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Why You Should Join The National Alliance

Why You Should Join The National Alliance

ADV Broadcast Of May 28, 2011

Hello, and welcome to another broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of the National Alliance. I’m your host and Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

As we had discussed in last week’s broadcast, the disparity in every element of the power structure between us and our enemies is so enormous that to the average person it cannot be overcome. However, to the intelligent White racialist, the System is crumbling, and it is not necessary for us to gain governmental power by requiring a larger army, more television networks than the Jews, and a political organization able to garner more voters than the Democrats or Republicans.

It is not necessary for two reasons: First, the power structure of our opponents is undergoing rapid, degenerative change. It might seem too much to say that the governmental power structure in the United States is self-destructing before our eyes, but its pathology becomes more apparent month by month in many ways: in the increasingly tawdry, "show business" style of political campaigns; in the ever more frequent revelations of the legislators' corruption, personal depravity, and disregard for the laws they make; in the government's increasingly evident fear of its own citizens; above all, in the loss of governmental will to deal with problems requiring strong, decisive, and perhaps unpopular action. It is losing its moral authority and its credibility with the people it governs; fewer and fewer of them regard their government as more than an expensive nuisance, as witnessed by the growing number who simply have stopped voting.

The police and military structures still wield a considerable amount of physical power, based to a large degree on modern technology: computerized police files of dissidents, sophisticated surveillance and eavesdropping equipment, laser-guided missiles, "smart" bombs, and the like. The quality of the human factor in their power is declining rapidly, however. It is not just the ravages of "Affirmative Action" programs on the average competence of government workers or the loss of esprit de corps in the remaining White personnel: more important is the fact that the government's police and military forces have to a very large degree lost their sense of moral justification. They still may be convinced that they are strong enough to impose their will on their opponents, but they no longer have the unshakable conviction that they represent the side of right and justice; idealism has given way to careerism and cynicism. In the long run this will be a mortal weakness.

Even the news and entertainment media, despite their overwhelming influence on every other element of the power structure and on most of the population, are becoming increasingly vulnerable. A growing element of the public regards the media with suspicion, recognizing their anti-White bias and their destructive effect on morals and culture.

The second reason why we don't have to build a power structure as large as the one opposed to us is that all the elements in the population we want to reach with our message are becoming increasingly responsive to that message. At the same time the opposed power structure is losing its own partisans. The government and the Jewish media will continue to have their hard core of support -- Jews, feminists, some homosexuals, some Christians, the radical-liberal New World Order enthusiasts, most of the state and Federal bureaucrats, and others on government or media payrolls -- but outside these special constituencies our enemies have very few real friends left, even among their beneficiaries. Blacks and mestizos as a whole, for example, can hardly be considered a staunch bulwark of the government, despite the favoritism it has shown them. The American population has become much like the Roman mob of old, ready to cheer for any government which can provide it with bread and circuses, but equally ready to turn against the government the moment the supply of those commodities is interrupted -- and never ready to defend the government if any personal sacrifice is required.

To summarize what I just said, the situation in America is no longer quasi-static, as it was during most of the l970s and l980s. During that earlier period the Jewish media were able to keep nearly all of the public hypnotized, to provide a false reality for them in the place of the real world around them. Someone would complain that America was becoming darker, poorer, and dirtier. The media would drown him out with a chorus about the value of "diversity," about the evils of "racism," about the wonders of the coming New World Order, and the complaint would be ignored and forgotten by nearly everyone.

Now the process of decay and disintegration has accelerated; now the hypnosis is beginning to wear off as reality becomes too harsh to ignore. The process will continue to accelerate in the future. More and more people will notice that, indeed, the emperor is stark, staring naked, even as the Jewish media continue to extol the beauty and grandeur of his new raiment and denounce those benighted souls who refuse to acknowledge it.

The process is inherently unstable, and nothing that the enemies of our people can do will reverse it. Their power structure will continue to become more pathological, if not physically weaker, in all its elements, and more and more members of the White public will receive our message sympathetically. No one can predict in detail the outcome of this unstable process after it reaches the point where we are able to exert a significant influence on its further development. It is clear, however, that our responsibility now is to continue building a revolutionary infrastructure able to support an opposing power structure which can respond advantageously to all developments.

A revolutionary infrastructure is the structured collection of people and other resources organized for the purpose of carrying on, over an extended period, the full range of activities necessary to the purpose outlined above. Among the necessary activities are the generation and dissemination of propaganda, recruiting, fund raising, self-defense and internal discipline, intelligence gathering and evaluation, planning and guidance. It is the continued enhancement, development, and expansion of such activities that alone can lead to the attainment of the ultimate revolutionary goal.

The National Alliance was organized in February 1974. Many of its first members came from another organization, the National Youth Alliance, which had been founded in 1970 in Virginia by Dr. William Pierce, a young physics professor who left a career of teaching and research at Oregon State University to devote himself to the service of his people.

Although the ideologies of the two organizations were identical, membership in the National Youth Alliance had been restricted to persons under 30 years of age, and that group focused its activities on college and university campuses. Thus, the formation of the National Alliance effected a broadening of the appeal of the National Youth Alliance to include White persons of all ages and occupations.

Because the early l970s were a politically and socially turbulent period, during which Jews and others -- sometimes under the guise of opposition to the Vietnam war -- were organizing violent demonstrations in the streets of America's cities and calling for the destruction of White society, the National Youth Alliance took a militant, confrontational stance in opposition to this destructive activity. The name of the group's first periodical, the tabloid ATTACK!, reflected this stance. During this early period the National Youth Alliance organized many public activities, including street demonstrations with placards and banners denouncing not only the communists, Jews, and other avowed enemies of White America but also the government which tolerated and even encouraged them.

Unfortunately, the scale of the National Youth Alliance's public activities was too small to make a significant impact on current events, government policies, or the public's consciousness. These activities also did not lead to much increase in organizational strength: many of the people who were attracted to the National Youth Alliance by the publicity its activities generated had only shallow, short-term motivations.

As Dr. Pierce and his co-workers came to appreciate more fully the magnitude and the time scale of the task facing them, their approach became more fundamental. By the time the National Alliance was formed in 1974 the programmatic emphasis had shifted from a superficial confrontation with the enemies of our people to the building of the necessary organizational foundation for a final victory over those enemies. Simultaneously the emphasis in recruiting shifted from quantity to quality. In April 1978 the name of the National Alliance's periodical changed from ATTACK! to National Vanguard. The red headlines and exhortations to action in the publication were replaced by sober analyses of the political, social, and racial situation and of the task facing our people.
This is not to say that the National Alliance softened or moderated its approach to the struggle; indeed, May 1978 saw the publication of the first edition of Dr. Pierce's first novel, The Turner Diaries, which had earlier been serialized in ATTACK! and which provoked a storm of reaction from the government and the controlled media. The more fundamental and longer-range program after this time nevertheless brought with it a more mature and serious public image for the National Alliance.

In 1978 a group of members who were especially interested in the religious or spiritual aspects of the National Alliance's work organized the Cosmotheist Community Church.

From 1978 the rate of membership growth also increased substantially for several years. By 1983, however, the stasis of the Reagan era had set in, and recruitment slowed. Throughout the remainder of the l980's there was a gradual decline in membership, and the National Office experienced great difficulty in recruiting staff members of the caliber needed to carry its work forward. In August 1985 the National Office moved from the Washington, DC, area to a rural, mountainous area in West Virginia.

The National Alliance published its second book in 1980, member William Simpson's Which Way Western Man?In the same year it issued the second edition of The Turner Diaries. In 1984 it published the reprint volume, The Best of ATTACK! and National Vanguard Tabloid.

In 1987 the National Alliance's publishing arm, National Vanguard Books, was reorganized as a separate entity. In 1989 Dr. Pierce's second novel, Hunter, was published. In 1991 member Randolph Calverhall's novel, Serpent's Walk, was published.

In 1991 National Vanguard Books began publishing audio cassettes. In December 1991 the National Alliance began broadcasting its message worldwide via shortwave radio with the weekly program American Dissident Voices. In 1992 a number of AM radio stations in the United States also began carrying American Dissident Voices.
In 1993 National Vanguard Books began using full-color comic books as a medium for reaching high school students with the National Alliance message. In the same year work began on a video studio in order to use the video medium for that message.

In 1996 the National Alliance began promoting European cultural festivals, with a monumental event held in Cleveland, Ohio.

In 1999 Dr. Pierce purchased Resistance Records in an effort to expand the Alliance’s outreach to White youth through music.

In July of 2002, following the unfortunate passing of founder and Chairman Dr. William Pierce, Erich Gliebe, was selected by the National Alliance Board of Directors as the new Chairman.

In November of 2002, the National Alliance began holding regional conferences, with the initial one being held in Sacramento, California.

In April of 2004, the National Alliance opened the William Luther Pierce Memorial Hall at its National Office in Mill Point, West Virginia with a rousing Leadership Conference.

In 2004 National Alliance activities were at an all-time high, and Chief Operations Officer Shaun Walker began speaking to students at universities.

In 2005, Erich Gliebe stepped down as Chairman to concentrate on family matters and appointed Shaun Walker as his successor, to the approval of the Alliance’s Board of Directors.

In 2006 Shaun Walker resigned as Chairman and appointed Erich Gliebe as his successor, which was approved by the Alliance’s Board of Directors.

In 2007 the National Alliance continued to expand operations in the West, under the leadership of Jim Ring.

