Saturday, June 4, 2016

Trump Supporters Mobbed, Spit On, Cornered, Assaulted In San Jose

Editor's note: You may express your outrage at Mayor Liccardo
Contact info at:

Also,feel free to express your outrage at Office of the Chief of Police. Mr. Eddie Garcia can be reached at:

But … But … Trump supporters are violent

So this is going down tonight at the Trump rally in San Jose, California:
BREAKING: The police in San Jose have appeared to lost control. Trump supporters being terrorized and beaten up by mobs of protestors.

Our video of Trump supporter who says he was beaten up coming out of @realDonaldTrump rally.

Protesters cornering Trump supporters as they leave. This woman taunted them. They cornered her & threw eggs at her
Trump supporter gets sucker punched. He later identified the man he believes punched him & police arrested the man 
Protesters are spilling into the street and blocking traffic. One is burning an American flag. Others chanting "whose streets?!"

I called 911 but no one answered. Donald trump protest in San Jose, CA

Protest is moving pretty quickly. The guy in stripes just punched out, knocked a pregnant lady to the ground
The dude getting knocked out by a mob carrying the Mexican flag – while the American flag is being burned in the background, and women are being spit on – really says it all. Hell, even pregnant women are being attacked and knocked to the ground!
I love this video of “Make California Mexico Again.” It really shows you where these people are coming from.

Protesters outside San Jose rally chant "Bernie, Bernie Bernie!" after attacking a Trump supporter.

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