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F$$K the IRS!!!

Major conservative victory in Austria

The European media foamed at the mouth calling the Austrian Freedom Party “extreme” and “neo-Nazis.” However, the efforts of the far-left media failed. The Austrian Freedom Party emerged from elections nearly tied for second place.
The Socialist Party has maintained a majority because of the immigrant vote. Which is the main reason why the Socialist party brought Muslim and 3rd world immigrants to Austria in the first place.
The English-speaking controlled mass media has kept up its barrage of smears and lies about Austria’s Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs (Freedom Party of Austria, or FPÖ), continuing to describe it as “far right” and “extremist” even as it surged to 21.4 percent of the vote to take 42 seats in that nation’s parliament—up eight seats since the last election.
The Social Democratic Party of Austria (Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs, or SPÖ)—which drew all the nonwhite invader vote in the election, estimated to be as much as five or six percent of the turned out votes—won 27.1 percent, losing four seats to hold 53 places in the Austrian parliament.
The flabby conservative Austrian People’s Party (Österreichische Volkspartei or ÖVP) polled 23.81 percent, losing five seats to hold 46 places in the new parliament.
It has also become clear that the Alliance for the Future of Austria (Bündnis Zukunft Österreich BZÖ), a breakaway party from the FPÖ founded by former (and now deceased) leader Jorg Haider, has collapsed and contributed only to reducing the vote for the FPÖ.
The BZÖ polled 3.63 percent, down 7.07 percent from the nearly 11 percent it polled at the last elections and losing all 21 of its seats in the Austrian parliament. If the 3.63 percent were added to the FPÖ result, the latter party would have overtaken the ÖVP to be placed second with 25.03 percent.
Furthermore, the Eurosceptic establishment front party set up by Austrian Canadian expat Franz Stronach polled 5.79 percent, winning eleven seats in the new parliament. Once again, if that vote had been added to the FPÖ instead of being split away, the FPÖ would have come first.

Police State Horror in MO: Family members of dying girl were pepper sprayed and arrested

Imagine being pepper sprayed and arrested for being upset that your daughter is dying. Then the cops handcuff to a chair and make you wait three hours before they will tell you if she lived or died. (She died).
The Joplin Police Chief, Lane Roberts, is alleging that the violent arrest of two family members was justified. The father and son are still fighting multiple criminal charges six months later.
As his teenage daughter lay dying from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, a Joplin, Mo., man and his son were pepper sprayed by local police and taken to jail, where they were handcuffed to a bench for being upset.
On March 17, 16-year-old Brook Russell took her own life with a single gunshot wound to the head in a park just a few blocks from her home. When her mother, Julissa Russell, became worried on that fateful Sunday evening because the teen didn’t return from a run, she went looking for her daughter. Shortly after, Julissa Russell frantically called her husband, Kevin Russell.
“I got a call from my wife and she was screaming, I couldn’t even understand her,” Kevin Russell told KSPR.  “I knew something was wrong, I never heard her scream like that, and I said ‘Julissa please slow down,’ and I heard ‘gun,’ I heard ‘blood.’”
Moments later, Kevin Russell and his son Brant, Brooke’s brother, arrived at the park and frantically sought help.
“I remember saying, ‘Oh my God.’ I threw my phone down while I was on with 911 and I ran to her. I checked for a pulse but didn’t feel a pulse and there was just a little mark, I really couldn’t tell, the back of her head,” Kevin said. “And I looked into her eyes and her eyes were halfway open like she was sleeping with her eyes open.”
When emergency personnel arrived on the scene, the understandably upset family hoped that there was some chance Brooke’s life would be saved, but the teen’s condition and the entire situation rapidly took a turn for the worse.
“To me, time was everything. I was going, ‘Let’s go, get her to the hospital, hurry up, hurry up,’” Kevin Russell told KSPR.
The father said that things then became much worse.
The first responder turned away from Brooke to her father to ask what had happened. That’s when, as her father looked on in disbelief, the teen’s body rolled off the gurney on which she had been placed.
Next, the family alleges, some badged, pepper spray-wielding thugs saw the need to intervene.
“I started screaming and said, ‘Do your f-ing job, get her to the hospital,’ and the EMT put his finger in my face and said, ‘Calm down, sir.’ I was screaming, ‘Please get her to the hospital.’ And right about that time a police officer ran up on the sidewalk and I saw Brant go down.”
The father and son were quickly pepper sprayed by police and arrested.
“I was on the pavement, I couldn’t breathe and another officer put a knee in my back and told me to get up and he said if I didn’t get up he was going to Tase me,” Brant Russell said of the takedown.
As their loved one perished, the men — charged with assault, disturbing the peace and obstruction — spent the next three hours handcuffed to a bench in the city’s jail.

