Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ohio man found guilty of hate crime murder of mother, toddler, and baby

jackson family _sandusky

A black man in Sandusky, Ohio raped and murdered a 23 year old white woman and then murdered her three year old toddler and 18 month baby in 2012. If the races were reversed, this trial would have been a major national news story. Instead it was a minor local story.
The perpetrator, Curtis Clinton, spent thirteen years in prison for strangling another woman to death in 1999. He had been released from prison only six months before the triple murder. He also raped a seventeen year old girl one week before the murder.
Clinton was convicted of the triple murder Monday. He will be sentenced shortly.
The adult victim, Heather Jackson, is believed have been purchasing drugs from Curtis Clinton.


  1. This heinous black-on-white hate crime perpetrated by the black career criminal, Curtis Clinton, is but one of the innumerable black-on-white, racially motivated hate crimes that occur every day and night in America, now the People's Republic of Obamerika. This sordid story has NOT been "mainstream" media. Had the racial dynamics of this case been reversed, i.e., had the cold-blooded murderer been white and the victim ( s) black...this story would even now be banner news nation-wide, if not world-wide. But then, the American...the is white gentile-hating Jews. The Jews, the Jews...once again...the Jews...

  2. Well folks.....look who she was "dating" black-ass criminal crack daddy !!! what should be expected from those ape-like miscreants ??...those babies DID NOT DESERVE THIS........ it clearly was MOMMIES' SIN that caused this !!!



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