Friday, June 2, 2017

Black Privilege in Columbus,Georgia

My how times and attitudes Change!! This "minority" uses pepper spray to repel store employees who try to stop him from shoplifting and local law enforcement treats the multiple attacks on innocent people like minor incidents. But when then-Columbus political activist Michael Weaver used pepper spray against a thug who tried to carjack his vehicle on the late afternoon of Dec. 4, 2010...he was arrested, cuffed and taken to jail. There were Two thug attackers, both with long criminal records, including numerous felonies, but only one of the would-be carjackers was sprayed. In Weaver's panicked state his aim was inaccurate, and the spray ran harmlessly down the back of his neck. The thug "victim" sustained no injuries and he subsequently declined medical attention. Weaver was charged with misdemeanor battery and, after paying a low bond, was released from the Muscogee County Jail. A State Court date was set. Weaver and I attended court as instructed, but his case was not called. Another court date was set. We attended. Again his case was not called. Yet Another hearing was set and, Again Weaver's case was Not called. Weaver approached the State prosecutor, then Suzzanne Goddard. Goddard then told Weaver that his case had been referred to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution as a felony...felony aggravated assault. Weaver and I were astounded!! No one in the history of Georgia "jurisprudence" had Ever been charged with a felony for using non-lethal pepper spray for the purpose of defense of property and Self Defense. But Weaver had a long-standing reputation as a non-PC political activist. His forte was placing tracts beneath car windshield wipers while the vehicles were parked on public access streets, an entirely Legal activity protected by the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.  The ruling elites who rule Columbus with a velvet-lined Iron Fist saw their long-awaited chance to silence a voice with which they disagreed. No One has Ever been charged with a felony for using pepper spray, whether offensively or defensively. Weaver was indicted on the morning of Aug.23, 2011. He was arrested later that day and cast into jail again. After 3 months in jail, Weaver's case was Finally on the prosecution docket. He appeared before Superior Court Judge Bobby Peters on the Monday and Tuesday mornings of Nov. 22 and 23. Asst. D.A. Michael Eugene Craig prosecuted the case. This writer attended the hearings. The "hearings" were Kafkaesque spectacles. Hardly Any mention was made of the facts of the case...the circumstances that led to Weaver's arrest and indictment for defending his property, and possibly his life. Instead, the twin hearings were based Entirely on Weaver's political activism that had aroused the ire of the "important" people of the People's Republic of Columbus. Prosecutor Craig was a highly emotive actor. Addressing the judge he flailed about as if in agony; sobbing about how the carjacker multi-felon must have felt after the pepper spray ran harmlessly down the back of his neck. This, despite the police report that indicated that the "victim" had sustained No injuries and that he had declined medical attention. Not mentioned, too, was the fact that Both of Weaver's attackers were on felony probation at the time of the attack, and that thus the convicted felons were not legally allowed to consort with each other. Also not mentioned was the fact that both felons were wielding 40-ounce beer bottles at the time of the attack. Also ignored by the judge and prosecutor was the fact that Weaver had been illegally arrested by a black CPD officer who entered the residence in which Weaver had been visiting. The officer snatched Weaver out of the resident Without an arrest warrant. It was clear during the hearings that Weaver's prosecution was a Sham, a cynical Stalinesque tactic that was an oft-used ploy used against dissidents in the erstwhile Soviet Union and still used in Totalitarian States in many parts of the world. Weaver's "defense" attorney, Robin King told Weaver not to worry...the case was a "slam dunk." She was prepared to present his case to a jury. The jury forewoman indicated that the jury was ready to hear the case. This writer saw Peters shift nervously on his throne. It was Clear that neither he of the Trump "hair" nor Craig of Kojak hair did Not Want a trial by jury. Peters summoned Craig and King to his chambers, along with then-CPD detective Cathy Bush. Bush had long hated Weaver because of his politically incorrect ideology and was one of the driving forces behind Weaver's mal-prosecution. A few minutes later the respective parties emerged from Peters's chambers. It was Clear that something had happened in the judge's chambers. Perhaps promises and threats were made. "Defense" attorney King had changed her mind and now urged Weaver to accept a plea bargain: a 10-year sentence, a year to serve in prison, the remaining 9 years on probation. Included in the terms of the probation was the stipulation that Weaver be banished from his home town of Muscogee County, plus the other 5 counties that comprise the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit. When Weaver asked Judge Peters if he could visit his elderly and ailing grandmother if her condition worsened, Peters told Weaver that he didn't care if his grandmother was on her deathbed. His grandmother passed on Feb. 9, 2015. Columbus has a Weaponized, Terrorist "justice" system. My how times and attitudes Change!!



  2. The "trial" of Michael Weaver in a nation that claims to adhere to the dictates of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constituion was a Deplorable, Disgusting Sham. A Deplorable Mockery of the ideals America claims to hold dear. A case of personal self defense turned into a cynical Salem Witch Hunt-style trial in which the deck is Already Stacked against the accused. Weaver never stood a chance, because the "justice" system of the People's Republic of Columbus, Georgia had Already determined what his fate would be, despite the facts of the case. Every one of the state actors acted Dishonorably: presiding Judge Bobby Peters, prosecuting attorney Michael E. Craig, and even "defense" attorney Robin King, who, against Every standard of the law, and basic human decency...sold out her client who was relying on her to defend him. The fix had been in, even before the start of the Kangaroo Court trial. This writer attended both four-hour hearings, and was what he saw and heard. Weaver's prosecution was Entirely politically motivated. Prosecutor Craig focused exclusively on Weaver's politically incorrect ideology. The name of the putative victim, the hardened thug, Travis Parson, one of the two attackers, was mentioned Only Once during the two mock hearings. This, in America, the putative "Land of the Free." Peters, Craig, and King are Vile Criminals of the Lowest order. Welcome to the People's Republic of Columbus, Georgia. Welcome to America as her founders Never Intended her to be...