Thursday, October 31, 2013

Obama regime promotes racial hatred in new Army manual

The Obama administration is promoting racial animosity against white people at the DEOMI training school. The military is also being ordered to use the highly discredited extreme left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] to define who should be considered an “extremist.”
It was discovered several days ago that the DEOMI is being trained to treat the American Family Association[AFA] as a “domestic hate group.” The AFA is a large conservative group that has US Congressmen as members.
A controversial 600-plus page manual used by the military to train its Equal Opportunity officers teaches that “healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian” men hold an unfair advantage over other races, and warns in great detail about a so-called “White Male Club.”
“Simply put, a healthy, white, heterosexual, Christian male receives many unearned advantages of social privilege, whereas a black, homosexual, atheist female in poor health receives many unearned disadvantages of social privilege,” reads a statement in the manual created by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI).
The manual, which was obtained by Fox News, also instructs troops to “support the leadership of people of color. Do this consistently, but not uncritically,” the manual states.
The Equal Opportunity Advisor Student Guide is the textbook used during a three month DEOMI course taught at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida. Individuals who attend the training lead Equal Opportunity briefings on military installations around the nation.
The 637-page manual covers a wide range of issues from racism and religious diversity to cultural awareness, extremism and white privilege.
I obtained a copy of the manual from an Equal Opportunity officer who was disturbed by the course content and furious over the DEOMI’s reliance on the Southern Poverty Law Center for information on “extremist” groups.

Obama regime is indoctrinating 4th graders with white guilt
Under the Obama administration’s national “Common Core” program, all American fourth graders will be required to read a book that demonizes white people. The book called “The Jacket” explicitly blames black shortcomings on white people.

Trial begins for gruesome hate crime rape/murder of elderly woman
Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for the 2009 rape and murder of an elderly woman that shocked Florida.
A maintenance man sexually assaulted a 93-year-old woman before killing her, cutting her throat and leaving her half-dressed body on her bed for her granddaughter to find hours later, prosecutors told a Broward jury Monday.
And for that crime, Elton Walters should pay the ultimate price, said Assistant Broward State Attorney Stephen Zaccor.
Walters will spend his 67th birthday on Tuesday on trial for the Oct. 6, 2009, murder of Evelyn Norell, a resident of the Images condominium community where he worked on the 700 block of Northwest 108th Terrace in Pembroke Pines. He faces the death penalty if convicted.
Norell’s body was discovered by her adult granddaughter, Jennifer Cunningham, one of the first witnesses to take the stand Monday for Walters’ trial. Cunningham said she paid her grandmother a visit because she was concerned that she was not answering phone calls.
“I called out her name. She didn’t answer,” Cunningham said. “I proceeded to her bedroom, and that’s where I found her.”
Norell was lying on her back on the side of her bed, a black slit visible on her neck. Cunningham said she backed out of the room, terror-stricken, and called 911. She could not bring herself to follow the 911 operator’s instruction to check for a pulse.
The first officer on the scene confirmed what Cunningham already knew.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Female UFC fighter slams the racial hypocrisy of the UFC and the left

