
As a scientist for the Manhattan Project, he had access to America’s innermost atomic secrets between 1942 and 1945, and he is said to be one of the few men familiar with the overall construction of the A-bomb.
He served nine years in prison in England, and upon his release, emigrated to communist East Germany where he was received with acclaim and served in the Institute for Nuclear Research in Rossendorf, near Dresden.
The Communist Jew spy Harry Gold is arrested. As courier for the spy ring, he quite literally delivered the atom bomb secrets to the Soviet Union.
The Communist Jew spy Harry Gold is arrested. As courier for the spy ring, he quite literally delivered the atom bomb secrets to the Soviet Union.
The Fuchs-Gold Spy Ring
Acting on information obtained from Fuchs, the FBI began a series of investigations which resulted in the eventual arrest of nine other members of the ring. Of these nine, all of whom were later convicted, eight were Jewish. Here is a brief description of the entire ring:
  1. Harry Gold (Jew name Goldodnitsky). A chemist, he was born in Switzerland of Russian-Jewish parents. He studied at Drexel University, University of Pennsylvania, and Xavier University He was a courier for the Soviet espionage chief, S. M. Semenov, who used the Amtorg Trading Corporation as a base of operations. Gold traveled all over the country collecting information from ring members strategically placed in defense and atomic energy installations. Arrested in May of 1950, he pleaded guilty of espionage and received 30 years in prison. He was paroled in May 1965, after serving just over half of his sentence. Gold died in 1972 and is buried in the Har Nebo Cemetery Jewish cemetery in the Oxford Circle neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  2. David Greenglass, the son of a Russian-Jewish father and a Polish-Jewish mother, was one of those who passed atomic information to Gold. Between 1943 and 1946 he was employed at the vital atomic installation at Los Alamos, New Mexico. He also gave Julius Rosenberg vital information concerning the “fuse” used to detonate the A-bomb. Significantly, the chief of the Los Alamos project at this time was the Jew, Robert Oppenheimer. Greenglass was sentenced to 15 years in prison, served 10 years. After his release in 1960, he took up residence in New York City under an assumed name, where he was still living in 2012.
  3. Abraham Brothman was another member of the ring. He headed the engineering firm of A. Brothman and Associates, Long Island, N.Y. He supplied Gold with secret data on aviation gasoline, turbo aircraft engines, and synthetic rubber. So valuable was his contribution that a Russian official allegedly told him his efforts were worth two brigades to Soviet Russia. He was arrested on July 27th, 1950, for conspiracy against the U.S. and was convicted. He served two years in jail and died in 1980.
  4. Miriam Moskowitz was also caught in the spy net. A graduate of the City College of NYC, she was arrested August 17, 1950 as part of the same apparatus. She was employed by the War Manpower Commission between 1942-44, and was later associated with the Brothman firm. She was convicted of conspiracy to obstruct justice and served two years in prison. As of 2012, she was still living in New Jersey.
  5. Sidney Weinbaum, a product of Russia’s “Charkoff” Institute of Technology, came to the U.S. in 1922. His real name was Israel Weinbaum. He was connected with the radiation laboratory at CalTech for four years, during which time he furnished the Soviet government with atomic secrets. His attendance of “communist club” meetings and association with known communists during his days as a student were held against him as proof of his perjury. In September of 1950 however, at the Federal District Court in Los Angeles, Weinbaum was convicted of perjury and sentenced to four years imprisonment.
  6. Alfred Dean Slack, was the only gentile besides Fuchs to be apprehended. While employed at the Oak Ridge establishment he gave atomic information to Harry Gold. He is also believed to have given Gold intelligence about a new secret explosive while employed at the Holtson Ordnance Works at Kingsport, Tennessee.
Communist Jew spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, executed in 1953 for conspiracy to commit espionage during a time of war.
Communist Jew spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, executed in 1953 for conspiracy to commit espionage during a time of war.
Three other members of the Fuchs-Gold ring were also arrested. However, unlike the first seven—who pleaded guilty—they chose to plead “not guilty.”
As a result two of them—Julius and Ethel Rosenberg—received the death penalty and the third, Morton Sobell, received 30 years in prison.
  1. Julius Rosenberg was born of Russian-Jewish parents. An electrical engineer and a graduate of the City College of New York City, he was instrumental in recruiting Greenglass into the spy ring. While employed at the Emerson Electric Company he stole the plans for the highly secret proximity fuse which was used against American planes in Korea. He also aided in the theft of atomic secrets: His job was to digest information from Greenglass, and then pass it on to Soviet agents. He was sentenced to death.
  2. Ethel Rosenberg, wife of Julius, was convicted of the same charges at the same time. She was a sister of David Greenglass. David Greenglass’s wife acted as a courier between Greenglass and the Rosenbergs, but for some reason was not put on trial. Ethel Rosenberg was sentenced to death and along with her husband, Julius, was executed on June 19, 1953 in Sing Sing prison—the first execution of civilians for espionage in United States history.
  3. Morton Sobell was also a graduate of the City College of New York City. He and Rosenberg were classmates together. Sobell passed electronic data to Rosenberg, including radar secrets. He fled to Mexico to escape arrest, was returned by Mexican authorities. He was convicted for conspiracy to commit espionage and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

