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Fate of The Land In Doubt Under Williams & Strom

Many people have questioned Williams and Strom’s purported intention on re-inhabiting the Mill Point West Virginia National Alliance (NA) land and associated facilities. After all both Williams and Strom had been absent from the NA for well over a decade.
Williams had quit the NA in 2002 before Dr. Pierce’s death, either in a huff with the good Doctor and or at the Doctor’s insistence. Williams had greatly embarrassed the NA with his schoolyard personal flame wars and subsequent legal fight with Harold Covington. He also was embittered because Dr. Pierce wouldn’t kick a certain woman member out who had jilted him. Strom had left the national office much earlier over personal domestic issues leaving Dr. Pierce in a lurch and being left to also shoulder the burden of getting the American Dissident Voices, (ADV), broadcast out each week. As it turned out Dr. Pierce was a much abler and more effective host for the program than was Strom. Both of these events were blessings in disguise.
Williams & Strom would like to paint a rosy picture of development of the approximately 360 acre property back to what it was when Dr. Pierce had passed. Does their rhetoric fit the facts, or is it all just a sham? That is the subject of this article, and the paragraphs below will dive into the known facts regarding this issue.
In 2014 Williams moved all of Dr. Pierce’s personal library and also the NA corporate library to Williams’s personal home office in Tenn. In fact Williams specially built a special library structure to handle these thousands of books. One can see pictures of these in his past National Alliance bulletins and other media publications by other sources. One such picture is shown below.
Interior of Williams TN home showing portion of library facility.
He claims this will be a world class research library, yet it is located in his privately owned property in Tennessee and not the NA West Virginia property. The WV property already had specially built facilities to house and protect their books. These library books were located both on the second floor of the Williams Pierce Memorial Hall (NA Corporate library) and also on the second floor of the National Office Building (Dr. Pierce’s personal library). Many other items have been moved out of the national office building and the Dr. Pierce Memorial Hall as well.
Williams has also purportedly built a media broadcast center at his Tennessee private facility. This is shown in his newsletter. Why would Williams duplicate such specific facilities and infrastructure at his private home when they already exist at the WV facility? In fact Kevin Strom built the original broadcast facilities for Dr. Pierce to use at the NA headquarters in WV. Why not just upgrade the WV facilities, if the real intention is to have the NA HQ occupied in WV instead of at Williams’s private home in Tennessee?
Thus far it would seem that National Alliance property is being emptied out with the assets relocated to Williams personal residence.
Williams claims he has people on site at the WV facility yet offers no evidence of such as photos of any people to substantiate this. Since the takeover of the NA in Oct 2014, he has had over six abbreviated newsletters thru July 2015, along with over 30 weekly ADV broadcasts that are archived on the internet. Not one photo of one single person has been shown. There is as much proof shown that staff are living on site in WV as there is proof that there are NA staff living on the moon.
Williams claims in his newsletter that he is building a special apartment suite for 59 year old Kevin Strom and his mid-twenties girlfriend at the WV site. Online Pennsylvania State Police Megan’s’ Law file records show that Kevin Strom has been living in Johnstown PA  for many years having supervised 15 years’ probation in Pennsylvania. If in fact Kevin Strom does move from PA to WV, is the WV Megan’s Law website now going to have a picture of the NA Main Office in WV shown for Strom’s new domicile?
Historically, the NA has had at least one and sometimes two annual meetings at it’s national office complex. Also every newsletter of those times provided members with photos and details of the events. It is getting close to a year now since Williams has taken control of the WV property and approaching two years since he announced his new NA at the end of 2013. Williams hasn’t even had a meeting at his house in TN let alone the national office.
Williams’s property near Mountain City, TN.
Williams claims to have held a local meeting in Georgia at former NA Chapter Leader Chester Doles house. A careful analysis of the picture shows that neither Williams nor Strom is present and it appears that approximately six of the eight people there are Doles immediate family.
Apparently, after announcing his new NA in December of 2013, nothing of note has happened except for the plundering of the national office property.
Under Dr. Pierce the NA Chairman always lived at the WV property. In 2002 after Dr. Pierce’s death, one of the initial requirements for hiring Erich Gliebe was for him to move himself to the WV property. Gliebe as we know lied to the BOD and never moved to the national office.
It appears from all indications that Williams does not intend to do so either, as he even admits in his first message in the newsletter after taking over the property that he did not plan to move to the national office. Why would his Russian born wife want to relocate to WV after he has built her their house in Tennessee?
