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Dr.David Duke on POTUS Press Conference

Unite The Right: David Duke And Mike Enoch Speak Out At The Rally In Charlottesville, Virginia

Brad Griffin interviews Michael Weaver

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Banned from the People's Republic of Columbus,GA. for defending myself with non-lethal pepper spray. Watch the Periscope video at this link: https://www.pscp.tv/occdissent/1MYGNXzEkPvxw?t=18s

ANARCHY: The Truth About Charlottesville

The events that unfolded in Charlottesville this weekend have a very simple explanation.
In the aftermath of the Klan rally in Charlottesville on July 8th, the police were subjected to withering criticism for a month over allegations of “police brutality.” Anarchists accused the police of engaging in excessive force for restricting their ability to storm the gathering and attack its participants. Dozens of Antifa were arrested after rioting against the police for hours after the Klan left town. Apparently, a decision was made that this would not be allowed to happen again.
The Charlottesville Police Department assured the organizers of the #UniteTheRight rally that our people would be kept safe with or without a permit and violent Antifa would be penned and allowed to peacefully express their views but not allowed to engage in violence. In light of the events of July 8th, it seemed plausible to us that the police would do their jobs, which is why our groups debated coming armed into Charlottesville but decided against this because carrying firearms would look “too provocative.” We expected to have a tense but peaceful event in Lee Park along the lines of the previous rally in Pikeville, KY in April in which both sides were kept separated by riot police and there were no injuries.
When the Nationalist Front exited the parking garage on the morning on August 12th in Charlottesville, it swiftly became apparent that this was not the case. The streets were not barricaded. Violent antifa were not penned in their own area as per our agreement with the Charlottesville Police Department, but were roaming the streets and blocking the entrance to Lee Park. They immediately launched an attack on our group with mace, pepper spray, bricks, sticks and foul liquids. The police stood idly by on the sidelines while a brawl was allowed to ensue. We had to fight our way into Lee Park and dozens of our people were injured by mace and pepper spray as we marched through the gauntlet.
After we finally entered Lee Park, Antifa continued to attack anyone coming into the demonstration by themselves. They managed to pull one guy into the crowd and severely beat him. In fact, they were allowed to lay siege to Lee Park with wave after wave of Antifa attempting to charge the park while a small group of nationalists used their shields to repulse their attacks and rescue people who were being attacked by the mob. From around the perimeter, Antifa hurled bricks and even a canister of tear gas into the crowd. The police stood idly by on the sidelines as passive observers.
Over an hour before #UniteTheRight was scheduled to begin, dozens of people were inside the perimeter of Lee Park suffering the effects of mace, pepper spray and other chemical substances. Baked Alaska was writhing in pain on the ground after Antifa sprayed wasp spray directly into this eyes. I livestreamed all of this on Periscope. We were shocked that this was allowed to happen.
This was all going according to plan though. We had walked into a trap. After deliberately allowing the violence to escalate out of control, the police declared that #UniteTheRight was an “illegal assembly” and that anyone who remained in the park would be arrested. Gov. Terry McAuliffe also declared a “state of emergency” which made all public rallies in Virginia illegal. The word spread through the crowd that the National Guard was being sent in to arrest everyone in Lee Park.
The riot police which had refused to pen and contain Antifa formed a line and deliberately pushed many of our people into the crowd of Antifa where an all out brawl ensued. We were separated and sent streaming out of Lee Park in all directions. The overwhelming majority of us headed to McIntire Park and along the way many of our people were ambushed by Antifa. In other cases, several of our people attempted to return to their cars in the parking garage only to be ambushed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. There was no law enforcement presence whatsoever. It was a free for all.
I’m still not sure what else happened in Charlottesville. I can only tell you my own experience which I filmed on Periscope. I don’t know what happened to all of our people who were sent streaming out of Lee Park in all directions. I was personally separated from my own group and the people who I rode with for several hours. We only linked back up later after catching rides out of McIntire Park.
I can tell you this for certain though: for whatever reason, the police in Charlottesville stood down and didn’t do their jobs, and deliberately allowed anarchy to reign in the streets. They persuaded us to come to Lee Park unarmed for our peaceful event while secretly ceding control of the streets to violent Antifa. I’m told these roaming gangs of Antifa didn’t just attack us. They also violently attacked multiple Patriot groups in Charlottesville who were there as neutral peacekeepers.
Gov. Terry McAuilffe, the Virginia State Police and the Charlottesville Police Department put ALL of our lives in danger with their criminal negligence. It is a miracle that no one was shot and a testament to the restraint of the Patriot groups who came to Charlottesville so heavily armed. I have no idea why that car crashed into a crowd of Antifa, but I do know they weren’t supposed to be in the streets. Those streets had been closed, were not barricaded and all crowds had been ordered to disperse.
August 12th was an experiment in ANARCHY. Like Berkeley and Portland, it is what happens when the police stand down and the state stops being a neutral arbiter among its citizens and cedes its monopoly on violence to the whims of the mob. We’re fortunate that it wasn’t much, much worse.

