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Jew Explains Plan for White Disarmament, Genocide

This smug jew turd wants dead Whites.
Our jewish enemy has won victory after victory, achieving societal destruction beyond the wildest dreams of even the most optimistic Frankfurt School communist. The destruction of the family, the sodomite agenda, shrinking White birthrates, foreign invasion, degenerate and poisonous culture, loss of national identity and vision, materialism and nihilism, it seems the goyim has been completely brought down. Well, almost. Whites are still armed and an armed man is not going to stay a slave for long once he becomes aware of the kosher chains.
It’s clear this solitary case of sanity defeating semitic madness remains a stone in the shoe of our enemy and it has caused them to become more and more extreme with their propaganda. In the last days of the U.S.S.A. the communist agenda is now presented openly, without a hint of shame or fear from the nation-wreckers. We’re going to get your guns Whitey and then we’re going to destroy you once and for all. This is the message from the mainstream jewish media.
More knife control, excuse me “knife safety legislation,” needed in United Kaliphate.
The recent deadly shooting at an Oregon community college, like so many before it, isn’t likely to lead to new federal laws designed to curb dangerous people’s access to guns.
Oy, we sure tried, though. We had our schwoogie puppet on the talmudvision before the bodies were even cold, but the shkotzim just won’t listen. Another useless crisis.
While this understandably frustrates supporters of gun safety legislation
When “gun control” is not sufficiently Orwellian, here’s the new kosher phrase for calling for disarmed and helpless gentiles. It’s for your own safety, you unclean meat. Certainly you have nothing to fear from your own criminal government or the rich “diversity” of negro and la-teen-oh garbage. Make yourself defenseless, it will protect you from harm. 2 + 2 = 5.
The National Rifle Association’s days of being a political powerhouse may be numbered. Why? The answer is in the numbers.
A conservative group that actually wins, sometimes? What a powerhouse. Fortunately the flood of third world savages who are accustomed to tyranny and can be easily purchased with hand-outs will turn the tide. Introduce dangerous non-White scum. Crime goes up. Gun grab in the name of safety. The jew sets us up and knocks us down. Had enough yet?
Support for, and opposition to, gun control is closely associated with several demographic characteristics, including race, level of education and whether one lives in a city.
White, rural Americans who have never seen the inside of a Communist Indoctrination Center, the most hated and relentlessly attacked minority in today’s U.S.S.A.
The core of the NRA’s support comes from white, rural and relatively less educated voters. This demographic is currently influential in politics but clearly on the wane.
I think you might have gotten them confused with this other group that is currently influential in politics but clearly on the wane as Whites wake up to their destructive and wildly disproportionate influence. They wear little hats on the back of their heads, call other people animals, don’t eat pork, stop me if this sounds familiar.
While the decline of white, rural, less educated Americans is generally well known, less often recognized is what this means for gun legislation.
We all know about White Genocide, but consider the implications for the helpless tan everyman slave promised by the talmud.
Polls show that whites tend to favor gun rights over gun control by a significant margin (57 percent to 40 percent). Yet whites, who comprise 63 percent of the population today, won’t be in the majority for long.
The inevitability of communist victory. I wouldn’t start celebrating until you’ve actually won, jew boy. Trends can reverse themselves quickly and without the protective hand of White traitors the “minority” is nothing.
Racial minorities are soon to be a majority, and they are the nation’s strongest supporters of strict gun laws.
The constantly tightening time table of White Genocide. From 2050, to 2043, to “soon.” Our enemies will not be satisfied until every last White is in the grave, where they’ll continue to curse us. We owe these criminals no loyalty. The U.S.S.A. is dead. Our race is our nation.
After the 2012 election, Republican officials said the party needed to do more to appeal to the growing population of racial minorities.
Shortly thereafter the term “cuckservative” entered our vocabulary to describe this useless and pathetic appeasement.
Yet the party’s refusal to bend on gun legislation highlights the difficulty of such efforts.
In order to save “conservatism” it was necessary to destroy everything it allegedly stood for.
Let’s give up our rights to get 30% of the la-teen-oh vote.
If the GOP compromises on guns to appeal to minorities, it might lose support among its core of white voters.
The GOP is not your friend. Hopefully it will die soon.
The country, however, is becoming less rural and more urban. Recent years have witnessed a significant increase in the number of people living in cities, with big metropolitan areas experiencing double-digit growth.
Soon we’ll have massive blocks of slums, just like Brazil and other “diversity” paradises.
Support for gun control is correlated, too, with levels of education. 
It would be more accurate to say “levels of indoctrination.”
Of course, the NRA will continue to fight, and fight hard, against gun control. But the heart of the organization’s power is the voters it can turn out to vote, and they are likely to decline in number.
It’s not like Whites are going to wake up and take back their nations. Right? Right???
Unless the organization begins to soften its no-compromises stance on gun safety legislation, it’s likely to become increasingly marginalized in a changing America.
Sell out to Big jew, everyone’s doing it! It’s the right thing to do.
Trust me, I’m a jew.

