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Ignorance, The Masses, And The Minority

Ignorance, The Masses, And The Minority
Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2010-10-30 22:04:33

ADV Broadcast Of October 30, 2010

Hello, and welcome back to another broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

Well, we won’t have to wait long now; the big mid-term election is finally upon us. Untold millions of dollars have been spent by all of the candidates for public office in the hopes of getting to feed at the public trough. The whole process is simply sickening, and I can’t understand how people can still have any faith at all in the System and the process.

Many times on these programs I have stated my aversion to mass democracy. The notion that everyone is able to make a well-reasoned contribution to the governing of an entire nation is absolutely ridiculous. Most people are intellectually incapable of making such a contribution and most people don’t care enough to WANT to make a contribution. Furthermore, the audacity of the System – including the Jewish-controlled mass media and the political party machines – to purport to believe that the masses are governing themselves is breathtaking. I am hard-pressed to imagine a more brazen lie than that of a politician talking to the television cameras, saying how he wants the values of “the people” to be heard and used as the guiding light for public policy. And interestingly enough, any political figure who claims such a desire also claims to be on the same page with “the people” and to share their values. As if he is one of them or something! But everyone knows that he believes in his heart to be better than the masses, and honestly, who can blame him for that?

Because I view everything that happens in the world around me through the lens of White racialism, I have a hard time understanding how people can be so easily taken in by the obvious lies of political vote-seekers. Or perhaps I should say that I have a hard time understanding how people can be so easily taken in by what TO ME are the obvious lies of political vote-seekers. I suppose that the lies aren’t obvious to most people, but it seems very obvious to me and to White racialists generally.

Since I am in the business of promoting White racialism through my work in the National Alliance, I spend a fair amount of time trying to understand how non-racialist White people perceive the world, in the hopes, of course, of figuring out a way to reach more of them with our racialist worldview. And many times over the years I have thought up a new angle by which to approach Whites who aren’t familiar with our ideals, and many times I have thought to myself, “Now, THIS is definitely going to work! No one could fail to understand what I will show them, and no one could fail to draw the appropriate conclusion.”

But, no matter what it is, it never quite has the effect that I anticipate. Now, I must admit that I am a little proud of the fact that rarely are my efforts a complete failure; there are always a few Whites who are new to our ideas who are moved by something I say or some new insight I give them, and these few become part of the growing racialist White population in the United States. But I am always a little disappointed that my efforts didn’t yield more fruit; there are always some who aren’t inspired or angered or excited by what I had to say.

Perhaps it was about such men – whom Nietzsche called “Ultimate Men” – that Nietzsche wrote about in Thus Spoke Zarathustra when he penned the line: “ ‘We have discovered happiness,’ say the Ultimate Men… and blink.” Such men simply go through life slack-jawed and blinking, letting life slough off their exterior without letting it touch their souls. Such men neither absorb life from their surroundings nor impress life from within themselves ON their surroundings. Dr. William Pierce, the founder of the National Alliance, once likened such men to “stones, or lumps of clay.” These men might have areas in their lives in which they are very much vibrant and alive, but it’s hard for me to imagine it because the things that matter most to me obviously have no meaning to them.

I suppose it is like watching a game or a sport on TV that you don’t understand. I remember flipping through the channels one night and stumbling across a cricket match that, for whatever reason, was on TV here in the United States. I’d heard that cricket was somewhat like baseball, so out of curiosity, I watched the match for about ten or fifteen minutes.

That was ten or fifteen minutes well wasted because I had no idea what was going on. The only thing I remember taking away from those fifteen minutes was that, unlike in baseball, when you hit the ball in cricket you have to carry the bat with you when you run. I completely missed all of the other details of that match because I didn’t have a framework for understanding cricket.

And I still don’t have that framework for understanding cricket. It takes time and effort to develop such a framework. You have to take time to learn the vocabulary of the game and its rules. You have to spend lots of time watching the game (or, better yet, playing cricket) to get a good feel for strategies to use and the pace of the match. And, to me, cricket isn’t important enough to spend the time it would require to master and appreciate the sport.

And to try to convince me of the importance and uniqueness of the sport of cricket would be a good waste of your breath and a good waste of my time.

And it seems to me that this must be how the majority of the White adults in the world view things like self-determination for the White race, the falling White birthrate, the power of the Jewish Establishment in the United States, and the constant sacrifice of White people by the American government in order to cater to the whims of non-Whites, both non-Whites who are already citizens as well as those who enter the U.S. illegally. That is, for most Whites, when they happen upon information related to the present plight and plausible future of the White race, they are as uninterested and uninspired as I was when I watched part of that cricket match. They might tune in for a few minutes out of curiosity, but none of it makes any sense to them, and so what’s the point of them staying tuned in? I did exactly the same thing when I watched cricket; after a few minutes, I changed the channel, or shut it off and went to bed, I can’t remember.

Anyway, the point here is that, on average, our people have virtually no framework for evaluating the worth of an idea or a governmental policy from a racial point of view. Because of that, most of them miss the racial implications of, for instance, governmental actions or media exposure, just as someone who doesn’t understand the sport of football might be perplexed as to why the offensive team has to decide upon a more-or-less set formation for every play, after which the offensive players on the line of scrimmage mustn’t move. The defensive players, of course, can shift around all they want and can move at will on their side of the line. It doesn’t make sense, if you don’t understand the game; if you DO understand the game, it makes perfect sense.

In a similar way, the racialist perspective on the current world situation gives racialist thinkers a framework, an understanding, for making sense of the world. And until more Whites start to look at things from a racialist perspective, our race’s fortunes are going to continue to be in a bad way.

The Jews, of course, have full knowledge of this fact and have acted upon it with all the energy they can muster. Their control of the mass media of news and entertainment, in particular, makes a widespread dissemination of White racialist ideals and perspectives very unlikely, at this time. While we in the National Alliance are promoting our own media to counter those of the Jews, we have a long way to go, and it appears as if, for the time being, the masses of Whites will still fail to understand the world around them to the fullest extent.

Ironically, although most people do not fully comprehend what is happening in the world today, they have an instinctive knowledge that something is wrong. Like an animal who smells something “off” in the air but can’t quite put a label to the scent he detects, White people in the United States today know deep inside that all is not well for their people or for their country. They are looking for answers, but most of them look in precisely the wrong place: the Jewish-controlled media, which will provide them with all sorts of Politically Correct causes to which they can align themselves and all sorts of “information” that allegedly provides the “what” and the “why” behind current events, aside from leaving the White racialist perspective completely off the map.

Comparatively few seekers will find White racialist materials on the Internet and take the time to read and mentally digest what those materials say. For one thing, they have been told since their days of childhood that White racism is evil; therefore, if they happen to bump into White racial ideals, they immediately turn away from them without even thinking. Furthermore, to really comprehend the White racialist perspective on things takes time and effort, much more than it would to learn the rules and strategy behind the game of cricket, for example. And because of that, ignorance rules the masses.

Perhaps the most glaring example of the ignorance of the White masses as to the true nature of the System in which they find themselves and the government under which they live is – as I mentioned at the beginning of this broadcast – the joke that is the democratic electoral process. I never cease to be amazed by the masses of people who profess to REALLY BELIEVE that the election of this or that candidate will affect AT ALL the direction in which things in the United States are headed.

Anyone White American over the age of 30 has been around long enough to see both Democrats and Republicans in positions of power in the executive and legislative branches of our government and – from a racialist point of view – there is no detectable difference between them at all. Under all combinations of the two-party regime, illegal immigration from Central America remains unchecked. Under all combinations of the two-party regime, anti-White affirmative action legislation is still enforced – even in areas where non-Whites are the overwhelming majority. Under all combinations of the two-party regime, the federal government has fawned and fussed over the Jews and their interests, not only their domestic interests – as with hate crime laws and persecuting honorable Whites like Ernst Zundel – but also their foreign interests – specifically, relating to Israel and its power in the Middle East.

Of course, without the proper racialist framework, all of this goes as unnoticed as does the penalty against the offense of “illegal formation” to someone who doesn’t understand the sport of football.

So where does that leave us? The System is one giant hoax. The masses don’t know it, and they CAN’T know it without a racialist framework to guide them. It is difficult to present them with a racialist framework because, firstly, the Jews control the mass media and, secondly, even if we could flood the TVs and the newspapers with racialist ideals, most people would just turn to the sports channels or the sports page anyway. What does all of this mean, when there seems to be little or no reason to hope?

Well, all any of this means is that the founder of the National Alliance, Dr. William Pierce, was right when he said back in the early 1970s that the Cause that will put our race back on the path to its destiny will come from the energy and the WILL of the minority. Only a minority of Whites has the courage, the initiative, and the determination to put together a strong Cause that will lead the rest of our people out of the toxic fog in which they wander, a toxic fog of multiracialism and Jewish power.

At this time, White racialism is not FOR the masses. They aren’t ready for it; they can’t grasp it; they don’t want it. And quite frankly, we don’t want them right now. They will be a hindrance to us, at this time. We are ill-equipped to deal with them. It isn’t that we don’t care; we simply don’t have the resources and the infrastructure to prop up millions of men and women who lack the fortitude to stand on their own two feet and contribute to Our Cause.