Buck the IRS

Cancer Fighting Foods

If Obama had a son

Prosecutors have charged a 14-year-old as an adult with 23 felonies in connection with three separate gun-related incidents.
Carl T. Howard, also known as “Lil Carl,” is charged in connection with incidents on June 19 and July 3 in Saginaw and July 22 in Buena Vista Township in which two people were shot and a third nearly was shot.
“This is what he does,” said Buena Vista Police Detective Sgt. Greg Klecker, one of multiple witnesses to testify regarding Howard during a Wednesday, Sept. 25, “designation hearing.”
“He doesn’t appear to have any regard for who he shoots at. In our case, he did not even know our victim.”
In the “designation hearing,” Saginaw County Chief Probate Judge Patrick J. McGraw heard testimony from police and corrections officials regarding Howard and the three incidents in which prosecutors say Howard was involved when he was 13.
After hearing that testimony, the judge determined that Howard should stand trial in the same manner as an adult. The Probate Court’s Family Division will keep jurisdiction over the case, but Howard’s case, including any possible jury trial and sentence, will proceed as if he were an adult.
In making the designation, McGraw said the adult corrections system offers more rehabilitation-type services than the juvenile system, in which Howard would be housed for possibly as few as three years, if convicted. The judge also noted the seriousness of the charges that Howard faces as well as his alleged roles in those incidents.

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Boycott Israel!!!

The Kosher Food "Tax"

The Truth About Zyklon-B insecticide

The Face of Hypocrisy

Greece arrests Golden Dawn members of parliament

A member of the Greek parliament is arrested for being a member of his own political party.
The Greek government has declared Golden Dawn, the third largest Greek political party, to be a “criminal organization.” Five of it’s eighteen elected members of parliament have been arrested and charged with being a member of a “criminal organization.”
The party received 7% of the vote in the June 2012 elections. However, in recent weeks it has polled over 15% and is solidly placed as the third largest party.
Recently, a Greek “Gangster Rapper” singer known as “P Killa” was stabbed to death. The suspected killer had Golden Dawn campaign materials at his house. The murder is being used to as an excuse to try to outlaw a major political party.
Left-wing, Marxist Greek parties are notoriously violent and have been engaged in criminal street violence for years. In 2008, tens of thousands of left-wing thugs rioted for three weeks and caused massive destruction and violence in Greece. The left-wing parties are never called to account for their violent members and supporters.

Police state horror in Florida. Lakeland Police Chief defends shocking behavior during traffic stops