Jew CDC Head Tom Frieden Struggles to Explain Why We Shouldn’t Ban Travel to West Africa

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
October 11, 2014
Jew CDC head Tom Frieden wants White people to embrace the cultural vibrancy of the Ebola virus.
The Jewish Director of the Center for Disease Control, Tom Frieden, has just written a ridiculous opinion editorial explaining why he doesn’t support a travel ban to the Ebola infested regions of West Africa.  It almost looks like a satire piece, considering the insane arguments that this Jew makes.
He acts like it is our duty to help these Blacks in West Africa deal with the Ebola virus.  This is despite the fact that these people are incapable of helping themselves [or because of it, prehaps --Ed].
In Sierra Leone, the government is so incompetent that they have been unable to adequately compensate the people who have been tasked with removing the corpses of Ebola victims.  As a result, Ebola infected bodies are rotting in the streets.  Even worse is the fact that some of these people don’t want our help as evidenced by a Red Cross team that was attacked by local Blacks in Guinea.
Even if we saved all of these Blacks from the Ebola virus, what are we saving them for?  If they don’t die of the Ebola virus they will probably just end up killing and raping each other any way.  I fail to see why we should use valuable resources to save a bunch of Blacks in West Africa.  Does anyone really believe that any of these people are going to contribute something of substance to civilization if they are saved?  Conspiracies aside, it is very possible that the Ebola virus is just natures way of dealing with the unsustainable expansion in the Black population.  We should just let nature run its course.
Frieden also frames the issue in a false context.  He acts as if a general travel ban to these regions would mean that exceptions couldn’t be made for aid flights to and from the region.  Even though I do not support allocating resources to help these people, it is obvious exceptions could be made under particular circumstances.  Frieden pretends that there can be no gray area in dealing with this situation.
A general travel ban to and from these Ebola infested regions would in fact be a common sense measure to restrict the spread of the virus.  Instead, they have decided to take the risk of allowing people from these areas to fly into the United States where they will be screened once they arrive.  Why take that chance?  It is absurd to believe that screenings will be 100% effective at controlling the spread of Ebola.
Despite all of this, it would obviously be “racist” to place a travel ban on any African nation regardless of the circumstances.  It also impedes Barack Obama’s open borders agenda that is facilitating the on-going third world invasion of America.  So because of political correctness and Obama’s desire for illegal alien amnesty, we have to put millions of people at risk of catching Ebola.  This is just stupid.
Tom Frieden should immediately be removed as CDC head for his irrational stance on this matter.  Unfortunately, it will probably take thousands of Americans getting infected with Ebola before people in power start suggesting this as a possible course of action.

