Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Political persecution in the People's Republic of Columbus, Georgia

Sven Longshanks is joined today byMichael Weaver, to talk about the way the law is being differently applied to political activists and how he has had his human right to see his family stolen from him by the corrupt judicial system.

Michael starts by explaining how after using pepper spray in self defence against Blacks trying to carjack him he was arrested for a misdemeanour. Once the local Rabbi found out who it was that had been arrested though, the charges were changed to felony aggravated assault. Michael had to plead guilty to avoid spending 10 years in jail, but he still had to serve a year and then when he was released, the Judge told him he could not set foot back in his home town ever again. This amounts to a cruel and unusual punishment, as Michael’s father’s health is not good and he may never get to see his son again. 

After being released from prison Michael got himself a flat, a job and a girlfriend and was put onto unsupervised probation, only to be re-arrested for not turning up to probation in the city he was banned from! After spending a month in jail, losing his flat and his job, he was offered freedom if he signed a waiver promising not to take the matter further, since the mistake had been made by the authorities.

Michael’s only hope of getting back to see his father is through the courts and there are only two ways to do this, either by studying law and doing it yourself or through an attorney. He needs around $2,000 for the attorney and while he tries to raise that, he is also attempting to learn how to do the paper work himself. If anyone can help him out with donations or a sympathetic attorney then please contact him or send donations via paypal to this email He also runs body building and nutritional courses if you are interested in beefing yourself up and his blog isNews4Whites.

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