Thursday, March 23, 2017

John de Nugent interviews American nationalist Michael Weaver

Michael Weaver - Unbowed After Five Years in Hell (interview)
Former U.S. Marine and white civil-rights activist John de Nugent discusses the latest judicial atrocities against fearless Michael Weaver of Georgia (USA).
John apologizes for the so-so sound. SKYPE had "issues" that day, so the interview had to be conducted by telephone.
The Deep South of the US was once a bastion of "Anglo-Saxon Strength," but today even the most peaceful activists are railroaded into ten years in prison if they merely try to hand out literature and then must defend themselves with harmless pepper spray against black convicted felons. You will not believe the initial outrages nor the very latest rapes of the legal system in what once was the heart of the Confederacy.
Radio interview at the link above. 

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