Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Persecution of Gary Yarbrough

By Susan Yarbrough

Hello,everybody! I am back in action! I went through a tough time. After we finished up Gary’s legal fund, I had to deal with some legal issues myself and some family situations.
I had to go through the process of getting my grandson, whom I am raising, diagnosed with high-functioning autism. We were sitting at a red light one day, on our way to an evaluation for him, and a state trooper was sitting behind me. Next thing I know, his lights are on. Apparently, I had an unpaid speeding ticket from close to Baton Rouge from 2001 and my driver’s license had been suspended. Wow…was a shocker for me. The only thing that kept me out of jail was I had my grandson with me and nobody to pick him up. The state trooper did do that for me….but I still don’t remember the speeding ticket. It took me almost $4,000 in fines and court costs to get my driver’s license back….but wait a minute…without a driver’s license it was hard for me to travel and talk about Gary’s situation…think on that for a minute LOL.
Since my last update…Gary has been through a lot. They have declared his daughters a security threat and took his last pictures of them, including the last picture he had of Annette, his deceased stepdaughter.Additionally, none of his daughters are politically active, so how can they be a security threat? Gary called me to vent, which I was glad that was all he did. Gary is known for his temper, which has calmed down with his age and his desire to come home LOL. Gary didn’t mention the COs name that did this or threaten the CO in any way over the phone…however, the exact CO happen to be listening to our phone conversation…and put a direct threat incident report against Gary. Wow…where do they find these COs? There was no direct threat…he just told me what they CO did…did say whether it was a he or a she, made not threats toward the CO…nothing. But they are trying to push his buttons and add an incident report because it is getting close to his parole hearing. However, the law firm is on this and Gary is keeping his cool. I am so proud of my husband!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

No Votes For Turncoats!! Boot Doug Brannon Out of Office!!

No Votes for Turncoats!! Boot Wes Hayes Out of Office!!

No Votes For Turncoats!! Boot Hugh Leatherman Out of Office!

No Votes For Turncoats! Boot Donna Hicks Out of Office!

No Votes For Turncoats!! Boot Kevin Bryant Out of Office!

No Votes For Turncoats!! Boot Donna Hicks Out of Office!

No Votes For Turncoats!! Boot Mike Fair out of Office!!

No Votes For Turncoats!!! Boot Rick Quinn Out of Office!!

No Votes for Turncoats!! Boot Larry Grooms out of Office!

No Votes for Turncoats!! Boot Neal Collins Out of Office!!

SPLC President Richard Cohen Abandons Sinking Ship

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