Monday, July 27, 2015

Jayne Cartwright: The Tie Between Gliebe & Williams

What has been purposely ignored by the few vocal Williams supporters, is the one person who has remained on the Board of Directors through the public transition of National Alliance command from Erich Gliebe to Will Williams. That person who provides the direct linkage, is Jayne Cartwright. No other visible National Alliance (NA) or National Vanguard Books Corporation (NVB) Board Member has stayed on, except Ms. Cartwright. What is it that makes Ms. Cartwright so unique that Williams retained her to remain for both the NA and NVB Board’s? What is it in her qualifications that caused Williams to hold her in such high esteem that he picked her over many other potentially qualified candidates? The chart below may provide a clue as to why this is so.

Jayne Cartwright’s Ongoing Common Tie to Erich Gliebe’s and Will Williams’s National Alliance Board of Directors

cartwright table
From this chart the one can see that Jayne Cartwright is a long time, very close friend of Gliebe. They also live close to one another; Gliebe could drive to her house in under 20 minutes as they live only 10 miles or so apart. Their close relationship is one that reaches back to the early 1990’s in fact.

One can ask the following questions:

  • Was keeping Jayne Cartwright on the Board of the NA and NVB, part of the arrangement that Williams made with Gliebe in taking over the NA?
  • If not, then why did Williams keep her on, while she was a steadfast loyal supporter of Gliebe AND more importantly facilitated and enabled Gliebe to drag down the NA? After all, she was the hand-picked Treasurer under Erich Gliebe from 2006 to October 2014.
  • With Williams being such a long time critic of Gliebe and the current lawsuit being one in which Ms. Cartwright is a defendant over issues of mismanagement, why would Williams keep Gliebe’s close confidant Cartwright on his management team?
One could perhaps assume that this is a logical step in the business arrangement between these two men to seal and guarantee a deal. It would be a requirement of Erich Gliebe to Will Williams, insisting on Cartwright being on both NA and NVB Boards so Gliebe could keep tabs on whatever his connection is through the agreement he made with Williams, purportedly in a hotel room the evening previous to the October 2014 legal hearing in Virginia; Cartwright was likely there as she and Gliebe travel together to the hearings. Certainly no one would believe that Gliebe simply turned the National Alliance over to Williams. Just like Gliebe, Cartwright may have her own personal interests at stake with this arrangement, probably in connection with Gliebe’s.
It was at this juncture that Williams of his own volition injected himself into the lawsuit in an attempt to steal the National Alliance in the middle of litigation and in the attempt to do so aided Gliebe, by allowing him to shuffle corporate responsibility to the court from himself into Williams’s hands; a classic case of one scratching the back of the other. Each felt the ploy would release them both from legal responsibility, it turned out however they were both wrong.
Jayne Cartwright: NA and NVB Officer and Board of Director
If NARRG’s ongoing lawsuit against the NA Corporation management trio of Gliebe, Maziarka AND Cartwright finds out that financial mismanagement of the NA etc., is true, (and the recent revelations of others at face value do tend to back up that point of view) then why in the world would Williams keep on board someone associated with what some say is a NA financial debacle? After all, Jayne Cartwright WAS the NA Corporation Board Treasurer during Gliebe’s reign of the NA. If any financial improprieties come up in NARRG’s Civil Trial against Gliebe, Maziarka, and Cartwright, then does the buck literally stop at former NA Treasurer Cartwright? Only time will tell, and that question and many others should be answered by the time that the trial ends.
NARRG and others suspect that the only reason that Cartwright stays on is for Gliebe to retain some power and control of the NA, even if it’s only at a distance through surrogates, such as Cartwright and perhaps McLaughlin. For more in depth analysis on this subject see the past NARRG Articles entitled “Joint Gliebe / Williams New Power Sharing Structure?“, and also “Gliebe Is Gone (or Is He?); So Why Do We Continue the Lawsuit?”.
It would appear that in the back-room dealings, the transition of one bad regime to another equally flawed, we continue to see the same old pattern, the same old way of doing business, the same road to nowhere. The National Alliance is not for sale and its leadership will not be determined by the highest bidder.
The winds of change are blowing. The breeze is freshening as a New Era for the National Alliance is at hand.

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