An attractive young female is stopped for a broken headlight. She is then subjected to what most would describe as extremely unnecessary harassment by a male Lakeland police officer. The department is defending the actions and admits that it is routine.
Zoe Brugger was simply giving her boyfriend a ride home from work. She had a broken headlight, and was pulled over by Lakeland Florida police. What should have been a routine “fix-it” ticket turned into a roadside nightmare. I guess Lakeland Police decided they were going see one set of high beams one way or another from Ms Brugger. To add insult to injury, an FBI investigation investigation concluded that the Officer’s actions were appropriate.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation now seems to be the Female Body Inspectors. The findings of the FBI are as insulting and as outrageous as the original incident.
State Attorney Jerry Hill who called the incident at the time “illegal” and “inappropriate.” The State Attorney said there was no way the search was appropriate.
Officer Dustin Fetz was issued a one day suspension and was being ordered to attend retraining. It was originally reported that the suspension was for the search. The FBI was requested to investigate the matter further. However, the UK Mail’s investigation revealed that Fetz’s suspension was not for the search, but for not recording the incident. He was technically suspended not for making Miss Brugger shake out her bra, but instead for not using his microphone to record audio during the traffic stop – or for several previous stops he made, according to theLakeland Ledger.
This is outrageous. First having to shake out one’s bra because the officer doesn’t believe its contents are part of your body, then the public shake-out on the side of the road, and then to be given deceptive information on the disciplinary action of the officer on the incident, and then have the FBI rule that this whole incident was legal?
Lakeland Police Chief Womack stated that Lakeland’s policies would be changed as a result of the incident. However, Womack’s words were just as insulting as the original search:
In a nutshell, they said there were no civil rights or color of law violations. I don’t believe we’ll have any further issues in this manner with this officer. ”This is not to say that clothing of any kind will never be manipulated, but it will only be done by a same gendered officer and will only be done for articulable reasons

Leaked document says NSA spies on American citizens for a foreign country

The National Security Agency routinely shares raw intelligence data with Israel without first sifting it to remove information about US citizens, a top-secret document provided to the Guardian by whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals.
Details of the intelligence-sharing agreement are laid out in a memorandum of understanding between the NSA and its Israeli counterpart that shows the US government handed over intercepted communications likely to contain phone calls and emails of American citizens. The agreement places no legally binding limits on the use of the data by the Israelis.
The disclosure that the NSA agreed to provide raw intelligence data to a foreign country contrasts with assurances from the Obama administrationthat there are rigorous safeguards to protect the privacy of US citizens caught in the dragnet. The intelligence community calls this process “minimization”, but the memorandum makes clear that the information shared with the Israelis would be in its pre-minimized state.
The deal was reached in principle in March 2009, according to the undated memorandum, which lays out the ground rules for the intelligence sharing.
The five-page memorandum, termed an agreement between the US and Israeli intelligence agencies “pertaining to the protection of US persons”, repeatedly stresses the constitutional rights of Americans to privacy and the need for Israeli intelligence staff to respect these rights.
But this is undermined by the disclosure that Israel is allowed to receive “raw Sigint” – signal intelligence. The memorandum says: “Raw Sigint includes, but is not limited to, unevaluated and unminimized transcripts, gists, facsimiles, telex, voice and Digital Network Intelligence metadata and content.”
According to the agreement, the intelligence being shared would not be filtered in advance by NSA analysts to remove US communications. “NSA routinely sends ISNU [the Israeli Sigint National Unit] minimized and unminimized raw collection”, it says.

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Marxism as the Destroyer of Culture

Hate Laws,ADL,and Edgar Steele.