Also in 2007, the National Alliance held an international revisionist history conference in the William Luther Pierce Memorial Hall.

In 2011 the Alliance’s Cleveland Local Unit, which has held consecutive monthly meetings since 1991, celebrated its 20th anniversary.

And, also in 2011, the National Alliance published the most comprehensive research report to date of Jewish media control, with the current version of Who Rules America?

There are several reasons why you should join the National Alliance. As a member of the Alliance you will be doing something about what is happening to your world, instead of just complaining about it. You will be joining your strength to that of many other men and women with the same beliefs and goals. Working alone you can accomplish relatively little; working in concert with others you can have a much greater effect on the course of events around you.

By keeping informed through internal National Alliance publications of other members' activities and of ongoing National Alliance programs, you will have both guidance and a wider scope for your own activity. You will be able to draw on the experience and special knowledge of other members instead of relying entirely on your own guesswork.

Nothing in life is more satisfying and fulfilling than making a commitment to a great and impersonal goal and then devoting one's talents and energies to its achievement. As a National Alliance member you will be taking a hand in shaping the future and in determining the destiny of your race. By doing so you will share in its immortality.

In addition to the personal satisfaction and fulfillment of doing something which really matters and which makes your life count, you should join the National Alliance because it is the right thing to do. Any White person who can see the threat to the future of the race today and who refuses, whether from cowardice or selfishness, to stand up for his people does not deserve to be counted among them. The task of the National Alliance is an extraordinarily difficult one, but it is necessary, and that should be the only consideration for any man or woman with a fully developed sense of responsibility.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

Another Anti-Semitic Outburst

Half-Jewish Director Branded Anti-Semitic

Another Anti-Semitic Outburst

by Jeff Davis

These anti-Semitic outbursts on the part of celebrities are becoming an epidemic. Now a famous Danish film director has spoken out.

A Reuters article reports: “The Cannes film festival expelled Danish director Lars Von Trier on Thursday for jokingly calling himself a Nazi and Hitler sympathizer, leaving the world’s biggest cinema showcase in a state of shock. The expulsion, the first in 64 years, followed a hastily convened meeting of its board of directors … Von Trier told Reuters in a telephone interview that he was shocked by the decision, which he believed stemmed from the fact that his meaning had been misunderstood. Von Trier’s comments on Wednesday angered Jewish groups and caused U.S. actress Kirsten Dunst to squirm with embarrassment beside him at a press conference, as he launched into a bizarre monologue about his Jewish and German heritage.”

Wait a minute, so this guy is a Jew as well, and they’re still throwing him out? Oy, gevalt!

More Reuters: “The famously provocative film maker, formerly a darling in Cannes who won the top Palme d’Or award in 2000, quickly apologized in a statement but it proved too little too late. Jewish groups welcomed Cannes’ decision to ban him.”

First of all, how could these people take his comments about being a Nazi seriously if he’s of Jewish ancestry?

Secondly, the Jews waged a campaign to stop the outing of Communists during the McCarthy hearings in the 1950s. Senator Joe McCarthy was concerned that a large number of Communists had infiltrated the movie industry and he found quite a few Communists during hearings on the matter. The Jews of course have almost zero tolerance for the right wing. Republicans are a persecuted minority in Hollywood. Anyone further right than the Republicans is certain to be black-listed by the Jews.

The article continues “During Wednesday’s press conference, Von Trier joked that he was a Nazi and that he sympathized with Adolf Hitler. ‘I think I understand the man (Hitler),’ Von Trier said. ‘He’s not what you would call a good guy, but I understand much about him and I sympathize with him a little bit. But come on, I’m not for the Second World War, and I’m not against Jews. I am of course very much for Jews. No, not too much because Israel is a pain in the ass. But still, how can I get out of this sentence?”

Lars is about to find out just how open-minded and forgiving his fellow Jews are. It’s a pity Lars didn’t have a conversation with this producer from Bollywood, who can be heard here.

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The Ideology Of The National Alliance

The Ideology Of The National Alliance

ADV Broadcast Of May 21, 2011

Hello, and welcome to another broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of the National Alliance. I’m your host and Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

The National Alliance is not only working to achieve certain goals; it also stands for a comprehensive view of life, or worldview. Its goals have not been chosen arbitrarily in reaction to current social, racial, or economic problems, the way the Democrats and Republicans put together a party platform for election purposes; instead they follow naturally from Alliance ideology.

We see ourselves as integral with a unitary world around us, which evolves according to natural law. In the simplest words: There is only one reality, which we call Nature: not the "my reality" and "your reality" of the subjectivists and not the separate spiritual and physical realms of the supernaturalists. We are a part of Nature and subject to Nature's laws. Within the scope of these laws we are able to determine our own destiny. If we err in our efforts there is no one to protect us from the consequences of our folly or our weakness. In other words, we ourselves are responsible for everything over which we have the power of choice: in particular, for the state of our environment and for the destiny of our race.

This view may be contrasted with the Semitic view, which separates man from the rest of the world and postulates a divine but nevertheless manlike being who rules man and the world by supernatural law. Those who hold this view absolve themselves of responsibility for their fate. When faced with an undesired outcome of events they say, "It is God's will. "They believe that it is not necessary for men to concern themselves with the future, beyond planning for their own needs, because their god has everything under control.

During the time when Europe was most strongly under the influence of Semitic ideology (and also today in some countries under Islamic rule, as well as among some fundamentalist Jewish and Christian sects in America and elsewhere), it was considered impious for a man to infringe upon the deity's prerogatives: specifically, to attempt to understand or influence the phenomena of Nature, or to change venerable social institutions.

Our world is hierarchical. Each of us is a member of the Aryan (or European) race, which, like the other races, developed its special characteristics over many thousands of years during which natural selection not only adapted it to its environment but also advanced it along its evolutionary path. Those races which evolved in the more demanding environment of the North, where surviving a winter required planning and self-discipline, advanced more rapidly in the development of the higher mental faculties -- including the abilities to conceptualize, to solve problems, to plan for the future, and to postpone gratification -- than those which remained in the relatively unvarying climate of the tropics. Consequently, the races vary today in their capabilities to build and to sustain a civilized society and, more generally, in their abilities to lend a conscious hand to Nature in the task of evolution.

Furthermore, just as the races may be ordered according to their levels of development, so may the individuals within a race. Some are better able to understand the world around them than others; some are more creative; some have better self-discipline or a stronger will; some have a more highly developed sense of responsibility. In a well-ordered society these differences will be reflected in varying degrees of influence or control over the course of the society being exercised by the various members of the society according to their varying individual qualities.

In contrast to our view is that of the egalitarians, who believe that the differences in the levels of civilization of the different races and the differences in the social positions of individuals in our society are purely circumstantial and can be changed easily by changing the circumstances: e.g., the level of civilization in Black Africa can be brought up to the European level and kept there by providing economic and technical aid to make up for past "injustices," such as colonialism; and any individual can fill any position in society if he is given certain "advantages," such as good schools and a good home environment. Differences in attainment, standard of living, and degree of social influence, among races and among individuals, are therefore unnatural and unjust and should be done away with, according to the egalitarians.

We believe in an economic policy based on racial principles. There are two fundamental criteria which must be used for judging each and every governmental intervention in economic matters. They are, first, the long-range welfare and progress of the race; and second, human nature. Which is to say that in evaluating any economic policy we must ask ourselves two questions: Will this policy ultimately be beneficial or detrimental to the quality of our race? And is it in accord with human nature?

We look first at the racial effects of a policy and insist that they must be positive -- or at least not negative -- and then we insist that the policy be based on a clear and realistic understanding of human nature, so that it is workable.

We can understand better the significance of these two principles if we consider briefly two quite different economic systems, Marxism and laissez-faire capitalism.

Marxist economics has human happiness rather than racial progress as its ostensible aim, and it is based on assumptions that are at odds with reality and with human nature. It aims at providing material comfort for everyone, more or less equally. It cannot even admit the possibility of racial progress, because that implies that some types of men are inherently superior to others and that some directions of development are more desirable than other directions.

Whether one prefers the Marxist goal of the greatest happiness for the greatest number or the National Alliance goal of stronger, wiser, and more beautiful men and women is a matter of one's values. It was not on its choice of values that Marxism foundered. however, but on its refusal to recognize the fact of human inequality and the nature of human motivation. When people are not permitted to work for their own profit and advancement, they do not work well; and when a society's leaders do not attain their positions through their own merit, that society is likely to be ill led.
In contrast to the Marxist system, we recognize the need to permit people to compete, to reap the fruits of their labor, and to exercise leadership according to their demonstrated ability. They will work harder and more efficiently and will order themselves in a hierarchy of ability. The result will be a stronger, better led, and more prosperous society. There will of course, be those individuals who will not work or whose natural abilities are such that they cannot compete effectively. Rather than following the Marxist path of robbing the successful in order to reward the unsuccessful, we must take measures to ensure that society's lowest elements do not multiply and become more numerous in later generations.

The laissez faire capitalist system provides another illustrative contrast. Under such a system the society as a whole has no goals: there are only the goals of individual men and women. The capitalist system, like ours, provides strong incentives for individuals: the strong, aggressive, and clever rise and prosper, and the weak, indecisive, and stupid remain at the bottom. Leaders tend to be capable -- at least, in the capitalist economic environment, with its special conditions.