Some of you in my audience are of the minority. You are the ones who understand what is going on and what needs to be done. Join us in creating the Cause that will change the course of history.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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Exposing Judaism

Israeli Website Exposes Jewish Extremism!
–commentary by David Duke

My recent video on Jewish extremism has garnered a lot of interest.  The following is an article titled Gentiles in Halacha from the Daat Emet Website in Israel. Daat Emet is a secular site written by Jews who reject the Jewish Supremacism that forms the core of Judaism. In Daat Emet you will find validated almost all my assertions about Jewish supremacism that I have made in my articles on, in my books, and in my many lectures around the world. For pointing out the extreme ethnic hate and supremacist nature of Judaism I am often incorrectly condemned and slandered as anti-Semitic. Yet, the extreme hatred and body of Jewish law against Gentiles (and also against Jewish women) is almost completely unknown to most Gentiles as the Jewish-dominated media keeps people in complete ignorance of Jewish extremism. Interestingly, the same press that suppresses awareness of Jewish extremism constantly tells the world about the dangers of Muslim extremism.
Yet, it is Jewish extremism that led directly to the terrorism and ethnic cleansing that created Israel, that tortured more than an hundred thousand Palestinians and other Arabs in their prisons, and that terrorized and harmed millions of people such as in the recent attacks on Lebanon. The Jewish extremists are fomenting the so-called War on Terror and they are the ones who created the disastrous Afghanistan and Iraq War, wars for Israel not America. The Halacha is the core of Jewish Law.
Halakha (Hebrew: הלכה; also transliterated as Halakhah, Halacha, Halakhot and Halachah) is the collective corpus of Jewish religious law, including biblical law (the 613 mitzvot) and later talmudic and rabbinic law as well as customs and traditions. Like the religious laws in many other cultures, Judaism classically draws no distinction in its laws between religious and non-religious life. Hence, Halakha guides not only religious practices and beliefs, but numerous aspects of day-to-day life.- from Wikipedia
One of the core doctrines of the Halacha is that Gentiles (all non-Jews) are not human beings but animals. Correspondingly, it teaches that it is permissible for Jews to kill, harm, cheat, and steal from Gentiles, in fact such is sometimes even commanded by their law. It actually teaches Gentiles are in three categories, those that obey all seven Noahide Laws ( though in practice no Gentiles fit this category), Gentiles who do not keep the Noahide Laws, and Gentiles who are Idolater Gentiles (as Halacha considers all Christians).
We learn from the laws that we wrote here that there are three levels of killing one who is not a Jew: One, if he is a Noahide gentile, fulfilling the seven laws–a Jew who kills him is not liable to death by the courts as he would be had he killed a Jew, but he is liable to death by the hands of Heaven. The second is a gentile who does not keep the seven Noahide laws (and we know of no gentile who keeps the seven Noahide laws)–this one may be killed, but the Jews are not commanded to kill him. The third is an actual idolatrous gentile (as Halacha considers all Christians): it is a commandment to kill him. The Rama, in Yoreh Deah 158, section one, writes: “And therefore one is allowed to try medicines on gentiles to see if they help.” This is an explicit halachic license to perform medical experimentation by force on gentile slaves bought by Jews.–from Parashat Maatot on Daat Emet website

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Brown Pride Vs. White Pride?

Velasquez fans show their hatred of white people after fight.
Latino MMA fans celebrating Velasquez victory with racial animosity. The new UFC heavyweight champion has “Brown Pride” tattooed on his chest and boasts of being “100% Mexican” despite being born in California. His title match took place in Anaheim where Latino fans waved Mexican flags and signs saying “Brown Pride.”

The irony is a white competitor with “White Pride” tattooed on his chest would be barred from even competing. Velasquez defines himself in racial terms and his Latino fan base love him for it.

After the fight, youtube and internet message boards were filled with tens of thousands of messages from Valasquez fans attacking whites. In fact, praising Velasquez for his victory and attacking white people with profanities and racial slurs seem to go hand in hand for Latino fans.

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Exposing Jewish Racism and Supremacism

Traitors Within Our Government Are Trying to Free Jewish Spy: Johnathon Pollard

Traitorous House Democrats Collude to Free Jewish Spy
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Zionist Agents Leverage Peace Talks to Free the ‘Most Devastating’ Spy in US History

Reps Frank, Pascrell, Towns and Weiner conspire to free Jonathan Pollard

By Philip Giraldi
(Watch Jonathan Pollard Stealing U.S. Secrets for Israel)

Let us suppose for a moment that an individual enjoying the full confidence and trust of the United States government was given access to the most secret information possessed by the US military, to include how it would react to an attack by an aggressor armed with nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. Let us further suppose that that individual violated his trust in the most egregious and vile fashion, offering to sell the information to anyone, but eventually settling on a nation ostensibly friendly to the US but not in any way a formal ally. The individual then proceeded to deliver defense secrets literally by the carload, not only information that might plausibly have been construed as relevant to the buyer’s own security, but also strategic defense information that could conceivably have led to the deaths of millions of American citizens. That information was then bartered and re-sold to an enemy who was in a position to use it to devastate the United States, together with sources and methods information on intelligence operations that in short order led to the deaths of many American citizens and also foreigners who had been cooperating with the United States. (more…)@

Democracy, The Bell Curve and Leadership

ADV Broadcast Of October 23, 2010

Hello, and welcome back to this week’s broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

Today’s broadcast will by my speech from the National Alliance’s Fall 2010 Leadership Conference.

On behalf of the entire membership of our organization, I’d like to welcome all of you to the Fall 2010 Leadership Conference of the National Alliance. The entire leadership of the Alliance acknowledges the sacrifices in time and expense that are allowing you to be here today, and we appreciate your commitment to Our Cause. It is my hope that the time we spend together over the course of this weekend will result in tangible gains for our organization as we close out 2010 and look ahead to 2011.

As you probably know, our founder Dr. William Pierce never intended for the Alliance to compete on the same footing with mainstream political parties. In fact, he never intended for the Alliance to compete on the same footing with ANY political party, mainstream or otherwise. The Alliance, in other words, was not designed to be a political party at all, certainly not in the traditional sense that we see in a democratic system of representative government.

The National Alliance is instead an organization that promotes a White racialist worldview that is well above and beyond the usual run of the worldly issues that concern politicians, particularly politicians in a mass democracy. While politicians focus mostly on short-range problems – such as crime, the economy, unemployment, and so on – carriers of a worldview like ours view local, national, and world events with a more long-range lens. We look at things more holistically, taking into account what has happened in the past, how those things have gotten us to where we are now, and – if present trends continue – where we are likely to end up at some point in the future. It isn’t that we take no interest in the day-to-day solving of problems in the world of politics (or should I say the day-to-day pushing-around of problems in the world of politics?), but we don’t lose ourselves in the delusion that the outcome of THIS or THAT particular piece of legislation is going to put us back on the road to racial security and racial progress.

Many times over the last four decades since the Alliance was founded, we have been questioned and criticized for not taking a more active role in the democratic process. We have been told things like the following:

“If you want to change the world, you need to get some of your people into Congress.”

“If you would campaign for political offices, more people would get to know what your organization is all about.”

“The anonymity of the secret ballot would give people the confidence to show you that they are on your side without them jeopardizing their own reputation by publicly having to state that they agree with your organization’s program.”

Et cetera.

Use of the anonymous ballot is the modus operandi that has been chosen by many European racialist and nationalist groups. They have decided to throw their hat into the political ring and compete for votes on a national scale with every other group that decides to call itself a political party. In defense of our European allies, that is more easily done n the multi-party democratic systems – and in the geographically smaller countries – of Europe than it is in the two-party system and with the comparatively larger geography and population of the United States.

And the European racialist and nationalist groups who have been getting members elected to various local and national bodies deserve credit for their successes. For one thing, I’m sure that everyone in the organization feels good when it captures a seat on a local governing board or in the national legislature. In addition, when a member of a nationalist political party gets elected in Europe, it obviously means that at least SOME people in the organization are doing SOMETHING. Whenever someone runs for public office, there is money that needs to be raised, paperwork that needs to be filled out and submitted, an election campaign that has to be organized and run, speeches that have to be written, speaking and travel schedules that need to be set, and so on. It takes a lot of effort by quite a few people to pull off a successful political campaign in a mass democracy, and the capture of the office is a clear indication that there are many people behind the scenes in European nationalist organizations who are contributing to the effort.

But the National Alliance has yet to jump into mainstream politics. And – no offense to our European allies – we have no plans to do so, either now or in the foreseeable future. For one thing, the cost of campaigning in the United States is enormous. The average cost of a successful campaign to be elected to the House of Representatives is now in excess of one million dollars.

So, if you spend over a million dollars and run a flawless campaign, you might get to be one of the 535 members of Congress. Then, while outnumbered on Capital Hill by a margin of 534 to one, you’ll get to hobnob and rub elbows with a few hundred of the most smooth-talking and corrupt slimebags on the planet. (And the other few hundred, making up the largest professional demographic in Congress, are lawyers.) Then, two years later, you’ll have to spend another million bucks to keep the privilege, and so on.

But, of course, none of that will work AT ALL if the media doesn’t want you in the Congress. And a pattern has been established that whenever a White racialist runs for political office, the Jewish media train their guns on him to ensure that he won’t be elected. And that goes NOT just for outspoken White racialists, but also for anyone who comes off as any type of critic of Israel, racialist or otherwise. So, if it is impossible for us to win elections – especially on a national scale – and if politics is “the art of the possible,” as Otto von Bismarck commented in 1867, then the National Alliance needs to STAY OUT of the democratic process. For us, it is a waste of time and energy and money, and our race can’t afford for us to waste any of these.

But perhaps more important than the practical considerations of staying out of the democratic process is our philosophical stance that democracy – particularly mass democracy – does not have the capacity to lead our race to greater evolutionary heights. When everyone’s vote counts the same, it is the choice of the majority that will be carried out, and it is by no means a certainty that the majority always know what is good for them. Throw in the media, which is controlled by the Jews, and you can guarantee that the voting public won’t be thinking straight and won’t be able to make good decisions…“good” decisions, of course, being the ones that are in the long-term best interests of the White race.

Before it became Politically Incorrect to test the general intelligence of children, it was commonly known that human IQ follows a so-called “bell curve.” IQ testing is still done on American school children today, but little stock is placed in the results.

With regard to the IQ bell curve, there are comparatively few people at the extreme low end of the IQ range, so the curve is very short at that end. As measured IQs increase, so does the number of people with each of those IQs until, at some median IQ – say, an IQ of 100 – the curve is at its highest point, because more people have a “best-average IQ” of 100 than an IQ of any other number. But, as IQs increase yet further, the number of people demonstrating each of THOSE measured IQs begins now to decrease, following exactly the reverse trend as before, so that – at the extreme high end of the IQ range – the curve is again very short, due to the relatively few people who possess that IQ. The curve is, obviously, bell-shaped, and hence the name.

Now, some people think IQ scores are REALLY important. (Perhaps not coincidentally, such people generally have scored well on IQ tests.) Others feel that IQ scores are at best overrated and at worst meaningless. I personally think that IQ scores accurately assess the mental processes that they are meant to assess, but that a given IQ score does not pigeonhole a person as “capable” or “incapable,” and certainly not “worthy” or “unworthy.” There are many other ways that the human mind can demonstrate competence other than an IQ test.

