Tuesday, October 2, 2018

My e-mail to the ADL

To whom it may concern,

I expect a full retraction and apology in regards to your libelous article about David Carothers. I have in my possession screenshots of your libelous article falsely accusing David Carothers of a murder in Tennessee. I’ve attached these screenshots in this email.

I’m positive that many attorneys who specialize in libel/defamation law would be interested to take this case. Here are the screenshots that would fall under Georgia’s libel law. Furthermore,Georgia courts have routinely interpreted defamation per se to include statements "that one is guilty of a crime, dishonesty, or immorality." Eidson v. Berry, 415 S.E.2d 16, 17 (Ga. Ct. App. 1992).  As you are aware, it is not necessary for a person that has been a victim of defamation per se to prove actual out of pocket loss. 

P.S. Calling yourself Anti-Defamation League while engaging in defamation of others. Oh! The irony. It would behoove you to contact me in regards to this serious allegation or legal action may be forthcoming. 

Contemptuously yours, Michael Weaver

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