Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Navy Seal shot in random racial hate crime near Akron, Ohio


A high profile US Navy seal was in Akron, Ohio to promote the Montrose Auto Group. He was leaving the Montrose Car dealership at 5:30 PM. That is when three black males in a sportscar screamed profanities at him and then shot him in the stomach.
Most media outlets are censoring the description of the dangerous at large suspects. They believe that political correctness is far more important than public safety. The Greater Cleveland market has a long history of aggressively censoring black on white crime. Had it not been for the high profile of the victim, his attempted murder would most likely have not even been reported.
Chris Heben has been featured in programs on the Discovery Channel, History Channel, Outdoor Channel and the UK’s Channel 4.
This video took place right before the attempted murder.

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