Friday, May 25, 2018

Raising funds for a printer

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Looking to File on the BOP

By Susan Yarbrough
I’m talking to an attorney about a wrongful death suit against the BOP, and the attorney thinks I have a very good case. Gary had saved all his medical paperwork, and had gotten a lot of it to me. I have proof that Gary suffered horribly, including neglect of taking him to his bloodlettings and slow playing diagnosing his cancer. I will have justice for my husband. Gary also documented all the suffering he went through to go with his medical paperwork. Gary was a very good record keeper, and he made sure to document every thing they did to make him suffer. It was the BOP’s legal responsibility to give my husband medical care. They neglected this, and this is highly illegal.

RIP Robert Ransdell

I’ve received a report that former National Alliance activist Robert Ransdell was killed by a drunk driver. More news to come.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Justice for Gary Yarbrough

I have been busy contacting attorney’s and so-called prisoner/civil rights groups, to just be turned away…why? Because Gary was a White man, who stood proud, but I will not stop. I will not rest until there is #JusticeForGaryYarbrough.
What the BOP did was outright murder him via medical neglect. The BOP was legally responsible for his health care, I even told Regional office this, when I called them. I will search the world over until I do find somebody. Murder is illegal…their neglect of Gary was illegal.
The man that was laying in that hospice bed was just a shadow of the man he was before. Gary maybe weighed 100 lbs and was so weak that he couldn’t sit up on his own. How to ADMAX let him get to this shape? Myself and others have been trying for close to a year to get him in a medical facility for half way decent health care.
The SPLC and other hate groups continue to crucify my husband, after his horrible suffering. If they were even remotely human, they would cover how the BOP is criminal and would cover the suffering my husband endured. So-called reporters just want to paint him as an evil man, when he was just a man who stood for what he believed. If they were real reporters, they would cover the corruption and abuse of the BOP, which is all documented on this website. But, no, they are too scared to do the right thing.
If Gary had been anything besides a proud White man, I would have help knocking my door down. This HAS to change!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Petition About Injustice of the Prison System

Written by Susan Yarbrough
Now that my husband is gone, I can really fight this. I always held back some because I knew everything I did, they would retaliate on him. Also, I have proof that the BOP caused his death by medical negligence. To get this battle started, to make sure that no more of our prisoners suffer, we need to first do the petition. I’m also calling attorneys who can help with a wrongful death suit.
All this takes from you is to sign this petition and share it. We need as many signatures as possible. All it takes is a few minutes of your time. It takes voices to make change…not a voice but voices. And if we don’t use our voices, change will never happen.  If we don’t take a stance, our Folk, that is behind ZOGs walls, will continue to be abused and murdered. And those people behind those walls don’t have a voice, we are their voice. So take just 5 minutes out of your day to help our prisoners. One day it could be you or me behind those walls.

The SPLC, the Worst Hate Group of All

Written by Susan Yarbrough
The SPLC, which is a hate group organization that has millions in overseas accounts, is now trying to make it sound like I’m trying to profit off my husband’s death. They seriously need to find something to do with their time. For one, his monument he wanted calls for sandstone, a chair made out of wood, etc. I can’t get these things for free and I don’t expect people to provide them for free. But Gary does deserve to have the monument and memorial he wanted. He sacrificed his life, so this is the least we can do for him.
Additionally, I’m in search of an attorney for a wrongful death suit. The torture and killing of our prisoners has to stop, and I’m willing to take on this battle. The BOP murdered David Lane, Bruce Pierce, and Gary Lee Yarbrough. This has to stop somewhere, and a legal battle costs money. Shirts are being made, and steins will be made soon. In Gary’s last letter, he said that I would need help with cremation, which he didn’t know the BOP would do that. But he also knew his monument and the legal battle I would be taking on would cost money. I promised Gary many times, and on his death bed that I would not let the BOP get away with this, and I will honor my promise. I do everything I can out of my pocket, but I can only cover so much.
But it is time that we stand up for our prisoners. Unless we stand up and our voices heard, they will continue to be tortured and murdered behind those walls. We still have Matt Hale, Richard Scutari, Randy Duey, David Tate, and many others behind those walls that we need to fight for.
The SPLC and other snakes wouldn’t know how to stand up for something good and right, if it slapped them in the face. As far as Brett, the reporter who keeps writing this crap (and wrongly wrote Gary was separating from the movement, when he was just separating from his co-defendants to protect them), can’t even read Gary’s letters right to understand them correctly. As I previously stated, Brett had contacted Gary a few years ago, acting as if he was sympathetic to Gary’s situation and wanted to advocate for him, but Gary didn’t trust him so he sent him my way. I added him to my profile where I advocate for autism, breast cancer, etc. He sat there for years, just watching me post on non-political things. Then he must have been searching Gary’s name and found the Freedom for Gary Yarbrough page on Facebook. And, instead of writing about the neglect and abuse my husband went through, he decided to be a useless SPLC reporter! But my husband always told me that these people have nothing better to do with their time, and they will help keep his memory living on by mentioning him. Even though the articles speak against us, it keeps Gary’s name in the media, and people who don’t know about his situation might learn about it. At this point, any media helps me get Gary’s situation out there. But anybody who knows Gary or myself, knows that we never needlessly raise money. I did the legal fund a few years back to raise money for his parole attorney, which was hired and represented Gary in his 2016 parole. I haven’t asked for any help since or before then. But really to write the kind of articles they have about Gary, since his death, shows their mentality and how truly evil and hateful they are. Comments are made about “pissing on Gary’s grave,” “Gary’s family dislikes him (which isn’t true),” and all sort of other evil crap. These people are truly demons on this Earth.
Unlike libtards, snakes, and SPLC, we take care of our own, and we will make sure that Gary gets the monument and memorial he wanted. We will also make sure that Gary, David Lane, and Bruce Pierce get the justice they deserve. For the BOP be held accountable for what they did to him.
So keep on spewing lies, Brett….

