Thursday, September 27, 2018

Michael Weaver exposes the Huffington Post as the Lugenpresse

Radical Agenda S04E014 – Monkeyed Up

Michael Weaver calls in around the 20 minute mark exposing the Huffington Post for libel. You can listen to the interview at the link below.

Here's a picture of the offending writer below.
Christopher Mathias of the Huffington Post.


  1. Lib Liar Extraordinaire Christopher Mathias.
    Employed by the Marxist Huffpost.
    Could this Woman be a supporter of the North American Man/Boy Love Society (NAMBLA)??

  2. The "North American Man/Boy Love Association."
    A Pedophile group.

    NAMBLA. Does the Demoncrat Party suppory this Vile group??

  3. The Huffpost is a commie Rag/Birdcage Liner that has Zero Credibility among intelligent people!!
    The Leftist Reeking Swamp Rag provides a platform for LGBT activists, trans-genders and other Sexually Confused Mentally Ill denizens of the Leftist Reeking Swamp.
    A promulgator of Fake News!!

  4. Who IS This Christopher Mathias DWEEB??
    He ain't got Any Lips!!
    And he has CRAZY EYES!!
    Is "he" Really a Man??
    Or is it a Tranny??
    No Lips!
    An' CRAZY EYES!!
    Has this It Thing EVER Been Laid??
    This Weird Alien-looking mass o' Protoplasm.
    Does he Know how a woman feels down there??
    Or does he Do li'l folks??
    Aww!! Don't get Mad, Christine!!
    Li'l Chrissy!!
    Don't be Butthurt, Madame Mathias!!
    Lol & Lol!!!!


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