I’m not sure why the media has reported that Donald Trump had anything to do with the #UniteTheRight rally. I spent months promoting the event as one of its primary organizers and I never once associated it with Donald Trump who has failed to defend our Southern heritage since he cucked on the Confederate flag after Charleston in 2015. In fact, I was infuriated by Trump’s response to Charlottesville:Donald Trump has nothing whatsoever to do with our movement which is about the identity, heritage and rights of White Americans which are under siege in Trump’s America. I’ve said for months now that Donald Trump and the Republican Party have betrayed their own supporters. Charlottesville proved to me that the Trump administration can’t even be relied on to protect our First Amendment rights.

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We Are All Michael Weaver


Michael Weaver, victim of an anti-White hate crime perpetrated by the state of Georgia.
Michael Weaver, victim of an anti-White hate crime perpetrated by the state of Georgia.
It is the sacred duty of every White man involved in the struggle for the preservation of our race to stand up for his brothers-in-arms, whenever they are in need.  If we take a look at history, we see that the power of the Jew is contingent on us being divided, not being there to support our racial brethren.
When last week I heard the story of Michael Weaver, a White liberation activist from Columbus, Georgia, who was railroaded and locked up for nearly 21 months for purely political reasons, losing his fiance, his home and his job, I was discouraged I hadn’t heard about it sooner, disappointed that others in the struggle, who knew about Michael’s situation, had not done a better job of bringing attention to it.  It was clear that it was the duty of all of us in the White Nationalist community to be there for him, to rally around and support him in whatever way we can.  Because what happened to him could happen to any one of us.
The Jew has brought all Hell against our people, and our only strength is in solidarity.  It is both a duty and an honor for me to bring attention to this situation of Michael Weaver, that his brothers might come to his aid, and that we may all be stronger for it.
Michael’s Story
Many years ago, Michael Weaver (also referred to as ‘Michael Carothers’ in the media) devoted his life to the struggle of our people.  In high school, he began distributing pro-White literature to his classmates.  Upon turning 18, he joined the National Alliance, of which he was a member for ten years.  He once met William Pierce at a NA meeting in Dahlonega, Georgia, and worked closely with David Duke.  Along with exposing the larger agenda of the Jews against our people, he was also exposing the corruption of local politicians, and standing up to local Jews.
Michael Weaver pamphleteering. (pic from a 2008 NA bulletin).
Michael Weaver pamphleteering. (pic from a 2008 NA bulletin).
The National Alliance gave Michael their “Activist of the Year” award in 2008 for his tireless street activism in Georgia, handing out pamphlets and speaking to real people.  The NA called Weaver and his supporters in Columbus the “Weaver Army” and would regularly cite him as the ideal model of street activism.  He put himself out there completely, being interviewed by the local news on more than one occasion, knowing that they would defame him.
White Genocide Flier Distributed by Michael Weaver
One of the fliers Michael would distribute in Columbus (click to enlarge).
The local cops were often actively working against him, going so far as to go around and pick up the fliers he would distribute off of car windshields.  They would routinely accuse him of nonsensical things, such as having bombs and machine guns in his house.
Even dealing with all of this, Michael was able to have a successful and productive professional life.  After being kicked out of high school for his activism, Michael got his GED and ended up tutoring others preparing to take the GED test.  He is a health and fitness expert and has worked as a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym, where he trained athletes, body builders and professional models.  He has also worked in construction and landscaping, as an electrician’s apprentice and in the food industry.
Michael is the embodiment of the truest spirit of the White race, tirelessly fighting for his people, while also functioning as a creative, productive member of his community.  In other words, he is exactly the type of guy that the Jews target – and that’s just what they did.
The Incident
On December 4, 2010, Michael maced a drunken black male, Travis Parson, in the back of the neck.  The official story, as told by Parson and his black friend who was with him at the time, Frank Bellamy, and echoed by the cops, prosecution and mainstream media, is that Michael drove his car slowly alongside the two blacks, before jumping out and and assaulting one of them with a can of mace for no reason (the duo would repeatedly change this story throughout the ordeal, attempting to make it seem more logical, but the court appears to have stuck with this version).
Michael’s telling of the story, however, goes differently.
According to him, he was leaving a friend’s house, walking to his car and noticed two black males walking down the middle of the street, carrying beer bottles.  After Michael got into his car, the two men approached from behind, with Parson on the driver’s side and Bellamy on the passenger side.  Both were reaching for the car door handles.  As the driver’s side widow was down, Michael maced only Parson, who turned his head and was only sprayed in the back of the neck, before he quickly drove away.
Frank Bellamy, one of the blacks involved with the incident, is a multiple felon, convicted of robbery.
Frank Bellamy, one of the blacks involved with the incident, is a multiple felon, convicted of robbery and more.  What would you do if this guy tried to get in your car?
Whoever you decide to believe, it is agreed upon that Parson went home after the incident, seeking neither medical assistance nor police help, until his mother insisted upon it and called the police for him.
