Monday, July 27, 2015

NARRG Statement on Potential IRS Inquiry into NA Corporation Past Taxes

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Due to recent revelations regarding NA Corporation past taxes, there has been some questions and possible concerns as to how this may potentially affect NARRG’s intended future takeover of the NA Corporation. Let us first state that any comments made here are not final, nor intended to be specific tax counsel for the NA Corporation. Thus, this article is for general informational use only and hence should be treated as such. No guarantees nor warranties are given nor implied.
First off, let it be known that any hypothetical final postulated outcome that may have been espoused by opposition groups is entirely pure speculation. It is debatable if any investigation or other activity by the IRS will even occur at all. If on the other hand the IRS does investigate or performs other activities, no one can predict exactly or with certainty what back taxes, penalties (if any), and/or terms of settlement that may possibly be imposed on the NA Corporation.
The doom & gloom naysayer crowd can retreat back into their foxholes, but NARRG will follow Dr. Pierce’s sound advice to “We must act now!” given in one of his recorded speeches. Therefore, NARRG will move ahead confidently and intelligently by having a well thought out strategy for success.
As part of a proactive policy by NARRG, we have contacted several subject matter experts with comprehensive backgrounds including: tax law, tax accounting, and IRS policies & procedures. Based upon their expertise in these matters and using the best available current information, the following general comments may be stated at this point in time:
1. If and when an IRS investigation of the NA Corporation is started, NARRG along with its professional and legal representatives would be proactive in working with the IRS in an honest and forthright manner, once NARRG takes control of the NA.
2. During any potential investigation of the NA Corporation by the IRS, NARRG and its council would be an active participant in the investigation, once control of the NA is in NARRG’s hands.
3. Also, if any settlement was required, NARRG and/or NARRG’s representatives would be an active participant in negotiations with the IRS, and would strive towards a fair and equitable resolution of any remaining disputes and/or claims.
4. The old business paradigm of Gliebe & Williams must go. NARRG’s visions & goals will be guided by our new business paradigm of honesty and integrity. Thus, NARRG fully intends to follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and other accounting industry standard financial practices including proper tax accounting principles.
5. The entire NARRG team pledges our best efforts to past, existing, and future NA members and supporters. Although difficulties are a part of life, difficulties are also an opportunity to grow stronger. In the words of Dr. Pierce –”While it is the time to be ‘legal’ we must stolidly endure whatever the State sees fit to inflict upon us.”
In summary, whatever the past practices including potential negligence that either the past Gliebe regime, or the current Williams regime may have undertaken, if NARRG retains control of the NA Corporation, it will be honest and forthright in rectifying past bad tax practices and/or negligence if any, etc., and will be proactive in reaching a fair and equitable resolution to any tax disputes with the IRS that may arise.
In conclusion, NARRG seeks a new perspective and strives to obtain a new level of destiny. Our past steadfastness and diligence in successfully navigating past problems will continue as we chart a new course into the future. You have our word and honor on this. To learn more about NARRG’s plan for good corporate governance, read NARRG’s Pledge of Intent.

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