Golden Dawn Leadership Seized by Police in Soviet-Style Night Raid

Golden Dawn MP Yiannis Lagos was arrested by the Jewish occupational army of Greece.
Yiannis Lagos was arrested by the Jewish occupational army of Greece.
The Jewish occupational government of Greece has arrested the leadership of the Golden Dawn on bizarre, trumped-up charges of “forming of a criminal organization.”
In a Soviet-style late night raid, the dissident politicians, including spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris, Ilias Panayiotaros and Ioannis Lagos and the Leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, along with 12 other members, were seized by police and dragged off to jail. This is the first time that sitting parliament members have been arrested since the fall of the military junta in 1974.
Presently, a search is underway for at least 20 other members of the party, including parliament members Christos Pappas and Nikos Michos.
Clearly, the goal is to have all of the leadership silenced, cut off from the party, for the purpose of throwing the body of the party into chaos. The intent, apparently, is to goad them into acts of violence against the government, which will then prove the media’s claim that the Popular Nationalist Party is some vague type of criminal cartel.
My hope is that members remain calm, and do not act recklessly. Protests which took place outside the police offices today appear to have remained peaceful.
Any form of violence right now would play directly into the hands of the Jews. The party members I have talked to understand this, but with the standard that the media has set, where if any single person even loosely associated with the party commits an act of violence, the entire organization is held responsible, this is an incredibly sensitive and dangerous situation.
Behold Ye Men, That Great Power Behind the Throne
These arrests are completely illegal and ridiculous, and only possible because of the Jewish media barrage which took place 24 hours a day since the death of the leftist rapper Killah P less than two weeks ago.
There is no substance whatsoever in the government’s claim that the Golden Dawn is a “criminal organization.” It doesn’t even make sense. The party headquarters has been raided repeatedly, and no weapons have been found. Phone records have been grabbed, and there is no evidence that the leadership of the party had anything to do with the murder of the rapper, or any other act of violence which members of the party are alleged to have committed.
The ability to simply seize and arrest elected officials, for no clear reason, after having convicted them of a crime in the media, proves the extent of Jewish power in Western society. It is beyond anything I myself was able to imagine.
What Next?
I didn’t think this would happen. It is so extreme. As I have said, I believe it is an attempt to bully the party into reckless acts.
I believe that any act of violence committed by the party, at this point, would be the worst possible thing which could happen. Public opinion has been, for the time being, turned against the party. I believe this will be temporary, and that in the long run, the way that the government has acted illegally against the party will serve to reenforce the idea behind the party in the minds of the masses.
However, if some members of the party do act with violence – or, perhaps much more likely, if the Jews stage a bombing and blame it on members of the party – then the country will likely explode. I have spent a lot of time with the members of this organization, and they are not even slightly afraid to give their lives for this idea.
Right now, the next hours are crucial. I do not think it will be possible for the government to hold these politicians on such nonsensical charges for any significant period of time. I am certain that the party is not so stupid as to be guilty of any of these things they are being accused of. If nothing happens, upon their release, business will resume as usual.
We can only hope for the best. Though in all honesty, it seems likely that Gates of Hell are cracking open.

ADL: “Conspiracy Theorists Blame Jews for Events in Syria”
Kevin MacDonald on September 26, 2013