Female MMA fighter viciously denounced by the left for saying racial double standards (that benefit non-whites) should not be tolerated.
Female UFC fighter Michelle Ould is finally asking the questions that her male counter-parts have been too cowardly to ask. Why is the UFC encouraging Latino fans to use the phrase “Brown Pride” while denouncing any white person who would dare use the phrase “White Pride.”
Ould says that the “Brown Pride” slogan should not be encouraged in the UFC. She says that it should not be considered any more or less offensive than the phrase “White Pride.” Michelle Ould, who says her children are “mixed-race” with a Latino father, clearly does not appear to hold “right-wing” views on race. Her comments on twitter suggest she is a strict ideological egalitarian on racial issues. Nevertheless, the far-left is going bonkers and denouncing her as a “white racist.”
She posted this message on twitter yesterday.
How offended would ppl be if I wore a sports bra that said ‘white pride’ during on of my fights – or even a tattoo?
The far-left blogosphere immediately went bonkers, denouncing Ould as a hard-core “white supremacist,” “racist,” and worse. Radical leftists barraged Ould with hate mail on twitter. Ould stuck to her guns and posted several follow up messages.
But it’s a free country-ppl tend to forget. Only weak cowards are afraid to ask.
If things such as these were never asked or challenged we would never grow as a species or civilization.
 So white ppl should b ashamed of being white because of past racist assholes? F@ck that.
I’ve experienced racism for being white before & it was scary & sucked.
Obviously if I wore Sumn that said white pride ppl would b offended. That was my point to all of those 2 dense 2 figure it out.
So how can white ppl b proud of who they are without being considered racist?
F@ck u cuz anything any white person says anymore is considered racist while rappers can say the most racist shit ever n it’s ok.
We should be able to express pride in who we are whether it be culture, ethnicity, sex, class, etc regardless of history or others opinions.
The phrase “Brown Pride” even appears on official licensed UFC merchandise.
Dana White, the head of the UFC actively promotes the phrase “Brown Pride.” He has defended Cain Velasquez’s “Brown Pride” chest tattoo. He allows Latino fans to wave banners reading “Brown Pride” at matches. He even allowed the distribution of free “Brown Pride” bumper stickers at UFC 121 in Anaheim, California.
Dana White says only a racist person would object to the “Brown Pride” slogan.
None of this would be a big deal except the same Dana White has aggressively denounced and demonized any white person who would use the phrase “White Pride.” Dana White has taken the far-left anti-racism ideology to a whole new level of hypocrisy and absurdity.
Dana White says that only a “redneck, hillbilly, country-bumpkin out in the middle of somewhere” would consider “White Pride” to be appropriate.
At UFC matches where Cain Velasquez competes, fans wave Mexican flags and signs that say “Brown Pride.” Dana White even allowed the distribution of “Brown Pride” bumper stickers at UFC 121 in Anaheim, California in 2010. He has allowed the phrase “Brown Pride” to appear on a wide assortment of licensed UFC products.
Recently Dana White upped the ante. Benjamin Brinsa, a German UFC fighter, was ejected from the league over allegations that he used to have friends who were “racists.” Brinsa admits to being a former “football hooligan.” White decided that being a  white fighter who might possibly hold, or have in past held, racially offensive views is not acceptable. Brinsa was kicked out over mere allegations of once having “racist” friends.
Who is really the hateful one? Someone who advocates racial pride? Or someone who advocates racial pride for one group but self-hating racial guilt for another?
For the record, Michelle Ould’s children don’t look “mixed-raced” to me.
Children show off “Brown Pride” bumper stickers they were given passed out at UFC 121 in Anaheim, California. Dana White has aggressively defended the use of the phrase “Brown Pride” while saying the phrase “White Pride” is offensive.

Got a cell phone? Thank a white guy.

George Lincoln Rockwell Was Right!

Chicago blacks turning on Obama and the Democrats

Just wait until Friday when they find out Obama has reduced their food stamp payouts to pay for Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative.

Black on white hate crime in Columbus,Georgia.
Shequetta Powell
Court: Teen intended to post video of Carver High student's slapping on Facebook

According to court testimony, Shequetta L. Powell's plan was simple: slap a fellow Carver High School student, then put the video on Facebook.
Powell, 17, faced charges of battery and disorderly conduct during a Wednesday Recorder's Court hearing. She was arrested Tuesday for allegedly slapping a 14-year-old girl so hard it left the student with a black eye and swollen face.
Police said Powell decided to exact revenge for racial slurs the victim allegedly lobbied at her through Facebook. The 17-year-old suspect also told police the victim had been talking about her in class.
So, Powell asked a fellow classmate to record her slapping the girl. When the 14-year-old turned around, she briefly saw the recording device before she felt the strike, officers said.
Police were unable to find evidence of the Facebook confrontation. The victim claimed she had no prior dealings with Powell.
Judge Michael Cielinski gave Powell a $1,000 bond. Her charges were forwarded to Muscogee County Superior Court.

