Thursday, July 9, 2015

Call To Action: Help Us Honor Nathan Bedford Forrest in Memphis on Sunday!

Come to Memphis and Stand With General Forrest on Sunday!
Come to Memphis and Stand With General Forrest on Sunday!
If you can be in Memphis, Tennessee, on Sunday afternoon then I encourage you to come – and bring your Confederate flag!
The Political Cesspool Radio Program is proud to support the General Nathan Bedford Forrest Birthday Celebration on Sunday, July 12th, beginning at 2:00 PM. The event will be held at Forrest Park at the corner of Union Avenue and Manassas Street.
The festivities include: Guest speakers, flag parade, proclamations, music, wreath-laying, and a 21-gun musket salute!
This will be a family friendly event and is open to the public. We encourage everyone to attend and show Memphis that you care about General Forrest. Be sure to bring your lawn chairs. We are expecting a big crowd and want you to be part of the fun!
Come stand with James Edwards and show your Southern pride! For more information, please contact our team by e-mailing:
Political Cesspool Radio Program host James Edwards, and TPC co-host Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller, share a moment of reflection at the grave of Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest (C.S.A.) in 2010.
The inscription on Forrest’s tomb reads:
Those hoof beats die not upon fame’s crimson sod,
But will ring through her song and her story;
He fought like a Titan and struck like a god,
And his dust is our ashes of glory.
Facts about Nathan Bedford Forrest:
1) He became a self-made millionaire despite being born into poverty and having no formal education.
2) Invested a great deal of his personal fortune to aid the Confederate cause.
3) Despite being one of the wealthiest men in the South, he enlisted as a solider of the lowest rank in order to further serve his country. As a major planter, Forrest was legally exempted from having to serve, but chose to serve anyway.
4) He had no formal military training, but went on to become the greatest tactician in the history of mobile warfare. He retired as a Lt. General and his maneuvers are still studied today.
5) Personally killed over thirty enemy combatants.
Forrest was the living embodiment of a “man’s man” and his real-life exploits rival that of any mythological god. He was a true hero.
Compare the bravery, character and integrity embodied by General Forrest to that which can be found in today’s business and political heavyweights. They are beneath him by absolutely every standard of measurement.
Nathan Bedford Forrest makes me proud to be a Memphian and proud to be a Southerner. I will be there to defend his honor on Sunday afternoon. Will you join me?

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