One notices that all National Alliance and National Vanguard Books mail is sent to Tennessee, not WV. This is another indicator that the return to “The Land” may not be what is claimed.
What sort of confidence does that give prospective members in Williams’s claim to rebuild the WV property when all of their correspondence and communications are directed either to himself in TN or to Strom’s live-in girlfriend in PA? In fact would a prospective member want to take the risk that by directly communicating with the NA via Strom’s girlfriend at Strom’s home they too could potentially be subject to computer confiscation by government authorities due to direct domestic association with Kevin Strom, a registered sex offender? *See for example “Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle`s Home Raided In Child Pornography Investigation” at
You can find the current NA media director Kevin Strom on the PA Megan's Law website.
You can find the current NA media director Kevin Strom on the PA Megan’s Law website.
Williams and Strom have gotten back on the spiritual bandwagon again especially Strom’s last several ADV’s. That being said, what is their real intention as to the NA? Is it what Dr. Pierce envisioned in his last 17 years of his life? Is it a movement geared toward white interests / survival and movement building, or is it a turning back the clock to the late 1970’s and early ’80’s to a separate, auxiliary project of Dr. Pierce on spiritual religious philosophy?
Let us go back once again to what Williams said in a signed notarized official legal affidavit used in the legal trial of Dr. DeMarais vs NA over water rights at the WV Mill Point location. In this 2005 affidavit (shown below) that was prepared 3 years after the passing of Dr. Pierce, Williams emphatically stated several times that the Cosmotheist Community Church (CCC) was never an essential part of the National Alliance, nor a requirement for one to be a member of in order to join the NA, nor was Cosmotheism even mentioned or discussed at the NA office.
 *Click to enlarge affidavit.
Certainly we all know that there is a spiritual element in the very mission of the National Alliance but the exclusivity, (the “little tent” as they call it) was never in the mind of Dr. Pierce. He broadcast each week, trying to build a larger radio network as well as internet audience to build a movement. He built a large meeting hall on The Land that could easily accommodate 300 people and more. He was looking toward the future and utilizing the property for the beginnings of a movement. His vision was not a “Little Tent”. His members were out on the streets, at meetings, writing letters to the editor and other events recruiting for the Movement; not a “Little Tent”.
This all makes one justifiably suspicious that the so-called rebuilding of the National Alliance isn’t in reality a ruse and smokescreen to build a church instead of a White peoples movement. As Williams likes to look backward into time instead of forward, he perhaps misses the days of playing “reverend” when he was working for Ben Klassen. This after all, was a classic example of the “Little Tent”.
If in fact Williams is concentrated on building a church and is not at all really interested in building up the NA as a movement, then what is in store for the NA and CCC property in WV?
National Alliance property, WV.
Gliebe was always seriously interested in selling all of the NA and CCC property in WV. Gliebe in fact had timbered and then put up for sale the 267 acre parcel containing the William Pierce Memorial Hall. Is Williams not far behind in considering such another attempt if they become free of the NARRG Virginia lawsuit and associated NARRG West Virginia legal Lis Pendens that cloud the title of that property?
Could they even be considering dumping the NA entirely and just running the church on the remaining 60 acres in WV? Who knows for sure at this point? Some think that The Land will nonetheless still go up for sale as money is desperately needed for Williams to recoup his investment as he must continue to subsidize the costs of the corporation as support from his small group cannot keep up with expenses.
Williams may also need to make good on any of his back room deals that he made with Erich Gliebe at the hotel room previous to the October 14, 2014 court hearing. Remember, Gliebe didn’t turn over the NA to Williams just for a few thousand dollars by selling him Dr. Pierce’s library; not by a long shot.
Erich Gliebe and Will Williams outside the courthouse.
Erich Gliebe and Will Williams outside the courthouse, Oct. 24, 2014 2nd Court Hearing
Our opinion is that Gliebe in effect sold the NA to Williams on a promissory. This is the reason why Williams runs the NA as his sole proprietorship. The Board of Directors under Gliebe was nothing more than a “rubber stamp committee” and it is no different now under Williams.
We have a different idea and you can read about it at our Pledge of Intent which is the way any professional and successful corporation is run.
In any event, the upcoming hearings and eventual trial should clear the air on these issues and settle once and for all Williams and Strom’s claim to the NA.

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