We’ve probably all known people who are “really smart” but who have certain mental deficiencies. Stereotypes such as the guy who “can’t walk and chew gum” and the “absentminded professor” illustrate the point. Such people are gifted in the mental characteristics measured by IQ tests, but they are “challenged” – to use a Politically Correct term – in other areas.

On the other hand, many people who did poorly in school and perhaps on the IQ tests that they took have successful careers doing remarkable work that no IQ test could possibly measure. We might wonder how well Arno Breker, the great classical artist whose best work was done during the National Socialist period in Germany, would have fared on a standard IQ test. The same goes for Mozart, or Beethoven, or Rembrandt. One of the greatest White warriors of all time, the German Luftwaffe pilot Hans Ulrich-Rudel, is known to have struggled in school. Likely, his IQ score would have been average, at best. Was he, then, “unworthy?” Clearly not, and so it is apparent that IQ scores – not that they are meaningless – simply don’t tell the whole story.

But perhaps we could use an idea related to the IQ score to our advantage. Suppose we imagine that bell curves were made on the basis not just of IQ, but also of every other trait that is found to be valuable to the survival and progress of the race. For example, suppose there was a bell curve for bravery. Where would you fall on it? Hans Ulrich-Rudel would fall at the extreme, EXTREME rightmost end of THAT curve, even though he was nowhere near that same location on the IQ curve.

What other bell curves might exist? How about one for what we might call “spatial reasoning” – the ability to think in three-dimensions and to manipulate objects mentally and so to envision what needs to be done to create them. When I worked as a tool and die maker, spatial reasoning was a good mental attribute to have; if you didn’t have some degree of it, you probably weren’t a very good tool and die maker. The quality casting and forming of the products made by a tool and die maker requires competence in this area. You can bet that Arno Breker would have fallen on the far right end of the spatial reasoning bell curve. Where he might have fallen on the IQ bell curve doesn’t mean a single thing about the impact he made on the White world and White culture of his time and of ours.

So the question for you becomes: On what bell curves do I find myself on the far right end? The “leadership” bell curve? The “people skills” bell curve? The “producing an error-free final product” bell curve? The “persuasive speech” bell curve? The “organizing” or “writing” or “working-out-the-details” bell curve? The “dedication” or “loyalty” or “never-say-die” bell curve? We can imagine that there are as many bell curves out there as there are attributes of people. And if you can figure out on which bell curves you fall above average – or maybe well above the average – now you have a starting point for your work in this organization and obviously in your life as well.

And although the pencil-neck sociology researchers haven’t measured every aspect of every person and made bell curves for all of the traits mentioned above and many more, the idea that a multitude of bell curves could, in theory, exist seems reasonable. It also seems reasonable that, if those curves could be created, each of us is on the far right end of a few of them, on the far LEFT end of a few of them, and somewhere near the middle on MOST of them. Therefore, as I said before, if we can identify where we, as individuals, fall on the various bell curves, then we are armed with some good information for living a productive life.

We can now look at one of the key problems with democracy in a new light. Along with the many other bell curves that exist, let’s assume that there exists a bell curve with the rather lengthy title: “The Ability to Make Governing-Related Decisions Based NOT on Personal Considerations, but Rather Based on Collective Considerations.” Like all bell curves, the range of ability for this trait covers the entire spectrum. On the far left end is the relatively few number of people who NEVER take into account the well-being of the group in ANY decision they make, OR who take no interest at all in the fate of the group.

In the middle, where the curve bulges vertically, are the majority of people who, when making decisions, sometimes weigh their personal considerations above group considerations, but will also sometimes subordinate their own well-being so that the group’s well-being is enhanced. This majority in the middle stays semi-informed – but not fully informed – about the issues that affect the health and well-being of the group.

And on the far right end we have the minority of men who ALWAYS consider the well-being of the group before their personal well-being. Furthermore, this minority takes an active intellectual and emotional interest in all issues that affect the group, and so is well-informed as to what actions should be considered to ensure the group’s survival and progress.

There is nothing too special about the “The Ability to Make Governing-Related Decisions Based NOT on Personal Considerations, but Rather Based on Collective Considerations” bell curve. Like all of the others, it is for a specific trait and, like all of the others, it shows that human beings differ in their possession of that trait. Finally, like all of the others, it shows that there is a minority of men who consistently will put their own interests aside AND stay informed about group issues in order to promote the well-being of the group.

According to those who believe democracy is the highest form of government, the bell curve I just described doesn’t exist. According to them – and according to democratic philosophy – ALL men are equally able to make governing decisions. ALL men are equally interested in taking an active role in governing themselves. ALL men are equally concerned about acquiring the massive quantity of information needed to govern. And ALL men weigh personal considerations versus group considerations with the same scale.

In fact, if reality IS the way democratic theory SAYS it is, we would get a very strange looking curve. Suppose we measured the trait under consideration. Let’s give it a name: the Governing Quotient; we’ll call it the “GQ score.” According to democratic theory, everyone will get the same GQ score (let’s call it a score of 100). Well, when we plot the results, there will be NO left end of the curve and NO right end of the curve. All we’d have is a single HUGE vertical line at the GQ score of 100. That single huge vertical line means, in essence, that EVERYONE is average with respect to the ability to participate in governing.

Clearly, that idea is ludicrous. Like all traits, the ability to participate in the governing of a nation varies among the population. That is, like the IQ scores, our hypothetical GQ scores follow a bell curve, with a comparatively few number of men who have the requisite skills for successfully leading the masses of their countrymen. Incidentally, I should point out here that one’s location on the IQ bell curve is not necessarily related to one’s location on the hypothetical GQ bell curve. You and I both can bring to mind very bright – very high-IQ – people who have no interest in participating in the charting of the race’s path through time via governing. On the other hand, some men with merely average or slightly above average IQs could be otherwise well-suited to being a leader of men.

So democracy is a flawed system of government. If you object that ALL systems of government are flawed, then I would respond that democracy is more flawed than some others. In many cases, it is VERY MUCH more flawed than some others.

And this is especially true when our racial enemies have near-total control over the mass media of news and entertainment. THEY know just as well as we do that democracy is a bunch of hogwash. The only difference is that – unlike us – they have their hands on the levers of power that control that river of hogwash, and so they can steer it wherever they want to. And in the process, our people are being swept into the sewers of history.

So the National Alliance will NOT become a democratic political party. Our worldview is based on the facts of biology and of history, as best we can ascertain them at a given time, and we will NOT hitch our wagon to a system – namely, democracy – that is based on the lie that all men have the same GQ score. They do not.

And the fact that the Jewish Establishment – in particular, the Jewish mass media of news and entertainment – LIES to the public in order to keep the lie of democracy going, just because it is running in their favor, is just another road sign that keeps our organization, the National Alliance, on the path of truth… away from democracy.

So the path for us is clear: Continue building connections with our kinsmen, both here in the United States and worldwide. We’ll do that by improving and expanding our own media. We’ll do that by strengthening our presence in communities in which we are already organized, and by becoming a presence in communities where we don’t currently have a presence. We’ll continue strengthening our own National Alliance community, by getting together for work and fellowship, as we are here at the National Office this weekend.

And we’ll stay out of the fetid mire of democracy. Instead of using democratic principles to guide us, we’ll go about our work in the Alliance using the leadership principle.

The leadership principle, by which anyone can rise in the organization, as long as he demonstrates commitment and tangible results.

The leadership principle, by which anyone’s voice is welcome to be heard, but it is at the leader’s discretion as to how to move the larger group forward.

The leadership principle, in which quality always takes precedence over quantity.

The leadership principle, which is firmly in tune with the way of the natural world and with the heartbeat of all biological progress.

The leadership principle – and not any democratic principle – is what guides the functions within this organization, and each member of the Alliance – including, and ESPECIALLY, each of you in attendance today – is encouraged to become an active part of that leadership.

And the leadership principle is how we, as an organization as a whole, approach the problems our people face in the world today. We accept the responsibility of assuming the leadership of our race, in order to steer it away from the hazards that threaten it so that we may once again proceed along the way of evolutionary progress, to our destiny.

That is a vast responsibility that we in the Alliance have accepted, but it is a way we have chosen based on truth: the truth about who we are, unique among the races; the truth about our purpose, which is to pave the way today for higher life in the future; and the truth about why we struggle, not out of hatred for others but out of respect for our ancestors, for ourselves, and for our descendants.

So while democracy rattles its sabers for numbers and votes and public opinion, we will quietly stick to the truth.

About everything. And eventually, we – armed with the truth – will prevail.

Thank you.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Nefarious SPLC: Profiteers of Hate and Emotional Terrorists

Fighting ‘Hate’ for Profit and Power:  the SPLC’s Political Agenda Up Close
(During what must now be described as a protracted war between the major parties, these few remaining days before the 2010 elections have buried American voters beneath a mountain of epithets, smears, slander, and all around hatred; especially towards the pro-Constitutionalist right by the “open-minded”, “peace-loving” Democrats.    All stops have been pulled by the controlled mainstream media and the Democrats to divide and pit American citizens against one another.  They incite and hide hate crimes against White people.   There is no more negotiating when it is the “peacemakers” who commit acts of war.