The “respected civil rights organization” is at it again. The ADL labels me a “conspiracy theorist” for documenting the wall-to-wall support of the organized Jewish community for a U.S. military strike on Syria (“ADL: Conspiracy Theorists Blame Jews for Events in Syria.”) There is also the claim that I am an “extremist”—which seems odd coming from an organization that favors the immigration to the U.S. of tens of millions of people from all over the world.
Kevin McDonald, an anti-Semitic professor of psychology at California State University at Long Beach wrote a September 2 article in The Occidental Observer stating that, “The delay [in military action in Syria] provides an opportunity for the Israel Lobby to get into high gear in order to bump up the poll numbers and exert its power over Congress.”
You’d think that after all this time with me being on their Most Wanted list, they could at least spell my name right. The article doesn’t have a link to the offending article by me, which would leave the reader stuck with only a misspelled name and the link to the article about me on the ADL’s website (where they do manage to spell my name right). Indeed, there are no links for any of the articles and videos by the “fringe extremists and anti-Semites” listed in the ADL press release — presumably because the ADL doesn’t want its readers to see what they actually wrote.
The ADL’s ire is directed at an article posted on September 1, “The Israel Lobby and the Organized Jewish Community Want Regime Change in Syria,” where I looked at all the Jewish and (what is more or less the same) neocon websites I could think of to see what they were saying about a war with Syria. This included the ADL, and I noted that the respected civil rights organization had engaged in double talk on Assad’s responsibility and had once again used the Holocaust to establish their moral authority in a morally dubious situation. The only conclusion possible was that the ADL wanted regime change. Since the ADL didn’t complain about that, I guess they agree with my assessment.
My article also included pro-war material from a wide range of Jewish websites, including the main pro-Israel lobbying organization, AIPAC. I couldn’t find any important Jewish organizations that were opposed to a military strike, so I concluded that a military option was a consensus attitude in the organized Jewish community, being careful, as always, to distinguish the organized Jewish community from all Jews.
The title of the ADL press release, on the other hand, implies that I think that “Jews” are responsible for “events in Syria” which is ridiculous. I was obviously writing about pressure by the organized Jewish community, including the Israel Lobby and the ADL, on the U.S. government for a military strike. And by the time I wrote my next article, “The Organized Jewish Community: Wall-to-Wall Support for a Strike on Syria” (Sept. 16), I was able to include a link to aJerusalem Post article (a notorious conspiracy-mongering site) titled “Report: AIPAC to mount major lobbying blitz for Obama’s Syria strike plan.” The article notes that AIPAC was prepared to have 250 activists descend on Washington to twist arms on Capital Hill.
So, yes, the organized Jewish community was doing exactly what I said they were doing—lobbying for a military strike in Washington. And it’s not exactly a stretch to suppose that they were also trying to change public opinion given the many mainstream media appearances and op-eds by representatives of organizations like the Washington Institute for Near East Policy which, amazingly, seems to be considered an unbiased media source by National Public Radio among others.
Fortunately, Vladimir Putin put a crimp in all this by proposing a peace plan. Obama, the reluctant warrior, was able to avoid a disastrous defeat in Congress, and the best laid plans of the Israel Lobby and the organized Jewish community fell apart. The Lobby is seething right now—furious not only that missiles haven’t been launched at Syria, but that peace may be breaking out with Iran.
But don’t count them out. They are nothing if not persistent. Indeed, M.J. Rosenberg notes that AIPAC is getting ready for “war with Obama“:
Why would anyone think the Senate will pass AIPAC’s war bills? The answer is simply that the midterm elections are coming up and that means Members of Congress need campaign cash. And AIPAC provides it.
Remember what AIPAC’s former #2 guy, Steve Rosen (later indicted under the Espionage Act) told New Yorker writer Jeff Goldberg in 2005. Goldberg asked Rosen just how powerful AIPAC is. Goldberg described Rosen’s response.
A half smile appeared on his face, and he pushed a napkin across the table. “You see this napkin?” he said. “In twenty-four hours, we could have the signatures of seventy senators on this napkin.”
Obama better be prepared. AIPAC has been pushing war with Iran for a decade. Its bills to achieve it won’t be written on napkins.

Join the NSA's New Online Dating Service.

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John Friend Interviews Pro-White Activist John De Nugent

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by long time pro-White activist and scholar John de Nugent. John and I will be discussing the philosophy and views of Oswald Spengler and Adolf Hitler. Be sure to read John's essay published in The Barnes Review entitled, Oswald Spengler vs. Adolf Hitler: A comparison of the vary beliefs of two Teutonic nationalists.

Also, I highly encourage everyone to subscribe to both American Free Press andThe Barnes Review! American Free Press and The Barnes Review truly are world-class publications.

Please visit The Realist Report on TalkeShoe to download this and past episodes.

