Friday, April 4, 2014

What part of the 1st Amendment don't they understand???

Free Speech is under attack in Harrison,Ark. Read the full article at the link above.Video included.

Mayor Jeff Crockett

City Hall/Mayor's Office
Physical Address:  114 S. Spring St, 2nd Floor 
Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 1715, Harrison, AR  72602
Phone:  870-741-2777     Fax:  870-741-0021 


  1. This poor excuse of a mayor Crockett is working with the local newspaper to prevent free speech in Harrison. What are they trying to hide? The citizens of Harrison need to be fully informed about what the regime has planned for their town. It can't be good if they are this afraid of their plans becoming known. If the residents cannot depend on the local media for honest reporting then they should welcome these "flyers of hate".

  2. This is an interesting story, albeit not a surprising one given the pestilence of political correctness that in the past few decades has swept across the landscape of white societies like a swarm of voracious locusts. Political correctness, a freedom-killing concept conceived by free speech-hating cultural Marxists ( mainly Jews ), has been the bane of every white society on earth, including, alas, America, the erstwhile "Land of the Free." Even the Southern states of America, once comprised of freedom-loving whites who were proud of their noble heritage and the unique, unparalleled accomplishments of their race... have not been spared from the ravages of this reprehensible rogue religion. Yes, political correctness is, in fact, a religion...the New Religion...a religion that has been craftily crafted by the New World Order global elites for the purpose of controlling, then subduing, then dominating, then enslaving...the rest of humanity, especially the people of the white race. The white race, as the globalist elites know, presents the most effective threat to their agenda of world conquest. Until recent years, the people of the white race did not have a reputation for backing down in the face of conflict. Formerly, before the destructive onslaught of the malevolent ministrations of the Jewish/Marxist mega- media machine, the white race, when put to the test...defeated every beast in human form that sought to subdue, enslave it. Unfortunately, though, the new religion that is political correctness has over the years developed into a malevolent, all-consuming monster that must devour all those who oppose it. The small Southern town of Harrison, Arkansas provides a case in point to this fact. It, too, has succumbed to the dire dictates of the new, freedom-killing religion that is political correctness. The town's mayor, Jeffrey Crockett, is upset because a person, or persons, recently distributed white rights oriented literature in various areas of "his" town... "hate literature," according to Crockett and his probably Jewish handlers/advisors. Crockett has offered a $1,000 reward to any person who will reveal the name ( s ) of the person or persons responsible for this "illicit act," an act that is ( or was once ) protected by the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights, a vital addendum to the body of the United States Constitution. The Constitution was ratified in 1789, the Bill of Rights in 1791. The Bill of Rights constitute the first 10 Unfortunately, these rights have been much attenuated in recent years, if not outright lost, to the American citizen,despite the numerous wars in which he has fought, bled and died for the right to be free. The 1776-1784 American Revolution occurred well over 200 years ago, in which case time ( and the pervasive and nefarious influence of the Jewish media ) have taken their toll on the fragile psyches of modern-day Americans whom their Founding Fathers intended to be free. Freedom, though, is not free. Freedom requires "eternal vigilance," as America's third president, Thomas Jefferson, so astutely observed. Harrison, Ark. Mayor Jeffrey Crockett is not only an ignoble ignorant idiot as regards First Amendment issues, he is also, in this writer's opinion, an enemy of the white race, an enemy of his own people. Crooked Crockett has no right to misappropriate taxpayer funds for the purpose of offering a $1,000 reward for the apprehension of American citizens who may have disseminated literature containing various facts with which he personally, or for self-serving political reasons, disagrees. The dissemination of socio-political literature is, despite its possibly "offensive" content ( as judged by some ), still legal in America, albeit possibly not for long. The dour and intolerant religion that is political correctness goosesteps on to the beat of its hateful and intolerant drummer.

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