The favorite slander used by the Democrats for anyone they disagree with is “extremist”; yet there is hardly any people more politically extreme than the Southern Poverty Law Center, now part of Homeland Security.  The SPLC was co-created by the apparent psychopath (look up the word), Morris Seligman Dees–a pedophile, adulterer, liar, and an emotionally blackmailing homoerotic wife beater.   He is described as “a sexual psychopath and an emotional terrorist” and “an emotionally destroying monster”.  Perfect for carrying out the SPLC agenda.  His use of epithets emerged in childhood in spite of his own father’s principles against mistreating others.  To this day, Dees and the rest of the SPLC not only use epithets and emotional blackmail against the people they hate, but profit from it.  The following article is from the magazine, The Social Contract, and their entire Spring 2010 issue is dedicated to the exposition of the “smear-mongering agenda of the Southern Poverty Law Center.” –Admin)

By John Vinson
Published in The Social Contract
Volume 20, Number 3 (Spring 2010)
Issue theme: “The Southern Poverty Law Center – A Special Report”
The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) recalls an observation about the Holy Roman Empire, i.e., it was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire. Aside from its location in Alabama, the SPLC is about as southern as William Tecumseh Sherman. It has little to do with assisting poor people and much to do with enriching its already well-heeled directors. And as for law, its strident advocacy on behalf of illegal aliens suggests that the rule of law is not exactly one of its top priorities.
The SPLC’s founder is lawyer Morris Dees. When he began his career his business partner, Millard Fuller, remarked, “Morris and I … shared the overriding purpose of making a lot of money. We were not particular about how we did it….”1 In 1961 Morris earned cash by doing some legal work for the Ku Klux Klan.2 Shortly thereafter, he claims, he had a conversion experience against racial prejudice. Even so, he did not start the SPLC until 1971, when, as many observers have noted, it was clear which side had won the civil rights struggle.
With Dees’ tireless self-promotion, the SPLC’s influence and fundraising capacities grew considerably. Its modus operandi was scaring little old liberals into thinking that Klansmen were lurking under every bed and bed sheet, and then pitching them for money. And the money kept on coming, even into the nineties, even when it became obvious to most folks that the Klan was a spent force of marginalized ne’er-do-wells often led by government informants.
After the SPLC set up operation in Montgomery, Alabama, it had a friendly relationship with the staff of the local newspaper The Montgomery Advertiser. “We parroted their press releases,” said Jim Tharp, the editor of the Advertiser. In time, however, Tharpe and others found that “things were amiss” at the SPLC, which led to an investigative series of articles.3 The Advertiser’s research found that the SPLC had amassed a huge amount of money using, in some cases, what Tharpe described as “questionable fundraising tactics.”4
“There was another problem,” said Tharpe, “with black employees at what was the nation’s richest civil rights organization…. Twelve out of 13 black current and former employees we contacted cited racism at the center, which was a shocker to me.”5 Perhaps Dees’ conversion from Klan shystering to civil rights wasn’t as complete as he had led people to believe. (more…)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Immigration Invasion Threatens America's Survival America is Drowning in Immigration, by Dr. Ed Fields

Immigration Invasion Threatens America's Survival
America is Drowning in Immigration, by Dr. Ed Fields
Sen. Richard Shelhy of Alabama recently stated: " What will happen to America when it is no longer a majority Anglo-Saxon nation ?" This question has very serious implications. Rather than engage in a rational discussion, one NAACP leader accused Sen. Shelby of "racism" and said "so what if the U.S. does become non-White ?" Why is Europe and North America so much further advanced than Africa, South America and all of Asia, except for Japan? Bear in mind that Africa has the richest natural resources of any continent in the world. Why is there such a great difference between the under-developed backward nations and the advanced industrialized countries ? Could it be that the inherited intelligence differences which show White people always testing 15 to 20 I.Q. points higher than Negroes (and people who are part Negro) is the reason ? Race is a very important factor which cannot be overlooked !
Remember that there is not a single black nation in Africa (or Haiti) which has ever had a true democratic form of government. Outside of Japan, there is not one Asiatic country which has a true democracy. None of these countries enforce laws protecting the rights of workers and most of them work at slave wages. While there is a population explosion in the backward Third World nations, the White birth rate has slipped below "population zero" which means we are no longer reproducing our own kind. Most Whites have fewer than two children per family and it takes 2.5 just to maintain our current percentage of the population. (Note: The White race today makes up only 11% of the world's total population.)

The world population was 2 billion in 1930, it jumped to 3 billion by 1960 and then to 5 billion in 1987. It will now double to 10 billion by the year 2005 (just 11 years away ) Living conditions in these overcrowded and disease wracked nations are so horrendous that the people desperately want to flee to America. Under present immigration laws, as approved by a derelict Congress, we will take in over 25 million additional legal immigrants over the next ten years. However this will not even begin to help alleviate the skyrocketing birthrate in the poor non-White nations. Some 80% of the world's population resides in the poverty ridden Third World countries. Mexicans have a phenomenal birth rate of 7 to 8 children per family. Mexico sends America more legal and illegal immigrants than any other country. At Mexico's present rate of growth, 34 million in 1960, skyrocketed to 72 million in 1980. They will explode to 129 million by the year 2,000 ! A majority of these people will be pressing to enter the U.S. one way or another. Mexico alone has the manpower to overwhelm and destroy our very society and standard of living. (Note: This high birthrate is the same in other non-White nations of South America and they all want to come here !)

The Coming immigration Catastrophe
America accepts more legal immigrants than all of the other industrialized nations of the world combined. The only reason for this is to provide low wage employees for big business. It is no accident that selfish, super-rich, corporate executives oppose any increase in the minimum wage. The problems caused by permitting this invasion of unskilled immigrants include;
1) Violent crime Illegals are responsible for a high percentage of violent crime in our major cities. The murderous Japanese Yakuza gang operates in Hawaii and Calif. The Chinese and Vietnamese gangs are especially vicious and function nation-wide in protection rackets and smuggling in other illegal aliens. There is the "Israeli Mafia" which engages in loan sharking, arson, etc. The Jamaican "posses" deal in cocaine. They have murdered 600 people over the past two years. Mexican gangs are in a constant state of war with black gangs in which many innocent people are killed. Some 30% of all the people in San Diego's jails are aliens. They cost $20,000 each a year to house. The law provides for the deportation of alien criminals. Last year only 19,199 were deported out of 425,000 convicted aliens. The "I don't give a damn" Congress has not appropriated enough money for the Immigration Service to deport these criminals who will eventually get out of prison and attack citizens again.
2) Lower wages for younger and older American workers are caused when huge numbers of immigrants join the competition for increasingly scarce jobs. Illegal aliens work in construction, manufacturing, as taxi drivers, for restaurants, laundries, and janitorial services. In Calif. and N.Y. garment industry sweat shops have been discovered paying illegal aliens as little as 96 cents an hour. A 1986 law, which made it a crime to hire illegal aliens, has been easily evaded with counterfeit Social Security cards which greedy employers are eager to accept.
Last year, the Immigration Service was only able to deport 11,628 aliens who were working illegally in America. (It is estimated there are 12 million illegals here and that 4 million hold down regular jobs.) American workers have always enjoyed high wages because in earlier times government leaders insured a labor shortage by strictly limiting immigration. Illegals are even taking high paying jobs and constitute 25% of those working in the "Silicon Valley" high-tech computer field. At one time it was a great privilege to be allowed into this country. Cornell University Prof. Vernon Briggs says that every 100 illegal aliens displace 65 American workers. If all illegal workers were deported, as required by law, unemployment would disappear tomorrow. However, today big business rules in Washington and they demand cheap labor. Thus, with a huge surplus of cheap immigrant workers there is great pressure for people to accept lower wages or not work at all !
3) Welfare and social services have been overwhelmed by immigrants. Of those seeking free medical care in Southern California, over 50% are immigrants. Medi-Cal reports that 96,000 babies were born in California last year whose parents are illegals. The cost was $811 million. Some 456,000 i11egaI alien children attend Calif. Schools at the shocking expense of $1.7 billion a year to the taxpayers. Over 18,000 illegal alien criminals are in Calif. prisons at the annual cost of over $375 million. There is a serious flaw in the U.S. Constitution which makes anyone born in this country an automatic citizen. The Mexicans know about this and it opens the door for the parents to become citizens and after that they are free to bring in a long chain of relatives.

Studies find that 90% of all illegal aliens would like to go on welfare. Some 64.846 will eventually obtain some form of welfare. It should be noted that while they do have free (but inferior) medical care back in their home countries there are no other welfare benefits. Sister Ann Wisda, of the Catholic Church in Okla., told the "Lawton Constitution" that: "90% have no intention of obtaining a job until they are forced to do so. The welfare mind has taken control of them and all they want to do is sponge off the American people." States whose budgets have been wrecked by the burden of illegal aliens are Calif., New York, Illinois, Florida and Texas. The national cost to the taxpayers is over $30 billion per year.
4) Social Security has been especially hard hit with aliens bringing their elderly parents here. Dr. Fields once held meetings in a Rome, Ga. motel owned by a Mr. Patel. One day he said: " I am going to the Atlanta Airport to pick up my parents who are moving here from India. Did you know that I will have to wait three months before they can begin collecting SSI ?" He was obviously upset. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Over 450,000 elderly aliens, who never paid a dime into Social Security, collect SSI.

5) Minorities will become the majority by the year 2050 and perhaps as early as 2025 if the spiral of illegal immigration is not checked. Our current population will skyrocket from 250 million today to nearly 400 million by the year 2050. All of this growth will come from non-White groups, We already see a serious breakdown in law and order with Mexicans fighting blacks in Los Angeles, Jews and blacks fighting one another in New York City. Dominicans in Washington have engaged in two major riots. Even Haitian blacks have fought with U.S. blacks in Miami.
Throughout history the most harmonious nations have always been those in which the people are all of the same racial group. Japan, and all of Europe (except non-White cities) are very peaceful and law abiding. Calcutta, India, (described as the hell-hole of the world), has over 300,000 homeless street people, wrenching poverty, horrible diseases, such as the deadly cholera. One would think that this would be a lawless city.
No, it is very safe in Calcutta and violent crime is nearly unknown. The police do not even carry guns. There were only 22 murders last year in this city of 9 million. WHY ? Because it is made up of one race of people - THE INDIANS - they have respect for one another and do not want their own people harmed. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A HARMONIOUS MULTI-RACIAL SOCIETY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD !
How Did We get Into This immigration Trap