At this point, Michael, shook-up over the incident, had returned to his friend’s home outside of which the incident had occurred.  Two officers, a black male and a white female, came to the home, the location of which was given to them by the blacks, to arrest Michael.  Though the police would surely tell a different story, Michael contends (and this writer has no trouble believing) that he went to the doorway to talk to the officer through a screen door, saying that he would have no problem answering questions, but would not go outside, that the police would need a warrant to get him out of the house.  The black officer then, according to Michael, opened the door without a warrant, pulled him outside and arrested him.
Michael was charged with misdemeanor battery, and was released on $60 bail a few hours later.
Worthy of note here is that both of the blacks involved with the incident were convicted felons.  Parson had been convicted for felony possession of cocaine(a warrant is out for his arrest as I type this), and Bellamy has been convicted of robbery, possession of firearms, obstruction of a police officer and drug possession.
When Michael went to court the first time, on December 4, 2010, the “victim” was unable to attend, as he was in jail for a probation violation.  On the second scheduled court date, the arresting officer failed to attend.
Then, over eight months after having been charged initially on battery, on August 23, 2011, Michael was stopped while driving with his father, by an unmarked car, and two large black men pulled guns on him and his dad, rearresting Michael for the same alleged crime.  Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit D.A. Julia Slater had convened a grand jury and decided to indict Michael for aggravated assault, a felony charge.  This moved the case from State Court to Superior Court.
With the clearly incompetent public defender, Robin King (who’s assistant, Ray Lakes, was black), as his only legal aid, the Jewish-run anti-White legal system proceeded to railroad Michael Weaver.  He was told that Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit Judge Bobby Peters – a White man who brags on his website that when he was running for mayor he won every black district – was going to allow Assistant D.A. Michael Craig to introduce his pro-Whtie activism – which was being portrayed as “hate-mongering” by the prosecution – to be used to poison the jury against him in court.
The court told Michael that he would do twenty years if he didn’t plead guilty to a felony assault charge.  On November 15, 2011, seeing no other option available to him, Michael accepted a plea-bargain, and was sentenced to ten years – one year in state, nine years on probation.
A local news outlet featured this report after the sentencing.
Note the repeated use of the word “hate,” even though Michael was not even charged under hate-crime legislation.  This is, in so many words, an admission of the political nature of the court’s actions.
On top of this, he was banished from his home town of Columbus, Georgia, the judge citing a draconian law which had only ever been invoked in recent history against those with a restraining order, and even in that case, the legality has been under question by the Georgia Supreme Court, and it would appear to violate the US Constitution.
A Jew Behind the Scenes
Upon first hearing about this case, it was obvious to me that there was a Jew behind it.  It didn’t take long to find him.
Among the supposed “hate-mongering” evidence that the court planned to submit against Michael were the records of a political debate that Michael had via email with Jeffrey Salkin, then a local rabbi in Columbus.
Local rabbi Jeffrey Salkin, who is now the head of the ADL New Jersey branch, contacted the court when he heard of the charges against Michael, and may have played a vital role in convincing the court to act more barbarically against him.
Local rabbi Jeffrey Salkin, who is now the head of the ADL New Jersey branch, contacted the court when he heard of the charges against Michael, and may have played a vital role in convincing the court to act more barbarically against him.
Salkin, a powerful Jew, who before his stint in Columbus, was the chief rabbi at The Hebrew Benevolent Congregation Temple in Atlanta, which is famous for having been bombed on October 12, 1958 by a White rights group who was protesting the then chief rabbi Jacob Rothschild’s involvement with “civil rights” and integration, and his friendship with communist leader Martin Luther King.  The bombing was dramatized in the movie Driving Miss Daisy.
Salkin is now the head of the Anti-Defamation League, New Jersey branch.
During the trial,  Michael was informed by his public defender that Salkin had met with with the Assistant D.A., Michael Craig, regarding his case.  In the opinion of this writer, it is conceivable – if not simply obvious – that he played a major role in the court’s decision to crucify Michael Weaver.  Salkin had both personal and racial reasons to try to destroy Michael, and it clear that he had the high-level Jewish connections to use as leverage within the Columbus judicial system.
In an interview published on August 24, 2012 in the New Jersey Jewish Standard, Salkin commented on his involvement with Michael’s case (emphasis mine):
“In a local Starbucks I saw a young man reading a pile of books that included Das Kapital and Mein Kampf. It’s unusual to see someone reading such a pile of books. I struck up a conversation with him,” Salkin said.
“He then started badgering me with anti-Semitic email.
“Lo and behold I discovered my tires were slashed.
“When he was arrested for spraying mace in the face of a black man, I became pivotal in the investigation.
“He had an interesting prison sentence. He was sentenced to one year of prison and nine years of parole, which includes exile from that particular part of the state of Georgia. In my sermon on that, I said that now he knows how the Jew feels. His punishment is to live his life in exile. Our experience will now become his experience.”
Note that Michael did not slash Mr. Salkin’s tires, and you will note that in the interview, he doesn’t even make that claim directly, he merely implies it.  It is possible that he simply made that up on the spot for the interview, though it was likely a victimization lie he’d been using in connection to this story for some time.  Michael was never questioned about slashing this Jew’s tires, nor had he heard about it before being shown the article above.
