Monday, November 16, 2015

Demand Justice for Dustin Heathman!

Can we get a call flood going, to Florida State Attorney Brad King's office?

The entire investigation of Dustin's case is dishonest. Everyone from the sheriff on down is lying, falsifying reports, and omitting facts. At Cody Hoppel's hearing, in which he admitted to beating Dustin, he also incriminated other officers who had witnessed and/or participated in the beating and then helped Hoppel cover it up. They never said a word about beating Dustin up in their police reports.

We need you guys to start calling up the state attorney and let him know that the entire investigation is dishonest, based upon false reports, and that the sheriff's office is trying to cover things up. We have them ON RECORD lying about what happened.

The State Attorney's number is 352-671-5800. You can also send him an e-mail at

This case needs to be thrown out. Dustin never tried to kill anyone and MCSO knows it, too. They're trying to cover up their own corruption and illegal actions they took that day.

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