Free Matt Hale Patriotic Front Radio October

Ron Paul: Feds Killed Irwin Schiff For Speaking Out

Monday, October 19, 2015

Irwin Schiff on the Biggest Con and the Federal Mafia

Irwin Schiff's Life Sentence and America's End Game

Stone Mountain,Georgia Rally Against Martin L.King

The IRS VS. Joe Banister

Why is Williams Shielding Gliebe & Cartwright?


Will Williams has been publicly reported to have stated:
“We’ll try to shield Erich (Gliebe) as best we can and put the theft onto Walker and Martin. Though Erich was irresponsible in not supervising Martin for years.”
This article will analyze this subject in some detail using several readily available published sources, with the intent to come to a definite conclusion regarding alleged past National Alliance (NA) financial improprieties by Gliebe and Cartwright and some say continuing cover up by Williams and Cartwright of those failures in past NA  Corporate fiduciary responsibilities.

Part 1: General Overview of NA Financial Mismanagement/Probable Unlawful Activity

What does Will Williams have to say about allegations of financial improprieties/probable unlawful activity under the past NA duo of Chairman Gliebe and Treasurer Cartwright? Right out of the horses mouth himself this is what Williams said in a February 2015 email to some of his new NA staff members:
williams-dilloway email buisness office 02112015
The factual information that can be gleaned from the above email is as follows. First off there was, putting it mildly, serious financial improprieties to say the least under the Gliebe/Cartwright reign at the NA Corporation.
Second, Williams bluntly states that he will attempt to shield Gliebe as much as possible and put all of the blame on others (e.g. long past NA Chair Shawn Walker and past NA business manager Patrick Martin). It is important to note here that Williams says nothing about Cartwright. It was on both Gliebe and Cartwright’s watch, under their Corporate Fiduciary responsibility to ensure that good corporate governance is maintained and to ensure that Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) must be followed according to the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC).
Third, several important questions that must be addressed to  justice are as follows:
  1. If the Gliebe/Cartwright corporate duo had fiduciary responsibility for the NA under their watch, how can they blame it all on a former paid employee or other long gone persons?
  2. If neither Gliebe nor Cartwright had the training nor experience to run a corporation let alone handle corporation finances, why would they not hire someone who could, e.g. hire an independent auditor to ensure that such allegations that Williams claims do not occur?
  3. Williams implies in one of his past NA bulletins that Cartwright has some Nursing training or as he says “Cartwright gave up a promising career in nursing in order to raise a family”.  Even if this were so, how does this give any qualification for Ms. Cartwright to be Treasurer of the National Alliance since 2006 under Gliebe and Secretary of the National Alliance now under Williams?
  4. If such gross neglect and dereliction of duties occurred from both Gliebe and Cartwright, then why in the world would Williams keep on Cartwright as one of his Board of Directors yet alone appoint her to the position of Corporate Secretary for the NA? One can only surmise that this is not because of her financial acumen nor past accounting accomplishments, but only for the reason that some sort of inside deal that Gliebe made with Williams as part of the transfer of Chairmanship over to Williams. Williams it should be noted, had not been a NA member for over 12 years, and had resigned from the NA before Dr. Pierce’s death, some say because Dr. Pierce insisted on Williams leaving the NA.
In summary, to the casual observer, based upon the known mosaic of facts as stated above, one can weave an overall picture of what happened in the past under the duo of Gliebe/Cartwright. In addition, it should be stated that Williams has allowed a continuing cover up of past financial wrongs, i.e., Williams “shielding” Gliebe and passing the blame onto other past NA officials.
It should be noted that Williams’ subsequent denials on Stormfront and in his VNN reply (circa May 24, 2015) that Dilloway never did any work as a “forensic accountant” for the Alliance also includes his legally foolish admission that there are, in fact, serious financial irregularities with the corporation Williams now heads.