It is also worth noting that by Michael’s account, the rabbi volunteered his email address, and the exchange which took place was mutual – a political and philosophical online debate.  Yet you will note that the Jew uses even this as a means to imply victimization.
The vindictiveness of this Jew is seen clearly in the above passage, as he gloats about being “pivotal in the investigation,” which, in the opinion of this writer, is clear Jew code-talk for “I made sure the bastard got what was coming to him.”  In this writer’s opinion, the Jew Salkin is responsible for orchestrating the entire ordeal, and is, with a wink and a nod, admitting that in this interview.
Abril Wheeler maced five people, including a baby, and didn't get a felony charge.
Mass macer: Abril Wheeler maced five people, including a baby, and didn’t get a felony charge.
A Political Crucifixion
It is clear that if Michael had had a proper defense team, there is simply no way in hell he could have been railroaded like this.
To put things in perspective, a black woman, Abril Wheeler, maced five people, including a 5-month-old baby, in Columbus, Georgia, and was only charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct and disorderly conduct.  This is because no one is ever charged with felony aggravated assault for the use of pepper spray, as it is not a lethal weapon.
Michael, however, was charged with felony aggravated assault for the use of pepper spray, under Georgia State Criminal Code Title 16, Section 16-5-21, which reads, in part (emphasis mine):
(a) A person commits the offense of aggravated assault when he or she assaults:
(1) With intent to murder, to rape, or to rob;
(2) With a deadly weapon or with any object, device, or instrument which, when used offensively against a person, is likely to or actually does result in serious bodily injury; or
(3) A person or persons without legal justification by discharging a firearm from within a motor vehicle toward a person or persons.
Clearly – even if both of these black multiple felons were telling the whole truth about what took place on the night of December 4, 2010 – aggravated assault did not take place, as a can of mace is not a deadly weapon and cannot cause “serious bodily harm.”  Even if Michael had driven slowly beside the blacks and got out and maced one of them for no reason, the only thing that they could properly charge him with would be misdemeanor battery.
We may note here that Michael’s long history of activism had been followed, and looked down upon, by Cathy Bush, a lead figure in the crucifixion.  She began harassing Michael in his teenage years, when he would distribute pro-White propaganda at his high school.  Bush was waving around literature from the Southern Poverty Law Center, and claiming to be a “hate expert” at Michael’s hearings.
This was a political lynching by a gang of criminals, pure and simple.  The entire weight of this thing was on the political activities of Michael Weaver – he is a thought criminal, strung-up by a gaggle of corrupt anti-Whites, at the behest of a top ADL Jew, for the crime of openly and honestly working to liberate our people.
Michael’s Situation Now
After serving nearly 21 months in various detention facilities, Michael was released on April 24, 2013.
This lynching cost Michael his home, his relationships with his family, his ability to find proper work.  In an act of absurd cruelty, Michael was refused even the right to visit his aged grandmother on holidays, as part of the medieval banishing decree against him.
His fiance left him after he’d been in prison for a period.  Also while in prison, his best friend from childhood died, and he was unable to attend the funeral or be there for the family.  In prison, he lost over 40 pounds, due to the stress of being an innocent gentleman locked up with violent criminals.
When he was released from prison, he was simply thrown out on the street, not allowed to return home, with nowhere to go and no one to count on.  By the Grace of God, a kindly woman whom he’d met at a Walmart offered to drive him to a homeless shelter, but upon arrival, Michael was informed that he could not stay at the homeless shelter without an ID.  The woman agreed to let him stay with her for the time being, but he still has no job and no ability to draw an income.
Helping Our Brother in His Hour of Need
Our strength as a political movement, and as a race, is in our solidarity with our brothers.
Michael has gone through hell, and yet when I talk to him, he is much more concerned about continuing the struggle for the liberation of our people than he is about his personal situation.
Yet, there is little Michael can do for our racial struggle when he is struggling to eat and give the lady he lives with a little money to help pay the rent as he prepares to take the fight to the enemy, by appealing his case and bringing much needed attention to our cause.
We in this struggle are brothers, and we need to act like it.  We need to rally around Michael, and show our strength by making certain that he has what he needs.
If you would like to donate to Michael through the mail, you can send money orders or well concealed cash to:
[Edit: Michael is no longer living at this address.]
We have also set up a donation page, where you can provide assistance through PayPal or credit card.  Any little bit helps.
Michael no doubt also needs moral support, so even if you are not in a position to help him financially, please spread the word about his case to as many people as you can.  This is truly a chance for us to unite under a single banner and confront our eternal racial enemy.  There could be nothing more black and white than the racist political persecution of Michael Weaver, who has had his whole life taken away from him by the corrupt Jewish system.
Michael was targeted for his beliefs.  This could happen to any one of us (even those who believe themselves anonymous), if we don’t stand up for one another.
If we stand together, all Hell won’t stop us.
With regards to the crucifixion of Michael Weaver, we must steal a phrase from the Jew: never again.
Hail Victory.
Michael is available for interviews.  He is trying to bring as much attention to his case as he can before he goes back to court.  His blog is at news4whites.blogspot.com.

