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The Pupil (Part 1)


Once again we take great delight in sharing with you the latest writings of the National Alliance’s resident philosopher Harrison Elings, a member since 1974 and now a principle supporter of NARRG’s mission to save the National Alliance from its dire plight of plunder and mismanagement.
This piece is different from anything you’ve read earlier from Mr. Elings. It’s not an article as such but starts as a story and develops into a very unique dialogue; that between a healthy but searching soldier and a sacred wise owl, actually the Goddess Athena. Eventually the soldier becomes the pupil of the Goddess, thus the simple title of this piece which has become indicative of Mr. Elings’ contributions. Athena, in case you’re not aware, is not only a goddess of wisdom as associated with the owl but also of war as well. Typically, you’ll see her depicted clad with shield, spear and helmet.
If you’re familiar with the writings of Plato you will notice a similarity in style here with Elings’ dialogue. The message would ring true to Plato himself who nowadays is considered by the Marxist /Democratic vermin of our anti-Western universities, a remote ancestor of National Socialism.

The devil speaks truth much oftener than he’s deemed:
He hath an ignorant audience.”
– Lord Byron, The Deformed Transformed
A lone soldier laid in a hospital bed due to a concussion blast. He has been in the state of a comma for over a week. The medical doctors can only watch. His platoon was wiped out by a mortar blast, and he was the only survivor. He was lucky to have been shielded by a brick wall when the shell hit.
The year is 2089 and America is involved with another war for the religion of democracy. But this time they have taken on a foe which will lead to the final descent of a once great White ethos. This time the war is against the human insects of China over Japan. America, with their black female fighter pilots, are no match to the burrowing nature of the Asiatic. We never learned the lessons of Korea or Vietnam: a heterogeneous army is no match to a homogeneous one. America has become full of rubber headed politicians, and “commutators,” who think of themselves as righteous and tough, after beating-up little third world countries for the pus pocket of Israel. Now the number of body bags are increasing and America has become ripe for revolution.
At this time in history the earth was dying. The inhaling and exhaling of the earth was becoming faint. The animals and plant world are helpless against the onslaught. Man is killing everything! He has made the earth unhealable. The Golem’s Giant Shadow has befallen upon the earth. The Giant himself, as an image of the negative impulses of the West, and its shadow, which reflects the technical progress that can do everything. This technology has turned into a false super-technologywhich reflects an equality among the bipeds and makes it possible for anyone to learn to push a button. This magical technology, which has not been balanced by a higher spiritual aims of human evolution, has strengthened the forces of destruction and death upon the earth. For despite all the achievements of our outward technology, and now preeminent computerized civilization, our intellect has become more and more “shadow-like”. The shadow has blocked the sun of Life! This is what the soldier was born hitherto.
The lone soldier now laying in the hospital bed was not your typical young man. He had a stern face with light brown hair and a well bridged nose. When his eyes were opened they were of a deep blue-gray color. He always thought that the human spirit had become oxidized. Oxidation is the state of a molecule which has lost its positive and negative balance. Oxidation results in the molecule becoming more positively imbalanced. For the molecule, to become balanced again, it will attract anything in its surroundings which is negatively charged to make-up for its lost balance.The molecule will never be the same, so it becomes rusted. Sound familiar?
This is what the soldier envisioned: Spiritual and Racial rust! His Race has lost its valence, it has lost its physiological facilitation. It was grabbing at anything – drugs, wars, religions, porn, sports, first amendment groups, you name it. Everything except one! The soldier made this observation by reading banned books and being a practitioner of falconry when young. He once gave a speech in school about racial differences and got beaten to a pulp by the “rust”. He believed, that the beating he took proved their weakness of argument. Masculinity came young to this soldier.
Even though a lot of his affirmative action teachers did not agree with his views his Attic Genius was very powerful. The build of his limbs, the gait of his six-foot-two frame in the street, all of his motions were proud; his eyes were like arrows. He was alone in this world, his family being killed in an auto accident when he was young. He had been raised an orphan. Whether this was to his advantage or not no one new at the time, but he did rise to the top in almost everything he did. It made him selfless, but at the same time made him a wall.