Part 2: Specific Examples of Evidence of Financial Improprieties/ Probable Unlawful Activities

Due to Attorney Client privilege in the ongoing National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group (NARRG) lawsuit against Gliebe et. al, (and to keep the confidentiality of NA members and potentially sensitive NA financial information intact, etc.), the following published evidence that is already now public knowledge will be the only information that will be cited. We will not divulge other information NARRG has in keeping with proper court etiquette, rules and protocol, etc.. We will not leak out to the media case sensitive information, unlike Williams, who himself has provided such material thru his emails such as previously shown in Part 1 above, etc.. Note that all of this information has already been made public by others, with Williams himself confirming the existence and authenticity of such documents by his propensity to debate in cyberspace and in his emails and other forms of communication with such adversaries as the  Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Only in Williams’s unclear mind (affected admittedly by himself to have PTSD), it is good propaganda to divulge and admit information to those who he claims opposes him such as the SPLC.
In keeping with proper protocol this article will cite the references for the images of the documented evidence that have been previously provided by others, and will give credit to where it is due. We will use Reference 1 to denote the SPLC website articles from May 20, 2015 and May 27, 2015 regarding “Allegations of Embezzlement, Money Laundering and Tax Fraud at the NA”; and Reference 2 to denote the LA Times August 9, 1998 article for details regarding the NA tax preparer Thomas Padgett.
The following exhibits shown (as well as the e-mail above) originated from Randolph Dilloway and subsequently made public. Dilloway is a former close associate of Will Williams and member of the Williams organization. Dilloway was given unfettered and unsupervised access to all records in the national office administrative building at Mill Point, WV by Williams. (Note Williams statement in his e-mail above stating that Dilloway was doing “tedious forensic accounting” at the national office.)
Dilloway gave information to the SPLC in response to an intense disagreement between himself and Williams over the proper handling of the discoveries made by Dilloway in his work for Williams. After a heated altercation between the two, Williams abruptly and roughly dismissed Dilloway from his employ. Later, Williams threatened legal action against Dilloway for supposed breach of confidentiality in an alleged employment agreement. However, such an action in this case would probably be of little value as where the subject matter concerns issues of suspected criminal activity, the whistle-blower would have protection of the law. Employer/Employee proprietary information contracts are not protected where there is reasonable suspicion or evidence that a crime has been committed and therefore cannot be covered-up.

Exhibit 1: (Source Reference 1)

nvb 2013 nol deduction summary statement
nvb 2013 nol deduction summary statement 2Discussion on Exhibit 1: From the above mentioned Reference 1 the following quotes speak for themselves and it appears no further elucidation on the facts should be needed:
  • On Oct. 23, 2014, the day before Will Williams took over the organization, the Alliance filed its 2013 tax return for National Vanguard Books (NVB).
  • The Alliance claimed it sold less than $25,000 in books in 2013 and claimed expenses of more than $60,000, thus reporting it took a loss of more than $37,000.”
  • Worse was the last page of the filing, where the preparer claimed that National Vanguard Books had a Net Operating Loss (NOL) of more than $480,000 available in 2013.”
  • The National Vanguard Books 2013 tax return was prepared by Thomas Padgett…”, “…. a notorious swindler who was convicted of insurance fraud and sent to prison thirty years ago.”
  • A few weeks ago, the IRS rejected Padgett’s NVB tax filing and opened up an inquiry in to the National Alliance. The National Alliance leaders and employees and others interviewed, both on and off the record, for this report all denied any knowledge of financial irregularities with the organization and placed the blame squarely on others for any problems that may ultimately be found in the pending IRS inquiry.”
  • For his part, Will Williams told the SPLC in an email, “I will stipulate that there were what might be called improprieties with Alliance finances under Mr. Gliebe’s governance, but he is no longer Chairman of the Alliance.”

