Friday, July 17, 2015

The Hated White Race

                       The Hated White Race
                          by David Carothers

Ooh,poor baby! The writer of a recent letter to the editor (L-E, April 7 of 2010) lamented that he had discovered a "hate-filled" "White supremacist" tract under the windshield of his car. He went on to say that "whoever put that paper on my car deserves shame and repudiation."

Shame and repudiation? Why? Do not other racial/ethnic groups seek to promulgate their respective viewpoints? The NAACP,an Afro-centric organization established in 1909 by a consortium of influential Jews,is but one of almost innumerable black organizations that actively promote the self-serving needs of the black community.

Latinos support groups such as La Raza,which means,literally "The Race." Even gays and pedophiles have groups that actively promote their interests. The North American Man-Boy Love Association,i.e.,NAMBLA,is a group that encourages sexual activity between men and young boys. Disgusting!

The question arises,then: Why is it only white-oriented groups that are demonized? Why do not organizations composed of racial characteristics other than those of the hates white race receive similar condemnation? Why the egregious double standard?

"Shame and repudiation"? The writer of the aforesaid letter is the one who really deserves shame and repudiation. He deserves it because of his shameful double standard vis-a-vis opposing viewpoints,plus his obvious contempt for the First Amendment protections codified in our U.S. Constitution. Are we not supposed to champion equal rights in this "Land of the Free?

By the way-white oriented groups,such as the one vilified by the letter writer,are NOT "White supremacists." They are white separatists. Look the words up; there is a big difference between the two. One hopes that the writer was not too traumatized by our beloved freedom of speech. 

David Carothers Columbus,Georgia. Circa April 2010

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