Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The SPLC, the Worst Hate Group of All

Written by Susan Yarbrough
The SPLC, which is a hate group organization that has millions in overseas accounts, is now trying to make it sound like I’m trying to profit off my husband’s death. They seriously need to find something to do with their time. For one, his monument he wanted calls for sandstone, a chair made out of wood, etc. I can’t get these things for free and I don’t expect people to provide them for free. But Gary does deserve to have the monument and memorial he wanted. He sacrificed his life, so this is the least we can do for him.
Additionally, I’m in search of an attorney for a wrongful death suit. The torture and killing of our prisoners has to stop, and I’m willing to take on this battle. The BOP murdered David Lane, Bruce Pierce, and Gary Lee Yarbrough. This has to stop somewhere, and a legal battle costs money. Shirts are being made, and steins will be made soon. In Gary’s last letter, he said that I would need help with cremation, which he didn’t know the BOP would do that. But he also knew his monument and the legal battle I would be taking on would cost money. I promised Gary many times, and on his death bed that I would not let the BOP get away with this, and I will honor my promise. I do everything I can out of my pocket, but I can only cover so much.
But it is time that we stand up for our prisoners. Unless we stand up and our voices heard, they will continue to be tortured and murdered behind those walls. We still have Matt Hale, Richard Scutari, Randy Duey, David Tate, and many others behind those walls that we need to fight for.
The SPLC and other snakes wouldn’t know how to stand up for something good and right, if it slapped them in the face. As far as Brett, the reporter who keeps writing this crap (and wrongly wrote Gary was separating from the movement, when he was just separating from his co-defendants to protect them), can’t even read Gary’s letters right to understand them correctly. As I previously stated, Brett had contacted Gary a few years ago, acting as if he was sympathetic to Gary’s situation and wanted to advocate for him, but Gary didn’t trust him so he sent him my way. I added him to my profile where I advocate for autism, breast cancer, etc. He sat there for years, just watching me post on non-political things. Then he must have been searching Gary’s name and found the Freedom for Gary Yarbrough page on Facebook. And, instead of writing about the neglect and abuse my husband went through, he decided to be a useless SPLC reporter! But my husband always told me that these people have nothing better to do with their time, and they will help keep his memory living on by mentioning him. Even though the articles speak against us, it keeps Gary’s name in the media, and people who don’t know about his situation might learn about it. At this point, any media helps me get Gary’s situation out there. But anybody who knows Gary or myself, knows that we never needlessly raise money. I did the legal fund a few years back to raise money for his parole attorney, which was hired and represented Gary in his 2016 parole. I haven’t asked for any help since or before then. But really to write the kind of articles they have about Gary, since his death, shows their mentality and how truly evil and hateful they are. Comments are made about “pissing on Gary’s grave,” “Gary’s family dislikes him (which isn’t true),” and all sort of other evil crap. These people are truly demons on this Earth.
Unlike libtards, snakes, and SPLC, we take care of our own, and we will make sure that Gary gets the monument and memorial he wanted. We will also make sure that Gary, David Lane, and Bruce Pierce get the justice they deserve. For the BOP be held accountable for what they did to him.
So keep on spewing lies, Brett….

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