Thursday, August 27, 2015

SPLC’s Mark Potok: Donald Trump Is a “Racist,” Has “White Nationalist Positions”

SPLC now officially on the Trump enemy list
By Hunter Wallace
I’ve been praying this would happen for about a week now … and now my wish has come true:
“There is no question we have not seen anything like this since Pat Buchanan. Those two have a lot in common. I am not sure if Trump views himself as a white nationalist, but he has white nationalist positions. …
And it is not just the anti-immigrant positions. Trump is a protectionist in the very same way. Virtually all white nationalists believe America needs to be walled off from the rest of the world. …
Let me say plainly: I think Trump’s comments about Latino immigrants are flat-out racist. I am not sure how you can see it any other way.”
I’ve been angling since the debate to start a war between the SPLC and Donald Trump in order to polarize ordinary conservatives against the cuckservative establishment. Now that the SPLC has labeled Trump a “racist,” the cuckservatives will have to choose between maintaining their mainstream “respectability” with the leftwing media or Trump’s followers among the conservative base.
What’s more, Richard Nixon had an enemies list, but that’s nothing compared to The Donald’s enemies list. We want the SPLC on that list. We want them out there calling Trump a “racist” in order to demolish the term once and for all and for he will fire back at them, take down the cuckservatives, and destabilize the status quo.
Oppose open borders … you’re a RACIST!
Oppose multiculturalism … you’re a RACIST!
Oppose free trade … you’re a RACIST!
Oppose political correctness … you’re a RACIST!
Oppose billionaires and their political puppets … you’re a RACIST!

What would happen to our politics if millions of White people when called a “racist” just shrugged their shoulders and said, “so what”? What would happen if we actually had leaders, or “throwback alpha males,” who are willing to tell the blacks, “no, you can’t burn down our cities, you have to obey the law, and you are responsible for your own actions”? What if we had a president who would tell the Mexicans, “no, you can’t jump across our border, call yourself a victim, and expect us to cater to you”?

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  1. What can believe nothing from the SPLC because they are part of the NBPP party, a spinoff so to speak and as deadly as the rest of the progressives.