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Murder of Gary Yarbrough by the Corrupt Federal Bureau of Prisons

Myself and others have been doing some research. I have plenty of evidence that they didn’t take Gary for his blood letting for his blood condition, where he naturally built up to much iron. Look at the symptoms, they are everything Gary suffered
Gary also saved evidence of them not taking him to his blood letting, so BOP, your ass will soon be mine. He wrote about it and sent me his blood work. They know I’m coming. From what I’ve heard thru the grapevine is now that the prisoners at ADMAX are getting medical help now. Sorry ADMAX and BOP…it’s a little to late to save Gary. I have documentation of every phone call, email, and letter I sent to try to get him help. I’m coming for you…..

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Federal Bureau of Prisons: The Medical neglect/murder of Gary Yarbrough

Gary Lee Yarbrough was born October 19,1955 to Red and Rusty Yarbrough, in California. Gary lived his life growing up in different places: California, Arizona, Oklahoma, and then moved his family to Idaho.
Gary was a man who loved nature, his Family and Folk, and sacrificed all for what he believed in. They couldn’t break Gary, so they medically neglected him and let him physically break, which was beyond his control. But they will be made to be accountable for this.
Gary and I were married in October 2009, and were together a couple years before we got married. He was and is the love of my life, and the same goes for me with him. Even though our marriage was different and it was harder to make it work, we did this. We had our ups and downs, like any couple, but we stuck together through the ups and downs. I’m truly blessed to have this man in my life, and I say “have” because he is still with us in spirit.
His sacrifice needs to be remembered and should never be forgotten. The horrible things that Gary endured are noted in this website, which I will leave up because it will document the legal journey I take to make these people responsible. Also, his writings should be left for the world to see and share.
Gary was survived by a brother, nephew, three daughters, and his wife. His mother, father, two brothers, a sister, nephew, and a stepdaughter preceded him in death. He will definitely be missed. Gary is truly free. He spent over 35 years in prison, and 34 out of those 35 years were in solitary confinement. He went to prison in 1984 at the young age of 28. Gary finally gets to see victory and freedom. Even though the BOP thinks they won by medically neglecting him, Gary won because he is now truly free and a martyr. They made him a martyr, by basically murdering him through medical neglect. However, his story and his fight will continue. I promised my husband justice, and this he will see
Susan Yarbrough

Gary Yarbrough is finally free!!

Gary passed away April 2, 2018 at 12:53 AM. Gary had several medical conditions, including cancer. It was confirmed that he had cancer, especially in his liver. I got to see him Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He was in a hospice facility, so he was comfortable. Friday, he wasn’t able to talk, but could nod his head. I finally got to hold my husband’s hand, kiss him, and physically sit by him. We were so happy, and thank you to all who got me there for him. He was so weak that I had to hold him up. But, Friday after I left seeing him, he lost consciousness and never regained it. I’m glad he was kept comfortable at a hospice because he was in a lot of pain before he was moved to a hospice.
Gary’s memorial will be a public memorial in TX. I will keep everybody updated. Gary should be cremated in the next day or so, but we have many preparations because he wanted is memorial to be all natural, stones, woods, etc.
He will truly be miss by many. I feel him with me still in spirit.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Gary Yarbrough is on his way to Valhalla

Gary is Leaving for Valhalla

The prison just called me. They told me to get myself and Gary’s immediate family to the prison. They are arranging a special visit because Gary is on his way to leaving this Earth. The counselor is calling me back in the morning to let me know the special visit is being set up because Gary is to sick to make it to the visiting room so special arrangements are being made. Please light a candle or say a prayer for him. My heart is breaking, as is many other people’s.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Press release from Matt Hale

Press Release
(For Immediate Release)

Political Prisoner Matt Hale Calls for the Elimination of the FBI.
                              Also seeks his Release by President Trump.


