Saturday, August 29, 2015

Tommy Sotomayor Takes Your Calls On The David Duke Interview Series!

I called into Mr.Sotomayor's show at this time frame- 213:23 to explain my unjust banishment from Columbus,Georgia by the corrupt powers that be,Enjoy.


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  2. You gave a very intelligent, articulate interview, Michael. I did not like it however when the interviewer attempted to make your case the same as those of the Black criminal element. Your case is very different from theirs, as you committed no crime, and you explained it very well.

  3. Good call, brother. Sad that our country and people are being destroyed by the termites of civilization, the jews. Thankfully people are waking up and having a crossover reaching audiences that normally wouldn't get this message, such as Dr Duke being on Mr Sotomayor's show, can only help speed that awakening.