As he laid in his bed, behind his closed eyes something else was happening. His mind was not blank with no thought, a dream was occurring which would be life changing for the soldier. It began by him seeing the rising of the earth in the horizon. As he looked at the big blue ball he could see, as he could only describe it, melanoma spots all over its surface. He was standing on what appeared to him to be solid ground but it was translucent – he could see the roots of the plants and trees in the ground. All of them had a living glow which seemed to reflect an inner strength and connection. The light that radiated out from them illuminated the objects all-around him. It seemed that nothing was isolated; everything was in connection with something else.
Even the lakes and oceans with their variety of underwater life looked like fishbowls suspended in the air above the soldier. The roots of the fishbowls traveled down like limbs of a tree into the translucent ground. It appeared to the soldier that the whole sequence of earlier and later actions of everything he saw was directed toward a never ending. Everything the soldier saw was in movement, but there was no breeze. As the soldier began to walk within the “garden” he did not know if he was walking west, east, south or north.
The soldier also saw a variety of animals that had the same craft as the plants and trees, their “roots” were visible; their roots looked like the refection of mirrors upon mirrors. All of Nature was before him and all of Nature had produced everything for something, and that something was limitless. How very small the soldier felt amongst it all. It was revealed to the soldier’s limited mind, by clairvoyance that Nature is of two sorts: Nature as mineral and Nature as form, and all forms have a limitless end, and since everything is for the journey’s limitless end, the “form must be what things are for.” No two forms are alike, and therefore no two forms have the same limitless end. The soldier now envisioned Nature as a saw and the Cosmic Entelechy (spirit) as the hand!The soldier now realized that Nature’s laws where not to be considered as a hindrance, but as a divine freedom.
As the soldier walked and took in the wonders all-around him he could see in the distance a mighty oak tree. It must have towered at least a thousand feet. Its roots penetrated deep into the transparency, and its crown was fully jeweled. As he got closer and closer to the mighty oak he could hear the sound of mumbling and clacking. As he approached the mumbling turned into words. The words were in the form of a sentence which he could now understand. The sentence was being repeated over and over and over again. As he looked up he saw perched on a thick branch a Great Horned Owl. Amazed, the soldier now knew where the sound was coming from. The Owl, not seeing him, kept pacing back and forth along the branch looking up at the sacred big blue ball in the sky and kept repeating the same sentence: they proclaim themselves as the agents for the invisible while killing the visible!
Soldier: Hey up there, what are you mumbling about?
Owl: (Athena’s head turned and viewed the agent!) Look what has come upon me but a shadow that faces toward the sun.
Soldier: What? What did you say?
Owl: I reject the anthropomorphic views of your breed.
Soldier: (Before the soldier spoke he could see in the Owl’s eyes its cumulative ancient Nature. It was a magnificent looking creature. Her appearance was very luminescent.) That’s quite a sentence could you rephrase that for me?
Owl: The motivation of your breed speaks from behind a hidden Being, but this Being is not behind your manifestation. It comes into view through your manifestation.
Soldier: Your words seem to speak of the actions of my Being, using as a purpose a hidden Being to justify my Being, while in fact it is my Being all along.
Owl: The nature of a bad thing becomes aware by its effects, while the nature of a good thing becomes unaware by it effects.
Soldier: (By this time the Owl had jumped from a higher branch to a lower one. The soldier was almost eye to eye with the unchained Owl.) I think I’m beginning to see what you mean, not only can the effects be visible or invisible, but it’s the results of both that matter. The bee obtains nectar from the flower which is visible, but at the same time it is pollinating the flower. The bee knows one, but not the other.
Owl: The Bee has become the farmer for the flower. Action(s) and production(s) differ in species, and the tools needed for both also differ. The way of life is through action, not production that is why a bee is a servant in what promotes action.
Soldier: We call that symbiosis, but symbiosis can go both ways.