Read more here:

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Leo Frank -Child Molester and Murderer of Mary Phagan

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

White Guilt.Get over it.

Grandmother was burned alive in random hate crime

There was no motive for the horrific torture murder of Nancy Harris, an elderly Dallas grandmother. To call it “a robbery” is an insult to the victim and her family. The perpetrator simply did for the fun of it.
If the races had been reversed, this would have been the single biggest news story in the United States. Instead it was a “hush crime.” The story was quarantined to local media and website such as this one.
Jurors on Monday were shown the horrific moment a 76-year-old Dallas grandmother and convenience store clerk was doused in lighter fluid and set on fire during an early morning hold-up.
On the first day of the capital murder trial of Matthew Johnson, one member of the jury covered his mouth and another rubbed his hands together as they watched Nancy Harris frantically try to extinguish the fire that would ultimately kill her.
The shocking surveillance footage came as Harris’ distraught son, Scott Harris, described in testimony the heartbreak he felt as he was told while getting ready for church that his mother had suffered burns to 40 per cent of her body in the senseless attack. She died several days later.
‘She could not communicate,’ Scott Harris said, adding that his mother was sedated.
Johnson, 38, has confessed to the senseless slaying of the mother-of-four on a Sunday morning in May 2012, Garland police say.
Prosecutors are pushing for the death sentence in the disturbing case.
 The footage, from a surveillance camera at the Fina Whip-In at the corner of Broadway and Colonel Drive in Garland, shows Johnson pour lighter fluid from a water bottle over Harris’ head.
Before he set her alight, he stood behind her taking cigarettes and a lighter as she opened the cash register.
However, as she struggles to open it, Johnson attempts to pull a ring off her right hand but it won’t budge. He licks his finger and tries again but it still won’t move.
He tries once more, this time successfully. He is then seen walking away from the store as an orange glow becomes visible behind him.
The video shows Harris on fire for more than two minutes, according to
She desperately tries to put out the fire in a sink but when she cannot she walks outside to call for help.
According to testimony, two police officers who spotted the blaze and heard Harris’ screams used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire.

McDonalds is helping its employees sign up for welfare

The US taxpayers are subsidizing the McDonalds workforce to the tune of $1.2 Billion. In fact McDonalds actively helps it’s employees sign up for welfare.
Two studies released today make some different calculations to determine the total cost to American taxpayers of a large, low-wage workforce. It comes to an average of $7 billion a year. That’s the amount of annual public assistance families of fast-food workers received between 2007 and 2011, according to a new report written by economist Sylvia Allegretto and others, sponsored by the University of California at Berkeley’s Labor Center and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and funded by Fast Food Forward, the group that helped organize the summer’s labor strikes. The authors used publicly available data.
The report calls out the fast-food industry for its low wages, citing a median salary of $8.69 an hour and a history of offering part-time work. That might have been fine when those behind the counter were mostly teenagers living at home. These days, though, 68 percent of fast-food workers are single or married adults who aren’t in school—and 26 percent are raising children.
A recent study showed that 52% of non-management fast food workers in the U.S. are receiving some sort of federal benefits to supplement their wages, and that McDonald’s employees alone account for an estimated $1.2 billion (with a “b”) in annual payouts. And when employees call the McDonald’s hotline for workers looking to improve their financial position, operators direct them to various welfare programs.

White Hating Leftists Protest Against The National Policy Institute (10.26.13)