Without a unifying principle, however, a capitalist society easily can fall prey to certain inherent weaknesses. One of these weaknesses is the instability which leads the rich to become richer and the poor to become poorer, not solely because of differences in ability but because the possession of capital gives the possessor an enormous advantage in the competition for more capital. When personal gain is the only motivation in a society, those who already are rich can arrange things to favor themselves: they can buy the legislation they want, and they can block threats to their power in ways that may be destructive to the welfare of the society as a whole. They can hold down the price of labor, limit healthy competition within the society, and exploit the environment without regard for the long-range consequences.

The overly rigid social stratification resulting from unrestricted capitalism can lead to endemic class hostility and even to class warfare. It can slow racial progress by making the ability to acquire and hold capital the supreme survival trait.

We need an economic system which, in contrast to Marxism, allows individuals to succeed in proportion to their capability and energy, but which, in contrast to capitalism, does not allow them to engage in socially or racially harmful activity, such as stifling competition or importing non-White labor. We need to structure our economic system so that it cannot fall prey to the instability of capitalism. We need to maintain social flexibility, so that capable and energetic individuals always have the possibility of rising. We need to ensure that capital does not have the possibility of changing society's rules to suit itself. The way to achieve and maintain an economic system which meets these criteria is to design and govern the system subject to the supreme principle: the ultimate aim of all economic policy is racial progress.

White men and women find themselves a dwindling minority in the world; while Black and Brown populations are growing at an increasing rate, White populations nearly everywhere are at best static. Furthermore, there is an increasing immigration of non-Whites into formerly White areas, accompanied by miscegenation on a massive scale.

If we had only this demographic problem to deal with, our task would be easy. White governments have the means necessary for halting non-White immigration and deporting non-White populations. Such measures, together with a withdrawal of economic and technical aid to the undeveloped areas of the non-White world, would permit natural forces to reverse non-White population growth quickly. Non-Whites have no ability to counter such measures, militarily or otherwise.

Even America's most degenerate urban populations, which have become so degraded morally and ideologically -- so acclimated to egalitarianism and "multiculturalism" -- that all we can hope to salvage from even the racially White elements among them is a selected minority, while the majority perishes in the chaos preceding the final cleansing, can offer no effective resistance to determined governmental action.

Unfortunately, since the end of the Second World War no White government has been under the control of White men with our values and our ideology. White governments everywhere are terminally corrupt, led by collaborators with the Jews. No solution to our demographic problem can be implemented -- and, therefore, no future for our race can be secured -- until we regain control of our governments. Our program, therefore, must have as one of its goals the attainment of governmental power. Nothing short of this can be meaningful in the long run.

By governmental power we mean, of course, the power to make and execute all government policy. This implies a massive replacement of the existing power structures: legislatures, courts, military and police command cadres, and the mass media.

No mere election of a head of state can give us this power; no president or prime minister, even if he is installed by a military coup and has the backing of the top military leaders, can stand alone against the other elements of the power structure in a modern, White state -- especially not against the power of the mass media. In order for any power we acquire to be meaningful it must be total: that is, it must include all the major elements of the power structure.

No non-violent uprising by a militant White element of the population can succeed by itself, nor can a violent uprising, in which marches and demonstrations are accompanied by terrorism and street fighting, achieve success -- so long as the major elements of the power structure remain in the hands of our enemies. No modern, White state can be overthrown by a mob howling outside the citadel; the revolutionaries must already have established a sufficiently strong position inside the citadel before their cohorts outside begin howling. One may think of the so-called "civil rights" revolution in the United States in the decades after the Second World War, in which Blacks burned cities and marched in huge, often violent demonstrations and eventually got their way. The burning and the marching would have availed them nothing, however, had their sympathizers not already been solidly entrenched in the mass media, the Christian churches, the governmental bureaucracy, and the legislatures and courts of the land. In our case the situation is reversed, with those bastions of the power structure in the hands of those who hate us most intensely.

The power we seek cannot be attained by any trickery or subterfuge, by any scheme of gradual infiltration and subversion, by any sudden coup, or by any other superficial or insubstantial means. It can only be attained by first building a solid revolutionary infrastructure capable of sustaining revolutionary action on many fronts over a period of years and then erecting on that infrastructure a power structure of our own, in which each essential element of the power structure opposed to us has its analogue.

Our power structure does not seek to imitate the one we want to replace, or even to compete with it in the normal sense. For example, it would be foolish to imagine that we could build a revolutionary police or military structure which could compete effectively with that of the government. But we can build structures with certain military and police functions which have as their immediate task the coordination of recruiting inside the government's military and police agencies. Their later tasks can be to serve as fully ramified cadres for incorporating and organizing the best human material from the disintegrating governmental military and police structures.

Even our mass media do not attempt to compete with those of the enemy by winning larger audiences. Ours merely aim at reaching the entire White population with our message and making it continually accessible to those who are responsive. We understand that by far the larger part of the White population is and will continue to be more interested in spectator sports or Star Wars than in our message, and we will not try to wean them away from their amusements. Only in the very last stages of revolutionary development will we be competing with the Jews for the attention of this mass element, but by then the competition will be on our terms. Our mass media, however, eventually will provide the indispensable tool for communicating with all the elements of the White population during a critical transitional period between the collapse of one way of life and the establishment of another. A successful attainment of governmental power will not be possible without this tool.

The skeptic, or the person who cannot imagine a state of affairs very different from the one he is accustomed to, will look at the enormous disparity in every element of the power structure between us and our enemies, and he will think that our goal of gaining governmental power is not attainable -- and that if it were possible, it would be only through building a power structure larger and stronger than that of our enemies: building a revolutionary army with more soldiers than the U. S. Army; building television networks with more viewers than ABC, CBS, and NBC; building political organizations able to get more voters to the polls than the Democrats or the Republicans. But this is not necessary, and in our next broadcast I’ll explain why.

In the meantime, I hope that all of you will consider our message and join with us.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

Wicked Witch Osama and Wizard Obama!


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Clouds: By the Honorable Haywood Turner III


The clouds rush inward from the far flung skies,North,South,East,West:the center hurls it's arms.
While on the dark wrack a single Eagle flies,Dwarfed by the towering welkin.The alarms,swords of flame and crashing walls of sound,surround him in flight.His wings no motion show as higher he rises on the tempest's blast,as though at his behest it's bellows blow.

Upon the tortured land his constant eyes look down,dismayed by what his height reveals:a noble folk,bound by a web of lies,blind to all truth that such untruth conceals,march to their slaughter.Suddenly he cries,and magic lightning rends the alien gloom with unaccustomed light.The tortured skies pause for an instant in their spectral storm.

One man,one spirit,greater than the rest.Sees the proud symbol of his folk on high;feeling the mandate growing in his breast he speaks.Words,thoughts,and rising spirits fly.A folk,a nation,join in battle's blast,resisting fate,defiant of their doom,turn toward the call of destiny at last. And dare the craven authors of the storm.Our legions stand in ranks;flags to the skies! Our Founding Fathers,with quiet,measured tread march with us now in spirit from the dead.The leader speaks,the Eagle onward flies;sons of the West unchained,Arise Arise!

P.S.The above poem is just one of a plethora of intellectual poems by the Honorable Henry Haywood Turner III,may his words of wisdom and inspiration live on forever in our hearts and souls.

Facebook Being Used By U.S. Government To Spy On Citizens

Assange : Facebook Being Used By U.S. Government To Spy On Citizens

An official WikiLeaks page has attracted 1.72million 'likes' on Facebook.

But that hasn't stopped 'Leaks leader Julian Assange blasting the social networking site as 'the most appalling spying machine ever invented.'

In an interview with Russia Today Assange said Facebook was one of the top tools for the U.S. Government to spy on its citizens.

'Here we have the world's most comprehensive database about people, their relationships, their names, their addresses, their locations, their communications with each other and their relatives, all sitting within the United States, all accessible to U.S. Intelligence,' he said.

'Facebook, Google, Yahoo, all these major U.S. organisations have built-in interfaces for U.S. intelligence.

'Everyone should understand that when they add their friends to Facebook they are doing free work for the United States intelligence agencies,' he added.

NAACP/ACLU: Overturn murder conviction because of Confederate monument

NAACP/ACLU: Overturn murder conviction because of Confederate monument.

The extremist left-wing ACLU joined with the NAACP in defending a vicious monster convicted of the brutal murder of a white firefighter.

Felton Dorsey savagely murdered white firefighter Joe Prock during a home invasion. He was convicted of murder by a Louisiana jury.

The ACLU, the NAACP, and a few extremist college professors have filed briefs stating that the conviction should be overturned. The reason? Because the courthouse has a Confederate monument in front of it.

The NAACP will look for any excuse to defend someone who commits a brutal crime against a white person. We have seen them do it over and over. The fact that the ACLU has jumped in is sickening.

CofCC members know what a fraud the ACLU is. The ACLU has repeatedly turned down cases for the CofCC that were identical to cases they took for extremist groups. The ACLU does not represent conservative groups. The fact that the ACLU has jumped on this case shows what their mindset is. They are on the extreme left-wing fringe of the political spectrum.

From the Wall Street Journal…

Carl Staples, a prospective black juror, was struck from the case by prosecutors after complaining about the flag.

The flag “is a symbol of one of the most…heinous crimes ever committed,” Mr. Staples said, according to court briefs. “You’re here for justice and then again you overlook this great injustice by continuing to fly this flag,” he added, calling the flag “salt in the wounds of…people of color.”

