Monday, September 22, 2014

American Front Leader Marcus Faella Convicted of “Domestic Terrorism” for Pro-White Activism

Marcus Cicero
Daily Stormer
September 19, 2014
Marcus Faella faces up to thirty years in prison for the "ghastly" crime of teaching White folks how to defend themselves and their race.
Marcus Faella faces up to thirty years in prison for the “ghastly” crime of teaching White folks how to defend themselves and their race. The media is not playing this up, as it would only raise questions at this point in time.
The Florida leader of the American Front organization has been found guilty of two domestic terrorism related charges, for the simple action of training White men and women on the proper use of firearms for racial self-defense.
Marcus Faella, denounced by the Jewish media as being a “Skinhead Nazi,” although the National Front has been usually highly-professional and articulate in recent years, now faces up to thirty years in prison for his crimes, and is scheduled to be sentenced on November 10th.
Various Pro-White, anti-Negro and anti-Jew leaflets were presented during Faella’s trial to attempt to connect him to a desire for violent anarchy and revolution, although any objective observer would have found this absurd and borderline retarded. An FBI informant was even forced to admit on the stand that the group was against violent extremism, and only wished to be able to protect themselves and their families in the event of a government collapse and/or rampaging non-White savages.
Marcus Faella stood silently and showed no emotion as a jury delivered a guilty verdict Friday on two charges that could send the American Front leader to prison for 30 years.
After deliberating for about five hours in Central Florida’s largest domestic-terrorism case, the jury found Faella, 41, guilty on two counts of teaching and conducting paramilitary training.
Immediately after the verdict was announced, Faella was handcuffed and ordered to be held without bail in Osceola County Jail as his sobbing wife, Patty, yelled out, “Marcus, I love you!”
The trial started Tuesday more than two years after the feds arrested Faella and 13 other American Front members accused of training for a race war. The American Front is one of the oldest continually active U.S. skinhead groups, according to the Anti-Defamation League.
Faella, 41, was originally charged with conspiring to shoot into a building, two counts of teaching paramilitary training and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, according to court records. But after two days of testimony, two of the charges against Faella were dismissed Thursday.
Outside the courtroom, Faella’s attorney Ronald L. Ecker II said there had never been evidence of prejudice. Even the FBI informant paid $40,000 to infiltrate the group for a year testified he never saw anyone promote violence or speak of targeting minorities.
“We have to start the appellate process now,” Ecker said. “This guy’s 40 years old and he’s never been convicted of a crime. … He’s got unpopular views but he’s never acted upon those in any manner.”
Sentencing is set for 1:30 p.m. on Nov. 10. Faella faces up to 15 years in prison on each count.
“You know what’s happened since 2004? Not a single thing — not a single criminal act,” Ecker told the jury. “They realized it was a bad idea and never showed (those pictures).”
Ecker based his closing argument partly on the testimony of the FBI paid informant, Jason Hall.
Hall, who received $40,000 for his work and to re-locate after his identity became known, testified he never saw acts of prejudice or received training to prepare for a race war.
Even a few short years ago, the treasonous media would have pounced on a story such as this, calling for this honorable man’s execution, and declaring all healthy, straight, White folks to be dangerous domestic terrorists. Now however, with the gradual change of public opinion, such an act would only raise questions, and push the masses toward our message of common sense logic in turn.
One should show this story to friends, co-workers, and relatives, as an example of what the crumbling ruling colossus desires to implement against anyone of pure European ancestry who questions the Marxist talking points of the subversive Jew in our midst.
It is a perfect way to get our views across to others in an innocuous way in turn. A person can spin the dialogue in a way that gets the curious listeners to read the political and social beliefs of groups such as the American Front, without appearing too pushy or blatant. Let those who investigate reach their own conclusions, feeling confident that our way is right, and cannot be refuted.

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