Thursday, October 1, 2015

Billy Roper on Patriotic Front Radio

Sunday, October 4th at 7:00 p.m. CDT

Listen to Billy Roper LIVE this Sunday at 7 pm central time on Patriotic Front Radio!

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  1. FANTASTIC ! -- Billy Roper on Patriotic Front Radio ! America and the White People of America may have a chance yet ! The Jews are rising to total power in America and the Jews want TOTAL DICTATORSHIP over the entire world ! It is the United States of America that is the largest obstacle standing in their way and that is why the Jews want the United States to be totally eliminated as soon as possible ! How is this to be accomplished ? The Jews want to totally destroy the Adam Smith "Free Market" system by implementing a gigantic stock market crash ! The Jews want large race riots in all the American cities so that Martial Law and total dictatorship can be implemented ! The Jews want the United States of America to be thrown into the middle of Thermonuclear World War 3 ! The only way out is education and that means massive, massive education very, very soon ! I do hope the White Information Network becomes super successful ! I also hope that Patriotic Front Radio likewise becomes super successful ! Best Wishes -- Joseph Stefurak