“When I was screened for the jury, it welled up inside of me and I expressed my feelings,” Mr. Staples said in an interview. A part-time radio engineer and announcer in Shreveport, he said, “I don’t understand how judges or lawyers allowed that flag to stand.”

Cecelia Trenticosta, counsel to Mr. Dorsey, said she previously had considered challenging the Confederate flag in Caddo Parish but had not because she never had a case where someone had complained on the record about the flag. “This flag has been flying for 60 years, and a brave citizen finally spoke up and said the emperor is naked,” said Ms. Trenticosta, who specializes in death-penalty appeals.

The American Civil Liberties Union, the NAACP’s Shreveport Chapter, and a group of university professors filed a court brief supporting Mr. Dorsey’s claim that the Confederate flag prejudiced his case and violated his due-process rights.

“This case will give the Louisiana Supreme Court an opportunity to send a message that a Confederate flag on courthouse grounds is intolerable,” said ACLU attorney Anna Arceneaux.

Suzanne Owen, a lawyer with the Caddo Parish District Attorney’s Office who is defending the conviction, did not return calls for comment.

In an appellate brief, the District Attorney’s Office denied that prosecutors discriminated against blacks in assembling the jury. The brief does not address the Confederate flag.

Charles McMichael, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a Tennessee-based group that seeks to preserve the legacy of Confederate veterans, called it “idiotic” for Mr. Dorsey to try use the flag to overturn his conviction.


Extremist lawyer sues county over lack of minority elected officials

Extremist lawyer sues county over lack of minority elected officials.

Professional civil rights hustler, Robert Rubin, is demanding the implementation of a voting scheme that would guarantee the election of at least one Asian and one Hispanic.

From New York Times…

But some say that gulf also underscores a gap in political representation for ethnic and racial minorities in San Mateo County that is unique in California.

San Mateo is the only county in California that still elects its Board of Supervisors through at-large elections in which all candidates run countywide. In the past three decades, all 57 other counties in the state have moved to a district system, whereby the county is split into districts and each elects its own representative.

Last month, Ms. Ortega and eight other plaintiffs sued San Mateo County in an effort to change the way voters elect the powerful Board of Supervisors. Latinos and Asians make up half of the county’s population, yet they rarely hold high-ranking elected offices.

Ms. Ortega and her fellow plaintiffs in the lawsuit argue that the county is in violation of the California Voting Rights Act of 2001, which outlawed at-large voting in places with histories of racially polarized voting or where minority groups are “too geographically dispersed to elect their candidate of choice from a single member district.”

Since 1995, only one Latino — and not a single Asian — has won countywide office in San Mateo, said Robert Rubin, a lawyer at the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, which represents the plaintiffs. Although the 2010 census showed that for the first time in San Mateo County history, non-Hispanic whites — who are now 42.9 percent of the population — fell out of the majority, four out of five current supervisors are white. The fifth, who is African-American, was appointed to a vacant seat by the board in 1999.

Near Fatal Beating of a White Father

Lamar Advertising donates billboard space to help catch perps in near fatal assault.

The two Latino suspects in the brutal, near fatal beating of a white father at Dodger stadium are still at large. While the media will not openly admit it, the motivation was probably mostly racial hatred. Lamar Advertising generously volunteered to place police sketches of the perps on 200 unused billboards.

From Los Angeles Daily News…

The first of hundreds of billboards showing police sketches of two men who assaulted a San Francisco Giants fan after the opening- day game at Dodger Stadium were installed today.

Lamar Advertising donated the billboard space in hopes of generating tips leading to the men who attacked Bay Area resident Bryan Stow. Police said Stow, who was wearing Giants attire, was attacked without provocation by two men wearing Dodgers gear in a stadium parking lot.

Lamar spokeswoman Luly Armienta told ABC7 that with the Giants scheduled to play again at Dodger Stadium next week, the company “felt it necessary to remind the public that these assailants are still out there, and if we have the boards available, why not?”

She told the station the company would install 200 billboards today, and 100 more by the end of the month.

Stow remains hospitalized at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center. His family reported on its website,, that Stow has shown signs of improvement in recent days — enough so that they are considering having him transferred to a hospital closer to home, possibly UC San Francisco Medical Center.

The Jewish Supremacy Court

The Jewish Supremacy Court

Flashback: The Jewish Supremacy Court

by Clay Farrell

July 10, 2011

Something you have not heard much about yet but will hear a little about the rest of this month is the Senate confirmation hearings of President Obama’s second Supreme Court nomination, Solicitor General Elena Kagan.

The Senate confirmation hearings began this week and the Constitution-mandated nomination confirmation proceeding, which is headed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, will go through the motions of a question-and-answer, dog and pony show, prior to the official Senate nomination confirmation in mid-July.

With a Judiciary Committee, which is over 60% Democrat, and Senate, which is almost 60% Democrat, this nomination is not at risk of failure for many reasons beyond a Democrat-controlled process. Another is the overall popularity of President Obama. But regardless, this Supreme Court Justice nomination will be, if you excuse my deliberately contemporary urban expression, another slam-dunk for Obama. But that is not necessarily because of the Obaminator’s popularity or the Democrat-controlled Senate.

For sure there has been lot of other news dominating the controlled-media agenda in recent months, including the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and news regarding the war in Afghanistan. But that is nothing more than a coincidental and convenient distraction from Elena Kagan’s nomination.

Ultimately nothing would make any difference with this nomination. And I can assure you that Presidential popularity, Senate political predisposition, and less-than-convenient news distractions, would not stop it. The fact is that Elena Kagan is yet another Jewish appointment to the Supreme Court that has had a virtually non-stop Jewish presence for almost 100 years now. Continue reading here.

Source: The Nationalist Coalition: A New Kind of White Activism

Our Goals And Responsibilities

Our Goals And Responsibilities

ADV Broadcast Of May 14, 2011

Hello, and welcome to another broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of the National Alliance. I’m your host and Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

First off, I’d like to announce that in the National Alliance we now have a one-year probationary period for anyone submitting an application for membership. This will help us maintain the highest quality membership that we can have.

We have a hierarchy of responsibilities. As individuals who are conscious of our own nature and of our relationship to the rest of the world, we have an inevitable hierarchy of obligations or responsibilities.

First, we have an obligation to the Nature of which we are a part to participate as effectively as we can in its eternal quest for higher levels of development, higher forms of life.

This obligation has been recognized and expressed by our poets and philosophers throughout our history. Friedrich Nietzsche told us that our first responsibility is to help prepare the world for the coming of a higher type of man. George Bernard Shaw wrote that we are obliged to serve the Life Force in its striving to know itself more fully: i.e., to achieve higher levels of consciousness.

Second, we have an obligation to our race as a collective agent of progress. Nature has refined and honed the special qualities embodied in the Aryan race so we would be better able to fulfill the mission allotted to us. Even though Nature also has developed other forms of life, including other races of man, we have a special obligation to our own race: to ensure its survival, to safeguard its unique characteristics, to improve its quality.

Third, we have an obligation to those members of our race who are most conscious of their own obligations and most active in meeting them. Thus, there is a bond of comradeship between us and those who also are working for the same cause.

Finally, we have a responsibility to ourselves to be the best and strongest individuals that we can be.

Our acceptance of this hierarchy of responsibilities is in contrast to the attitude of the individualists, who do not recognize a responsibility to anyone but themselves; and to that of the humanists, who eschew their racial responsibility.

Let’s summarize in the following statement the ideology of the National Alliance. We see ourselves as a part of Nature, subject to Nature's law. We recognize the inequalities which arise as natural consequences of the evolutionary process and which are essential to progress in every sphere of life. We accept our responsibilities as Aryan men and women to strive for the advancement of our race in the service of Life, and to be the fittest instruments for that purpose that we can be.

Our goals follow from this worldview, and like it they are evolutionary. That is, our goals for the next decade are steps on the way to our goals for the next quarter-century, which in turn are steps on the way to the things we want to achieve a century from now, and so on. It may seem unrealistic for us to describe in detail the type of world we are aiming at a millennium or even a century hence, because, although we know the principles which must govern that world, we cannot be sure exactly how they will be realized. Not only are there the uncertainties of fortune, but we expect to learn from our experiences and to modify accordingly the ways in which we implement our principles.

Nevertheless, it is useful to have a concrete picture now of the world for which we are striving, even though we understand that this picture will evolve, and its details will change. If we think of the world that we want to forge from the ruins of the present world, we might fix our sights on things as we would make them a quarter-century hence, after our enemies have been vanquished, the strife of revolution has subsided, and the spiritual and physical debris of this era has been cleared away. We can then describe, at least in outline, certain essential features that new world must have.

In spiritually healthier times our ancestors took as theirs those parts of the world suited by climate and terrain to our race: in particular, all of Europe and the temperate zones of the Americas, not to mention Australia and the southern tip of Africa. This was our living area and our breeding area, and it must be so again. After the sickness of "multiculturalism," which is destroying America, Britain, and every other Aryan nation in which it is being promoted, has been swept away, we must again have a racially clean area of the earth for the further development of our people. We must have White schools, White residential neighborhoods and recreation areas, White workplaces, White farms and countryside. We must have no non-Whites in our living space, and we must have open space around us for expansion.

We will do whatever is necessary legally to achieve this White living space and to keep it White. We will not be deterred by the difficulty or temporary unpleasantness involved, because we realize that it is absolutely necessary for our racial survival. The long-term demographic trend toward a darker world, which the disastrous policies of the last century have caused, must not only be halted; it must be reversed.