AIPAC Rabbi Calls for “Militant Nonviolent Resistance” to “Racial Injustice” in St. Louis

Kevin MacDonald
Occidental Observer
October 20, 2014
Caption in Huffington Post: “Rabbi Talve marches in Ferguson with Terrell Jr., a young man who knew Michael Brown.” “Observing Yom Kippur In The Shadow Of Ferguson“
Caption in Huffington Post: “Rabbi Talve marches in Ferguson with Terrell Jr., a young man who knew Michael Brown.” “Observing Yom Kippur In The Shadow Of Ferguson“
A theme around here has been that Jews  have posed as moral paragons while relentlessly pursuing their ethnic interests, resulting in cognitive dissonance among many White liberals. A good example of the resulting hypocrisy is Reform Rabbi Susan Talve who is aiding and abetting the Ferguson protesters masquerading as an exemplar of enlightened liberal morality while also supporting AIPAC and its program of apartheid and ethnic dispossession of the Palestinians  (Philip Weiss: “AIPAC rabbi calls for ‘militant nonviolent resistance’ to racial injustice in St. Louis).
The Ferguson “gentle giant” Michael Brown story continues  to unravel , but of coursefacts don’t matter, least of all to Rabbi Talve.
Susan Talve is the progressive rabbi in St. Louis who has been active in racial justice issues in Ferguson while supporting Israel’s occupation of Jerusalem and its onslaught on Gaza during her Israel lobby-sponsored trip to the Jewish state last summer.
Now one might suppose that she is simply living in a state of blissful ignorance, but the good news is that she is being confronted with her hypocrisy. Tweeters at one of her talks condemning “racist Whites” focused on her hypocrisy, and there were hecklers who were unimpressed with her sanctimony:
 “What about #Palestine, Susan?” AIPAC supporter Ravbi Susan Talve gets heckled at her talk about civil rights.”
“Black and brown lives matter,” says rabbi Susan Talve. She forgot to add the disclaimer, “except for in Gaza.”
Pro-AIPAC rabbi Susan Talve now speaking against racism in STL while supporting racism in Israel.
To be sure, Talve claims to oppose the occupation, but, as Weiss notes, “she’s worked with an organization, AIPAC, that supports everything Israel does in the occupied territories.”
This is a common pose of liberal Jews in the Diaspora in the West — maintaining a veneer of moral consistency while doing nothing to move their own ethnic community by trying to change AIPAC, Israel, or the US government on Palestine. All their energies are directed against White America.
There is a consistency here, of course. Activists like Talve are consistently pursuing their ethnic  interests. It’s just that their interests differ dramatically depending on whether it’s about Israeli actions vis-à-vis the Palestinians, or in promoting the anti-White coalition in the U.S.
Morality has nothing to do with it.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Insane Dyke Mayor of Houston Demands Pastors Turn Over Sermons Dealing with Faggots, Queers and Other Sexually Impaired Persons

Daily Slave
October 16, 2014
Mayor Annise D. Parker 
City of Houston 
P.O. Box 1562 Houston, TX 77251 
Phone: 3-1-1, or 713.837.0311 
Annise Parker, the insane dyke mayor of Houston, is polluting the world with her homosexual insanity.
The insane dyke mayor of Houston is demanding that pastors turn over any of their sermons that deal with faggots, queers and other sexually impaired persons.  Failure to obey the carpet munching mayor will apparently result in these pastors being held in contempt of court.
The city of Houston has issued subpoenas demanding a group of pastors turn over any sermons dealing with homosexuality, gender identity or Annise Parker, the city’s first openly lesbian mayor. And those ministers who fail to comply could be held in contempt of court.
Obviously she has no right to do such a thing – but seriously, what the hell is with these people any way?
Why is this dyke the mayor of Houston and how did this happen?
This deranged woman should be in a mental institution, as anyone who is sexually attracted to a member of their own sex has deep psychological issues and is not fit to be loose on the streets, let alone lead or manage anything at all.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stop Illegal Immigration Rally

Stop Illegal Immigration Rally in Cartersville,Georgia.on October 18th between 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. on Felton Road.On October 18th The League of the South will be hosting a demonstration in defense of Southern interests and Southern jobs. Our lands and culture are under attack by third world immigration and federal occupation. Come stand with us in defense of our people.