Owl: One’s deed can be food for another’s weakness. The strength of instinct is to strengthen thelink. Instinct is the path to the highest wisdom of all: the spirit!
Soldier: But wouldn’t you consider these deeds, this food, as a sort of cruelty?
Owl: Creatures kill only the body, never the “group” spirit. Cruelty is in killing the “group” spirit. Creatures take advantage of the instincts of others thus increasing the instincts for all.
Soldier: So by killing the “groups” spirit can doom the “species.” I cannot help but notice the variety of methods used by creatures in killing their prey. It looks to be an enjoyment for them. It seems to increase their senses within them.
OwlColors are the senses of light. Light cannot hide behind light. Light is honest! All specieshave a light. Nature’s deeds are the variety of its lights. Cruelty is the shadow of colors!
Soldier: Your words seem to embrace a standard that we have never learned. I believe that words can also have their shadow meanings. Those who control the words can also control their meaning. You are speaking words to me now, but you can use words to conceal thoughts! I know that a red-backed shrike imitates the “songs” of small song-birds in order to lure them.
Owl: What are words, but sounds that the ears hear when the winds blow through the trees! Truth does not require speech! “All forms, even those that are most felt, contain an element of untruth.”
Soldier: (The soldier seemed to notice that the Owl would pace back and forth along the branch before speaking. It was as if something was speaking through him.) I never thought of the wind as words. I always believed that understanding is words conceived of as a being.
Owl: Seeing and hearing, there is a connection: Hearing turns the head, while seeing focuses the mind. One cannot see the wind, but feels it. The Cosmic Spirit works in the same way. Words are used by you to define the feelings of the wind.
Soldier: I see and hear you, but to me this is not possible – only Humans can talk!
Owl: Nature speaks to you everyday, but your ears refuse to see!
Soldier: Nature! What is Nature?
Owl: Nature is the battle between yes and no.
Soldier: That sound is simple enough, but I see truth in both yes and no. Which does Nature favor most?
Owl: The one that produces ascent! The answers of yes and no require a history. The sum of knowledge does not equal the sum of wisdom.
Soldier: Hmm! Are you saying that what I see in a barnyard would give me more wisdom than reading all of the books in a library?
Owl: Yes! Knowledge is received only when our inner judgment is silent. Wisdom is the discovery of an existing truth.
Soldier: I see. Knowledge that is handed down and is combined with errors, the errors over time can become truth. Is that what you mean?
Owl: Yes! All creatures in Nature are Pupils, their learning never stops. To stop learning is to hate Nature! Nature will never have graduates, only dropouts.
Soldier: I thought you said Nature is the battle of yes and no!
Owl: It is! The Pupil is too young to know the difference. The Lion cub will play with the mouse until he learns no. The nested bird will flap its wings until it knows yes.
Soldier: Then I am your Pupil!
Owl: How do you define yourself? As a Divine-Man or a Human-Man?
Pupil: I define myself as one that is aloof. To me a Divine-Man would be a priestly man, whereas Human-Man has become the surfeit of Nature. What do you mean by the two?
Owl: The Divine-Man desires to why, while Human-man only desires to why not. Human-Manpetrifies the water, while Divine-Man swims in it. The wars created by Human-Man will always be for the descent, while wars of Divine-Man will always be for the ascent. War is the birth channel of Nature.
Divine-Man understands that all creatures have sabers!
To the Divine-Man Nature requires a certain purity of mind, like the young’s observation of something new.
Pupil: I believe I see what you mean. It’s like a conductor of an orchestra who is focused only on the individual musical notes, while the audience is wrapped with the whole.
Owl: You can look at Nature as a limitless compass, just like a song bird’s note travels forever.
Pupil: So, Nature can be thought of as compass? The question is who created it and for what purpose? I can tell you that “man” has never followed any compass throughout his history, only events!
I guess there is a yes and no when you read a compass.
Owl: Your breed, onto itself, has always made the same mistakes: it grows and then forgets, it shrinks and then remembers. Like the tides of the ocean, Nature repeats its compass to you.