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Black Privilege in Columbus,Georgia

My how times and attitudes Change!! This "minority" uses pepper spray to repel store employees who try to stop him from shoplifting and local law enforcement treats the multiple attacks on innocent people like minor incidents. But when then-Columbus political activist Michael Weaver used pepper spray against a thug who tried to carjack his vehicle on the late afternoon of Dec. 4, 2010...he was arrested, cuffed and taken to jail. There were Two thug attackers, both with long criminal records, including numerous felonies, but only one of the would-be carjackers was sprayed. In Weaver's panicked state his aim was inaccurate, and the spray ran harmlessly down the back of his neck. The thug "victim" sustained no injuries and he subsequently declined medical attention. Weaver was charged with misdemeanor battery and, after paying a low bond, was released from the Muscogee County Jail. A State Court date was set. Weaver and I attended court as instructed, but his case was not called. Another court date was set. We attended. Again his case was not called. Yet Another hearing was set and, Again Weaver's case was Not called. Weaver approached the State prosecutor, then Suzzanne Goddard. Goddard then told Weaver that his case had been referred to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution as a felony...felony aggravated assault. Weaver and I were astounded!! No one in the history of Georgia "jurisprudence" had Ever been charged with a felony for using non-lethal pepper spray for the purpose of defense of property and Self Defense. But Weaver had a long-standing reputation as a non-PC political activist. His forte was placing tracts beneath car windshield wipers while the vehicles were parked on public access streets, an entirely Legal activity protected by the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution.  The ruling elites who rule Columbus with a velvet-lined Iron Fist saw their long-awaited chance to silence a voice with which they disagreed. No One has Ever been charged with a felony for using pepper spray, whether offensively or defensively. Weaver was indicted on the morning of Aug.23, 2011. He was arrested later that day and cast into jail again. After 3 months in jail, Weaver's case was Finally on the prosecution docket. He appeared before Superior Court Judge Bobby Peters on the Monday and Tuesday mornings of Nov. 22 and 23. Asst. D.A. Michael Eugene Craig prosecuted the case. This writer attended the hearings. The "hearings" were Kafkaesque spectacles. Hardly Any mention was made of the facts of the case...the circumstances that led to Weaver's arrest and indictment for defending his property, and possibly his life. Instead, the twin hearings were based Entirely on Weaver's political activism that had aroused the ire of the "important" people of the People's Republic of Columbus. Prosecutor Craig was a highly emotive actor. Addressing the judge he flailed about as if in agony; sobbing about how the carjacker multi-felon must have felt after the pepper spray ran harmlessly down the back of his neck. This, despite the police report that indicated that the "victim" had sustained No injuries and that he had declined medical attention. Not mentioned, too, was the fact that Both of Weaver's attackers were on felony probation at the time of the attack, and that thus the convicted felons were not legally allowed to consort with each other. Also not mentioned was the fact that both felons were wielding 40-ounce beer bottles at the time of the attack. Also ignored by the judge and prosecutor was the fact that Weaver had been illegally arrested by a black CPD officer who entered the residence in which Weaver had been visiting. The officer snatched Weaver out of the resident Without an arrest warrant. It was clear during the hearings that Weaver's prosecution was a Sham, a cynical Stalinesque tactic that was an oft-used ploy used against dissidents in the erstwhile Soviet Union and still used in Totalitarian States in many parts of the world. Weaver's "defense" attorney, Robin King told Weaver not to worry...the case was a "slam dunk." She was prepared to present his case to a jury. The jury forewoman indicated that the jury was ready to hear the case. This writer saw Peters shift nervously on his throne. It was Clear that neither he of the Trump "hair" nor Craig of Kojak hair did Not Want a trial by jury. Peters summoned Craig and King to his chambers, along with then-CPD detective Cathy Bush. Bush had long hated Weaver because of his politically incorrect ideology and was one of the driving forces behind Weaver's mal-prosecution. A few minutes later the respective parties emerged from Peters's chambers. It was Clear that something had happened in the judge's chambers. Perhaps promises and threats were made. "Defense" attorney King had changed her mind and now urged Weaver to accept a plea bargain: a 10-year sentence, a year to serve in prison, the remaining 9 years on probation. Included in the terms of the probation was the stipulation that Weaver be banished from his home town of Muscogee County, plus the other 5 counties that comprise the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit. When Weaver asked Judge Peters if he could visit his elderly and ailing grandmother if her condition worsened, Peters told Weaver that he didn't care if his grandmother was on her deathbed. His grandmother passed on Feb. 9, 2015. Columbus has a Weaponized, Terrorist "justice" system. My how times and attitudes Change!!