Cartersville location will be at the intersection of Felton rd. and US hwy 41 at 10:00 -12:00pm. Calhoun location will be at the traffic light intersection in front of the super Walmart center on West Belmont Dr. (Hwy 53) at 2:00 -4:00pm.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Police Preparing for Massive Race Riots if White Hero Darren Wilson is Vindicated by Grand Jury

Marcus Cicero
Daily Stormer
October 9, 2014
The first duty of any armed response to these feral apes should involve the arrest, trial, and execution of all subversive scum, like the grungy weasel on the right.
The first duty of any armed response to these feral apes should involve the arrest, trial, and execution of all subversive scum, personified by the grungy weasel on the right. Willfully agitating the Negroes should be a capital offense.
The Ferguson, Missouri African drama program shows little sign of halting, as reports emerge of high-level police and FBI meetings preparing for potentially nationwide race riots if a convening grand jury refuses to indict White officer Darren Wilson.
Such actions come on the heels of threats of large-scale protests and violence made by numerous Leftist/Marxist “activist groups,” composed of unsightly Jews, faggots, domesticated Negroes, and other assorted oxygen bandits.
Wilson, a decorated and popular veteran law enforcement official, faces potential criminal charges for his just execution of bloated gorilla rapper Michael Brown, an action that should have been a routine matter requiring only minimal incident documentation.
Authorities are preparing for possible race riots if a white police officer who shot dead a black teenager is not indicted on murder charges.
A grand jury is expected to decide next month whether to bring criminal charges against police officer Darren Wilson, who shot Michael Brown, 18, on August 9 in Ferguson, Missouri.
Police officers in Missouri are meeting almost daily leading up to that decision to ready themselves for all possible scenarios, while also talking with other major police departments around the country.
If charges are not brought against Wilson, police fear an outbreak of violence not just in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, but across the greater metropolitan area and even in other U.S. cities, according to St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar and others involved in the planning meetings.
James Knowles, the Ferguson mayor who has attended the meetings, said the concern is that “the unrest is going to be far beyond the city of Ferguson.”
This kind of unbridled anarchy may, in fact, do much to stir the masses of semi-entranced American Whites from their generations-long slumber, as they, as much as anyone else of European descent, will face the wrath of the uncouth Black hordes, and their nation-wrecking coordinators.
The time is rapidly approaching when certain conclusions will have to be reached, as those remaining on the sidelines will be eventually forced to take sides in escalating conflicts that shall help to determine the fate of millions within our race’s most populous region.
A small herd of American Pavement Apes celebrating their release from jail. For an event so often repeated, the Blacks still seem to have retained interest.
A small herd of American Pavement Apes celebrating their release from jail. For an event so often repeated, the Blacks still seem to have retained interest.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Saturday Night Live Celebrates the End of the White Race

Pictured below (Sarah Silverman) Jewess

The most recent episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by the disgusting pervert Jewess Sarah Silverman, featured a comedy sketch mocking the impending doom of the White race.  The clip features White people admitting that they will soon lose control of the United States and become a minority in the great nation their ancestors built, then saying they are going to try to enjoy their remaining years as a race.
Jewess herself played one of the Whites, even though Jews are not White; “White” is a term defined by European ancestry, and Jews are from the Middle East, a completely separate race.  When it suits them, they call themselves White.
The idea of celebrating the death of your own race is something that could only have been produced by Jews, and only sold to Whites.  If Africans or Chinese were told to laugh about becoming a minority in their own countries, they would go into a rage.
The question is: what is going through the minds of the Whites who accept this?
Does anyone actually believe that when non-Whites take over all of our institutions, they will continue to function as they did when we ran them?  We can see in Detroit what happens when you hand over a modern American city to non-Whites.  It isn’t a mystery.  Everything goes to hell.
How is it that these people are so selfish as to leave their children with a third world nation?  Did our ancestors give us this society so that we could give it away to strangers?  What right to they have to steal the future away from future generations?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Eric Holder Defies Federal Court Ruling and Refuses to Obey Judge’s Order