We must have new societies throughout the White world which are based on Aryan values and are compatible with the Aryan nature. We do not need to homogenize the White world: there will be room for Germanic societies, Celtic societies, Slavic societies, Baltic societies, and so on, each with its own roots, traditions, and language. What we must have, however, is a thorough rooting out of Semitic and other non-Aryan values and customs everywhere. We must once again provide the sort of social and spiritual environment in which our own nature can express itself in music, in art and architecture, in literature, in philosophy and scholarship, in the mass media, and in the life-styles of the people.
It means films in which the appearance of any non-White face on the screen is a sure sign that what's being shown is either archival newsreel footage or a historical drama about the bad, old days. It means neighborhoods, schools, work groups, and universities in which there is a feeling of family and comradeship, of a shared heritage and a shared destiny. It means a sense of rootedness, which in turn engenders a sense of responsibility and energizes a moral compass, so that people once again know instinctively what is wholesome and natural and what is degenerate and alien. It means spiritual feeling coming from the soul and unencumbered by superstition or dogma, soaring free and reaching far above today's priest-ridden, church-bound spirituality.

We must have a government wholly committed to the service of our race and subject to no non-Aryan influence. It must be a government guided by fixed principles, yet able to respond in a flexible way to challenges and opportunities. It must be structured and organized in a way suited to its purpose of safeguarding and advancing the race, and it must be as immune to corruption and subversion as human genius can make it.

In America we have had ample experience with two tendencies in government. During the first century or so of the American republic, we had a government which to a large degree embodied the principle that the best government is the least government, reflecting the general distrust of governments which was shared by many of the framers of the U.S. Constitution.This government provided for the national defense, for the mails, and for a number of other functions more or less helpful or necessary to the orderly existence of the nation, but it interfered relatively little in the lives of its citizens and left most of them to take care of their personal needs in the way they saw fit.

With the growth of mass democracy (the abolition of poll taxes and other qualifications for voters, the enfranchisement of women and of non-Whites), the rise in the influence of the mass media on public opinion, and the insinuation of the Jews into a position of control over the media, the U.S. government was gradually transformed into the malignant monster it is today: the single most dangerous and destructive enemy our race has ever known.

Many patriots look back fondly at the government as it was in its first phase, when it was less democratic and less intrusive in the lives of citizens. Perhaps the time will come when we can afford to have a minimal government once again, but that time lies in the remote future. The fact is that we need a strong, centralized government spanning several continents to coordinate many important tasks during the first few decades of a White world: the racial cleansing of the land, the rooting out of racially destructive institutions, and the reorganization of society on a new basis.

The central task of a new government will be to reverse the racially devolutionary course of the last few millennia and keep it reversed: a long-term eugenics program involving at least the entire populations of Europe and America. Such a task is necessarily intrusive, and it will require large-scale organization.

The structural details of a new government are important, but they are not a matter of principle. One might even get the job done by continuing with mass democracy, simply by replacing the people who control the mass media with Alliance members, and perhaps that is a reasonable way to proceed during a transitional period. In the long run, however, we want an honest government, not one which hides behind the carefully managed illusion that tens of millions of voters are its real rulers. A government of and by politicians is not only grossly inefficient, it remains too susceptible to corruption and subversion, regardless of who controls the organs of public opinion.

We need a government every branch of which is staffed by people carefully selected and trained for their responsibilities, not by people who are merely liars with charisma. We need a government of men and women who actually respect that government, and whose attitude toward its mission is essentially religious: a government more like a holy order than like any existing secular government today. It might not be too much to say that the most important single institution in the government we want will be the one which selects, trains, and tests the people who will be the judges and the legislators and the executives in that government people who will be more like secular priests in their behavior and their attitude toward their work than like today's politicians and bureaucrats. The institution which prepares these people for their work must be incorruptible and single-minded, with our principles engraved in the souls of its teachers.

A proper educational system serves three purposes: it passes a people's cultural, intellectual, and spiritual heritage from generation to generation; it teaches skills and techniques; and it guides the character development of individuals from childhood to adulthood. The first purpose is served by teaching facts and ideas: language, history, science, ethics, and so on.

The second purpose is served by teaching the child or young adult how to do things which will be useful to himself and/or society: how to play a musical instrument, how to weld, how to manage a business, how to type, how to repair a motor vehicle, how to fight with and without weapons, how to draw, how to swim, how to raise children, how to grow food, how to build a house.

The third purpose is served by challenging, testing, conditioning: by forcing the child to exercise his will, to discipline himself, to endure discomfort, to make plans and carry them out, to overcome fears, to accept responsibility, to be truthful, and generally to develop and strengthen those traits of character valued by a healthy Aryan society.

The present educational system in America completely neglects the third purpose and does poorly with the first two, even in those fortunate areas not yet encumbered with an appreciable "multicultural" contingent. The most important reason for its poor performance is that it has lost any clear understanding of purpose. In order to pass on a people's cultural, intellectual, and spiritual heritage, it must first know the answer to the question: Which people's heritage? Today such a question is Politically Incorrect and therefore not admissible.

Even half a century ago, before it became Politically Incorrect to understand that the heritage to be passed on is European, there was no depth of purpose. The reason for passing on the European heritage is not just to help young people qualify for higher-paid employment or become better dinner-table conversationalists. It is to instill in them a consciousness of what it means to be European -- a race consciousness -- and thereby to make racial patriots of them. Facts and ideas have a spiritual component, and this component must be emphasized in the educational process.

There certainly will be sexual and occupational specialization in the second area of educational activity, and sexual specialization in the third. Even in the first area, children undoubtedly will be separated according to ability: not every child needs to learn Greek and Latin and the infinitesimal calculus to acquire a feeling for his race and its ways. Nevertheless, a proper educational system should provide a common body of knowledge and understanding shared by everyone, so that every member of the society has a fully developed sense of peoplehood. The boy who aims at becoming a machinist should read Homer, at least in translation, and the boy who plans to teach literature should understand what it means to be a good welder, at least to the extent of trying his hand at it.

It is by pursuing the third purpose, however, that a new educational system will make the most radical contribution to Aryan society. Education that concerns itself with the development of the whole person and focuses as strongly on forming character as on imparting knowledge or teaching skills dates back to ancient Greece, and it enjoyed an all-too-brief revival earlier this century in National Socialist Germany, before being outlawed by the advocates of permissiveness. Today permissiveness rules throughout the Aryan world. "Education" is something which takes place only in designated buildings for a few hours on prescribed days, under conditions approaching chaos. Inside or outside these buildings, discipline is minimal. Children grow up in a world without standards of performance, without clear guidelines for behavior, without any strong source of authority. We see the products of this system all around us: too many weak, indecisive men and too many unfeminine women; a general lack of significant goals and self-confidence; a self-indulgent population without self-discipline or inner strength, restlessly seeking "happiness."

By ensuring that each child born to our race grows into the strongest, most capable, most responsible, and most conscious future citizen that his genes make possible, we will gain an enormous advantage over any race without such an educational system.

I hope that all of you will consider our message and join with us.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Noble Eagle Has Fallen;The Mighty Lion Rests:By David Carothers

The noble eagle has fallen; the mighty lion is dead. Henry Haywood Turner, III, passed away on Sunday, May 3 at St. Francis Hospital after a brief illness. He was 67.
Turner, a City Magistrates Court Judge for over 20 years, was a man of impeccable character and irreproachable honor. These attributes earned him the respect and admiration of most of his colleagues on the bench. He, in turn, held those he deemed to merit it in the highest esteem.
As a jurist, Turner was a true man of the people. In his courtroom it didn't matter if one were clad in a thousand-dollar suit or in a T-shirt and jeans. His courtroom was not a railroad depot where poor people, unable to afford high-priced legal counsel, were railroaded into jail or prison. Although considered a brilliant (albeit eccentric) man, Turner was the epitome of humility. Upon entering his courtroom he, in his distinctive stentorian voice, told those assembled, "Please remain seated. This isn't Europe; there's no royalty here."
Unlike most of his colleagues, Turner did not consider his courtroom to be an ATM for the city's coffers. The first words from his mouth were not "How much money do you have?" This, of course, aroused the ire of our august City Council who threatened to freeze his pay if he did not impose more draconian fines. Turner insisted that he would not do so on the backs of the citizens. What's in YOUR wallet?
Turner, an intellectual giant of a man and jurist, will be sorely missed by his family, numerous friends, and, ardent animal lover that he was, by the score of cats that owned him. Godspeed, Judge Turner.

David Carothers of Cols.,Ga.