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Political persecution in the People's Republic of Columbus, Georgia

Sven Longshanks is joined today byMichael Weaver, to talk about the way the law is being differently applied to political activists and how he has had his human right to see his family stolen from him by the corrupt judicial system.

Michael starts by explaining how after using pepper spray in self defence against Blacks trying to carjack him he was arrested for a misdemeanour. Once the local Rabbi found out who it was that had been arrested though, the charges were changed to felony aggravated assault. Michael had to plead guilty to avoid spending 10 years in jail, but he still had to serve a year and then when he was released, the Judge told him he could not set foot back in his home town ever again. This amounts to a cruel and unusual punishment, as Michael’s father’s health is not good and he may never get to see his son again. 

After being released from prison Michael got himself a flat, a job and a girlfriend and was put onto unsupervised probation, only to be re-arrested for not turning up to probation in the city he was banned from! After spending a month in jail, losing his flat and his job, he was offered freedom if he signed a waiver promising not to take the matter further, since the mistake had been made by the authorities.

Michael’s only hope of getting back to see his father is through the courts and there are only two ways to do this, either by studying law and doing it yourself or through an attorney. He needs around $2,000 for the attorney and while he tries to raise that, he is also attempting to learn how to do the paper work himself. If anyone can help him out with donations or a sympathetic attorney then please contact him or send donations via paypal to this email address:musclemk24@gmail.com. He also runs body building and nutritional courses if you are interested in beefing yourself up and his blog isNews4Whites.