Sven Longshanks
Daily StormerOctober 4, 2014
Look, I dont have the files.
Looks like the Fast and Furious documents may have ended up in the same place as the documents exposing the Westminster pedophiles in Britain.
In an action not seen in the U.S. Department of Justice in recent history, outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday refused to comply with a court order to release a Vaughn Index of Operation Fast and Furious documents. Members of a House committee are requesting the federal judge in the case to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt of court for failing to comply with a deadline a judge set to turn over documents related to Operation Fast and Furious, according to a federal court motion on Thursday.
As per a 1974 court ruling, a Vaughn Index must: (1) identify each document withheld; (2) state the statutory exemption claimed; and (3) explain how disclosure would damage the interests protected by the claimed exemption.
On July 18, Judge John Bates ordered Holder and the Department of Justice to produce the documents list by October 1. He denied a motion by the Holder’s DOJ that the agency be given more than an extra month, until November 3, to produce the Vaughn index. According to attorneys, Judge Bates voiced his concern that the Justice Department’s request showed they were “at best… slow to react to this Court’s previous [July 18, 2014] Order. At worst, it means the Department has ignored that Order until now.”
“Here we have the nation’s top law enforcement officer telling federal judges NO to their rulings. This is one more incident that displays the lawlessness of this administration,” said former NYPD police detective Michael Snopes. “If a cop dared do what Holder’s done he’d be cooling his heels in a jail cell.”
Since Holder chose to ignore the judge’s order, in a legal motion filed Thursday afternoon, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee asked U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson to fine Holder personally if he doesn’t comply with an order requiring him to turn over non-privileged documents responsive to a House committee subpoena by Oct. 1. Judge Bates may also be set to charge Holder with contempt of court for failing to release the Vaughn List to a watchdog group Judicial Watch, as well.
House attorneys are also advising the federal court to jail the attorney general until he abides by the court ruling and releases the requested documents.
“Should the Court determine that the Attorney General has violated that Order, the Court should impose on the Attorney General an appropriate penalty to coerce his compliance with the August 20 Order, including an escalating daily monetary fine against Eric H. Holder, Jr., to be paid by Mr. Holder out of his personal assets, converting to incarceration if the payment of daily monetary fines does not produce compliance within a reasonable period of time,” House Counsel Kerry Kircher and other lawyers wrote in the new motion.
“It is a very real possibility that Eric Holder is stepping down because the revelation of what’s contained in the Fast and Furious documents may be detrimental to his life after serving Obama, or quite possibly those documents no longer exist,” former attorney and political consultant Michael Barker told the Examiner.
“There is a very real possibility that the Justice Department’s documents may have fallen into the same ‘black hole’ where Lois Lerner’s IRS documents ended up,” added former police investigator and corporate security consultant Joseph Warren, Jr.

Former Jew Fed Chief Ben Bernanke Gets Jewed by Mortgage Industry After He Tries to Refinance His Home

Daily Slave
October 5, 2014

Ben Bernanke the former Jew head of the Federal Reserve just got Jewed by the mortgage industry lol.
I laughed at this one.  The Jewish usury system is so ridiculously Jewed that the Jew who was recently in charge of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, got Jewed by the mortgage industry.
Bernanke said at a conference this past Thursday that he was unable to refinance his mortgage.  How ironic is that?
Again, the Jewish usury system literally Jewed the man who ran the Jewish usury system for several years.  The Jews could careless if they Jew their own people with their Jewry systems.
Seriously though, it is time to end usury and debt based money.  The punishment for these practices should be swift and severe.  It is nothing but a mechanism designed to enslave nations and peoples into perpetual debt.  That’s why the Jews love it so much and it is why we need to end it.
Germany under National Socialism flourished economically because Adolf Hitler did his best to rid the country of this Jewish usury garbage.  It is probably the best example of what a White European nation is capable of without Jewish usury practices ruining the economy.
“It’s entirely possible” that lenders “may have gone a little bit too far on mortgage credit conditions,” he said, according to Bloomberg News.

Jewess Parasite Wasserman-Schultz Vows to Remain DNC Chair Until 2017

Daily Stormer
October 5, 2014
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz – a Jewess with a face scarier than most Halloween costumes.
The Democratic party, which is fully backed by Jewish interests, has been led by the Jewess parasite Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for awhile now.  She has vowed to stay in this role until 2017.
“I was elected to a four-year term, and I will serve as DNC chair till Jan. 21, 2017,” she told the Sun Sentinel.
If the Democratic party continues to be led by this sick Marxist Jewess, it will be to our benefit.  There is little doubt based on her track record that she will push increasingly more insane and weird agendas.  As a result, this will expose more people to the fact that the Democratic party is nothing but a front for Jewish Communist and Marxist interests.
One of the recent trolling tactics has been to pretend to be a liberal, and encourage more and more extreme Marxist madness among liberals and getting them to go along with it, and thus exposing their madness to those who are not completely unhinged.  But the Jews seem to be doing this exact thing to themselves, with ridiculous figures such as this wench.
Daily Slave contributed to this report

