Friday, April 13, 2018

Justice for Gary Yarbrough

I have been busy contacting attorney’s and so-called prisoner/civil rights groups, to just be turned away…why? Because Gary was a White man, who stood proud, but I will not stop. I will not rest until there is #JusticeForGaryYarbrough.
What the BOP did was outright murder him via medical neglect. The BOP was legally responsible for his health care, I even told Regional office this, when I called them. I will search the world over until I do find somebody. Murder is illegal…their neglect of Gary was illegal.
The man that was laying in that hospice bed was just a shadow of the man he was before. Gary maybe weighed 100 lbs and was so weak that he couldn’t sit up on his own. How to ADMAX let him get to this shape? Myself and others have been trying for close to a year to get him in a medical facility for half way decent health care.
The SPLC and other hate groups continue to crucify my husband, after his horrible suffering. If they were even remotely human, they would cover how the BOP is criminal and would cover the suffering my husband endured. So-called reporters just want to paint him as an evil man, when he was just a man who stood for what he believed. If they were real reporters, they would cover the corruption and abuse of the BOP, which is all documented on this website. But, no, they are too scared to do the right thing.
If Gary had been anything besides a proud White man, I would have help knocking my door down. This HAS to change!

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