Black Teen Stabs White Woman to Death

White woman decides to go out for a quick jog, little monster black boy living in a “group home” (PC for delinquent housing), decides to kill her for apparently no other reason but for thrills or possibly rape. Of course, if a White did this to a black woman, all hell would break loose.
The woman had just started her own business (see Linked in screen capture below) and was well liked through-out the Columbus, Ohio community.
The 16 year-old black punk had been committing crimes of various sorts and had admitted to thoughts of violence towards others (it was only a matter of time). I guess any old White person would fit the bill. From the report, it looks like he ambushed the woman out of the blue, knifed her pretty bad and watched her bleed to death trying to crawl back to her car. The poor woman never had a chance.
A Blendon Township woman was stabbed to death while jogging in a park near her home over the weekend, and police have charged a teenager who lived in a nearby group home with the slaying.
Jane E. Juergens, 55, was found dead with multiple stab wounds on the main trail of Ridgewood Park around 7 p.m. Sunday, Blendon Township police said.
Jordan T. Stewart, 16, was charged yesterday with a delinquency count of murder in Juergens’ death. Stewart and Juergens did not know each other, township Police Chief John Belford said.
Stewart lived in a group home with three other boys at 5548 Copenhagen Dr., which is near the park. He was assigned to the group home, run by Consumer Support Services, by Franklin County Children Services last year.
…Juergens’ body was found by township police officers after Willy Mutah, a staff member at the group home, called police shortly after 6 p.m. Sunday, to say Stewart was acting suspiciously.
Mutah said he had taken Stewart and another resident to the park late Sunday afternoon. After a short walk, they went to the parking lot and rested in the shade, but Stewart eventually went back into the woods. Shortly after that, Mutah saw a woman get out of a car in the parking lot and go jogging into the woods.
After about 20 minutes, Mutah said, he went to find Stewart, and met him as he ran out of the woods. He said that Stewart had scratches on him and a bruise under his eye. He told Mutah that he had tripped and fallen.
…After talking with Mutah, police went back to the park and saw the woman’s car still in the parking lot. Several officers began searching the trail and eventually followed blood to her body.
How much more of this kind of thing are we going to take? Imagine if this lady was your mother or wife?
– Phillip Marlowe

Obama regime braces for possible Nov 1st food stamp riots
All Saint’s Day could be the day that Obama’s core group of supporters turn on him in a major way. Changes in the way food stamps are allocated will cause many food stamp recipients to see a tiny decrease.
Ironically, the much of the money “saved” will still be going to pay for free food. The money will be diverted to Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiation. The money will fund free breakfast and free lunch at urban schools, especially heavily black urban areas. In Detroit, the Obama administration is already paying for free breakfast, free lunch, and free afternoon snack for all public school children.
The Obama regime spent $80 million to roll out a new armed Federal force to guard government buildings in urban areas. The new armed guards will take up position on the same day that food stamp cuts begin.
Far-left fuels the fires by describing the tiny cuts as “massive ,” and claiming welfare users will have to go one week per month without food. Read article.

LA thugs murder man they lured off of craigslist
A Craigslist ad linked to several armed robberies lured a Southern California father and his son to a deadly encounter with two teenage gang members in South Los Angeles, LAPD investigators said Monday.
Ryan Roth, 17, and Markell Thomas, 18, were arrested late last week in connection with the fatal shooting of Rene Balbuena in the 9200 block of Gramercy Place near 92nd Street in South LA.
The 41-year-old father of two was in the area Oct. 19 responding to an ad for a $300 Samsung Galaxy that his son found on Craigslist.
Investigators said Balbuena (pictured below) texted the suspects – who are believed to have posted the ad – to let them know he was there and ready for the transaction, LAPD Detective Chris Barling said in a news conference Monday afternoon.
That’s when Thomas allegedly jumped in the backseat of Balbuena’s car and pointed a gun at the victim’s 15-year-old son, demanding property.
Balbuena stepped out the car and was shot multiple times in the torso, allegedly by Roth, who was waiting outside the car, Barling said. Balbuena’s son suffered a non-life threatening graze wound.
The pair ran and the murder weapon is still outstanding, Barling said.
Thomas was arrested Oct. 24; Roth was arrested the next day. They are both believed to be part of the same Inglewood Bloods gang.
“No one else is going to get hurt,” Sandra Balbuena, the victim’s 19-year-old daughter, said of her reaction to the arrests.
Tearfully, Sandra Balbuena expressed gratitude for the detectives who tracked down her father’s alleged killers.

