Monday, April 23, 2018

RIP Robert Ransdell

I’ve received a report that former National Alliance activist Robert Ransdell was killed by a drunk driver. More news to come.


  1. Sorry to hear this. I never had the chance to meet Robert Ransdell, But I know of his WN activism well

  2. He was considered by many to be the greatest living white nationalist, an accolade that even Alex Linder of VNN Forum agreed with when he stated not long ago, "I had always striven to do as best as I could, and Robert Ransdell was my role model. And even though I will never match his intelligence, dedication, or charm, I will always be thankful to him for giving me some higher goal to strive for." Emily Henderson, another white nationalist, was his former girlfriend, and is now in grieving. Sadly, a truly great man has left us.

  3. He was tops. R.I.P. IN VALHALLA ROBERT.

  4. Robert Ransdell was a true honest warrior for his race. He was determined to expose those defectives, severely mentally ill traitors, criminals, conmen, and rip off artists who leach off whites and harm the true cause. Robert and others had much evidence, documentary proof, and done many interviews and investigations. Robert clearly knew of the lies of mental case stolen valor Will Williams, pedophile Kevin Strom, Dave Pringle, Albert “Jay” Hess, and their equal gang of alcoholics, druggies, thieves, defectives and murderous scum that comprise the core of the usurped fraud via stolen brand name “National Alliance” as it is today in affinity scam cult structure.

    Yes he died April 21, 2018. His phones go unanswered. The only true way to honor the legacy of Mr. Ransdell is for real racial loyalists to answer the call. To expose, oust, shun and end the corruption to our peoples righteous cause; and battle for the glory of our existence and future.

    Will Williams, Kevin Strom and their gang of miscreants are cancer to our race, they are toxic to the core.

  5. Give it up, Miss Anonymous critic. Get a life. NARRG lost.


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