When John Lennon blasted the Jews; rave reviews of my show with John Friend

==========John Lennon on the Jews
That was definitely a Hitler salute, and Lennon’s body language and mischievous look says he knew exactly what he was .. repeatedly .. doing there, a Hitler salute. And he also knew, when the reporter questioned him, that his statement that “show business is an extension of the Jewish religion” was explosive, so he refused to comment on his comment. ;-)
The Beatles also sang in German, hmmmmm, and their career actually took off in Hamburg. (The Beatles sing “Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand” which is “I Want To Hold Your Hand” in German) (“She Loves You” in German, “Sie Liebt Dich“)
And guess what I once heard? A studio recording of “Get Back” where John Lennon sang “Paki [yes], get back to where you’re coming from” = Pakistan!!!
A comrade in England wrote:
The original Sergeant Pepper album cover was going to have a Hitler in it, but it was taken out at the last moment.
I think John was a bit racist and I read somewhere that he couldn’t stand ‘wasp jews’.. I think he was politically inconsistent but went with the popular zeitgeist in his pseudo-Che revolutionary fad.
Another  comrade, a former Marine, wrote.
In his song “Revolution” ( he sings ‘If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you’re not going to make it with anyone anyhow’ and “count me out.”
The Bolsheviks wanted John to be their poster boy but he wouldn’t go along.
He knew the entertainment industry was full of parasites and despised them. John was only 40 when he was killed. For 17 years he was sheltered from much of reality, nor had he access to books of importance. 40 years old — how many people this day and age, with all the access we have today, still don’t get it?
Picture back in the 1960′s or 70′s not too many Pro-Whites around. Heck, back then we thought we were invincible, and our extinction would have been the furthest thing from anybody’s mind.
The English comrade responded:
 Yeah… in England we thought we actually won the war.
I replied:
In 1965 we White Americans were the BIG WHITE DOG. And the Mexicans were just little chihuahuas and the Blacks were little black terriers. Now the other dogs are a HUGE PACK and the White Dog has some gray around his muzzle. (The average White in America is 42 years old!!!)
The Marine wrote:
Exactly, John. That’s why the only TV or movies I ever watch were pre-1990. Watch the movies from the 1970s –they’re corny and maybe suck, but it is all-White, with maybe a token negro here or there. Some Whites are good, some are bad, but they are portrayed as men, not negro-worshiping cowards, sodomites or “nazis.”
“The Rifleman” with Chuck Connor was a big 1960s Western series
chuck-connors-the-riflemanLater, John Lennon did a nasty song, I guess, to stay in good with his masters. Listen to these lyrics by John “Lenin”:
“Imagine there’s no heaven” – the song is really preaching atheism and instead, quote, “living for today”… “Imagine there’s no countries”— total NWO toxin. I wonder if these Icelandic beauties have any idea what they are really singing?
A comrade wrote me on Facebook:
In later years Lennon said he had regret for writing those lyrics.
Another wrote:
About five years ago, some documents were revealed that demonstrated that Lennon was opposite his music alter ego.
I replied:
Oh good! There is no question the FBI murdered him, so he must have turned against his erstwhile masters.
The lesson is that once you cross the Jews, they will never forgive you and so they murdered him using the MK-ULTRA Mark David Chapman.
So you might as well go ALL THE WAY. The Jews do!

Gangbanger injures baby in suspected racially motivated attack on white family in black neighborhood

If the races were reversed this would be the biggest news story in the United States.
Imagine for one minute that somewhere in America a black family is living in a white neighborhood. Imagine that a white man shoots up their house and injures a 19 month old baby. Then imagine that instead of condemning the violence, white neighbors blame the black victims and refuse to cooperate with police. There would be weeks of national media coverage, marches, statements by politicians. Maybe a tv movie. Groups like the SPLC would continue to cite the incident fifteen years later as an example of “racism.” It did happen, but the perp was black and the victims were white. So it’s a “hush crime.” What would be the single biggest story in the United States, is just a minor local one.
A white family living in a majority black neighborhood in Odenton, Maryland had their house shot up by a black male suspect. Their 19 month old baby daughter was injured. Black neighbors talked to a channel 11 news crew and blamed the victims. According to Channel 11, black neighbors said the family are racial bullies because they call the police when they see drug sales taking place.
As the search continues, allegations of racism, bullying and drug activity are coming out.
“He’s called people the N word, and it’s uncalled-for.  He probably said it to the wrong person, and that’s probably what happened,” one neighbor who didn’t want to be identified said of Aaron Moulton, who denied those allegations.
“I don’t see color. I see a human being,” Moulton told 11 News.
The Moultons said they were targeted because they are the ones calling police in the area and leading the fight against what they think is a rise in crime.
“This neighborhood has become such an open-air drug trafficking area,” Carly Moulton said.
Others told 11 News that Aaron Moulton is a neighborhood bully who antagonizes black children playing basketball and that there is no drug problem in the area.
“It’ll be much better if people would just mind their own business,” the man who didn’t want to be identified said.
“At the end of the day, I know what is right. I know what is true,” Aaron Moulton said.
“He’s never been racist to me. I never had a problem with him,” said a neighbor named Ernest.
Police said they believe more people do know what happened but have yet to come forward.  On Thursday night, officers held a packed community meeting to engage people in the investigation.

