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A Dual System of "Justice," Separate and Unequal...The Story of Michael Weaver and The Corruption of Columbus,Georgia's Judicial System by David Carothers

Jeffrey Foxx 

A tale of two systems; two systems of justice, separate and unequal; an egregious double standard in the application of the laws as they are written. 
There are two main characters in this tale of two systems:
Jeffrey Foxx , a disgraced former Columbus, Ga. police corporal, and Michael Weaver, a Columbus-born, long-time white-rights activist.
Foxx, who is black, resigned from the department in early May after a long litany of misconduct charges dating back to 2002. During this period, Foxx had been suspended from duty seven times for various misdeeds while a police officer.
Foxx's misdeeds while under the "color of law" first sparked the attention of the local media in March of 2007, when he was accused of targeting white motorists for traffic tickets. While patrolling the predominently white area of University Avenue in north Columbus on March 7, Foxx was talking to a female friend on his cell phone. Unbeknownst to him, his conversation was being recorded by the recorder in his cruiser.
The recorder recorded Foxx's statements to his friend: "They make me work these white folk's areas, somebody's going to pay the price," he said. He added: "I am hooking these white folks up with tickets."
Although Foxx violated several state and federal laws via his misconduct, he kept his job as an officer of the law. Had Foxx been a white officer, he would immediately have been fired for racial profiling, an egregious violation of state and federal law and the iron law of political correctness. But he was not.

Instead, Foxx was "punished" with a one-day paid suspension and ordered to attend a few hours of sensitivity training by his superior officer, police Major Julius Graham, who is black.
In Feb. 2009, Foxx was fired by Police Chief Ricky Boren for lying about an incident that occurred in the Muscogee County Jail,
the details of which have never been disclosed. His dismissal was subsequently reversed by the department's Personnel Review Board, and he was rehired.
In early May of this year, Foxx accused Chief Boren of using the "N-Word" while conversing with three of his lieutenants in a bathroom on the fourth floor of the Public Safety Center, an allegation that Boren denied. In a May 14 interview conducted by the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Boren said that he has a private bathroom in his office, and never uses the public facilities.
Mayor Theresa Tomlinson hired retired Georgia Bureau of Investigation ( GBI ) agent Michael Rundles to investigate the the alleged incident. Rundle's investigation and subsequent 24-page report found no evidence of misconduct on the part of Boren. In a statement to the Ledger-Enquirer, Tomlinson told reporters: "There is no question in my mind that the chief ever made such a statement."
Foxx submitted to a polygraph test regarding his allegation, which he failed.

No state or federal charges were filed against Foxx for his violations of the civil rights of the white citizens of Columbus under the color of law. He was allowed quietly to resign amid provable charges that would have landed a white police officer in federal prison for many years.
The two-tiered, separate -and- unequal system of justice that prevails in Columbus, an erstwhile slave-owning town, treated white-rights activist Michael Weaver much differently. While sitting in his car after leaving a friend's house, he was accosted by two black thugs wielding 40-ounce glass beer bottles, potentially deadly weapons. One thug converged on Weaver's passenger side door, the other on the driver's side. When the thug on the driver's side sought to enter the car, Weaver sprayed him with non-lethal pepper spray. The thug turned his head, and the spray ran down the back of his neck.
Weaver was arrested about an hour later by a black police officer and was charged with simple battery, a misdemeanor. The report filed by the officer indicated that the "victim" sustained no injuries and declined medical treatment. Both thugs were on felony probation at the time and were not legally allowed to consort with each other.
Weaver attended State Court on three separate occasions to answer the misdemeanor charge, accompanied by this writer. His case was never called.

Weaver and this writer didn't know it at the time, but the die had already been cast, the fix was in. At the urging of a white female police detective who has hated Weaver for decades due to his politically incorrect activism...his misdemeanor case was referred to the district attorney's office headed by D.A. Julia Fessenden Slater, the office that adjudicates felony cases.On the Tuesday morning of Aug. 23, 2011, Weaver was indicted by a Muscogee County Grand Jury on the charge of aggravated assault, a felony. Later that day, as Weaver and this writer passed by his house, Weaver's car was pulled over by five county sheriffs department vehicles. The deputies rushed form their vehicles, guns drawn, and arrested Weaver.