Exhibit 2: (Source Reference 2)

ZZZZ Best Appraiser Sentenced to 8 Years’ is the name of the LA Times August 9, 1998 article for details regarding the NA tax preparer Thomas Padgett. The reference hyperlink for this article is:
It should be noted that Thomas Padget who Gliebe hired to do the NA 2014 Tax returns has a very dubious background.
Discussion on Exhibit 2: From the above mentioned Reference 2 the following quotes speak for themselves and it appears no further elucidation on the facts should be needed, unless otherwise noted.
  • Thomas G. Padgett, 37, the first defendant to be sentenced in the massive bank fraud and securities fraud case involving ZZZZ Best’s collapse.”
  • Padgett, a Westchester resident, pleaded guilty in February to four counts of securities fraud, bank fraud and mail fraud in connection with the phony insurance restoration scheme.”
  • “Padgett met with investors, bankers, lawyers, accountants, underwriters and others in a classic, con artist’s ‘sting,’ ” Assistant U.S. Atty. James R. Asperger said in a memorandum to the court.”
  • Raul Ayala, Padgett’s attorney, said his client is remorseful about his role in the scheme and has cooperated extensively with the FBI, providing a detailed account of the fraud and what led up to it.
  • U.S. District Judge Dickran Tevrizian, in imposing the eight-year prison term, said frauds of the kind ZZZZ Best employees allegedly perpetrated have become too widespread.” “There’s too much of that going on. There’s too much flimflam, and it’s usually the little people that get hurt,” the judge said. “That’s the tragedy with these white-collar crimes.”
In summary, it should be pointed out that in the same February email shown in Part 1, Williams clarified he was still using convicted swindler Thomas Padgett, it appears, to help with the NA’s taxes and would seek to put the blame for the alleged financial fraud on former NA Chairman Shaun Walker and Martin. Williams wrote: “I’ll talk again to Tom Padgett again [sic] who I feel will support our efforts to dig out of this IRS crater. He could only file returns from what Martin provided to him.”
Note that according to Reference 1, Williams intends to re-file the NA taxes and it appears that he intends to continue using the services of this same person (Padget) because according to Williams, Padget is familiar with NA finances

Exhibit 3: (Source Reference 1)

NA Timber Sales
Discussion: From the above mentioned Reference 1 the following quotes speak for themselves and it appears no further elucidation on the facts should be needed:
  • “Lumber Liquidators”: After multiple scandals caused NA member dues income to dry up, the accounting ledger shows the Alliance took in more than $200,000 selling timber on the compound in 2010. But most of the money seems to have disappeared.”
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars were missing or misappropriated. In the four and a half month period between July and November 2010, for example, the Alliance deposited more than $203,000 into a business checking account, proceeds from the sale of timber on the property. Once deposited, the money was moved to various accounts but less than $20,000 was used to replenish inventory or pay expenses. The rest “seems to have disappeared.”
  • Analysis is the more evidence of tax fraud and embezzlement to avoid being audited by the IRS.”

Exhibit 4: (Source Reference 1)

nvb inventory
Discussion: From the above mentioned Reference 1 the following quotes speak for themselves and it appears no further elucidation on the facts should be needed:
  • Remaining Inventory: The National Alliance has less than a quarter million dollars of retail value book inventory remaining. NA Chairman Williams is allegedly liquidating the bulk of this inventory to Mark Weber’s Noontide Press, at a deeply discounted rate, in violation of a civil court order.”