Throughout American history far-sighted leaders have sought to preserve the White uropean makeup of the nation. Long ago, the "National Origins Act, " was enacted to ensure that the descendants of the original stock of the founding fathers would governthis nation forever. Thus immigration has always favored such countries as England, Germany, Ireland, France, etc. Blacks and Asians were not allowed to immigrate here at all. In fact, immigration was 80% White European until 1965. Today it is only 10% White.
Jewish organizations wanted to change the law so that more of their people could immigrate here. Sen. Jacob Javitz of New York and Rep. "Manny" Celler from Brooklyn, supported by all of the powerful Jewish organizations, worked feverishly for years in support of the Javitz-Celler Immigration Bill. They enlisted liberals and certain church groups with an appeal, "to help the poor and downtrodden peoples of the Ihird World." Anyone who opposed this change in our historic immigration policy was said to be "biased" against non-Whites. (The word "racism" was not "coined" unti1 1972.) The Javitz-Celler Immigration Bill barely passed in the Congress in 1965. So as not to frighten the citizenry, it called for "only" 170,000 immigrants a year.
However, without fanfare this has been steadily increased to 270,000 by the Congress in 1976 with no more than 20,000 from any one country. Rep. Peter Rodino demanded that, "family reunification must be promoted regardless of its implications on the job market." This is when immigration got totally out of control. The liberal Congress exempted India, Korea, Mexico and the Philippines from the 20,000 per year limit. Pres. Jimmy Carter started the "refugee program" in 1980 when he welcomed Castro's "Mariel boatlift" of 125,000 refugees, of whom 40,000 were from Cuba's prisons and insane asylums. Later the phony "refugee program" was expanded to help nearly one million Vietnamese and Cambodians to enter America with pzyments of $4,500 to $7,000 per refugee (for resettlement expenses) and instant total welfare benefits to anyone designated as a "refugee". Jewish groups went to work to increase the annual number of Russian Jews moving to America to 40,000 with all being automatically granted the richly rewarding "refugee" status. Of the 150,000 "refugees" allowed in annually a study found that only 8% were actually persecuted back in their home countries.
Jews are the only group which does not have to "prove" any type of persecution, mainly because of the "holocaust". Exceptions were also made for Haitians (over half a million). 250,000 Salvadoras or l0% of that country's population which now lives in Los Angeles) along with over 200,000 Nicaraguans (none have returned home, despite the war having ended in both countties.) The foreign born have become so powerful politically that most in Congress continue to pander to their demands with ever more concessions. Study the chart on this page and you will see that immigration has hit the astronomical number of 1,827,000 ending with 1992. This spiraling of immigration increased again when the Congress voted 231 to 192 to grant "amnesty" to millions of illegal aliens in 1988. A switch of only 20 votes in the House could have blocked "amnesty". Today Mexico sends the largest number of immigrants (55,000 a year). Russian Jews are second totalling 40,000 a year (with automatic refugee status).

Political Influence Of Immigrant Groups
Both minority and immigrant groups favor liberal members of the Democratic Party because they are prone to "take from the haves and give to the have nots." Thus they vote for socialist left-wing candidates. Unfortunately, some 10% of the White people will also vote for Marxist candidates. This is why there is a danger of the "Liberalism" of a Clinton presidency turning into a "Communist" type government. White Europeans are by their very nature a freedom loving people. This is not in the historic makeup of any of the present immigrant groups now invading America. We are faced with a very dangerous situation and our children's future is at stake. They will be here in the year 2025 (or before) when White people will be referred to as "that despised minority. They will face an all-powerful, non-White government of people who today are already extremely hostile towards White people.

77% Want Immigration Lowered
A Roper Poll found that 77% of the American people want immigration reduced because they believe that it poses a threat to our standard of living. Another 55% would like to see a "moratorium" on all immigration. This means that for a period of time all immigration, both legal and illegal, would be STOPPED! Does the Congress listen to the will of the people, or to the selfish big business elements who want more cheap labor ? With a total disdain for the wishes of the American majority the Congress continues to vote to bring in additional millions of Third World immigrants.

North Carolina Senator Robert Rice Reynolds, way back in 1939, saw the beginning of this problem. He introduced an important three point Bill:
A) Register and fingerprint all aliens so that their whereabouts would be known at all times.
B) Deport immediately all aliens who commit crime.
C) Stop all immigration for a period of ten years (a moratorilun) so that current immigrants could be absorbed.

Sen. Reynolds served in the U.S. Senate for 12 years retired in 1945. He popularized the slogan "America For the Americans". His program is urgently needed today.

What About The Birthright Of Our Children ?
The Founding Fathers wanted America to be a safe haven of freedom and liberty for the descendants of European stock for all time to come. This is "The Birthright" of our children, grand children and all descendants for all time to come! The GREAT forefathers never intended, nor in their wildest dreams ever imagined, that one day their seed would live under the heel of despotic black, yellow and brown people's rule. These races have always shown a hostility toward White Europeans. Why is the Congress not standing up and defending the rights of White European Americans ?
How many Congressmen in recent years have gone on TV and said that: "If you vote to for me I will support legblation to bring in unlimited numbers of immigrants and refugees." You know the answer to this question -- not one of them ever stated their true intentions on the immigration front. As for the few who have offered meek resistance -- how many have ever made the question of immigration a major part of their campaign speeches ? How many have ever discussed this question with their constituents. at all -- WHEN THIS GREAT ISSUE DWARFS ALL OTHER SUBJECTS ! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER ISSUE MORE IMPORTANT ! WHAT DO ALL THE OTHER QUESTIONS MATTER IF AMERICA IS GOING TO SINK UNDER THE BURDEN OF COLORED IMMIGRATION -- NEVER TO RISE AGAIN ?

What Can I Do In This Hour Of Crisis ?
Immigration is the issue of the hour. "The America First Party" is the only organization which takes an open stand for the ten year moratorium plan to stop all immigration. You can join this New Party. Also, this "Immigration Truth Tract" gives you, in one quick reading, all of the major facts which you need to alert others. Sinister forces are feverishly working like termites within the government to make this a non-White nation against the wishes of the vast majority of White European Americans. Gen. Leonard Chapman, former head of the Immigration Service says: Illegal immigration is ant of control and two million illegals enter the U.S. each year.
Some 20 million people have applied to legally move here and 1.6 million "relatives" of the recently naturalized are in the pipeline right now.

Our children face a nightmare future unless we join together and act NOW ! Write your Congressman to vote to stop all immigration. We demand that the outrageous "refugee" ripoff of the taxpayers be abolished ! Let's unite to vote out those who support "open immigration" and let's run candidates far office who will fight TO STOP ALL IMMIGRATION !

Please help us awaken the nation by ordering copies of this tract and distributing them. Our goal is to distribute one million copies this year ! Let us open the eyes of every concerned citizen. This conspiracy can be halted if we all work together immediately, while our numbers still make up 70% of the U.S. population. Write us TODAY!

What is 'Holocaust Denial'?

What is 'Holocaust Denial'?

By Barbara Kulaszka

In recent years, considerable attention has been devoted to the supposed danger of "Holocaust denial." Politicians, newspapers and television warn about the growing influence of those who reject the Holocaust story that some six million European Jews were systematically exterminated during the Second World War, most of them in gas chambers.

In several countries, including Israel, France, Germany and Austria, "Holocaust denial" is against the law, and "deniers" have been punished with stiff fines and prison sentences. Some Jewish community leaders have called for similar measures in North America. In Canada, David Matas, Senior Counsel for the "League for Human Rights" of the Zionist B'nai B'rith organization, says: [1]

“The Holocaust was the murder of six million Jews, including two million children. Holocaust denial is a second murder of those same six million. First their lives were extinguished; then their deaths. A person who denies the Holocaust becomes part of the crime of the Holocaust itself.”

Often overlooked in this controversy is the crucial question: Just what constitutes "Holocaust denial"?

Six Million?

Should someone be considered a "Holocaust denier" because he does not believe – as Matas and many others insist – that six million Jews were killed during World War II? This figure was cited by the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg in 1945-1946. It found that "the policy pursued [by the German government] resulted in the killing of six million Jews, of which four million were killed in the extermination institutions." [2]

Yet if that is so, then several of the most prominent Holocaust historians could be regarded as "deniers." Professor Raul Hilberg, author of the standard reference work, The Destruction of the European Jews, does not accept that six million Jews died. He puts the total of deaths (from all causes) at 5.1 million. Gerald Reitlinger, author of The Final Solution, likewise did not accept the six million figure. He estimated the figure of Jewish wartime dead might be as high as 4.6 million, but admitted that this was conjectural due to a lack of reliable information.

Human Soap?

Is someone a "Holocaust denier" if he says that the Nazis did not make soap from the corpses of murdered Jews? After considering the evidence – including an actual bar of soap supplied by the Soviets – the Nuremberg Tribunal declared in its Judgment that "in some instances attempts were made to utilize the fat from the bodies of the victims in the commercial manufacture of soap." [3]

In 1990, though, Israel's official Yad Vashem Holocaust center “rewrote history" by admitting that the soap story was not true. "Historians have concluded that soap was not made from human fat. When so many people deny the Holocaust ever happened, why give them something to use against the truth?," said Yad Vashem official Shmuel Krakowski. [4]

Wannsee Conference?

Is someone a "Holocaust denier" if he does not accept that the January 1942 "Wannsee conference" of German bureaucrats was held to set or coordinate a program of systematic mass murder of Europe's Jews? If so, Israeli Holocaust historian Yehuda Bauer must be wrong – and a "Holocaust denier" – because he declared: "The public still repeats, time after time, the silly story that at Wannsee the extermination of the Jews was arrived at." In Bauer's opinion, Wannsee was a meeting but "hardly a conference" and "little of what was said there was executed in detail." [5]

Extermination Policy?

Is someone a "Holocaust denier" if he says that there was no order by Hitler to exterminate Europe's Jews? There was a time when the answer would have been yes. Holocaust historian Raul Hilberg, for example, wrote in the 1961 edition of his study, The Destruction of the European Jews, that there were two Hitler orders for the destruction of Europe's Jews: the first given in the spring of 1941, and the second shortly thereafter. But Hilberg removed mention of any such order from the revised, three-volume edition of his book published in 1985. [6] As Holocaust historian Christopher Browning has noted: [7]

“In the new edition, all references in the text to a Hitler decision or Hitler order for the `Final Solution’ have been systematically excised. Buried at the bottom of a single footnote stands the solitary reference: `Chronology and circumstances point to a Hitler decision before the summer ended.’ In the new edition, decisions were not made and orders were not given.”