Rest in Peace- Haywood Turner III:The Passing of an Intellectual Giant

In Memory of the Honorable Haywood Turner III

In Memoriam of Henry Haywood Turner III

H. Haywood Turner III May 3, 1944 - May 8, 2011 COLUMBUS, GA -H. Haywood Turner III passed away Sunday, May 8, 2011, at St. Francis Hospital in Columbus, GA. He was born in El Paso, Texas, where his father was a Navy corpsman physician serving in the South Pacific during World War II.
The family returned to Columbus, GA in 1949. Judge Turner graduated from Columbus High School in 1962. He graduated from Mercer University with a BA in math and history. He served in the Navy as a Radioman on the USS Charles R. Ware, DD-865 Destroyer. After Naval service, he managed the Texas Native Inertia Nutcracker Co., which his father had established, holding U.S. patents for their inventions. Haywood then taught math and physics at Columbus Technical College. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a law degree in 1977 but officially from the class of 1978. While in law school, he was one of nine advisees from his class for former Secretary of State Dean Rusk. He served as Assistant District Attorney, practiced general law, as well as appellate work for the city. He served as judge in the Municipal Court for 20 years.
After retirement, he continued enjoying his hobbies: gardening, rebuilding engines, making his own diesel fuel, geology, history, and composing music. He was active in civic affairs and was a member of numerous organizations including the Kiwanis Club of Columbus, the Truancy Project (CLASS: Columbus Lawyers Assisting Special Students), the local Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter (also held a pilot's license), the Military Vehicles Restoration Society of Columbus, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, VFW, National Infantry Association, NRA, The Heritage Foundation, and the Columbus Bar Association, Inc. He received many awards throughout his life. In 2001, he received the Sergeant Major Award in Ft. Benning, GA, and in 2008 he was honored with the Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition for outstanding achievement, service, and public distinction. Judge Turner was preceded in death by his father, H. Haywood Turner II.
Survivors include his mother Reba Sellers Turner; daughter Clisby Cox; siblings Rebecca Fuller, Wesley A. Turner, and Nancy W. Turner; godchildren Hadiye and J Clinkscales; nephews and nieces Benjamin Midgette, William Fuller, Kellie Fuller, Allison Turner, David Turner, and Emily Turner and his dear friends Harold and Deborah Bellesfield. In lieu of flowers, family and close friends request contributions to PAWS Humane. Condolences may be offered at

Read more:

P.S. Haywood was an avid reader,animal lover,intellectual,a true man of honor,generous,thoughtful,a very kind hearted gentleman.Haywood will be sorely missed!My condolences to all of his family and to all of his friends.May the Gods give you a warm welcome in the halls of Valhalla.I shall miss you dearly my friend and mentor.

With the utmost sincerity,forever your friend,Michael Weaver of the People's Republic of Columbus, the U.S.S.A.

Cheerleader must pay $45 thousand dollars to school that demanded she cheer for her rapist

Cheerleader must compensate school that told her to clap ‘rapist’

Cheerleader must pay $45 thousand dollars to school that demanded she cheer for her rapist

Watch the David Duke video on this subject!

By Guy Adams in Dallas
Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A teenage girl who was dropped from her high school’s cheerleading squad after refusing to chant the name of a basketball player who had sexually assaulted her must pay compensation of $45,000 (£27,300) after losing a legal challenge against the decision.

The United States Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a review of the case brought by the woman, who is known only as HS. Lower courts had ruled that she was speaking for the school, rather than for herself, when serving on a cheerleading squad – meaning that she had no right to stay silent when coaches told her to applaud.

She was 16 when she said she had been raped at a house party attended by dozens of fellow students from Silsbee High School, in south-east Texas. One of her alleged assailants, a student athlete called Rakheem Bolton, was arrested, with two other young men.

In court, Bolton pleaded guilty to the misdemeanour assault of HS. He received two years of probation, community service, a fine and was required to take anger-management classes. The charge of rape was dropped, leaving him free to return to school and take up his place on the basketball team.

The ADL’s War On White America

The ADL’s War On White America

The ADL’s War on White America

By Brother Nathanael

Excerpt texts from the video:

Brother Nathanael explains: “Diversity, as far as the ADL gains to use it, is simply a camouflage for their agenda to fragment a White Christian Presence in America, aiming for its ultimate dissolution.”

Kevin MacDonald: “Jews, because they see Western culture as fundamentally anti-Jewish, going back to the Middle Ages, the had wanted to censor it and gain domination over its society. I think they are on their way of doing it.”

Rabbi to a group of young adult Jews: “I’m going to tell you the most important thing you have to remember about all that I learned in the world, this is it: No matter what happens, you marry a Jewish girl. (Laughter). That’s right, your mother was right. You marry a Jewish boy. There’s nothing more important in the whole world than this. “

Brother Nathanael: “But, for the goyim, not only is interracial marriage acceptable, but advances the ADL’s agenda to destroy the last remaining power block that could potentially oppose Jewish hegemony, namely White Christianity.”

Original source here: Real Zionist News

Good Christian B*tches

Good Christian B*tches

Good Christian B*tches

James Edwards

Political Cesspool

May 11, 2011

Rev. Ted Pike is the Executive Director of the National Prayer Network, and has logged more interviews on The Political Cesspool Radio Program than any other guest in the history of our show. He’s a great man and a good friend.

His most recent appearance was two weeks ago.

Today, he informs us of the proposed ABC television series, Good Christian Bitches.

Jewish Robert Iger’s ABC has announced a new TV series next fall, Good Christian B*tches, which will feature Southern girls who “are taught to love Jesus, but just because we’re Christians doesn’t mean we are perfect.” So says author of the book by that title, Kim Gatlin. On its cover the “h” in “b*tches” has Satan’s forked tail hanging from it, contrasting to a halo around the “d” in “good.” The message couldn’t be clearer: Christians are hypocrites; Christian girls are very possibly b*tches.

Gatlin’s book, about malicious southern Christian gossip and hypocrisy, provides plenty of abuse of Christianity. Leave it to heavyweight Jewish media moguls Iger and homosexual/Jewish producer Darren Star to pick up her story and vent their animus against Christians on prime-time TV. Recent Disney pro-homosexuality, even at their theme parks, is legendary. Star is a veteran of trashing Christian sexual morality, having created “Melrose Place” and “Sex in the City.”

Of course, in Canada, under the Jewish Anti-Defamation League’s hate laws, if a Christian uttered the phrase “good Jewish b*tch” in public, he could face a minimum fine of $5000 and more than $150,000 in legal fees. In America he could easily be fined and perhaps jailed by local governing bodies influenced by ADL.

But when superpowerful Jews create a television series kicking Christianity and Christian women in their moral solar plexus, no alarm is raised by the American Jewish community, especially ADL. ADL seems conveniently distracted at this time, loudly preaching “tolerance,” “respect for diversity” and “civility” elsewhere.

Read more here.

Entertainment sources back up Pike’s initial report.

The only element of uncertainly about Good Christian Bitches’ future as a new ABC series next season seems to be what it will be called.

After a great screening today, the dramedy executive produced by Darren Star appears a sure thing, possibly as a companion to Desperate Housewives given that it’s been referred to as “Desperate Housewives in Dallas.”

In the meantime, members of the apostate Church will continue to worship and serve the same radical interests that make television shows like this possible.

As Rev. Pike says, clearly, if defending the country, our families, and now our young Christian women were left to Christian/conservative leadership, America’s defeat before Jewish supremacism would be assured.

Thankfully, there are men like Ted Pike, and a radio show like The Political Cesspool, that are willing to stand up and speak out in defense of our faith and cultural heritage without retreat, surrender, or apology.

Article Source: The Political Cesspool

Racism is ‘worse for white people than it is for black people’

Racism is ‘worse for white people than it is for black people’

Racism is ‘worse for white people than it is for black people’

Many white people think racism against black people is no longer a big problem, according to new research.

They believe whites suffer more racist abuse and discrimination than black people.

Both groups agreed that racism against black people had reduced in America since the 1950s – but disagree on the problem of anti-white sentiment, it was claimed.

Many white people believe it is harder for them to live in the US than black people – despite evidence to the contrary.

‘If you look at any metric you might want to use – childhood nutrition, educational opportunities, salaries –black people in America continue to have worse outcomes than white people,’ said Prof Michael Norton, from Harvard Business School, who helped carry out the research. ‘But the feeling of being discriminated against is a very powerful feeling for anyone, whether accurate or not.’

They claimed white people saw racism as a ‘zero-sum game’ – if there’s less racism against one group, there must be more against another.

A black US president was a sign that ‘progress had been made’ in tackling racism – not that the problem had been solved, Prof Norton added.
Read more:
Additional sources: The Wall Street Journal: White Americans See Anti-White Bias on the Rise
Marty Nemko: Newsweek: Middle Class White Men are “Toast” and Reverse Racism

Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Dangerous Than Al-Qaida

More Dangerous Than Al-Qaida

ADV Broadcast Of May 7, 2011

Hello, and welcome back to another edition of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

Well, he’s dead, or so they say. According to the ever-changing daily White House news briefing, Osama bin Laden was killed by a team of Navy SEALS on Sunday, May 1st in Abbottobad, Pakistan. According to initial reports, the al-Qaida founder was killed after a 40-minute firefight; although it now comes out that there was no firefight. An unarmed bin Laden was allegedly shot twice, once in the left eye and once in the chest.

Now the reason I say “allegedly” killed, is because the U.S. government lies to us on a consistent basis. At the time of this broadcast, no official death photo has been made public, and bin Laden’s body was allegedly buried at sea almost immediately after his reported death. And also, no no video footage of the raid has been made available. Because of all these circumstances, many Americans – and others throughout the world – are skeptical as to whether bin Laden really is dead and if events occurred as the White House reports.

As I’ve said before, lying by U.S. government officials is nothing new. In recent years, the government lied to us about the death of football star turned Army Ranger Pat Tillman, who was killed in a firefight in Afghanistan. For a long time the official story was that Tillman was shot by an enemy combatant, when in fact he was killed by friendly fire. The Establishment knew about this but covered it up.

And, I’m sure we all remember the Jessica Lynch story. Back in March of 2003, Jessica was said to have performed like a true hero in an Iraqi firefight, supposedly mowing down one Iraqi soldier after another while saving the lives of her fellow GIs. Jessica was awarded one medal after another for her “bravery.” The U.S. government tried to use this so-called heroism as a rallying cry to raise morale for American troops.

