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By Rev. Ted Pike
5 Mar 14


Jewish-sponsored New York state and federal bills that would punish higher education facilities that allow academic boycott of Israel by ending state and federal aid are in committee awaiting action.  The New York legislature's A8392A would deprive colleges and universities of funding for programs or activities tainted by faculty or student support of boycott of Israel.  In the U.S. House of Representatives the Protect Academic Freedom Act(H.R. 4009) ends federal funding for U.S. colleges and universities that allow academic boycott of Israel. This bill is in the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.  I was told by a spokesperson that at almost any time until final approval of amendment of the Higher Education Act of 1965 in 2015 this bill could be considered and moved forward for a House vote.
As I have discussed in two previous articles (see Anti-Bias Laws Persecuting Christian Businesses and Kansas State Reps: Religion Can Justify Anti-Gay Discrimination), these bills are being put forward behind the scenes by the self-admitted architect of all anti-bias legislation, the Anti-Defamation League.  Their goal is eventual outlawing of not only those who boycott Israel but all critics of the Jewish state.
ADL is working feverishly to keep the world from going back to traditional free speech and property laws and values, no idle threat to ADL's worldwide bias hate crime agenda.  ADL is worried because ardor for hate laws is cooling, not only in America but under the ADL-inspired, 57-nation hate crimes bureaucracy, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.  Police do not have the time and manpower to provide the statistics ADL demands. European parliamentarians are also slower to pass new hate laws because they have proven to produce inequality, injustice, and a chill on free speech. ADL is particularly concerned about the recent "sagebrush rebellion" in Kansas and Arizona and other states, wanting to return to traditional free speech and property laws and values.
Thus, ADL says, in the recent defeat of the Arizona "freedom to refuse service to homosexuals" bill, "ADL played a prominent role in the campaign to urge the governor to veto and helped galvanize opposition in the business, civil rights, and faith communities."
Yet, instead of just preserving the legal erosions of freedom it has already accomplished, ADL and its Jewish legislators in New York and Congress are initiating ever more aggressive legislation to solidify Jewish supremacism's power.  ADL and the homosexual lobby are particularly concerned that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), passed in the Senate on November 7, 2013, be ratified by the U.S. House.  So far, punishment of Christian businesses that have denied service to homosexuals has come from ADL-orchestrated "nondiscrimination" laws in state legislatures.  ENDA would make it a federal bias crime to refuse to make a cake for a lesbian couple or take their "wedding" photos.
It is particularly important right now (while ADL, you can be sure, is intensely lobbying for ENDA among U.S. House members) that you call your U.S. Representatives and protest passage of ENDA.  Tell their staff: "Please do not vote for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. It gives superior rights to homosexuals over business owners."  It is also vital that you call the 20 members of the U.S. House education committee and protest the Protect Academic Freedom Act, H.R. 4009.  Tell them: "This bill gives special protection to a foreign nation, Israel, while depriving freedom of speech and action to U.S. academics." Take this link to the action page of for the names of members. Call toll free 1-866-220-0044 or 1-877-762-8762.
Take this link for information on how to protest the New York bill: "Update on Anti-Boycott Legislation in NY State Assembly,"
My Personal Experience of Backing off Zionist "Cyber Warriors"
A fairly recent personal anecdote illustrates how effective we can be if we speak out as loudly and widely as possible against Jewish supremacists.  Over the years, I have come to expect about one major article every two or three weeks to fail to be posted on  Jeff Rense has told me he commonly experiences such possible cyber sabotage, undoubtedly by Zionist hackers.  In early November, after sudden announcement that a quick vote on ENDA would be taken in the U.S. Senate, I knew that with the help of I could quickly rally many hundreds of calls to Senators urging a "no" vote and was probably the only one who would do so. Zionist hackers, supporters of ENDA, also knew that.  Beginning on Monday, Nov. 3, all three of my articles alerting and educating against ENDA, although faithfully posted by Rense and his webmaster James Neff and actually seen by them online, were soon taken down.  Loss of days in informing the public crippled my ability to reach Rense's large activist audience in time to influence Senators before ENDA passed on November 7.  Removal of each article was confirmed by multiple scans of by myself and a staff member on two different computers. Our statistics showed negligible response from Rense readers from each of these articles up to eight hours later when they were finally successfully reposted. At that time, statistics of thousands of reads from flooded in. Clearly, these articles were hacked very soon after posting.
But instead of accepting defeat by the pro-ENDA cyber warriors, I went on the offensive as loudly as possible in my article "Cyber-Sabotage Cripples Anti-ENDA Fight" on November 11 (also hacked).  After that, the hackers held back. They evidently did not like the fact that I was trumpeting to the world that Jewish high technology was now actively skewing the public's ability to affect the legislative process.  For the past four months I have produced many important anti-Zionist articles they probably would have hacked, but didn't.  I suspect they feel it unwise at this time to provoke me to further warn the world of Zionist powers of censorship on the internet.  I am sure they intend such censorship, in its fullest potential, in the future.
You also can back down ADL in New York and the U.S. House.  Already, as a result of protest nationwide, the New York bill has been retracted once, then watered down and resubmitted.  It is still very dangerous to freedom.  Let's not learn the false lesson ADL is trying to teach from defeat of the Kansas and Arizona bills: that it is bigoted and futile to attempt to return to American businesses their Constitutional freedom to serve whom they will.  I have found on many occasions in my 35-year anti-Zionist ministry that if enough people speak out loudly and specifically against Jewish-inspired legislation the Jewish supremacists back off, awaiting the time when Christians/conservatives are no longer on guard.
Now is the time of action and opportunity when YOU, armed with truth and your telephone, can preserve freedom.

Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.
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