This website has a documented history of generating large scale attention to “hush crimes” and forcing the media to talk about this they don’t want to talk about. Let’s do it again.
The media is also ignoring a shooting spree in Greenville, NC. Since when does the media not foam at the mouth over a shooting spree? When the suspect is black and police find evidence at the suspects’ house that the shooting was racially motivated. The gunman wanted to kill as many white people as he could.
Let’s get these stories out! Share on Facebook, twitter, reddit, craiglist rants, and everywhere else.

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Stop Paying the Secret Kosher Food Tax

Justin Bieber is about to be called a racist in 3, 2, 1…

You heard it here first. Screams of “racism” are about to be directed at pop star Justin Bieber.
Ironically Justin Bieber has already been accused of purposefully surrounding himself with black men to look more “edgy” or “thuggish.” Sharon Osbourne was recently denounced as a “racist” by the media for suggesting that Bieber stop “acting black.”
Some of Justin Bieber’s very expensive jewellery has reportedly gone missing from his Calabasas, California, home.
And the 19-year-old is said to have blamed his friends Lil Twist and Lil Za for the theft as the pair were house sitting when the items first disappeared.
Upon discovering the apparent robbery, the troubled pop star is alleged to have kicked the two brothers out of his home and his entourage.
On Tuesday, the Baby singer attempted to scotch the rumours of theft with a post on Instagram stating: ‘Don’t listen to em.  I still got all my jewelry. (sic)’
But the posting, according to TMZ, disappeared less than a half hour later, appearing to lend credence to the reports of jewellery theft.
Sources have revealed that Bieber flew into a rage when he discovered that the expensive items were missing earlier this month.

Homicidal "gassings?"

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There Were No Secrets at Auschwitz

Autumn Pasquale killing: Dante Robinson released from jail, pleads guilty to obstruction

Donte and Justin Robinson
(LEFT) Image of Donte Robinson, 17, taken from Twitter. (RIGHT) Image of Justin Robinson, 15, taken from Facebook.

autumn pasquale new

Dante Robinson, initially charged in the death of Autumn Pasquale, was released from a youth correctional facility Tuesday, according to sources close to the case.
In afternoon court proceedings, Dante, of Clayton, pleaded to fourth-degree obstruction in Family Division Superior Court Judge Colleen Maier’s courtroom. The teen, who has been in the Camden County Youth Correction Facility since last fall, was sentenced to six months in jail and released with time served, according to a confidential source.
“Dante Robinson was released from custody today. He admitted no crime,” said Chris Hoffner, the teen’s attorney on behalf of the family. “This confirms what we always knew. Dante did not hurt the decedent and was not involved in her death or the moving of her body. People may not want to believe it, but the truth prevailed today, and Dante is home.”
Anita Saunders, Dante’s mother, was at home Tuesday night inside the East Clayton Avenue home where police claim 12-year-old Autumn was murdered. The family would not say if Dante was inside the house.
Dante and his brother Justin Robinson were 17 and 15 last October when arrested and charged in juvenile court with the girl’s killing.
Autumn’s disappearance in late October prompted a massive days-long search through Clayton and surrounding communities. Two days after she went missing, her remains were found in a blue recycling bin on an abandoned property next door to the Robinsons' East Clayton Avenue home. The brothers were charged in her death.
Last month Justin Robinson, now 16, pleaded guilty to aggravated manslaughter after taking sole responsibility for luring the pre-teen to his house and strangling her.
He was sentenced on Sept. 12 to serve 17 years in state prison of which 85 percent, or about 14 years, must be served before he is eligible for parole.
Tuesday night the borough was quiet. The Pasquales' West High Street home, where Autumn was last seen on Oct. 20, was dark.

Autumn’s father Anthony Pasquale would not comment on Dante’s release.
“Mr. Pasquale respects the court’s order,” said Doug Long, Anthony Pasquale’s attorney who would not make additional comments about the obstruction plea or Dante’s release.