Weaver's subsequent "trial" on Nov. 14 and 15 of 2011 was a hoax, a cruel joke, a Kangaroo Court travesty of justice, even for the dark, dirty, dangerous city of Columbus, Ga. In Georgia, an aggravated assault charge carries, upon conviction, a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. 
Although Weaver's use of pepper spray to repel two would-be carjackers does not normally justify a felony charge as written in Ga. Code 16-5-21, aggravated assault, Weaver's public defender warned him that if he opted for a trial by jury, a jury that would be stacked, biased against him by the prosecutor, Asst. D.A. Michael Craig, he would likely would be convicted and receive the maximum sentence, a verdict and sentence based not on the facts of the case but, rather, on his political ideology. Weaver, frightened and intimidated, opted to plead guilty to a crime he did not commit.

Weaver's "best interest" guilty plea brought him a sentence of 10 years, one to be served in prison, the remaining nine years on supervised probation with the stipulation that he be banished from the six-county Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit that includes Muscogee County, the county of his birth. The presiding judge, Superior Court Judge Bobby Peters, warned Weaver that if he were within these boundaries he would be arrested and serve the remaining sentence in state prison. Banishment is a punishment that harkens back to Medieval times, a punishment outlawed by the 1215 English Magna Carta.
In all, Weaver served 20 months and four days in jail and in two Georgia prisons for the heinous crime of defending his property...and life...from two low-lifes who sought to take what was not theirs.
Weaver was finally released from the gulag on April 24, four days after his 33rd birthday. He now resides in a county in northern Georgia, a county that, unlike his home county, is comprised mainly of his racial kinsmen. Since his release, Weaver has been up-dating the blog he started before his unjust incarceration, the White Information Network ( WIN ) at His efforts have borne succulent fruit, has grown into a Tree of Knowledge for people seeking truth and understanding. The story of his travails was featured in the July 1 edition ( issue no. 26 ) of the American Free Press written by AFP writeJohn Friend.
The whereabouts and activities of the black racist rogue cop,
Jeffrey Foxx, are at this time unknown. One hopes that he has not moved on to another police department where he can, under the auspices of the law, continue to use his tarnished badge to violate the rights of white citizens. 
This writer is immensely proud of his son, Michael David Weaver/Carothers. Support him by logging onto his blog and by subscribing to America's most informative weekly newspaper, American Free Press.


  1. As a citizen of Columbus GA (gag) this was on our news and in the papers. Every white citizen given a ticket by this policeman should be given a refund from the city. Whites here are given an abundance of DUI'S but the criminal section of our paper is full of blacks. Giving the whites more DUI'S is this city's way of evening things out. Our local paper is full of black racists; but on a better note- it is starting to get its share of comebacks from whites. It is about time. Personally, I get tired of not being able to fish at night or take a walk at the riverwalk. One day I may get out of here,but for now my fight remains here where I can be hopefully be of some support to those remaining in this dreadful town.

    1. Move to the Ozarks of Arkansas. Newton County is 99.9 white. You wouldn't believe how will things work around here. Especially the legal system. It's an Open Carry state.

  2. I to have been a victim of racial hate and false arrests. The blacks and latinos who physically assaulted me, destroyed my property and what they could not destroy they stole from me over and over. Not one of them were arrested.

  3. I had an encounter with a bad Black Georgia cop in 1990 (I lived in greater Atlanta in 1990-91), but I was exonerated; the supposed “offense” was in fact expunged. Later I read that this same mean bastard stopped White female motorists and demanded sex from them in exchange for not arresting them. He was arrested — this is over 20 years ago, before Black Power was complete in Georgia — and likely did some serious time.

    How different from the times of Mary Phagan, when the most distinguished members of White society rose up and hanged minorities who attacked Whites!

  4. The benefits...the joys...of multiculturalism, foisted upon an ignorant white population. Awaken from your stupor, white folks. Stop being enthralled by the latest popular Jewtube shows that lull you into passive complacency. Wake up and smell the coffee that is burning on the stove. Your future, and the future of your children and at in dire peril...

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