Florence, Colorado
March 8, 2018

     In the wake of the recent horrible school shooting in Parkland, Florida where the Federal Bureau of Investigation failed to act upon numerous tips which clearly indicated that the shooter was planning  to do exactly what he ended up doing, wrongly imprisoned White Racist leader Matt Hale today called for the elimination of the FBI as a federal agency altogether.
     It will be recalled that Hale was convicted on charges in 2004 of having solicited the murder of a federal judge, the person he allegedly "solicited" quaintly being a highly paid agent provocateur employed by the FBI. In any event, there is no evidence whatever that any such solicitation occurred—as reflected by the complete transcript of his trial which is now posted at—and Hale is currently seeking the commutation of his draconian 40 year sentence at the hands of the great President Trump. Hundreds of signatures are being gathered for his release at this time.  
     From his prison cell at "Supermax" in Florence, Colorado, here is what Hale had to say today:

     "The horrible school shooting in Parkland, Florida just goes to show how misplaced the priorities of the FBI truly are: it would rather imprison me, a clearly innocent man, for political reasons for decades, and harass even  the President of the United States  and his family for politial reasons, than even try to stop some nut from committing mass murder in our public schools. That's why I was motivated to speak out today. The FBI knows damn well that I committed no crime and it knows damn well that President Trump did not illegally collude with the Russians." And yet it persists in its reprehensible conduct all the same because of its inherently political, partisan nature. I am therefore calling for the total elimination of the FBI by act of Congress or, if possible, by President Trump alone as part of his total authority over the executive branch of the federal government. I agree with President Trump that he does have the authority to fire anybody in the executive branch of government that he pleases and I urge him to exercise that power at this time. It's high time to say "You're fired!"
to the FBI!
     Hale also had this to say today: 
"People need to understand that the FBI is a political police force, similar to the KGB in the old Soviet Union. It is not a legitimate law enforcement entity. Rather it only ocasionally seeks to solve and prevent actual crimes but only to mask its inherently corrupt, political nature. In addition, there is no authority whatsoever for an "FBI" within the Constitution of the United States in the first place and thus its very existence is in violation of the supreme law of the land. The Founding Fathers of this country made it quite clear that all police powers instead rest with the states, not the federal government, and thus the FBI never should have been created by the transvestite J. Edgar Hoover in the first place. Therefore the perverse situation that we have of federal agents roving about the country spying, entrapping, framing and railroading innocent people for political reasons has gone on long enough. We need to return all law enforcement powers to the states where they belong, as well as release all those from prison who have been wronged so badly by illegal FBI activity."
             *End of Press Release*


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Farewell Gary Yarbrough

I will be deactivating this blog in the next few days. Gary called tonight. He called a few weeks ago, with a bulge in his stomach, not being able to eat or sleep, and dramatically losing weight. The prison thought it was a hernia, when it is his abdomen full of tumors. He is weak, to weak for me to even get in a visit. He called again tonight. He wants me to cease all public activism and take down this blog…he wants his last days to be able to be with loved ones. He loves all folk, but it is time for him to spend these last days on Earth being with his immediate family and wife, as much as they will allow us to. His fight is over. I have always said that Gary would fight for his folk until his dying breath, and he has. His time grows short. My heart is broken. I feel helpless that I couldn’t get him the medical treatment he needed and that I couldn’t get him home.
He has lost 33 lbs, is to weak to get out of bed, and I can tell by his voice. He told me tonight that his fight is over.
Many do not realize it or probably even care, but his continual fighting for his folk and doing this blog, has caused him alot of retaliation from the BOP, especially ADX. That never bothered him, he kept fighting. But tonight he told me he can’t do it anymore…he’s to sick, and wants to be with his loved ones. So, the battle is over, so maybe they will at least be part human, stop the retaliation, and let him spend his last days in a better facility, being able to see his loved ones.
Please keep Gary in your prayers. He is truly suffering….
You can write and give him encouragement, but he is to sick to write back. If you do write, please write large because of his eye sight. Let him know he is appreciated and loved.