Justin Robinson walks into court before being sentenced to 17 years for the murder of 12-year-old Autumn Pasquale, Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013. (Staff Photo by Tim Hawk/South Jersey Times)

The Missing "Holocaust"

Benjamin Netanyahu is Wanted for Terrorism and Crimes Against Humanity

Quote by Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens

Guess Who's Exempt From Obamacare?

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A Jewish New World Order

Jew World Order Dollar Bill Mason Anagram Code

It's Time to End This Zionist Occupation!!!

Affluent black children still score lower than poor white children on Ohio achievement test, white people blamed

The media in Columbus, Ohio is buzzing with a report about the black/white achievement gap in the 3rd grade reading proficiency test.
Black children from affluent households still had an average score that was lower than “white children” in poor households in Franklin County. What they don’t say is that the “white” scores are actually a combination of white and Latino scores. Most Latino groups typically perform higher than blacks but lower than whites.
The district with the lowest “white” score is Whitehall, which has the highest percentage of Latino students. The district’s three elementary schools range from 11%-26% Latino and average less than 50% white.
Overall 61 percent of black students in Ohio pass the third-grade reading test, compared with 87 percent of white students.
Every media outlet in central Ohio is saying the same thing. It absolutely, positively has to be white people’s fault. There can be no other explanation!
Presently, Columbus, Ohio is spending $573,000 to have the Ohio State University train teachers to “better prepare students to pass.” If that doesn’t work, it will probably be white people’s fault also.
Chart from Columbus Dispatch

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Quote by Malcolm X

Biggest trafficker of women in Israeli history finally exposed

Updated: The Jewish newspaper Haaretz published today the name of David Digmi, the biggest trafficker in women in the history of Israel.
David Digmi 
David Digmi

Digmi is described as the central figure in the largest sex trafficking network in the state, with operations and connections overseas in the European countries such as the former Soviet Union, Britain, Cyprus and Belgium. Four other Jews were sentenced to three to 18 years in prison, and another Jew is serving 18 years in a Russian jail.
Digmi was suspected of crimes such as attempted rape, trafficking in women, pimping, extortion, drug possession and many more offenses committed over the course of more than a decade.
In return for being a police informer, Digmi agreed not to commit any crime from the time of the signing of the agreement until the end of his trial, and not to commit any offense that would damage his credibility.
But Digmi, being a Jew, could not keep his promise. Even after signing the agreement with the state he continued to get in trouble. Already during the trial of his former confederates in trafficking, he joined forces with the head of a crime organization and committed extortion. While acting as a state’s witness and testifying, he was caught with drugs in his car and brass knuckles, and also was part-owner of a club in which a woman was arrested for soliciting sex.
The criminal network which Digmi headed smuggled hundreds of young European women from small villages and towns in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia and Uzbekistan after convincing them to come to Israel. They were told they would find work there as waitresses or dancers in clubs. In some of the cases the traffickers, including Digmi, used severe violence against the women. The women were smuggled into Israel through the Egyptian border or flown in through Turkey.
Also involved in the criminal network were the Jews Rami Saban, Avi Yanai, Shmuel Malka, David Moraidi, Yaakov Moraidi and Golan Ezrad.
Digmi told police how the network worked: “Rami Saban and another man rented anapartment on Yeshayahu Street in Tel Aviv. They would bring the women there straight from Egypt. They would call me after a few hours or a day or two and ask me to come to the apartment to choose the girls I wanted to buy. I came to the apartment. There were 10 to 15 girls who came from Russia via Egypt. I would look at the girls and examine them. How they looked, look at their chest, at their body. … Those who were with me at the time of the examinations translated what I said for the girls since they knew [only] Russian. They translated [his instructions] to strip and turn around while I would check them,” Digmi told police.

Trove of Leaked FBI, Fusion Center and DHS Documents Provide Insight Into Antifa, Charlottesville, Political Bias, and the Erosion of Civil Liberties

On June 22nd, a group of anarchist hackers called DDoSecrets  dumped 270 gigabytes  worth of internal documents belonging to regional...