Thursday, March 20, 2014

Obama butt-kicked over Crimea; McCain insultingly calls Russia a “gas station”; Apocalypse — new French documentary COLORIZED about World War One

.Putie butt-kicks Obama over Crimea


…..US Senator John McCain insults the Russian nation

There the war-mongerer goes again:
“Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country,” US senator McCain said. (
There are so many crimes that this creature has committed (USS Forrestal disaster) and his admiral father (USS Liberty cover-up), so where to begin?
But NOW this wizened chipmunk wants to trigger World War III.
Just google McCain and “USS Forrestal” to see how this turkey caused the deaths of 140 sailors, or google how his father orchestrated the threats against the USS Liberty sailors to keep their mouths shut about the Israeli attack on them that killed 34 men and wounded 170 others. I normally hate to be vulgar, but John McCain truly is a walking, talking traitor, a war monger who wants WWIII, a bootlicker of Zion, and a steaming pile of human dogshit.
Yes, Senator John McCain, you are a steaming pile of dogshit.
Just for the good senator’s information, Russia has been a country for five times longer than the United States has existed, and far from being a mere “gas station,” it boasts valorous soldiers, extraordinary scientists, Tchaikovsky, Tolstoy, and many other of the world’s greatest novelists.
But this dope, who graduated 894th out of 899 from the US Naval Academy in 1958, FIFTH FROM THE BOTTOM, has probably never read a great novel.
The Russians explode in 1961 the most powerful hydrogen bomb ever produced, the Tsar Bomb, equivalent to 60 million tons of TNT:Read more at:

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  1. John McCain, the "Republican" senator from Arizona, is an embarrassment to that state and to this country. Now a senile doddering dolt, McCain has outlived whatever useful purpose his almost gone life was intended to achieve. Good riddance to him when he takes his final journey somewhere in the boiling bowels of the earth.


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