A lack of hard evidence for an extermination order by Hitler has contributed to a controversy that divides Holocaust historians into "intentionalists" and "functionalists." The former contend that there was a premeditated extermination policy ordered by Hitler, while the latter hold that Germany's wartime "final solution" Jewish policy evolved at lower levels in response to circumstances. But the crucial point here is this: notwithstanding the capture of literally tons of German documents after the war, no one can point to documentary evidence of a wartime extermination order, plan or program. This was admitted by Professor Hilberg during his testimony in the 1985 trial in Toronto of German-Canadian publisher Ernst Zündel. [8]


So just what constitutes "Holocaust denial"? Surely a claim that most Auschwitz inmates died from disease and not systematic extermination in gas chambers would be "denial." But perhaps not. Jewish historian Arno J. Mayer, a Princeton University professor, wrote in his 1988 study Why Did the Heavens Not Darken?: The 'Final Solution' in History: “…From 1942 to 1945, certainly at Auschwitz , but probably overall, more Jews were killed by so-called 'natural' causes than by 'unnatural' ones." [9]

Even estimates of the number of people who died at Auschwitz – allegedly the main extermination center – are no longer clear cut. At the postwar Nuremberg Tribunal, the Allies charged that the Germans exterminated four million people at Auschwitz. [10] Until 1990, a memorial plaque at Auschwitz read: "Four Million People Suffered and Died Here at the Hands of the Nazi Murderers Between the Years 1940 and 1945." [11]

Is it "Holocaust denial" to dispute these four million deaths? Not today. In July 1990, the Polish government's Auschwitz State Museum, along with Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust center, conceded that the four million figure was a gross exaggeration, and references to it were accordingly removed from the Auschwitz monument. Israeli and Polish officials announced a tentative revised toll of 1.1 million Auschwitz dead. [12] In 1993, French Holocaust researcher Jean-Claude Pressac, in a much-discussed book about Auschwitz, estimated that altogether about 775,000 died there during the war years. [13]

Professor Mayer acknowledges that the question of how many really died in Auschwitz remains open. In Why Did the Heavens Not Darken? he wrote: [14}

“… Many questions remain open ... All in all, how many bodies were cremated in Auschwitz? How many died there all told? What was the national, religious, and ethnic breakdown in this commonwealth of victims? How many of them were condemned to die a 'natural' death and how many were deliberately slaughtered? And what was the proportion of Jews among those murdered in cold blood among these gassed? We have simply no answers to these questions at this time.”

Gas Chambers

What about denying the existence of extermination "gas chambers"? Here too, Mayer makes a startling statement: “Sources for the study of the gas chambers are at once rare and unreliable." While Mayer believes that such chambers did exist at Auschwitz, he points out that “most of what is known is based on the depositions of Nazi officials and executioners at postwar trials and on the memory of survivors and bystanders. This testimony must be screened carefully, since it can be influenced by subjective factors of great complexity.” [15}

Höss Testimony

One example of this might be the testimony of Rudolf Höss, an SS officer who served as commandant of Auschwitz. In its Judgment, the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal quoted at length from his testimony to support its findings of extermination. [16]

It is now well established that Höss’ crucial testimony, as well as his so-called "confession" – which was also cited by the Nuremberg Tribunal – are not only false, but were obtained by beating the former commandant nearly to death. [17] Höss' wife and children were also threatened with death and deportation to Siberia. In his statement – which would not be admissible today in any United States court of law – Höss claimed the existence of an extermination camp called "Wolzek." In fact, no such camp ever existed. He further claimed that during the time that he was commandant of Auschwitz, two and a half million people were exterminated there, and that a further half million died of disease. [18] Today no reputable historian upholds these figures. Höss was obviously willing to say anything, sign anything and do anything to stop the torture, and to try to save himself and his family.

Forensic Investigations

In his 1988 book, Professor Mayer calls for "excavations at the killing sites and in their immediate environs" to determine more about the gas chambers. In fact, such forensic studies have been made. The first was conducted in 1988 by American execution equipment consultant, Fred A. Leuchter, Jr. He carried out an on-site forensic examination of the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek to determine if they could have been used to kill people as claimed. After a careful study of the alleged killing facilities, Leuchter concluded that the sites were not used, and could not have been used, as homicidal gas chambers. Furthermore, an analysis of samples taken by Leuchter from the walls and floors of the alleged gas chambers showed either no or minuscule traces of cyanide compound, from the active ingredient of Zyklon B, the pesticide allegedly used to murder Jews at Auschwitz. [19]

A confidential forensic examination (and subsequent report) commissioned by the Auschwitz State Museum and conducted by Institute of Forensic Research in Krakow has confirmed Leuchter's finding that minimal or no traces of cyanide compound can be found in the sites alleged to have been gas chambers. [20]

The significance of this is evident when the results of the forensic examination of the alleged homicidal gas chambers are compared with the results of the examination of the Auschwitz disinfestation facilities, where Zyklon B was used to delouse mattresses and clothing. Whereas no or only trace amounts of cyanide were found in the alleged homicidal gas chambers, massive traces of cyanide were found in the walls and floor in the camp's disinfestation delousing chambers.

Another forensic study was carried out by German chemist Germar Rudolf. On the basis of his on-site examination and analysis of samples, the certified chemist and doctoral candidate concluded: "For chemical-technical reasons, the claimed mass gassings with hydrocyanic acid in the alleged 'gas chambers' in Auschwitz did not take place ... The supposed facilities for mass killing in Auschwitz and Birkenau were not suitable for this purpose..." [21]

There is also the study of Austrian engineer Walter Lüftl, a respected expert witness in numerous court cases, and former president of Austria's professional association of engineers. In a 1992 report he called the alleged mass extermination of Jews in gas chambers "technically impossible." [22]

Discredited Perspective

So just what constitutes "Holocaust denial"? Those who support criminal persecution of "Holocaust deniers" seem to be still living in the world of 1946 where the Allied officials of the Nuremberg Tribunal have just pronounced their verdict. But the Tribunal's findings can no longer be assumed to be valid. Because it relied so heavily on such untrustworthy evidence as the Höss testimony, some of its most critical findings are now discredited.

For purposes of their own, powerful special interest groups desperately seek to keep substantive discussion of the Holocaust story taboo. One of the ways they do this is by purposely mischaracterizing revisionist scholars as "deniers." But the truth can't be suppressed forever: There is a very real and growing controversy about what actually happened to Europe's Jews during World War II.

Let this issue be settled as all great historical controversies are resolved: through free inquiry and open debate in our journals, newspapers and classrooms.


1. The Globe and Mail (Toronto), Jan. 22, 1992.

2. Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal (IMT "blue series"), Vol. 22, p. 496.

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This essay is adapted from a text first published in 1992 by the Canadian Free Speech League.

About the Author

Barbara Kulaszka is a Canadian lawyer who practices law in Brighton, Ontario. She is best known for her work in free speech cases. During the 1988 “Holocaust trial” in Toronto, she served a co-counsel (with Doug Christie) for defendant Ernst Zundel. In 1999 she was awarded the “George Orwell Award” by the Canadian Free Speech League.

Helen Thomas Stands up to Israel

Helen Thomas Stands up to Israel

by Jeff Davis

One little old lady isn’t going to grovel before the Jewish power structure. Helen Thomas, a reporter who has been firing gutsy questions at presidents of the United States for longer than most of us have been alive, recently got in trouble for suggesting the Jews should leave Palestine.

The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reports: “Former White House correspondent Helen Thomas has acknowledged she touched a nerve with remarks about Israel that led to her retirement. But she says the comments were ‘exactly what I thought,’ even though she realized soon afterward that it was the end of her job. ‘I hit the third rail. You cannot criticize Israel in this country and survive,’ Thomas told Ohio station WMRN-AM in a sometimes emotional 35-minute interview that aired Tuesday. It was recorded a week earlier by WMRN reporter Scott Spears at Thomas’ Washington, D.C., condominium.”

I thought we had Free Speech in America. Why then do so many people lose their jobs for telling the truth about the Jews or the minorities? You can’t fire someone because they are Black, but you can sure as heck fire someone for an offhand remark that their employer doesn’t approve of. Maybe free speech should be protected –that seems like a much more important “civil right” for a free people.

Ha’aretz goes on: “Thomas, 90, stepped down from her job as a columnist for Hearst News Service in June after a rabbi and independent filmmaker videotaped her outside the White House calling on Israelis to get out of Palestine. She gave up her front row seat in the White House press room, where she had aimed often pointed questions at 10 presidents, going back to Eisenhower. She has kept a low profile since then. ‘It was very hard for the first two weeks. After that, I came out of my coma,’ said Thomas, whose parents immigrated to the U.S. from Lebanon. Rabbi David Nesenoff, who runs the website, said he approached Thomas after he’d been at the White House for Jewish Heritage Day on May 27. He asked whether she had any comments on Israel. ‘Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine,’ she replied. ‘Remember, these people are occupied and it’s their land. It’s not Germany, it’s not Poland,’ she continued. Asked where they should go, she answered, ‘They should go home.’ ‘Where’s home?’ Nesenoff asked. ‘Poland, Germany and America and everywhere else,’ Thomas replied. ‘I told him exactly what I thought,’ she told Spears…”

A 60-year career went right down the tubes for speaking out loud two or three sentences containing a forbidden truth. Maybe Helen Thomas thought after all those years in the very seat of power that she was immune from the Unwritten Rules. She found out different. The Jews had to make an example of her, specifically to show that no one, no one, within the System may utter a single critical word about Israel and expect to “survive” in the professional sense. Ironically, it is incidents like these which prove the very point some of these celebrities are trying to make about the power of the Jews.

Americans don’t like being told what to do or what to say. Whether it’s a growing list of politically correct taboos or simple Jewish tyranny. There’s a growing rebellion here in America, and the Tea party is only the start of it. Just wait until we get to the Jewish problem.

The Talmud and Deception

What kind of religion sanctions deception and immorality for the sake of political goals? Orthodox Talmudic Judaism. The Babylonian Talmud encourages Jews to cheat and deceive Gentiles whenever necessary! In fact, "by way of deception" is the motto of Israel's spy agency Mossad. Official license to deceive and even commit sexual immorality was seen in Israel this week.
Orthodox Rabbi Ari Shvat responded to a female student's question about the morality of seducing and sleeping with an enemy. " I was asked a question by a student of mine who was a religious girl that had been recruited by the Mossad. She wanted to know if a woman was allowed to do this kind of work." Shvat ruled yes and published an essay in Tehumin, an annual collection of articles on law and modernity. The Jewish World summarizes: "A new Halachic study ruled that seducing an enemy for the sake of national security is an important mitzvah" It is, in fact, an "utmost mitzvah" (legal command). Shvat's work was published by the Tzomet Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to "seamlessly merging Judaism with modern Israeli life."

In the ruling, Shvat says women can be "used to seduce enemy agents in order to cajole information out of them or see them captured." Jewish World says such women were used to capture nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu and to assassinate a senior Hamas operative in Dubai last January. Such deception, says the rabbi, is "Halacha," or binding Talmudic law. Even with homicidal intent, he writes, "sexual intercourse with a Gentile for the sake of a national cause is not only sanctioned, but is a highly important mitzvahOur Sages of Blessed Memory elevate such acts of dedication to the top of the Halacha's mitzvahs pyramid."
Rabbi Yisrael Rosen, head of Tzomet Institute and editor-in-chief of Tehumin, called the study "daring and importantAlthough it is highly unlikely that Mossad agents will seek rabbinical advice, this essay is very important and courageous. The author is versed in religious discourse and even conservative rabbis would surely agree with his thesis."