Richard Spencer Arrested in Hungary

Richard B Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute, was arrested in Budapest last night as Hungary’s government stepped up its attempts to disrupt a gathering of nationalists, traditionalists and identitarians. It is not known if he is still in custody or has been deported. It is the latest development in a blatantly naked series of co-ordinated repressive measures against dissidents which has seen the NPI’s chosen venue forced to cancel, hotels forced to cancel bookings and Russia and France asked to hinder the movement of conference speakers. Even Jobbik withdrew its endorsement as did the Budapest-based publisher Arktos, which withdrew its support with great reluctance.
Around 60 police officers in a dozen police vehicles converged on the Clock House Cafe in Buda late on Friday evening and took the names and passport numbers of everyone in attendance. Only Spencer and another unnamed American associate were arrested and taken away. Present were 60 nationalists, traditionalists and identitarians from across Europe and the USA. Spencer gave a V-for-Victory sign from the back of the police bus as he was driven away.
It is an escalation of a posture adopted by the government of President of ‘conservative’ Viktor Obran who has been shamelessly pandering to left- wing voices from the European Union and the USA. He promised to take all ‘legal’ means to prevent NPI’s annual congress from being held in Budapest. It was scheduled to take place on October 3 – 5 but the original venue cancelled owing to pressure and the organisers were forced to take their meeting ‘underground’.
It is thought that the government of Obran, is seeking to ingratiate itself with the European Union and other US influences by showing that tolerance and freedom of speech were not to be extended to those who speak out for traditionalist, nationalist and anti-immigration viewpoints. It is the latest example of breathtaking double-standards across the length and breadth of the European Union – it is hard to imagine a left-wing conference of any stamp being forcibly cancelled by a government.
One Englishman who was arrested and released said “It was Hungary’s version of ‘kettling’ which the British police use to lock down nationalists demonstrators at home. We were held in the restaurant for three hours while they took names. There were only two arrests.” Most of the other delegates continued eating, drinking and singing Flemish folk songs to about 1.30am. The restaurant staff could not have been more understanding and invited us all back the next day. The police obviously had little idea what was really going on.”
The conference attendees went ahead with an impromptu gathering in a restaurant on Saturday night and were addressed by two of the original four speakers, Tom Sunic and Jared Taylor both of whom were given standing ovations by an audience of about 150 which included attendees from Japan, Mexico, Canada and Russia especially for the occasion. The event was also attended by BBC Radio, Die Welt and a freelancer who claimed to be working for Foreign Policy.
Ironically the entry of Hungary into the European Union was only possible after the country passed certain democratic tests. Todays events reinforce the suggestion that left-wing hegemony was always the goal and ‘conservative’ democratic states like Hungary do not mind what they have to do to fit in with the powers that be in Brussels.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Black Panther Leader Visits South Africa to Discuss “Killing the White Minority” to “Create a New Homeland for Black Americans”

