Saturday, September 14, 2019

Dahlonega,Georgia Rally Report

  I'm receiving reports that three members of the left-wing domestic terrorist group known as Antifa were arrested. No one on the Pro-Trump side were arrested. The Lugenpresse continues to deceive the American people by labeling this a "White Supremacist" rally despite the fact that Mrs. Hughes was one of the guest speakers. Does this woman look like a "white supremacist" to you? 
                                  Mrs. Lucretia Hughes

 The police were very professional and kept both sides separate from one another. American patriots nationwide are waking up to the dangers of socialism and we will not allow our country to be taken over by militant marxists. 

Meeting spot!

Choice Ave. Here's the map.

Friday, September 13, 2019

New Speaker For Dahlonega,Georgia Rally

I'll give you a hint:) Is it Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, or my friend Hunter Wallace over at Occidental Dissent? Guess you'll see tomorrow....

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Inside violent anarchist group Antifa

American Patriot Rally

When: September 14th,2019
Where: Dahlonega,Georgia. 1-3pm

Say no to Socialism in Georgia!! 
Permit Holder is a Veteran.
Media Spokesman: Michael Weaver
Theme: The growing dangers of Socialism and the threat of left-wing domestic terrorists groups such as Antifa.
All participants are to comply with Police,Sheriff's, and all law enforcement officers. Participants are to be peaceful and law abiding at all times!! Talks or actions of illegal activity will not be tolerated!! 

You may bring American flags,Trump signs, or signs expressing condolences for the family of fallen Hall County deputy Blane Dixon. 

My message to the Federal Goverment! If you did your damn job and enforced our Federal immigration laws Deputy Blane Dixon would still be alive. His death is on your hands!!! This issue is personal with me as I have several friends that are Leo's and I respect them dearly.

To:Antifa and other left-wing activists. Your reading comprehension skills suck. This is not a White "Supremacist" rally and you'll be surprised when you see some of our supporters. For the record, Cynthia McKinney was invited to speak as well as Jesse Lee Peterson.

With that being said, I am praying for a safe event for everyone despite their political persuasion. 


The Face of Antifa