Part 3: Specific Examples of Williams Continuing Dialog and Ongoing Communications with SPLC and Others

In spite of Williams claiming that it is NARRG operatives and not his own organization(s) that are in contact with and continuing communication with the SPLC, there is direct irrefutable evidence that it is in fact Williams himself that has undertaken ongoing dialog and communication with his self-proclaimed “nemesis” and “arch enemy SPLC”. NARRG has steadfastly refused any dialog with SPLC.
Discussion: From the above mentioned Reference 1 the following quotes speak for themselves and it appears no further elucidation on the facts should be needed, unless otherwise noted:
  • Despite his recent attempts to raise money to supposedly take the SPLC to court, “Chairman Williams” has actually had a fairly friendly relationship with the SPLC for more than a year, posing for photographs and cooperating with interviews, both on and off the record and frequently posting articles we’ve written about him on various hate sites.”
  • Earlier this month, for example, in a May 7 email to an SPLC staff member, Williams stated he had been in contact the night before with Frazier Glenn Miller who murdered three people at Jewish facilities in Overland Park, Kan., last year. He had arranged for Miller to be interviewed by an SPLC writer and an academic.”
  • Williams wrote, “Glenn call [sic] me last night, oddly enough, and I informed him of your request. He said he’d talk to you and XXXX and will call you, but I have to wait until he calls me again to give him your numbers…We’ll see how straight you boys can shoot with a man like FGM who is so universally hated.”
    Editor’s note, the quote immediately above, conceals the identity of the unnamed person by striking out that name using X’s, instead of using an alias.
In summary, it should be pointed out that Williams has been on the defensive and trying to explain away the grave series of media blunders that have occurred as a result of his mishandling of the apparent “financialimproprieties “ that have occurred at the NA.

Part 4: Concluding Comments

After seeing all of the publicly published NA financial improprieties, some of which is reproduced above, one can come away with the feeling that where’s there smoke there’s fire. The overwhelming propensity of evidence would make one come to the following obvious series of logical conclusions:
  1. Williams in his own words publicly admits that financial improprieties occurred at the NA and its subsidiaries under the corporate governance of Gliebe as Chairman and Cartwright as Treasurer/ Officer.
  2. Gliebe and probably others did inappropriate financial acts which appear to be intentional and cannot be brushed off as innocent ignorance.
  3. Jayne Cartwright while being Gliebe’s appointed NA Corporate Treasurer/ Officer allowed and some say enabled Gliebe to get way with financial “highway robbery” so to speak.
  4. It appears that some sort of back room deal involving Gliebe and Williams occurred which allowed the transfer of NA chairmanship over to Williams, but with the stipulation that Cartwright must stay on as a Board Member and serve as Williams appointed NA Corporate Secretary/ Officer.
  5. Violations of Virginia’s State Corporation Commission regulations probably have occurred, some minor and some possibly reaching up to being serious breaches of fiduciary responsibility, some say.
  6. Some, if not many, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) were not followed which allowed these financial misdoings to occur.
  7. Williams (in his own words) has and continues to try to put the blame on these financial misdoings onto others, and at the same time “shield” (protect) Gliebe (and also Cartwright as former NA Treasurer/ Officer) from dereliction of fiduciary duty and these accusations of financial misdoings.
  8. NARRG’s continuing legal actions including involving use of several financial forensic investigators will reveal once and for all to what extent these financial misdeeds occurred under Gliebe and Cartwright that are now being “shielded” (protected) by Williams.
  9. At trial NARRG will aggressively legally pursue to find the truth and to achieve justice. If successful in court, NARRG will seek the full strong arm of the law, and will not “shield” Gliebe and Cartwright like what Williams has publicly stated he is doing.
  10. Upon a successful verdict, NARRG will immediately enact good corporate business management for the NA Corporation and its subsidiaries, and will follow GAAP and other proper fiduciary practices, unlike that which occurred under Gliebe’s & Cartwright’s mismanagement.

