Thursday, September 20, 2018

Gone Spelunking: Who Is Friendly Anarchism?

Jordan Reid is also to blame this.
I gave him like three chances to shut down JAM CITY ANTIFA and go away and save the anonymity of his comrades. He responded by posting a blog with my face in crosshairs:
He published a statement in which he said, “if you want to play then lets play,” and then he followed it up with a blog post about my wife. Not cool!
Once again, I was a nice guy. I thought that I was being overly generous: just shut down your stupid LARP group and go away and stick to your anarchist podcasts. Let Corey Lemley or Julez Delphiki or someone else who isn’t a moron with poor praxis run Antifa in Nashville.
But no .. Jordan wouldn’t listen to me. He is an immature idiot. The full extent of the disaster he led his comrades into in Newnan, GA has only recently come to light. In addition to Corvus Xan (aka Raven Xan Morgan), the third member of that unfortunate trio was Katherine from Friendly Anarchism. As we have already seen, Jordan, Katherine and Corvus Xan recorded The Antifascist Roadtrip from Nashville to Newnan in which they pretty much doxed themselves to fash.
Meet Jordan Reid with Katherine and Corvus Xan in Newnan, GA:
This is how Katherine presents herself to the world:
Let’s be honest with ourselves: there are Antifa reading this blog who are looking at this and cringing. What kind of praxis is this? Who is the fool leading the blind in Nashville?
Katherine is a LARPer and a podcast e-celeb:
Katherine could have stayed in her lane as an Antifa e-celeb. Unfortunately, she hooked up with Jordan Reid of JAM CITY ANTIFA and holy shit we saw what went down in Newnan didn’t we?
A protestor is seen here questioning officers "What are they being arrested for?" After struggling to come up with an answer the officer grabs the protestor & yanks her by the coat. Protestor was not in violation of law, standing on the sidewalk, nor was wearing a mask.
Wait a minute?
Is that Katherine getting rolled up by the pigs? I believe it is!
JAM CITY ANTIFA and Nashville Antifa are an embarrassment to Antifa:
Darlin’, why?
BTW, the whole Eugene, OR to Nashville, TN thing on that Antifascist Roadtrip From Nashville to Newnan didn’t help your case. That’s some pretty inside baseball to know Jimmy Marr.
Nashville Antifa/Great Lakes Antifa/JAM CITY ANTIFA can’t be allowed to continue to embarrass Nashville. Why isn’t a seasoned activist like Corey Lemley in charge?
Even we agree it is time to Draft Corey! Make Nashville Great Again!

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