Well, low and behold the truth finally came out; Jessica Lynch never even fired one round, as her gun jammed and she attempted to flee the battlefield but crashed her vehicle and was captured by the Iraqis. We were all led to believe that Jessica had been raped and tortured until a daring, middle-of-the-night rescue from an Iraqi hospital by U.S. commandos. And again, here we find out that we were lied to again. She was never raped or tortured and was treated very well by the Iraqis, who willingly gave her up without any resistance.

And, of course, let’s not even get into the non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction, the ridiculous Holocaust story, and Pearl Harbor.

As expected, the Jewish-controlled media has been comparing Osama bin laden to Adolf Hitler, but there is no comparison.

President Obama said the American people have been persistent for years in going after bin Laden, when in fact the American lemmings have been more concerned with stuffing their faces with snacks, shopping at the mall, and watching ball games.

Mainstream media pundits have chimed that we’ve cut off the head of the evil snake of terrorism. However, this will only create more terrorism, all to the benefit of Israel. This is a victory for Israel, not the American people.

The U.S. government is a far greater enemy than Osama bin Laden, It has dismantled a once great nation and turned it into a confused state, falling apart at the seams, and that is a much worse scenario. We should fear an incompetent government that is not only NOT doing their job, but facilitating its own destruction.

There will be more to come on Osama bin Laden in future broadcasts, and in the meantime we’ll try to sift through what’s true and what isn’t. And let’s not get too distracted with Osama bin Laden to be effective in our task at hand – the survival and advancement of the White race.

I think it needs to be made clear that the imminent extinction of the White race – that the men and women in the National Alliance are trying to prevent – is not just a matter of our people dying out peacefully. Some Whites have the idea that the disappearance of our race, assuming it happens, will be a quiet affair, with our entire race basically taking the road of an elderly individual, leading a quieter and more secluded life as time goes on and eventually passing into eternity, in peace.

Chances are that that ISN’T the way it will go. More likely, our race’s numbers will drop until we become a certain fraction of the population. At that point, we will be too few in number to offer any concerted resistance, and certain groups of non-Whites will take to hunting down those of us who remain. The government won’t care enough to stop it, or will be too inefficient to do anything. White women will be targeted for the exclusive pleasure of others. White children will be sterilized and sold into slavery, or else killed. And on the TV screens and the airwaves, the Jewish-led media will pretend to care about what is happening, but all the while will continue bringing up alleged wrongs done by Whites in the past and insinuating that White extinction is what MUST happen because, you know, what goes around comes around. But secretly, the Jews will be rejoicing with the greatest evil glee one can imagine, because FINALLY their archrival will have been completely destroyed.

In other words, the White extinction which will surely ensue if we today stand idle is likely to be a violent, bloody, and humiliating affair. We won’t just fade away, like a man who dies peacefully in his sleep. We will fade away to a certain point, and then the rest of the Whites who are still alive will be stamped out with a hatred that few can imagine.

Sadly, in spite of most Whites’ refusal to admit it, this “stamping out” is already in progress on a small scale. Young Whites are being seduced into abandoning their racial heritage by buying into the media’s lies about the glamour of bedding down with non-Whites. The Zionist State of Israel is believed to be the largest trafficker in human beings, illegally importing White women from Eastern Europe to provide sexual services to Jews in Israel’s sex industry. In locations dominated by non-Whites, White residents or White tourists are falling prey to non-White murderers. This story is all-too-familiar in the dark urban jungles of America, where every non-White face on the street blends into every other, but it is also a common tale in so-called “exotic” tourist locations.

For example, a little while back, in Antigua, an island in the Caribbean, a White female – 29-year-old Nina Nilssen – was found dead with a single stab wound to the neck. Nilssen, a graduate student in music at San Francisco State University, was visiting the island while on a cruise to celebrate her sister’s wedding. At the time of this writing, a 24-year-old Black male – Tishara Daniel – was being held in connection with the murder.

While we are the subject of Antigua, in January of 2009 – a 38-year-old Australian, Drew Gollan, was shot in the chest not more than a mile from where Nina Nilssen’s dead body was found. And in July of 2008, British newlyweds Ben and Catherine Mullany were shot in their hotel room in Antigua; both died of their wounds. The primary suspect, Clarence “Cloud” James – a Black Antiguan who had a long history of drug and gun offenses and whose British wife was living in London at the time of the double murder – was held for a time and then released.

So the “stamping out” has started already. It has started in the inner city schools, where the few White students have two choices: hang out with the non-Whites and be full-blown wiggers, or else edge along the hallways not looking at anyone and not saying anything. It has started in the neighborhoods, where families with one White and one non-White spouse try to look like middle-of-the-road American families. And, as I mentioned above, it has started in the dark regions of the world – both in America and elsewhere – where a non-White criminal can melt into the surroundings and law enforcement is powerless.

And the stamping out is being made possible by the diseased mentality that we see in the popular response to sending aid to Third World countries, thus subsidizing an out-of-control birth rate that may eventually overwhelm our people.

At the present moment, thankfully, the permanently dark view of the future of the White race is still only a possible future. We still have time to avert it.

So don’t sit there and let the rest of us be the only fighters among our people. Join us, and together we can create a future that ensures the safety and stability of our genetic heritage.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pro-White Dissident Denied Chance to Present Key Evidence in his Defense.

Pro-White Dissident Denied Chance to Present Key Evidence in his Defense.

Edgar Steele Denied Defense, Framed on All Counts

by James Buchanan

A recent news article reports “A North Idaho lawyer accused of plotting to to kill his wife and mother-in-law failed to convince a federal jury Thursday that he was the victim of a government conspiracy to silence him. The jury of 11 women and 1 man convicted Edgar Steele on all four counts, which alleged he’d hired a hitman-turned-FBI-informant to kill his wife, Cyndi Steele, and mother-in-law. Federal agents foiled the plan, though a pipe bomb later was found attached to Cyndi Steele’s sport utility vehicle. Cyndi Steele, however, stood by her husband throughout the case. ‘He’s innocent,’ an emotional Cyndi Steele said after the verdict was read. ‘He did not do this, and we have the proof, which was denied in the courtroom.’ ”

One of the biggest fears of Edgar Steele’s supporters was that a federal judge would simply rule out all evidence and testimony from witnesses and any expert testimonial that pointed out flaws in the alleged government recordings of Steele and Fairfax.

The Feds claimed to have a tape of Edgar Steele talking with Larry Fairfax about murdering his wife and his mother in law. The murders for hire reportedly depended on money from an insurance policy according to Larry Fairfax. The Steeles however had canceled their insurance policies so the very basis of the murder plot did not even exist.
Edgar’s wife, Cyndi Steele heard the government tapes and observed that whenever her husband was allegedly talking about the murder plot the background noise would change and that there was no inflection in Edgar’s voice.

Edgar Steele’s defense team hired audio experts to analyze the government tapes and to find out anomalies. The judge arbitrarily denied use of the expert testimony questioning the tapes.

The only thing the jury got to hear were the (fabricated) tapes of Edgar Steele and Larry Fairfax. The judge told them that Larry Fairfax was a reliable, paid FBI informant, leaving out little details like the strong possibility of Fairfax stealing a large stash of silver from the Steeles. Fairfax placed a live bomb on Cyndi Steele’s car, which resulted in Fairfax being locked up for most of the last year. I wonder if the jury knew about that detail.

Steele was probably allowed to deny the charges, much like a defendant in the Soviet purge trials of the 1930s, but with no evidence allowed on his behalf and the government fabricating evidence against him, his situation was bleak.

Edgar Steele had just survived a ruptured aorta in November of 2009. His wife was the only person helping to take care of him at his home. Plotting to kill his wife would have been the equivalent of an invalid plotting to kill his nurse.

Both Edgar Steele’s wife and mother-in-law believe that Edgar has been framed. Larry Fairfax had been spying on the Steeles, posing as a handyman for six months. He apparently didn’t find any evidence of any illegal behavior, but he apparently did discover a large quantity of silver stashed at the Steeles’ home. (He may even have built some of the hiding places for the silver as a handyman.)

According to a letter from Edgar Steele, Larry Fairfax stole the silver from the Steele’s home and then put car bombs on both of the Steele’s cars to try to kill both of them. When that murder attempt failed, Fairfax then told his FBI handlers that Steele was plotting to kill his wife and mother-in-law. Someone with considerable audio expertise must have helped Fairfax fake the tapes. Curiously, Israel fabricated a fake audio that they tried to use to discredit the peace flotilla that they attacked a year ago. (Steele frequently criticized Israel in his columns.) Fairfax had just gone bankrupt in April of 2010 as his logging business had failed so Fairfax was in dire financial straits and had a very strong motive to commit a very large theft.

A federal judge however can rule out all of that circumstantial evidence pointing to Edgar Steele’s innocence which gives the government a tremendous edge especially when they’ve done the framing.