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Real Deal

A recent edition of the Williams newsletter briefly mentions a purported gun show activity by someone, somewhere at sometime. There is a photograph of some books being displayed but it is just simply a picture of some books. If a “picture is worth a thousand words” this one stands mute as meaningless. Bulletins reporting gun show activities or any activity from Dr. Pierce’s time through 2012 always reported the customary and standard “who, what, when and where”. The Sacramento chapter of the National Alliance dominated the NA Bulletins with its many activities, especially gun shows, over it’s 20 year history. Each report carried full details and photographic evidence of the activity described.
Williams NA Aug 2015 Bulletin gshowpic
As a reminder, we republish the following pictures as examples of what a real National Alliance gun show display should be. The Sacramento chapter of the National Alliance did it’s first gun show in 1994 and continued on its successful recruiting path demonstrating the race saving message of Our Cause in most of the years of its existence right up until 2012. Early on the chapter quickly became known as the NA’s gun show unit.
The Sacramento chapter had worked many dozens of two day event gun shows over the years in California, Nevada and Oregon at state and county fairgrounds, community and event centers and VFW halls. In some years, the chapter would do up to a half-dozen gun shows in a single year. In addition the chapter would provide aid and materials to Arizona members to help them with recruiting there.
It takes a lot of inventory with dedicated and courageous members to put on this kind of activity, especially doing it repeatedly every two to three months.
More impressive than that is the fact that the chapter only once in 18 years of gun show activism lost its invitation to appear at any future shows, nor was it ever kicked-out of a show, even under sometimes intense Jewish pressure. This is due to the quality of the people involved with the activity, their professionalism, demeanor and excellent people skills.
The chapter and its members have been in hiatus awaiting for a successful conclusion to the current legal struggle to obtain a professional leadership for the National Alliance. Once this is accomplished the chapter will reconvene its official monthly meetings and regular public activism. In the meantime, chapter members keep in touch and support the efforts of NARRG. The chapters inventory and literature, some of which you see here, is waiting to be put out once again at public events.

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The David Duke Show: The Shocking Truth About Race with Angelo John Gage

David Duke
October 3, 2015
Dr. Duke started the show by talking about how genetics impacts not only the body but also behavior and personality. He noted how various traits are more common in certain population groups that in others, and that the pharmaceutical industry has different protocols for different races. Yet somehow it has become taboo to talk about any differences between races.
Then he brought on Angelo John Gage and asked him how he debates race issues in his activities in and around college campuses. Mr. Gage said he appeals to observations that everyone experiences that completely contradict the dogma that has come out of politically powerful Jewish-dominated social science departments about race being a social construct without any biological basis.
This show really demonstrates that the emperor has had a serious wardrobe malfunction. Help make this show go viral!
Audio Player

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SPLC Forced to Pay Legal Costs and Fees

When it comes to saving taxpayers' dollars - every penny helps!

Last week the taxpayers of Polk County were reimbursed over $130,000 in legal costs that the county spent defending a frivolous lawsuit brought forth by the Southern Poverty Law Center. While this was only a fraction of what the county spent, we still consider it a victory.

“Back in April, I promised the taxpayers of Polk County that we would go after the legal costs and fees associated with this frivolous lawsuit, after U.S. District Court Judge Steven Merryday ruled in our favor that there was absolutely no evidence that juveniles in our county jail were being treated unfairly, as alleged by the plaintiffs. Not only did His Honor pen a 182-page ruling against their claims, he rebuked the SPLC for their legal arguments. As you know, I am very fiscally conservative, and we are always looking for ways to save money. When we have to spend money defending ourselves against ridiculous allegations such as these, we will pursue every avenue to recover costs allowable by law. We couldn’t be more thrilled that we were able to recoup some of those dollars.” – Sheriff Grady Judd

SPLC President Richard Cohen Abandons Sinking Ship

OH GLORIOUS DAY! After all these years, where were you when  the stock of the Poverty Palace crashed and collapsed under the weight of i...