European Knights Project
October 3, 2014
‘King’ Shamir Shabazz
We emailed US Attorney General Eric Holder (former black nationalist & Marxist activist) to ask him why a US terrorist group, was allowed to incite racial violence in South Africa. We were told that the Black Panther trip was legal as it was within the bounds of constitutionally protected free speech. That they were permitted to travel overseas and return unencumbered into the US (ISIS?) as they were not listed as a terrorist group ‘on the federal level’.
I then asked why Holder’s office dropped formal charges against the Panthers after the Bush administration had them on the ropes. The US Department of Justice has yet to respond. In case you missed the original story, the mainstream media have all but ignored, I’d recommend everyone read and share it. It is one of the most disgusting stories of the year. Also please subscribe to our new monthly newsletter if you want to receive more news penned by journalists with their fists cocked and ready!
The ISIS supporting, non-black hating, Marxist American New Black Panther Party has been quite busy.
First, calling for the “extermination of all non-blacks” at home in the US; seems they don’t much care for Indians and Asians due to the fact they’ve done well in their adopted homelands-and now, based on a report out of South Africa, the “extermination of all whites and non-blacks in Africa.” The Caucasians living north of the Sahara might be a bit of an inconvenience.
What makes the Panther’s rhetoric exponentially more dangerous in South Africa than it is even in it’s birthplace, the US – is the fact that South Africa has a black majority, and a pattern of mass violence against non-black people has already been established.
King Zulu Shabazz, the black American leader of the Black Panther Party, stated via Black Power Radio, that,
“In South Africa and Zimbabwe I witnessed blacks ready to kill crackers and young people ready for revolution…just talking and social activism won’t work. If we don’t get out on the streets and start killing Crackers, they won’t think we is serious’”.
Quite remarkably, Shabazz blamed the inordinate number of rapes in South Africa’s Black community on whites, saying “Rape wasn’t in Africa until the white man arrived…” And here I thought rape was a black dating ritual. You learn something new every day.
Eric ‘Black Panther’ Holder
Shabazz, with links to, and protected by, US Attorney General, Eric Holder is a danger to ALL NON-BLACKS. I don’t care if you are white, Hispanic, Asian or mixed-this man hates you and will not shut his trap until each and every one of us is dead. Black and Marxist neo-liberal contempt for Whites, Asians, Mormons, Indians, ANYONE not fortunate enough to have frizzy hair, thick lips, a broad nose or predilection for sexual depravity, is all but standard operating procedure in 2014. The hatred fomented by our Zionist oppressors, now knows NO bounds. We are ALL being targeted for extinction.
To deny that anti-white & anti-heterosexual gentile hatred has become acceptable in mainstream America, is to deny fact. Zionist Hollywood, led by a cabal of anti-gentile hate mongers has been pumping hatred out of Tinsle Town for decades now, and blacks, without the willpower to resist and intelligence to get the fact, they’re being conned, have bought ALL OF IT. Being breastfed on a steady diet of leftist anti-White, anti-Western hatred for several decades straight will do that to you. 12 Years a Slave and the Butler have done their job well!
And how has the left been able to whip the black man into such a frenzy?
Slavery. Yeah, that’s right. The endeavour that brought these people to our lands, has given them the opportunity to be the richest black people on the planet, has created literally thousands of black millionaires, is still being used as an excuse for their racial hatred.
It seems slavery has given blacks the legal right to hate anyone of European descent, regardless of whether or not any of us have any ancestral connection to it. In fact if one wants to get technical, it is the blacks themselves that are the direct descendants of their slave owners.
Still, we are told that black failure and suffering, stems from slavery. Marxist anthropologists and sociologists, a disproportionately large percentage of whom are Jewish, have even coined fancy terms for the condition – Transgenerational Slave Syndrome, Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, African American Psychic Trauma, Transgenerational Slavery Trauma etc. This sort of warped logic is disseminated by our universities, the pundits on our television sets, and most effectively, by the useful white liberal idiot accomplices we are forced to share our communities with. Racism is bad, except when it’s directed at the white majority or anyone else that’s decided to try and assimilate/has succeeded.
Father’s are being stripped of their right to see their children by the feminist controlled family court system are told to suck it up and be men. A black woman’s great great great great great great granpappy picked cotton and she’s told it isn’t her fault she’s an abject failure.
This is the sort of asinine logic we see time and again in racial politics.
It also gives the media a free pass when they deliberately conceal black on non-black crime. White, Indian and coloured (mulatto) South Africans are being murdered on a daily basis by criminals enabled by the black ANC government, yet nary a soul on our shores blinks. One black thug is shot by a Hispanic neighbourhood watchman in a Florida swamp, and the nation grinds to a halt.
White, Asian and non-black American citizens are routinely targeted for extermination by black youths across our nation, and the media remains silent. Men like Shabazz promote racial hatred in the US and have been allowed to do so without repercussion.
Black Panthers with the ANC
And now they’re inciting violence in South Africa during their ‘humanitarian and refuge seeking mission”., and are being allowed to do so unencumbered.
Quite hilariously, during their trip to SA, Shabazz and the Black Panthers organised a charity drive to assist a local black orphanage by appealing to supporters back in the States (the black community) and SA. In total it received 50$ in donations. My guess donations arrived in redeemable food stamps and KFC coupons.
And why the sudden interest in South Africa?
Seems Shabazz and his violent Babbuino brigade like the fabulous infrastructure and buildings white South Africans have built, and want to turn Durban and Capetown into Detroit. The NBPP claim “Azania”, or South Africa to the rest of us, is their motherland and are currently trying to market it to black Americans, as a Pan-black “Israel.”
Sadly this could have all been averted if US Attorney general Eric Holder didn’t drop the strong legal case the Bush administration initiated against the Black Panthers. In fact the case, which surely would have resulted in a conviction for voter intimidation, was dropped within weeks of Holder taking charge. The Panthers thanked Holder for it in a video they produced later regarding the case.
The NBPP Website had the following message, outlining their trip to South Africa and Zimbabwe:
“A re-newed vision” and “directional change” were what’s needed to Prince Mathebulu (Commander Sankara) as he has seen the effects of the Post- Apartheid era first hand. This became the backbone to the entire tour and the motivation of the trip, which spanned a total of 8 townships and provinces of Johannesburg, South Africa all the way to Zimbabwe to meet with leading officials, from the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (Zanu- PF party) led by the Pan- Afrikanist firebrand, President Robert Mugabe.
The 8 person delegation from the United States(U.S.) consisted of high ranking New Black Panther Party Officials, All- African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) represented by Bob Brown, organizer with the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee(SNCC) and Kwame Ture’ (formerly Stokely Carmichael), Pastor Ted Sutton, a Baltimore, Maryland based youth pastor, founder of, “ The Ministers of Defense” a mentorship program that teaches about self-respect, decency, and curbing Black violence among so-called gangs and finally a beautiful, bold, Black woman, from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s, Nation of Islam under the direction of Minister Louis Farrakhan in Phoenix, Arizona, named Sister Khameelah Shabazz who has studied with the Muslims Girls Training Classes(MGT) since 1975.”
Black Panther Eric Holder was arrested for the armed takeover of Columbia University building.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

