Friday, March 14, 2014

SPLC harassing family members and employers of conservative activists

The SPLC is becoming increasingly vicious. They aren’t just harassing conservative activists. They are also targeting family members and employers. We are getting reports from members of the CofCC and the League of the South with increasing frequency.
The SPLC is using Facebook to find out where people work. Then call and harass those people at work. They also have called employers of activists to agitate against them. They are even calling family members of activists and harassing them.
Several months ago the SPLC targeted two young women for being the daughters of CofCC CEO Gordon Baum.
Recently the the SPLC romanticized the violent Marxist gang attack in Tinley Park and called the gang “a force for good” in a bold font sub-headline. They also sent an employee to an anti-immigration demonstration in Georgia to use racial slurs in public. The SPLC employee then wrote an article for the SPLC claiming that someone used racial slurs! When the SPLC was presented with proof that the man who’s name was on their article was the man using racial slurs, they simply removed the man’s name but continued publishing the fake article.
SPLC spokesman Heidi Beirich Hicks is believed to be behind a lot of the telephone harassment.
SPLC spokeswoman Heidi Beirich Hicks (pictured above) is believed to be behind a lot of the telephone harassment.
Perhaps we should give the SPLC a call to express our outrage.

You may contact the SPLC at: 400 Washington Ave.,Montgomery,Al.36104
or via phone at:(334)-956-8200

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  1. C'mon, Michael, give innocent eyes a break!! The image of this Heidi Beirich "woman"...if this creature IS a woman...will induce nightly nightmares for the next several weeks!! Que sera sera. The sneaky, deceitful, disingenuous ways of the SPLC should come as no surprise to those who know about this fetid sewer of an organization. This greedy, self-serving cabal that disguises itself as a civil rights organization is, after all, run by the Jew, Richard Cohen, and his pervert henchman, Morris Sleaze Dees. What more, or less, can one expect from such debased, debauched people as these?


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