The Divine-Man knows that the compass to honey must be kept away from ants. You must protect your inner compass with your lives. If you do not, the other breeds will proclaim that you havestolen their compass and demand not to be “left behind.”
Pupil: I see what you mean. If I were in a foreign land and I saw from a distance one of my kind, I would have instant recognition. I would not have that feeling of sensation if my kind were all-round me.
I have a feeling that I have been given an opportunity here, and I am not going to let it go by.
I have a thousand questions I would like to ask you, but first why is it that I am speaking only to an Owl? Why not a sparrow, or chipmunk, or even one of my ancestor’s…?
Owl: If you prefer that could be arranged, but let me advise you, they would all tell you the same story.
Pupil: I want to hear this story, but first what is this place? Does it represent anything?
Owl: You are at the gate between the lower world and the higher Cosmos. All creatures of the lower world must pass through this gate at death. Each individual plant and species, male and female, are represented here. The stronger and heather the species are in the lower world the moreintense their beauty here.
Pupil: Does that mean that I’m dead?
Owl: No! I have talked with other Divine-Men of your kind in the past.
Pupil: You have? You called me a Divine-Man. I feel honored, but what other Divine-Men have you spoken with?
Owl: It does not matter, they all have failed, but they all left a compass for future Divine-Men. Sometimes I wonder why the Cosmic Spirit keeps giving your species countless chances. As a species I would have been no-more a long time ago!
Pupil: Hmm… Maybe it’s because the Cosmic started the same way?
Owl: I just learned from you! Maybe there is a chance!
Pupil: I always believe that Human-Man did not fit the notion of Nature. The beliefs of Human-Man will always be that the truth can never affect him! He will always think he was put here to correct the mistakes of Nature. He will never think of himself as a mistake!
Owl: Human-Man has created a materialistic age that does not want knowledge of any other sort other than the kind that is restricted only to the physical body. The seeker of wisdom aspires to die, because wisdom is not of the body.
The tools used by Divine-Man will add branches, and not beavers, to his Tree. Beware, the rings ofyour Tree are becoming thinner!
Pupil: I prefer to call it my racial tree. I live in a time that to believe in a racial tree is considered to be, what is called, “racist.” It is considered not up with “times”. We have been lead to believe that we all follow the same compass, and therefore there is no differences in our path. It has been made easier to just focus on the arrow rather than the direction.
Owl: We animals have learned to set a pace which the weak cannot follow, you have let the weak set your pace. Human-Man has created services that services the things of no use!
Divine-Man “does not aim at bringing his life to a self-contained perfection, but at carrying on life that emerged long before him and draw to its end long after him.”
Nature has imprinted into each creature its own compass! This compass is homogeneous for each creature. You have been given the opportunity to choose whether to be a Breed or not. This has been your gift! We have been made to be your broken-twigs for your compass!
Pupil: That makes sense. I can remember where I worked, there was a duck nesting on the ground outside my window. She stayed in her nest for about two weeks, without eating. When I observed her, everyday, two things always came to mind: she had no “diploma” and her actions were for athousand years. When I looked around to my surroundings today all I see is, how righteously misguided we are.
It has amazed me how we have elevated ugliness to be beauty! I believe that the races of “man” judge beauty with fear. I have always believed that “man” does not judge beauty with the “eyes of the beholder,” but with the fears of the beholder. Beauty is a natural order! Just like colors. It reminds me of a part of a poem I read when young:
“As a youthful beauty
Before her glass
You both see what is not
But dream it is what must be.”
Owl: Beauty is defined by all your senses, just like ugliness. The stronger the beautiful, the weaker the ugliness. Age brings forth the understanding of beauty, while the youth brings forth its advantage. If the youth had the mind of the aged, nothing would be born!
Beauty is only known to beauty, the un-beauty sees beauty as a level. Beauty should not be thought of, as a reflection off the lake, but rather in terms of the twirl of a conic shell.