Jewish Lesbians Give Sex-Changing Hormone Treatment to 11-Year-Old Adopted White Son

Thomas Lobel, who his homosexual 'moms' now call 'Tammy,' pictured at his older brother's Bar Mitzvah.
Thomas Lobel, who his homosexual ‘moms’ now call ‘Tammy,’ pictured at his older brother’s Bar Mitzvah.
In what is doubtlessly the most sickening and infuriating instance of this new cultural drive toward mass numbers of people mutilating themselves as a result of untreated gender identity disorder, a pair of Jewish lesbians in Berkeley have decided to give their handicapped 11-year-old White son they ‘adopted’ (read: kidnapped with state sanction) hormone treatment to prevent him from going through puberty, supposedly making it easier for him to have sex-change surgery later in life.
This is yet more outright proof that homosexual adoption is insane, and that homosexuals only seek to adopt children because they desire to abuse them.
We all remember the gay couple that bought the Russian baby so they could rape him, right? And we remember how the media celebrated it as so fantastic, these loving parents with their beautiful son, and then was so confused when it turned out they bought the baby on the black market in Russia just to rape him, prostitute him and make videos of the acts?
We’ve got the same thing happening here with two pervert Jewesses, Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel, raping a poor disabled child of his innocence and manipulating him into a sick and deranged mutilation of his body that there is simply no way he will ever recover from. I would also be less than shocked to find out they were sexually abusing the boy, or letting males from the California Jewish homosexual community do this.
Clearly, even if the boy was not pressured in this direction by his militant Jewish lesbian “parents” – if you imagine that he wasn’t, I’ve got a bridge you might want to make me an offer on – a boy growing up with two mentally ill mothers is going to be psychologically damaged in a horrible fashion.
The Jewesses claim that the first thing Thomas, who they now call ‘Tammy’ and refer to with female pronouns, did when he learned sign language (which is his main form of communication, due to a speech impediment) was tell them that he was a girl – well, it makes sense that this would be the case, if all he was exposed to for the year since he was adopted by the criminal perverts at age two was man-hating lesbianism, right?
"Tammy."  God have mercy on us all.
“Tammy.” God have mercy on us all.
They claim that at age seven he threatened to mutilate his own genitals – does that sound like something that would happen in real life, in a normal, healthy family? A seven-year-old threatening to cut off his penis because he didn’t want to be a boy? On the basis of this claim (which could either be made up or not), the Jewesses began ‘transitioning’ the boy.
A couple months ago, he began hormone treatment that will keep him from going through puberty naturally, as the Jewesses claim that this will help him with the sex change, and if they don’t do it he’ll kill himself. A “hormone suppressant” has been implanted in his arm, and will keep him from growing facial hair, keep his shoulders narrow and keep his voice from changing. It will also keep him from growing.
Before and after Thomas' full indoctrination into homosexuality by the California Jews.
Before and after Thomas’ full indoctrination into gender identity disorder by homosexual California Jews.
The Jewesses, who were married by a Rabbi in 1990, cited their religious community as being instrumental in cheering for their decision to ‘transition’ the helpless White European child. Moreno said, “‘We live in the Bay area where lots of alternative lifestyles are in place… and we belong to a religious community that was incredibly supportive. They make it a point when we’re in synagogue to come over and tell Tammy, “Oh, you look so pretty today.”‘
Here is a picture from CNN, provided by Pauline Moreno, where you can see Thomas, still a boy at the time, with a man’s arm around him:
Thomas, still a boy, looking scared, with a man's arm around him.
Thomas, still a boy, looking scared, with a man’s arm around him.
I wonder if this could be the arm of a man from the Jewish homosexual community? I wonder what sort of relationship this man had with the boy?
How is This Legal?
The two Jewish lesbians claim that they have not forced the boy to become a girl.  Yeah, those two don't look like they would ever try and force anyone to do anything, right?  I mean come on guys, have you ever heard of butch dykes being aggressive and trying to force their will on other people?  It's a totally crazy suggestion.
The two Jewish lesbians claim that they have not forced the boy to become a girl. Yeah, those two don’t look like they would ever try and force anyone to do anything, right? I mean come on guys, have you ever heard of butch lesbians aggressively trying to force their will on other people? It’s a totally crazy suggestion.
We must now ask: why on earth this is legal? Clearly, an eleven-year-old boy is not capable of making a decision about something as monumental and life-altering as this. Why does the state not step in?
It seems that that before the gay rights movement, there was no existing law to deal with this sort of thing because it wasn’t scientifically possible and no one had ever imagined anything as sick as this. Surely, the government cannot now question these homosexuals and their agenda, so, as there are no laws presently in existence about using hormone treatment to mutilate children, these lesbians which the state has assisted in kidnapping this boy are allowed to do anything they want to him.
In their interview with the Daily Mail, the parents repeatedly cited an alleged risk of suicide if they did not do this to the boy, and I suppose if this was taken to the corrupt, Jew-run court system of America today, they would have Jewish psychologists come in and say the same, and the mutilation of this poor kidnapped child would be given the blessing of the state.
This has to stop. Homosexuality is not simply a war against nature, it is a war against the innocence of children – and there is nothing more sickening and wrong than that.
Here is a moving video report from CNN.
Note the unhinged manner of the black lady who also endorsed her child’s body mutilation. Also note that the pediatric endocronologist, Walter J. Meyer III, who is also a child psychiatrist and very supportive of this practice, appears to be Jewish.
May God help have mercy on our souls for allowing such evil to happen in our society.