National Prayer Network

By Rev. Ted Pike
2 May 11

In 2005 ADL attempted to imprison 11 Christians for the “hate crime” of witnessing to homosexuals. Through talk radio and online, I informed millions that ADL was the creator of freedom-quenching hate laws worldwide. Christian conservatives in America grew increasingly aware of the League’s sinister agenda. Yet they resisted the recognition that supremacist Judaism itself is intent on ending western Christian freedoms. Prominent new right authorities, such as hate law guru Robert L. Knight, loudly proclaimed that hate laws were spawned by liberals and homosexuals. (1)

But ADL itself undermined that idea, frequently and boldly boasting that it masterminded 45 state laws and the federal Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Today conservatives no longer claim hate laws originated with liberals and homosexuals. The right accepts the fact of Jewish creation of hate laws worldwide. Yet there remains a paralyzing fear of ADL recrimination—of being labeled “anti-Semitic” for attacking the ethnic/religious motivations of a venerable Jewish institution. Thus conservatives will not warn that hate laws, in their goal of silencing western Christian liberties, are quintessentially Jewish.

Will Hate Laws Come to Turkey?

Christian conservative fear and silence leaves ADL free to start new hate law bureaucracies in Latin America and now even strongly anti-Zionist nations such as Turkey.

Despite its predominant Islamic majority, Turkey has a long history of Jewish anti-Christianity. As early as the 6 th century AD, Turkish Jews, facilitated by Persian conquest, slaughtered 90,000 Christians. In more modern times, Turkish-Jewish anti-Christianity has been present through crypto-Jews – the Donmehs. Like the “Maranos” of 16 th century Spain, Donmehs posture as devout Muslims but are actually anti-Christian Jews. “Young Turk” Donmehs bear large blame for plotting the genocide of 1.5 million Armenian Christians at the beginning of the 20 th century. (See Brother Nathanael Kapner article, Jews Plotted the Armenian Holocaust)

ADL, recognizing this continuing anti-Christian element, has hosted a Turkish Conference on Bias Crime.

During the International Conference Against Hate Crimes, held April 15 th-17 th in Istanbul ... ADL presented recommendations on responding to the problem of hate violence in Turkey. Turkey does not presently have a law against hate crimes… While laws against hate crimes will differ from country to country, the American experience does provide practical insight into some effective strategies that Turkey can adopt. (, At Turkish Conference on Bias Crime, ADL Offers Guidance to Counter Hate Violence)

The formula is wearingly familiar. It ended free speech and brought ruthless persecution of Christians and free thinkers in all countries in which hate laws have been enacted. (The full brunt of hate law repression is currently restrained in the US because of widespread Christian conservative activism and suspicion – primarily created by the National Prayer Network since 1989 and greatly assisted after 2005 by alternative right-wing media including World Net Daily.)

ADL’s Prescription for Ending Turkish Freedom

Here, in brief, are ADL’s recommendations to Turkey:

“Enact a {hate} law to address and recognize hate violence
“Acknowledge and identify the [largely non-existent] problem
“Provide law enforcement with training and resources
“Establish coalition communication networks [a pro-hate law lobby]
“Encourage and maintain the expectation of leadership [pressure the government]”
Robert L. Trestan represented ADL at the conference. He underscored the worldwide zeal and outreach of ADL to enshrine hate laws everywhere.

Hate crime laws in the United Sates were enacted because people, like everyone attending this conference, drew attention to the problem, tirelessly urged leaders to speak out and pursued solutions. Even with laws in place, ADL and others understand the need to keep raising public awareness of the issue. Just because hate violence transcend borders so do the people and organizations working on these solutions.

Will ADL deceive Turkey?

Turkey, including Prime Minister Erdogen, was outraged at Israel’s terrorist murder of nine Turkish participants in the “Free Gaza” flotilla a year ago. But do the Turks understand that the ADL is one with that murderous government?

One of the great benefits of present worldwide outrage against Israel is that it gives people and nations precious time to understand the relationship between the Anti-Defamation League and Zionist goals to destroy all opposition. They may see that ADL wants to seize their free speech – including their right to criticize Israel—and thus recognize that supporting ADL hate laws, while opposing Zionism, is self-defeating.

Will the people and government of Turkey, as well as Latin American countries, catch on before ADL’s Abe Foxman becomes the fox in their civil liberties henhouse?

No one knows.

We do know that opposition to Zionism, and worldwide education about ADL hate laws (available at, is the best insurance for freedom everywhere.


Five years ago there was an element of truth in Knight’s claim. As I document in my article “Judaism and Homosexuality: A Marriage Made in Hell” homosexual pro-hate law Jews overwhelmingly dominated all the major gay rights organizations in America, feverishly working with ADL to pass their federal, homosexual-protecting hate law. Yet after widespread dissemination of my article, homosexual Jewish activism decided it was too risky for Jews to remain in prominent gay rights leadership. They evacuated en masse, preferring to install mostly Gentiles in their places.

Yes, hate laws were orchestrated in America by liberals and homosexuals – especially Jewish ones!


Rev. Ted Pike is director of the National Prayer Network, a Christian/conservative watchdog organization.

TALK SHOW HOSTS: Interview Rev. Ted Pike on this subject. Call (503) 631-3808.

National Prayer Network, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015

Expanded Censorship Coming To Youtube Courtesy Of The ADL

Expanded Censorship Coming To Youtube Courtesy Of The ADL

The widely popular video sharing website YouTube has reached out to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for its expertise in dealing with hate on the Internet.

As a result of this partnership, the League is now a contributor to YouTube's newly launched Abuse & Safety Center, where users are empowered to identify and confront hate, and to report abuses.

The YouTube Abuse & Safety Center features information and links to resources developed by ADL to help Internet users respond to and report offensive material and extremist content that violates YouTube?s Community Guidelines on hate speech.

"YouTube is an incredible tool for sharing videos and giving individuals an opportunity to broadcast themselves, but like other social networking sites it can be abused or used for sinister and dangerous purposes," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "There are those who may try to exploit the technology to spread racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of hate."

"We commend YouTube for their efforts to provide users with access to important information from those with expertise, such as ADL and others, on how to effectively respond to hate on the Internet and to report abuses," Foxman said.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Battle over Obamacare continues.

Battle over Obamacare continues.

States Versus the Feds… Again

by Jeff Davis

An article from News 8 in Boise, Idaho reports: “The so-called nullification bill Republican state legislators worked so hard to pass is now dead. Governor C.L. ‘Butch’ Otter vetoed it in favor of his own executive order, which blocks portions of President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law. The order shows state agencies cannot implement or receive federal dollars for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Otter said H 298 was too strict of an interpretation. The governor said Idaho has been working on a health insurance exchange for the past 5 years to help consumers understand their options. House bill 298 would have handed over control of that exchange to the federal government.”

In other words, Idaho is trying something like a “line item veto” in that they are refusing to implement a particularly grotesque, un-Constitutional, and shameful piece of federal chicanery, but stopping short of outright defiance and telling the feds where to get off.
I suppose this approach is OK if it shields the citizens of Idaho from Obamacare, the more power to Governor Otter. But what happens when–as is inevitable–Obama’s negro Attorney General runs to the federal courts and gets his order overruled?

What happens when all this high-minded talk about nullification is simply squashed by the Feds? Imagine a federal court saying “No, you’re not allowed to do that.” A few months ago, we saw Arizona denied the Right to round up illegal aliens, who are driving their state toward bankruptcy.

What if every White person, who could, stopped working until the Feds ran out of money? Kind of hard to keep a tyranny going if you don’t have money to pay the armed thugs.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden Reportedly Killed in Pakistan?

Our Foreign Policy Has Been Mostly Based on Lies for over 100 Years.

Osama Bin Laden Reportedly Killed in Pakistan

by James Buchanan

A recent news article reports “Osama bin Laden, the glowering mastermind behind the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks that murdered thousands of Americans, was killed in an operation led by the United States, President Barack Obama said Sunday.”

And if you believe that it would take ten years for a superpower to hunt down someone who pulled off a major terrorist attack against them, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn, I’d like to sell you.

Bin Laden was the Boogeyman justifying a trillion dollar per year Defense budget, laws that undermined the Bill of Rights and “justified” our continued occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s not clear how much -if any- of the al Qaeda story, we’ve been told is true. Was bin Laden the leader of a faction of fighters, who helped drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan, who later turned against the West? Was bin Laden, an actor, who played a terrorist for the CIA? Did the CIA kill that actor when his usefulness was done?

We do know that an ex-president of Italy Francesco Cossiga and a former director of the US Army War College, Dr. Alan Sabrosky have both said that the 911 attack was an “inside job” by the CIA and Mossad. Israel was caught red-handed trying to recruit Arabs for a Mossad-run al Qaeda cell in Palestine. How hard would it have been for the Mossad to create al Qaeda cells in Egypt and Saudi Arabia to recruit the 911 hijackers?

Most likely, bin Laden’s body was taken from the freezer, he was being stored in, and thawed out this week so Barack Obama could have some spectacular headline to take public attention off his birth certificate –especially after that colossal blunder in which the nine editing layers in the Adobe pdf were accidentally left active and not “flattened out”.

There could be other reasons at work for bin Laden’s death to be announced at this time. The quagmire in Afghanistan is definitely getting worse, and it might be time to declare victory and beat a hasty retreat. We definitely can’t afford three wars at one time, which is exactly what we’re juggling right now.

If Obama is going to steal the Lybian oil fields, it might be good to shut down the Afghan war before we put boots on the ground in Lybia.
The only thing I can say for certain about “our” foreign policy is that very little the government tells us is the truth, and the beneficiaries are invariably Big Oil or Israel, and never the American public.

For-Profit Nursing Home In Viral Video Is Understaffed and Run By Criminals, Yet Still Receives Medicare Funds

Antifa is nowhere to be found in regards to anti-white racism. The viral video of 20-year-old black man Jaydon Hayden viciously ass...