Pupil: You’re right. Beauty is an ideal behind the eyes of the beholder. One can view it as akingdom while for another as an incompleteness. I live in a time where all of the races (the incompleteness) are forced together, and that there is no distinction for completeness. But even with this I have noticed that all races pursue, which is a reflection of incompleteness deep down within them, the kingdom of the higher race. Once the rust begins it can never be stopped! Like cancer it must be cut clean from the rest. All kingdoms must have locked doors, for without them there would be no kingdom.
To me it’s like a male Lion permitting the Tiger to mate with his females (the doors of the kingdom have been left unlocked). Nature will eliminate the Lion, not the Tiger. The Lion has lost its own self-kingdom. What I’m saying to you now I have always kept to myself, because I have learned that understanding the existence of Nature’s natural order the false prophets will presuppose the order itself. These false prophets always speak from a “controlled” doctrine and not from a spiritual wisdom ready to sacrifice itself, like the mother for its young. False prophets always want to live!
Owl: Very astute! What Fire do you worship or fear?
Pupil: Fire? What do mean?
Owl: All creatures respect Fire with fear.
Pupil: It sounds that you are talking about Human-Man’s Religion. Man has harnessed Fire for his own use. Religions are used to comfort Human-Man against the unowned.
Owl: So, this thing you call Religion is used to own! But what does Human-Man fear?
Pupil: I’m not a religious man, and I’m not against humans that are, but religion to me has become a battle between the book and life, and life is losing. If I had to sum it up I would say that the fear of Human-Man is the visible and invisible panorama of the Cosmic. Nature overwhelms the “I” in Human-Man. So Human-Man uses the book because in Nature none can be found under a rock. This gives Human-Man the feeling of “me.”
I always believe that the higher man looks at the universe with astonishment, and is satisfied in what he sees. The lower man sees the universe that must go further, like a child that looks into a mirror, but then turns it around to see what is on the other side. The universe hides nothing! Why should it?
Owl: So you are saying that Human-Man fears are wisdom and love?
Pupil: Yes. You can put it that way.
Owl: Then Human-Man will become no-more. Nature’s love can be seen at the base of any nesting tree. Nature’s wisdom is the nest revealed only during a winter day.
Divine-man knows that the Fires of today are the embers of the Fires of yesterday. Beware of saviors that are pictured only with prey!
Pupil: That is revealing! When I read Faust I was always interested in what Mephistopheles was saying. I always thought he was revealing a hidden truth. To understand Human-Man one needs to think in the opposite. You seem to believe that a Religion could actually bring out the worst in Human-Man.
Owl: Be cautious, the book can be the imposed death clocks for the spirit, whereas Nature is a life for the spiritThe book can become a compass without a needle. This book is the creation of Human-Man to put a limit to the Cosmic, to stop creation, to humanize “Nature.”
To the Divine-Man the universe can be seen within a pool of water, to him its scale is equal. Divine-Man knows that the Cosmic is limitless in all dimensions. For what all melts away will always continue to be.
From my beginning, all of your “Fires” began with “Divine-Men,” but all have ended with dry pooled men. The question you must ask yourself: Does your book seek worshipers or companions? This question leads to two compasses, and the answer can only be found outside of Human-Man Temples. All established Human-Man’s beliefs will always “hate” the Divine-Man, because Divine-Man will be a companion of Nature. All revolutions in Nature start from without!
Divine-Man knows that the original intent of any Fire dies with its originators. No matter what Human-Man creates, or UN-creates, he will always reside inside the Temple of NatureDivine-Man will always feel like a bird inside the Temple of Human-Man!
Pupil: (The soldier now new that he was in for quite a discussion with this Being. He now knew that everything he believed in was only half right. There was a lot of subject areas the soldier wanted to cover, so he sat himself down on the translucent ground and crossed his legs. The Owl was now perched above him like a Monarch and the pupil his subject. The discussion thus far had raised the thoughts within the soldier that the life of breed, his breed, was teetering from gold to alloy. He now realized that if the thoughts of man were not the summation of the thoughts of their forefathers then man, over time, would become a slave.)
I have a question about mating…

To Be Continued…

By: Harrison Elings (Attic Dweller)

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