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Governments and the Mortgage Crises

ADV Broadcast Of October 16, 2010

Hello, and welcome back to another broadcast of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America’s foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I’m your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

Ideally, the main purpose of a government is to ensure the well-being of its citizens. Up to this point in history, that ideal has mostly been approached from the standpoint of keeping a nation’s citizens safe and healthy. When something has threatened a nation’s people, responsible governments in the past have taken actions to defuse the threat. Sometimes, of course, defusing a threat has called for the deployment of military personnel and the resultant loss of life of some of those personnel. But the rationale behind governments using the military is that to NOT do so would endanger ALL of the nation, and because the nation as a whole must be preserved, the snuffing out of the lives of some of the nation’s soldiers is a price that governments are willing to pay.

The citizens of a nation are willing to pay that price, too, as long as it is generally believed that the government’s use of the military is for both the immediate and long-term good of the country. In 1941, not all Americans were convinced that America’s entry into the ongoing war in Europe and in the Pacific would be in our nation’s best interest. That’s why there was a vocal anti-interventionist movement, led by groups such as the America First Committee, and why there was broad-based support for that movement among the general population.

Of course, as we know, the American Jewish establishment at the time was practically frothing at the mouth to bring down Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany for making Germany such a Jew-unfriendly place. And so with the Jewish press softening up the public for war, Franklin D. Roosevelt and his power-mad co-conspirator Winston Churchill cooked up a way to force Japan into a corner, where its only options were to roll over or lash out at its diplomatic and economic antagonists. The predictable outcome occurred just as Roosevelt planned; the Japanese struck back, bombing Pearl Harbor in what mainstream historians falsely call an unprovoked attack. That act of aggression – which was certainly provoked, let there be no doubt about that – was enough to push the American people over the edge, convincing them that war was the only option. The Jews were thrilled and the rest, as they say, is history.

To say that World War II ended in a net positive for the United States is to view that war’s outcome from an almost childish win-loss perspective. Yes, the United States was on the winning side in the war, and that always makes the hardcore flag wavers feel good. But from a White racialist standpoint – and, I might add, from a human decency standpoint – the outcome of that war was almost entirely negative.

For instance, the most obvious outward effect of the war was that communism made its debut on the world stage as THE force to be reckoned with. Although the Soviet Union had sustained frightful losses during the war, it emerged stronger, just as a muscle that has been worked nearly to exhaustion over a sustained period grows bigger and stronger, despite its bouts of fatigue and near-collapse. Stalin’s communist cancer took over the eastern half of Europe, making puppet states and even bringing its tyranny into the one country whose leader had long before recognized communism for what it really was: a state in which no account is taken of the value of the individual citizen.

Besides enslaving half of Europe and forcing untold millions of its own citizens into slavery in the Gulag work camps, the Soviet Union was instrumental in helping Chinese communists under Mao Zedong seize power in the late 1940s. Despite the ideological split between Soviet and Chinese communists that began in the late 1950s and continued to grow until the breakup of the Soviet Union, it is an historical fact that – early on – Chairman Mao was given a healthy boost of support from that infamous Soviet butcher: the self-styled “Father of the Peoples,” Joseph Stalin.

Germany, of course, and to a lesser extent Japan and Italy, intended to crush communism before it could spread further, which is why Hitler launched Operation Barbarossa – the invasion of the Soviet Union – in June of 1941. Hitler knew better than anyone the true nature of the communist beast and made no secret of his intent to protect the best interests of Germany and the German people against its venom.

Interestingly enough, although Politically Correct historians snicker at the fact that Hitler had little in the way of steady and gainful employment following Germany’s surrender in World War I, it was precisely BECAUSE Hitler didn’t have a steady job during those years that he was able to assess the true nature and intent of the social and political forces of his day more accurately than anyone else. Aside from the fact that there basically WEREN’T jobs to be had in the so-called Weimar Republic, supposing Hitler had HAD one, he wouldn’t have had the time to foresee where the communists intended for Germany to go. But he DID see, and he had no intention of handing his beloved Fatherland over to the communists, and vowed to crush the treacherous ideology.

But thanks to Roosevelt, Hitler never had the chance to really focus on strangling the serpent of Soviet communism. Before the crusade – to destroy, incidentally, NOT Russia, but rather communism IN Russia – was even half a year old, Roosevelt had pushed the United States into the conflict, simultaneously sealing the fate of Germany and saving the Soviet Union. The fact that, in the decades following the war, communism in Russia and in Eastern Europe has sunk back down into the filthy swamps from which it came doesn’t undo all of the pain endured by humanity and by the Earth itself under the lash of communism. The recent environmental debacle in Hungary is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ecological consequences of a political ideology that, not unlike laissez-faire capitalism, views natural and human resources alike as mere cogs in the machine.

On that topic, it seems to me that the only essential economic difference between communism and laissez-faire capitalism is that, while communism runs roughshod over people and the planet in order to satisfy government-imposed production quotas, capitalism instead runs roughshod over people and the planet in order to satisfy the voracious money-appetite of whomever has the tenacity to gather the gold. Fortunately, in the West, laissez-faire capitalism is largely a matter of history, and the inherent social conscience of the White man has, more or less, tried to ensure clean air, clean soil, and clean water for everyone. Not that we’ve entirely succeeded on that count, but the environmental damage sustained by Eastern Europe in the few decades it suffered under communism is orders-of-magnitude worse than what we have inflicted on ourselves here in the West.

Anyway, it is obvious that throughout history, governments that were supposed to be concerned about the welfare of their own citizens weren’t always doing so. Sometimes, as in the case of Stalin, a power-seeking leader enslaves the people and forces them to toil for his glorification. Sometimes, as in the case of Franklin D. Roosevelt, a leader’s egocentric personality and his desire to flatter powerful special interests combine to result in a nation working against the best interests of its own future. And sometimes the system itself is so structured that it puts the needs of a select few before the needs of the whole population.

The present crisis in the so-called “mortgage industry” is a prime example of the few benefiting at the expense of the many. Just so that we are all on the same page, a mortgage constitutes an agreement between a lender and borrower whereby the lender gives a certain amount of money to a borrower in order to purchase a piece of property; a house, for instance. The borrower agrees to repay the amount borrowed, plus interest. If the borrower defaults on the loan (that is, if he is unable to make his payments to the lender), then the lender seizes the property, becoming wealthier not only in that regard, but the lender also gets to keep all of the payments made to him by the borrower up to that time. The lender can then re-sell the foreclosed property and make even more money.

Like all loans, mortgages are based on the principle of what used to be called usury, which is the loaning of money at interest. Today, the term usury has come to mean “the loaning of money at exorbitant rates of interest,” but we are splitting hairs. Who is to say what is or is not an exorbitant rate of interest? The idea is the same: The lender gives a certain amount of money to the borrower, who agrees to pay back the lender not only the original amount, but also the additional interest. There are various ways to structure loans, which means that the interest on a loan can be calculated in several ways, but what is ALWAYS the same in our current system is that the borrower must pay back MORE than he borrowed. Not that that in itself is the worst idea ever, but interest can get, in my mind, out of hand. In the case of home mortgages, which have terms of perhaps 30 years, what is paid back is sometimes WAY more than what was borrowed. It isn’t unusual, over a period of several decades, for a borrower to pay back three to five times what was originally borrowed.

Well, with the American economy being the way it’s been for the last few years, some ordinary Americans have been having a tough time keeping up with their mortgage payments. Because of that, homes are being foreclosed at an astonishing rate. In August 2010 alone, banks seized over 95,000 homes from borrowers who couldn’t make the payments. One in four homes now sold in the U.S. are foreclosed properties that mortgage companies re-selling to make even more money, on top of the payments that the previous occupant made.

So it is no wonder that some observers have decided that the mortgage business is a complete money-sucking racket. They take your payments for as long as you can make them, but when your job gets shipped to Southeast Asia and you can’t help but default on your loan, they’ll evict you and take the property back.

And it has come to light recently that virtually the entire mortgage industry has been doing some shady paperwork with regard to foreclosed properties: issuing fraudulent documents to evict delinquent occupants and seizing properties without having a clear ownership of the mortgages, for example. In other words, they have been taking shortcuts and throwing their weight around to make more money at the expense of the rest of us, trusting that the naiveté of the public about financial matters will keep the secret under the table.

Well, now there have been calls in Congress for a national moratorium on foreclosures; that is, a nationwide freeze on the sale of foreclosed homes until the situation can be resolved. Most mortgage companies have halted the sales of their foreclosed properties in the 23 states that require a court order to evict occupants; some have added additional states to that list. They are bringing in armies of accountants to audit their recent foreclosure activities. The mortgage companies are bracing for what could possibly be a wave of lawsuits by borrowers who are fighting to keep their homes. And I happened to see a very touchy-feely JP Morgan Chase commercial on television the other night; obviously, the folks at JP Morgan are doing some damage control, trying to head off the negative publicity right at the start.

The Obama Administration, too, is treating the situation rather lightly, as though it is simply a minor matter of not all of the i’s being dotted and the t’s being crossed on the mortgage paperwork. Obama doesn’t want a national moratorium on foreclosures because he is interested in economic recovery, and he and everybody else knows that a nationwide freeze on the sale of foreclosed properties will prolong the recession.

At least, that is what is being put out there for us to believe. Maybe the advisors to Obama have told him that their buddies are in the mortgage business, and that the public simply needs to be told to stay out of the way and let the mortgage companies do their internal audits. If there is no governmental investigation and the mortgage companies are allowed to police themselves in this matter, then we can be sure that the results of those audits turn up nothing earthshaking – just a few misfiled papers, nothing to worry about. And that might be the case even IF the government launches an investigation; after all, there are rich and powerful men who could lose a lot of money if this doesn’t go right.

Historically, of course, the Jewish people have been the kingpins in the world of finance. The American poet and visionary Ezra Pound noticed this during the First World War, which prompted him to work in propaganda radio for fascist Italy – against the interests of Jewish high finance – during the Second World War. The German National Socialists gained power largely by educating the masses of Germans about the financial straightjacket the Jews had tied around Germany.