White-Hating Cop-Killing Black Thug Asked to Speak at College to Students

Sven Longshanks
Daily StormerOctober 1, 2014
Four witnesses saw Daniel Faulkner shot to death by the Black thug.
Mumia Abu Jamal murdered a White Police Officer back in 1981. He was handed down a death sentence, which he was later able to talk his way out of, and is now serving a life sentence at Mahanoy State Correctional Institution in Frackville, Pa.
Does that sound like the perfect qualifications required to give a commencement speech at college to you?
Well it does to Goddard College at Plainfield Vermont.
Goddard College announced today that Mumia Abu-Jamal, an American prisoner,author, and journalist who received his Bachelor of Arts from Goddard in 1996, was selected by the students of the Undergraduate Program’s Fall 2014 graduating class to be their commencement speaker this Sunday, October 5.
Abu-Jamal was convicted in the 1981 murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. His original death sentence handed down at his trial in 1982 was commuted to life imprisonment without parole in 2011. He was then transferred from death row to the Mahanoy State Correctional Institution in Frackville, Pa., where he resides today.
Mumia Abu-Jamal boasted afterwards about killing him in the hospital.
Abu-Jamal’s commencement remarks were prerecorded by Director of Prison Radio Noelle Hanrahan and will be played alongside a short video created by director and filmmaker Stephen Vittoria, whose documentary “Long Distance Revolutionary: A Journey with Mumia Abu-Jamal” was released in 2012.
Goddard College holds twenty commencement ceremonies each year, allowing for students in each degree program to personalize their graduation experience.
“As a reflection of Goddard’s individualized and transformational educational model, our commencements are intimate affairs where each student serves as her or his own valedictorian, and each class chooses its own speaker,” said Goddard College Interim President Bob Kenny. “Choosing Mumia as their commencement speaker, to me, shows how this newest group of Goddard graduates expresses their freedom to engage and think radically and critically in a world that often sets up barriers to do just that,” he said.
Twenty out of twenty-three students receiving their Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts will graduate in the commencement ceremony featuring Abu-Jamal’s speech at the Haybarn Theatre at Goddard College, located at 123 Pitkin Road in Plainfield, Vt., at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 5.
What great role models the Jews have brought us.

For-Profit Nursing Home In Viral Video Is Understaffed and Run By Criminals, Yet Still Receives Medicare Funds

Antifa is nowhere to be found in regards to anti-white racism. The viral video of 20-year-old black man Jaydon Hayden viciously ass...