Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New NA Being Associated with Informant & Murderer

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A couple of jailhouse recordings from a government informer, multiple murderer and long time personal friend of Will Williams were made known on August 4th, being posted on the VNN forum (12 and then spreading from there to the SPLC and beyond.
Frazier Glenn Miller a well known recurring government informant and now confessed multiple murderer placed two jailhouse phone calls to National Alliance media director, convicted pedophile Kevin Strom by arrangement with National Alliance Chairman Will Williams.
Miller’s most treacherous infamy was his agreement to testify for the federal prosecution team in the famous 1988 Sedition trial in Fort Smith AR against 14 pro-White defendants, which included names like Robert Miles, Louis Beam and a dozen others. The charges by the government were outlandish and the defendants were all acquitted despite the lies told against them by Miller. This is the type of scum that Williams and Strom have associated the National Alliance with.
Williams and Miller’s relationship go back a long way into the 1980’s. Williams has been keeping in close touch with his traitorous and murderous lunatic friend since Miller was charged and incarcerated after the premeditated murdering of 3 people. All of those killed were complete strangers to Miller. One of the victims was a 14 year old boy.
Why would Williams keep a long standing friendship with Miller; especially after it became unquestionable that Miller was a federal informant? Now Williams continues to further muddy the name of the National Alliance by publicly keeping in constant contact with his crazy, killer friend and talking to the media about it.
One wonders what drives these two NA current officials to continue to trash the reputation of the National Alliance, contrary to all common sense and industry standard protocols for corporate risk management? One could only conclude that in their devil may care deluded minds, they have some other ulterior motive, and that motive is not conducive in promoting an image of a family friendly organization- hence their tiny “tent” of supporters and current members. Only “bottom-feeders” would be attracted to such an organization and we want no part of them.
Miller, previous to his murder rampage last year was the Williams organization’s prime spokesman and recruiter for this “new” National Alliance on the VNN forum.
Miller, fearing some sort of court gag order against him wanted to make his statement and confession of murder and placed two in prison calls to Kevin Strom who duly recorded the event for him. 
Although Strom indicates in the phone call that he is recording the monologue, the recording that VNN made available is a jailhouse recording of that conversation, as the recording begins before the call to Strom is placed. Miller apparently obtained his jailhouse recordings via discovery process for his upcoming murder trial. He forwarded the recordings to VNN asking them to post them, which they did. The SPLC quickly picked up on the recordings and posted them to a story at their website for a few days; however the recordings have now been removed from their post. Nonetheless the story and recordings are going viral.
Strom who participates very little in the calls, simply lets the lunatic Miller ramble on. Interestingly though at the end of the 2nd call Miller asks Strom about getting contacts for a couple other people and Strom tells Miller to go directly through Williams instead.Strom opines that he is concerned that further communication with Miller may possibly be a violation of his own felony probation. Strom is on a 15 year supervised probation as a registered sex offender with the Pennsylvania State Police and you can see his record on the Megan’s Law section of the state police website.
NA media director Kevin Alfred Strom is a convicted felon who in 2008 admitted to possession of child pornography, served 2 years in prison and is still serving 15 years of regular, supervised law enforcement observation. That’s a security breech if there ever was one, with Strom’s live-in girlfriend being the NA’s Corresponding Secretary along with the authority of law enforcement to invade Strom’s home and privacy on a regular basis.
In an earlier 2007 trial Strom was lucky to “walk” on a technicality over the stalking of a then 9 year old girl. Nonetheless the judge in that case put in the record that in his opinion there was no doubt of Strom’s sexual interest in that child. The court record in the case is enough to make one sick.
Previous to the two sex crime trials, Strom had signed what amounted to an admission of child sexual interest in a family agreement promising to seek help for his perversion. To make the agreement legally recognizable the signed document was even notarized.
What we are dealing with here is a cavalcade of creeps. The tragedy of it is that it further devolves the National Alliance from the low status obtained for it by Erich Gliebe and is now heading for the depths of hell.
If Gliebe took the National Alliance to the graveyard with his years of mismanagement, abuse of office and inattention, Williams and Strom have placed the National Alliance name into the bottom of the grave, and they’re just getting started. Gliebe has set a “wrecking ball” in motion with his appointment of Will Williams.The NA has now been reduced to being associated with murderers, informants, the mentally volatile and unstable, sex criminals and other “untermenschen”. It doesn’t get much worse.
However there is hope. The National Alliance doesn’t have to continue to be a failure or an embarrassment and laughing stock. The National Alliance doesn’t belong to the seedy realm of “bottom feeders”. This abomination to Our Cause will not stand. This is why our lawsuit must continue, more so now than ever.
This is the last chance for the National Alliance. We’ll see them in court and then at trial.

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