The world of finance is still a murky business, and when a government puts its interests ahead of those of the nation’s citizens – as our government appears to be doing with the mortgage crisis – it is a clear sign that something needs to change.

Join the National Alliance and help us make those changes.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sex and Lies in Israel.

Exposing The Holocaust Story

Exposing The Holocaust Story
Posted by Robert Ransdell on: 2010-10-13 22:20:16

ADV Broadcast Of October 9, 2010

Hello, and welcome back to another edition of American Dissident Voices, the Internet radio program of North America's foremost racialist organization, the National Alliance. I'm your host and the Chairman of the Alliance, Erich Gliebe.

The so-called “Holocaust” has played a big role in the Western world for many decades. In fact, it is not too much to say that the history and politics of the West since the Second World War has been shaped, in one way or another, by the events that purportedly happened in the Holocaust. Our children spend many days in school studying the Holocaust, and not just at one grade level; children of every age in the public schools are taught about what supposedly happened during that period of European history.

And the Holocaust affects people’s behavior. There are certainly some White people out there – the timid ones – who feel in their hearts that the current racial situation is destroying our people, but because of their blind belief in the Holocaust, they refuse to join and contribute to an organization like the National Alliance that is trying to remedy the situation. These fearful Whites can’t bear to be perceived as sharing a similar ideology to those people – namely, the German National Socialists – who supposedly killed millions of people... deliberately.

What exactly IS the mainstream party line on the Holocaust? In broad outline, that question is pretty easy to answer.

According to the Jews and their allies, the Holocaust was the attempt, on the part of the German National Socialists, to exterminate the race of the Jews. The Germans conceived the plan and tried to carry it out by rounding up Jews from all over Europe, shipping them off to “death camps,” and then killing them, usually using the delousing agent Zyklon-B. Masses of Jews were herded into more-or-less sealed rooms, and then gaseous Zyklon-B was forced into the rooms, killing the unfortunate victims. Most of the victims were then cremated. This extermination process resulted in the deaths of six million Jews and millions of others, including Gypsies, homosexuals, and political criminals.

That is, in essence, the “official” version of the Holocaust, and all of the “official” sources pretty much agree on the above-mentioned generalities. But if one tries to sift through the glut of so-called “information” on the subject in search of specifics, he is in for a long, discouraging, and wearisome struggle. His labors will most likely turn up only a jumble of contradicting claims and obvious exaggerations. The “specifics” are not specific at all, and in fact are rather fuzzy. Although essentially all of the “approved” Holocaust literature toes the line when it comes to the 6-million-Jews figure, there are many gross and impossible-to-discount discrepancies in the details, especially when one sees how the “official” version has changed through the years.

As a startling instance, it was alleged early on that 4 of the 6 million Jews were killed at Birkenau, the alleged “death camp” that was part of the Auschwitz series of camps in Poland. That number has today been reduced to 1 million, but the official “6 million” number remains unchanged. Where were the 3 million Jews once thought to have to been killed at Birkenau REALLY killed? None of the official mythmakers want to make a guess about that. And there are countless other discrepancies that have been documented by revisionist historians from many different countries.

But what effect has the Holocaust had on post-World War II events? Here are a few examples of that effect, from the many that could be cited.

The Holocaust has resulted in an enormous, Jewish extortion racket. Beginning in 1952, what was then West Germany began sending reparations payments to the State of Israel and to individual Holocaust survivors and their families. Those reparations continue in the reunited Germany of today, through the so-called German Foundation, whose motto is, “Remembrance, Responsibility, and the Future.” Evidently, that ISN’T the future of the German people they are referring to, but rather the future of the Jewish people, a future which – according to the Jews themselves – trumps the future of any other people on the planet.

Besides cold cash, West Germany provided billions in assistance to Israel in the form of technology and capital infrastructure. All of that assistance has helped Israel’s standing in the Middle East, relative to that of its Arab neighbors, who have received much less in aid from the West.

In 1999, the German government set up a fund using money from companies that allegedly benefited from Jewish slave labor during the war. Among the companies contributing to the fund are some well-known industry leaders: Siemens, BMW, Deutsche Bank, and Volkswagen. From what I understand, that fund evolved into the German Foundation in the year 2000, and the Foundation is now supported by both the German government as well as German industry. Similar funds have been set up in Switzerland and Hungary. All such funds gather money from various sources and distribute that money to Holocaust survivors and their families. Jewish leaders have also organized an international effort to make insurance companies pay individual Jews for claims on policies taken out by victims before the war.

Not surprisingly, it isn’t easy to find hard data on the amount of money extorted from the West through Holocaust reparations. Various countries have set up Holocaust-related funds; that money has gone to hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of Jews in many different countries. Not to mention the fact that the Jews and their collaborators in the Western media and government aren’t too eager to share the value of the Jews’ “take” with the public.

But according to a Web site maintained by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Information Programs, the above-mentioned German Foundation disbursed the equivalent of $5 billion U.S. dollars just between the years 2000 and 2005. It is estimated that Germany alone has disbursed reparations in the amount of about $80 billion dollars over the years. Not included above are any estimates from Switzerland, Hungary, or other countries. Perhaps some of you in my audience have other and more specific information related to these monies.

But anyway, the Jews’ appetite for cash isn’t yet satisfied. Their efforts in recent years have sought to hold American companies – such as IBM and General Motors – responsible for the alleged events of the so-called Holocaust. To my knowledge, that effort hasn’t yet come to fruition, but here in the U.S. we’ve felt many other effects of the zealots of the Holocaust religion.

The Holocaust is one of the primary instruments used in the brainwashing of American public schoolchildren. That brainwashing has several purposes, among them to teach White children that they must be ashamed of what their White cousins in Germany allegedly did more than half a century ago, and must also therefore be ashamed of themselves for being White. A second purpose is to hammer into the minds of all American youth that Jews are special, that they are an innocent-and-yet-persecuted minority that always gets the shaft when it comes to interactions with the White race.

Because of that alleged historical persecution, schoolchildren come to accept the idea that Jews must always be allowed to have their way even if we don’t like it, and that any resistance to Jews is tantamount to actively helping SS guards push blameless Jews through the doors of the gas chambers. Whether the instruction to that effect is subtle or overt, the learned behavior of young people is: “The Jews must not be crossed.”

The Jews themselves are quite happy to offer teachers at all levels instructional resources that emphasize the official version of the Holocaust. Use your favorite Internet search engine with keywords such as “education” and “Holocaust” to get an idea of the Jews’ efforts to push their version of the Holocaust story. The Anti-Defamation League offers lesson guides for every education level, and some of them – not all – are even free, if you can believe that. (Jews giving away free stuff! What a concept!) With printed materials, videos, and online journals and activities, the official version of the Holocaust is incessantly and forcefully pumped into the minds of American youth.

But trying to force American youth into believing the official version of the Holocaust story isn’t the worst of it. The worst part is that the Jews, with their media and political power, also force their version of the Holocaust on, not just American adults, but the entire Western world. They have succeeded in making the questioning of the official version of the Holocaust an actual crime in several countries – Canada, Germany, and Austria among them. If you want to stay out of prison in Germany: don’t rob liquor stores, don’t sell crack, and don’t question if 6 million Jews actually died in the Holocaust.

One reason the Jews put such a premium on everyone accepting their version of the Holocaust is because it morally disarms the White race and allows the Jews to do pretty much whatever they want to do, without having to fear that – as a race – they will be called to account. If anyone pipes up and complains about what Jews are doing, they call down upon him a venomous anger that is uniquely Jewish and ask, “Wasn’t six million enough?”

For example, compare and contrast the racial policies promoted by Jewish leaders in various countries. In Israel, they push for separation between Jews and Palestinians, or between Jews and any of the other Arab groups in the region. None of the media or political powers in Israel is actively pushing for accepting more and more Arabs into Israel by immigration, or making movies and television shows that promote racial mixing between Jews and Arabs.

But in the White West, the Jews behave quite differently. With their media and governmental power, they promote racial diversity and non-White immigration. They script films and sit-coms such that the audience always comes away with the impression that racial separation is evil and that racial intermixture is good. All the while, the Jews themselves attempt to maintain their exclusive, or separate, status in this country; do a little research to find out how many exclusively Jewish social clubs, professional organizations, fraternities, and so on there are in this country. For the rest of us, though, it is integration, integration, integration: end of story. And the racial makeup of the West since the end of the Second World War has changed vastly as a result of the Jewish influence on policy and public opinion.

If one dares to ask WHY the Jews push diametrically opposed racial policies in Israel and in the White West, he will invariably run up against the official version of the Holocaust. So even if HE doesn’t cave in to the negative media attention, the vast majority of the public will refuse to objectively consider his viewpoint for the simple reason that most people don’t want to be associated with anybody who suggests that we don’t always have to keep pitying the poor Jews. That is, the official version of the Holocaust keeps the White race in check; it tends to put us on our heels so that we can’t take effective action.

So the official version of the Holocaust is not only a money-making scheme, it is also a weapon of restraint. It chains the minds of people and tends to prevent them from trying to fix what is wrong with society, even when they don’t LIKE what’s going on and, deep down, WANT to do something.

Of course, the purpose of the National Alliance is not to straighten out the minds of the millions as to the truth about the Holocaust. There is no doubt that we are interested in truth for its own sake and so, in that sense, we are eager to learn exactly WHAT DID happen during the so-called Holocaust. This interest in truth also moves us to make an effort to expose the exaggerations and blatant untruths that can today be found in the official version of the Holocaust story.

But, from the White racialist perspective, Jews lie a lot – almost habitually, it seems – or at least they bend the truth, turn it into half-lies, and leave out crucial information much of the time. And there is no getting around that sometimes Jews just plain lie about things, and they do so knowingly. So the realization that the Jews have lied for decades about the Holocaust doesn’t really strike us as being much different from the way they usually behave.

However, as I mentioned earlier in this broadcast, the way that the Holocaust lie is used to browbeat our people into submission and to make a large portion of them fearful to do what they know they SHOULD do to remedy our race’s plight... THAT is why the lie that we call the Holocaust must be destroyed. Once that lie is sufficiently exposed and weakened, then the programs and policies of the National Alliance will help to organize our people into a force that will set our race back on the path to a destiny of greatness.

I’m Erich Gliebe, and thanks for being with me again today.

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