Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Obama's Amnesty by David Carothers

The hordes of illegals who have swarmed across our porous southern border (with the active aid and support of President Obama) , demand to be addressed as "undocumented workers" rather than as illegal aliens,which they are.Then,while waving their Mexican flags here in America,these arrogant criminals demand amnesty for their illegal actions.Obama is likely to grant their "request."

So,legal residents of Georgia;the next time a cop pulls you over and asks to see your driver's license,proof of insurance,etc.,tell him you don't need these documents.Tell him you're not an illegal driver,simply an undocumented driver. Then,when you go to court,tell the judge that you demand amnesty for your illegal actions. Obama should back you up- he supports criminal behavior.

David Carothers Columbus,Georgia.

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