On the Importance of Exposing the Holohoax

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
October 28, 2013
‘The Jew ‘cries’ with pain when he attacks you’ – Old Polish Proverb.
It has been admitted that the shrunken heads, skin lampshades and Jew soap presented to the German people after the war were all fabrications of the Jewish-run Psychological Warfare Department of the United States.
It has been admitted that the shrunken heads, skin lampshades and Jew soap presented to the German people after the war were all fabrications of the Jewish-run Psychological Warfare Department of the United States.
Some people don’t think it is that important to expose the holocaust fraud. The argument is that it was a long time ago and not relevant to today, also that it can sound extremely callous to those who have yet to discover the deception behind it. However, for me, it was discovering the truth about ‘the holocaust’ that proved to me that it was not just a few bad Jews that were being dishonest, but the entire tribe that were consciously lying about this event, and punishing an innocent nation for a horrendous crime that they were not guilty of in any way. Given this, I assert that WWII revisionism is a key aspect of our present struggle, which we would do well not to ignore.
The punishment for perjury in court is justifiably severe when it is just against one person, but to bear false witness against an entire people is beyond anything a court has ever had to deal with. Hitler’s description of the Jews ‘big lie technique,’ how if the lie is massive enough people will not question its veracity, has its perfect fulfillment in ‘the holocaust.’ It is a lie of such massive proportions that it has to be reinforced nearly every day through television, radio and printed media.
Once you realize that the whole ethnicity got together to formulate a lie on this scale, with only the odd exceptional Jewish witness telling the truth about some small part of it, it becomes clear that none of these people can be trusted. The magnitude of the crime is so hard to imagine, to falsely accuse an innocent nation of the most horrific genocide ever, it is as alien to the Aryan consciousness as it would be for us to even contemplate doing it. It has to be the greatest injustice of all time bar crucifying our Lord.
The evidence against any 'holocaust' having occurred against the Jews during WWII is so staggering, that the only real barrier to knowing the truth is the psychological one which comes from a lifetime of emotional manipulation.
The evidence against any ‘holocaust’ having occurred against the Jews during WWII is so staggering, that the only real barrier to knowing the truth is the psychological one which comes from a lifetime of emotional manipulation.
Exposing the Jews collectively as a people has to start with the holohoax. Investigation of their other crimes all hinges on exposing the one that gives them their false ‘victim’ status. When I hear about miscarriages of justice and about people imprisoned on false evidence, just one person is bad enough, but a whole people are being punished here, for something that never happened.  This was not a mistake, but a carefully thought-out deception.
There isn’t even a word capable of describing just how much of a crime the false accusation of the holocaust is. It’s like when an innocent man is accused of rape by a vindictive psycho-femme, but literally millions of times worse. It should make everyone’s blood boil when they realize how their emotions have been manipulated into blaming an innocent party for imaginary gas chamber atrocities, how children have been shocked into being ashamed of their own flesh and blood, and generations have lived with the guilt of being descended from a people capable of such inhuman behavior.
Once you get over the realization that an entire ethnic group could be so vindictive and deceitful, you then discover that many of the crimes they accused the German people of actually parallel real crimes committed by the Jewish Communists against the Christian Russians. The Jews projected their own vile nature onto the German people in order to transform themselves, in the public mind, from wicked murderers of the Russians into poor, innocent victims of the Germans.