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Matt Hale's Mother Speaks Out Against Government Corruption

Facts about the Matt Hale case
I am Matthew Hales mother. Does anyone care that our corrupt justice system (Federal court system) in this case and the government (FBI) has locked away an innocent man for 40 years because he stood for and believed in the First Amendment, (Freedom of Speech) without any evidence. Matt was tried and convicted in federal court in Hammond, Indiana in 2005 for having solicited the murder of Chicago Federal Judge Joan Lefkow. James T. Moody was the judge in the trial. No evidence was ever presented during the trial that Matt ever asked anyone to commit murder. Matt is an innocent man that has suffered at the hands of our corrupt government, the FBI and our corrupt justice system.
The government had Tony Evola, a government informant which they paid $75,000 of our tax money to tape conversations with Matt over a 2 year period to attempt to get evidence that they could use to put Matt away. On these tapes, never once did Matt ever ask this informant to kill anybody. Matt refused Evola several times on the tapes. In fact, Evola was confused as to who the government wanted Matt to ask him to kill. He thought the target was a man. When the government (FBI)realized that Evola thought the target was a man, they had him send Matt an email referring to the target as being femala, (the word Evola used for female) (Evola is mentally challenged) to further their plan to charge Matt.
Matt arrived at the courthouse in chicago to go before Judge Joan Lefkow regarding a Trademark case and he was arrested. Judge Lefkow had ruled in Matts favor in the Trademark case and a higher court had ordered her to reverse her decision and Matt was there to appeal that ruling. He had no animosity towards Judge Lefkow. He never wanted her killed. He was there to appeal her ruling she had reversed. A higher court had ordered her to reverse her decision.
Matt was not present for the entire jury selection even though he never waived that right. His attorney made that decision without asking Matt. Matt was only present for 52%. The law is that he had the right to be present for the entire jury selection.
When Evola testified in the trial, because nothing on the tapes revealed Matt asking Evola to kill the judge, Evola testified that he asked Matt if he wanted him(Evola) to kill the judge and Matt nodded.
Matt suspected that Evola was a government informant, he wasn't concerned because he knew he would always follow the law and never do anything illegal. Matt went to Law School to become an attorney and work to make legal change in the government and our court system.
Recently, Matt discovered that the jury foreman had testified in another unrelated case that he had disobeyed the judges order not to read anything about Matt and the case or listen to the media. After being accepted as one of the jurors, he went home and did in fact follow the media coverage about Matt and the case disobeying the judges order. He had run home and removed a note on his door saying that he was going to be a juror on Matt Hales trial because he was afraid one of Matts supporters might harm him or his partner.
Matts attorney had a list of over 100 witnesses and never called one to testify. When Matt told his attorney that he wanted to testify, his attorney told Matt that he wasn't prepared to do that.
Judge James T. Moody allowed another mans crime into Matts trial. It was very obvious that the judge was prejudiced against Matt as was the prosecutor.
Matts attorney Thomas Durkin of Chicago told the jury they should find Matt guilty on moral charges. He told the jury how discusting Matt was in so many words.
The last statement the prosecutor said to the jury is that the government had evidence that Matthew Hale ordered one of his organization to go out and kill and injure many people. This is totally untrue. There was never any evidence presented at trial that Matt ever asked anybody to kill anyone. Matts attorney never objected, the judge never asked the jury to disallow that statement.
The trial was tainted and prejudiced, the jury foreman who was homosexual, feared Matt supporters. He went into the jury room ready to find Matt guilty before hearing any evidence (there was no evidence).
The judge sentenced Matt using the sentencing guidelines used to sentence a terrorist. Matt isn't a terrorist. He gave Matt a 40 year sentence, Matt has been in solitary confinement at Florence Supermax prison for over 12 years for a crime he never committed. He is innocent of any crime and Judge Moody, the prosecutor and the government know it. Matt is a political prisoner.
Matt has asked repeatedly to have a polygraph to prove his innocents and has been refused. Resently, he sent David Bindi, the prosecutor that has taken the place of David Weisman, the prosecutor that prosecuted Matt, a letter asking for a polygraph and was refused again. They know that a polygraph would prove Matt innocent.
For all the reasons given above, Matt is entitled to a new trial. Everything I have said in the above statements are true. I challenged anyone to read the trial transcript and find any untruths in any statement in the above factual accounts of the trial.
This is a travesty, to have this kind of corruption in our government, our FBI and our court system. To lock a person away for 40 years because that person has unpopular views and opinions. What has happened to freedom of speech, freedom of religion? What has happened to our country?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

