Friday, August 21, 2015

C of CC Conference Cancelled In Nashville

SJWs harassed the hotel
By Hunter Wallace
The usual happened: we sent out a mailing to the membership about the conference, the SPLC was on the list, they got the mailing and wrote a story, which was picked up by the press, and the hotel folded under pressure from SJW harassment and death threats.
After having enough of this, I contacted The Tennessean this afternoon which at least improved their story about it:
“Brad Griffin, a board member for the CCC, confirmed the organization told its members not to come to Nashville this weekend. He said they had anticipated about 100 people would attend the event, and might plan to reschedule the event elsewhere in the future.
“We can’t reserve a hotel conference room without groups organizing out there to make death threats to cancel the conference, certain protests and stuff. One after another, these private hotels fold,” Griffin said in a phone interview Thursday.
“The most outrageous thing about this is you have these people posturing as civil rights groups when their real agenda is taking away the civil rights of others.”
Griffin said the CCC does “cover black-on-white crime” on its website, but argued the information and language it posts shouldn’t link the organization to Roof.
“All he did was read our website. I’m sure he watches television, he reads newspapers like I do,” Griffin said.
“He’s responsible for his own actions. No one I know had ever heard of this guy.” …”
There are several ways we can hold a conference in the future and avoid this problem. It won’t happen again.

Note: Now that my weekend plans have changed, I am going instead to the Donald Trump rally in Mobile.

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  1. The reason that SPLC lobbied against the CofCC event was because Dylan Roof mentioned the CofCC group in his manifesto.

    But what about Floyd Lee Corkins the shooter who wounded a black security guard at the Family Research Council? SPLC lists FRC as a "hate group". In a video Floyd Corkins admitted to researching the SPLC for anti-gay groups. The wounded Black security guard averted a massacre by tackling the shooter.

    We should write letters to any venue that hosts the SPLC and inform them of their hate listings that motivate shooters.