"Someone who has provoked the Jewish community for years should expect this sort of thing." -Serge Klarsfeld on the nearly fatal beating of revisionist Robert Faurisson
“Someone who has provoked the Jewish community for years should expect this sort of thing.” -Serge Klarsfeld on the near-fatal beating of revisionist Robert Faurisson.  What sort of historical truth requires physical violence to defend it?
After understanding what they are capable of, you start to see how they have placed the blame on others for many of the tragedies in history, famines being just one of them. The Holodomor intentional famine that the Communist Jews inflicted on the Ukraine was just a repeat of the intentional famine that the Crown Jews inflicted on India, which was a repeat of the intentional famine that the British Jews inflicted on the Irish. The Jews love this technique. It still goes on today through their control of the UN, only now they call it ‘sanctions.’
The holohoax proves that Jews operate as a unified group. When Aryan peoples find out that their politicians have lied about other nations for personal gain, there are large movements dedicated to exposing the truth and attempting to have the war-mongers tried in court for their deceptions. The demonisation of Gaddafi, Assad, Iran and Iraq come to mind. But where are the Jewish movements defending Hitler and charging their elites with not speaking for them, or for their interests? We continually hear ‘white’ people making excuses for Muslim terrorism as a response to British imperialism, but where are the Jews excusing Hitler for his response to Jewish imperialism in Germany? There are large British movements that point out the crimes of the ‘British’ Crown in India, South Africa and Ireland, but where are the Jewish movements pointing out the crimes of the Jewish Bolsheviks, the Jewish bankers and all the Jewish false-flags that have been used to start wars?
There was nobody that came out of the second world war better off than the Jews. During the later stages of the war, when the rest of Europe were starving and being bombed, the Jews were fed, clothed, medicated and paid for their work, while they were being housed in the work campsfor their own safety. Being in those camps prevented the European people from taking vengeance on them for staring the war in the first place.
The rich Jews were even more comfortable, staying in America, Canada and England, spreading their lies in the media about the Third Reich and plotting the Nuremberg trials. They were the only nation in Europe to actually increase in number during the war, according to the Jews own almanac census figures. The whole fraud relies on the people being deceived, being such good people that they are unable to imagine that anyone could lie like this. Our imaginations have become so used to just being used for entertainment, that we have forgotten that it is also there for us to imagine all the ways that somebody else could be different to us. It is no wonder that they are continually promoting the idea that we are all the same: it means good people don’t doubt other peoples intentions.
Once they lose their victim status, they stop being given the benefit of doubt, and people cease to make excuses for them. There is nothing worse than someone pretending to be a victim in order to gain sympathy, especially when they are blaming the real victim. The fact that they try to hide all the evidence against the existence of gas chambers in itself gives the lie to the whole charade; anyone else would be happy to hear that not so many of their people died, and that none of them died in such a horrible way.
Investigating the holohoax is the first rung of the ladder that leads up out of the dark pit of media-generated false reality and into the fresh air. The high priests of the half-truth movement know this, and will do all they can to keep people going around in circles, never stumbling across that ladder in the dark. Even though the war happened 70 years ago, it is still vitally important to expose the holohoax, to take this cloak of invisibility away from the Jews, and let the light of truth shine down on their crimes, so that all may see them for what they really are.

Biden Day 3: Baptist Church Firebombed by Homosexuals

Just three days in, and Joe Biden is marching us straight towards progress. LA Times : The FBI and local authorities are investigating the e...