John de Nugent interviews American nationalist Michael Weaver


Michael Weaver - Unbowed After Five Years in Hell (interview)
Former U.S. Marine and white civil-rights activist John de Nugent discusses the latest judicial atrocities against fearless Michael Weaver of Georgia (USA).
John apologizes for the so-so sound. SKYPE had "issues" that day, so the interview had to be conducted by telephone.
The Deep South of the US was once a bastion of "Anglo-Saxon Strength," but today even the most peaceful activists are railroaded into ten years in prison if they merely try to hand out literature and then must defend themselves with harmless pepper spray against black convicted felons. You will not believe the initial outrages nor the very latest rapes of the legal system in what once was the heart of the Confederacy.
Radio interview at the link above. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Columbus,Georgia. Power Brokers Persecute Political Dissident


Another GREAT EPICsode! 7:40-cucks of the week; 11:45-(((zikes))) of the week; 18:50-clever song "Found out about Jews"; GOYcotts of the week; 33:14 Michael Weaver joins for a while to explain the corruption & anti-White harassment he has endured by authorities in Columbus, GA.; other callers include Ken Reed & Kevin Harris of White lives matter, Greg Calhoun, & Matt West!; 1:08:45-new shocking social engineering in the Veteran's administration, what constitutes a "hate crime"? and more. PC/iPhone compatible, downloadable.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Columbus Culture of Corruption Continued

Editor’s Note: We all fall on hard times. This is especially true for pro-White activists who have gone public with their beliefs and earn the enmity and harassment of our enemies. I’ve written here before about the bullshit that happened to Michael Weaver. I know Michael in real life. He has been a friend of mine for several years now. I’ve never known him to be anything but an enthusiastic activist who has a passion for distributing literature.
Michael has asked me to post this because he is in a desperate situation and needs our help. As you all know, I have a distaste for fundraising and don’t use this blog to raise money. I maintain this website because I have such a passion for the cause, however, if we aren’t going to help each other when we are in need, what are we even doing here?
Michael is actually further to the Right than I am. Many of you are further to the Right than I am. That’s … OK. I’m going to send him a donation on behalf of our family because I know whose side he is on. Also, if you live in North Georgia and know of a job in or around the Cartersville area, let Michael know about it. That would be a big help and relief to him.
On December 5th, 2016, Michael Weaver was arrested at his residence by two Cartersville police officers on a Probation violation warrant that was issued in Columbus, GA. He was held for 2 days in Bartow County jail until he was transferred to Columbus, GA by two Muscogee County Sheriff deputies. Why?
Columbus, GA Probation officer, David Shank, said “That someone told his office that I had visited someone in prison.” Mr. Shank also stated the reason behind my arrest as “Failure to report to Columbus, GA probation on 6/16/16 as directed.”
Here’s the facts: I’ve been on non-report, non-call unsupervised probation since 2014 in Cartersville, GA by Officer Dover. In fact, this status was confirmed by Probation Supervisor, Officer Byerly, on March of 2014 in his office on Postelle Street. I haven’t been in trouble with the law since my release back in April of 2013 from the gulag.
On the day of my release, I was homeless and destitute. Since then I have been gainfully employed, established a stable place of residence and even bought a car. Alas, their false imprisonment of me has caused me to spend 25 days in jail, the loss of my full-time job and I missed my daughter’s first Christmas. All based on a lie! We as citizens are held accountable for our actions, but why isn’t the corrupt powers that be that rule Columbus, GA accountable for their actions and for violating my rights as an American citizen?
On January 2nd,2017 I went to my place of employment to tell them the truth so I can get my job back. However, even though I was a great worker and always on time, I was informed that someone told my employers about my past political activities. Alas, I wasn’t rehired.
Please help me right this injustice.
Sincerely, Michael Weaver
PayPal info: Musclemk24@gmail.com
Or you may send a donation payable to Michael Weaver at this address:
Michael Weaver
1521 35th Street
Columbus, Georgia 31904

Note: If you are unfamiliar with the situation, all these bullshit that has happened to Michael Weaver stems from pepper spraying two black thugs who were trying to steal his car. It’s one of the craziest stories I have ever heard.