Monday, June 1, 2015

Robert Ransdell Speaks for the National Alliance

An analysis of corrupt and failed management past and present;

the National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group’s commitment to break out of the disastrous paradigm of stasis and decline.

Leadership Matters

As many of you are aware the National Alliance recently was the subject of discussion in an article published by an anti-White organization that opposes the efforts of Whites to organize for their own collective interests. While it must be noted that any information these aliens and traitors disseminate for public consumption must be taken with a grain of salt, enough of the report has to one extent or another been verified by the individuals at the center of the fiasco for it to warrant a response by NARRG, whose efforts center around seeing to it that this sort of circus and soap opera is a thing of the past.
The allegations of financial malfeasance on the part of former Chairman Erich Gliebe revealed in the article published online are something that vindicates what we have alleged since the outset of the lawsuit against Gliebe and the members of the Board of Directors. The lawsuit and overall effort to hold Gliebe and company accountable was hinged upon our belief that his incompetence and corrupt leadership posed a direct threat to the existence of the National Alliance. If what is reported is correct then the level of corruption and misappropriation of Alliance funds and the lack of basic management of the NA as a corporation is beyond what even we would have believed and we sincerely hope that the level of corruption and mismanagement to which his regime reached does not threaten the very existence of the Alliance.
As if that was not bad enough it appears that our concerns over the state of the National Alliance under the leadership of Will Williams also have been vindicated by the account of events that have transpired under his leadership detailed in the article. Enough has been confirmed by the man himself to make things clear. The National Alliance is without any doubt no better off with Williams as Chairman as it was with Gliebe. It seems clear that Williams actually has aimed to shield Gliebe from accountability for his corruption and theft as Chairman, all the while putting the welfare and future of the National Alliance in serious peril. How can it be rationalized that Jayne Cartwright, former Alliance Treasurer who was in a position where there is responsibility that should be brought to bear for the financial malfeasance under Gliebe’s regime, is currently still sitting on the Board of Directors under Chairman Will Williams? Why does Williams not have a desire to see Gliebe held responsible for his deeds and actions and instead wishes to shield him from being held responsible? Why is Ms. Cartwright still a part of the “new” National Alliance when so much corruption has been alleged and now is being proven to have taken place during Gliebe’s regime?
Even though these people may soon be targets of the federal authorities, to which we hold no admiration for, we also will lose no sleep over people who have STOLEN money and resources that were meant to serve the race and organization being held responsible by those authorities for this theft and criminal conduct.
It is well documented that while Chairman Dr. William Pierce worked 80 hour weeks to ensure that the work and mission of the Alliance was at all times moving forward and upward. While he did entrust other individuals with various duties and responsibilities within the operation of the NA during his time as Chairman, it is highly doubtful that anyone of the likes of this man Dilloway would have been given the time of day by Dr. Pierce. Certainly he would not have entrusted the financial records of the organization to the likes of a man like Dilloway. Not only does it appear that the admitted informant had access to this sensitive information, but it also appears that Williams, like Gliebe before him, is a Chairman that is unwilling to work and live on site on the Alliance property there in West Virginia where it can be better assured that employees are performing their duties properly, and the Alliance has once again suffered for it.
The fact that Mr. Williams made the decision to entrust an admitted informant with any responsibility within the operation of the National Alliance, much less with sensitive and confidential financial records of the organization, displays an outrageous and unacceptable lack of leadership as well as simple good sense.
It also appears that we have more of the same relative to lack of basic honesty from the leadership of the organization as it is alleged  that Williams has been liquidating the inventory of National Vanguard Books, in violation of a court order in the NARRG lawsuit that is ongoing, while previously he had publicly stated he aimed to resume the operation of the publishing arm of the organization. Blaming others for the actions of the corrupt and incompetent leadership of the past and present also appears to still be in fashion as former NA leaders and employees have been marked as being responsible for abhorrent and illegal actions that even if true only transpired because of the lack of oversight by those entrusted with power and control over the NA.
We are disturbed by the fact that once again the perception and reputation of the National Alliance is being seriously called into question, that it is being outright tarnished, by individuals who simply fail to deliver on their promises and pledges to rebuild and revitalize the organization. A repeat of this cycle of corruption and incompetence, a failure to drastically advance the standard to which racially conscious White people hold its leaders to is something that the NARRG team is determined, eager, and committed to put to a final end. Our people, racially conscious White people who simply want to see their support and faith not be dashed by greedy opportunists and outright fools, deserve a hell of a lot better.
I can assure you that if we are able to assume the responsibility of leadership of the National Alliance that we will hold that responsibility with honor and our utmost attention will be set upon seeing to it that such embarrassing episodes such as this one are never played out again. We can at least make the effort as leaders in this struggle to see to it that our enemies have to exert maximum effort, time and money in their efforts to thwart us, not just have the undoing of our work be handed to them on a platter.
You will not see the leadership of the National Alliance having any contact with the very same organization in which informants run to in an effort to harm the organization. The Alliance under the leadership of the NARRG team will NEVER conduct an interview of any kind, never respond to in any fashion, to the enemies of our people at the SPLC.  We see the work of the National Alliance as a serious responsibility, not one in which to engage in playing games with these people in the hope of achieving some sort of exposure on the Internet.
It is beyond time for the leadership of our racial struggle to get serious because our race and the legacy of Dr. William Pierce deserves better. NARRG aims to deliver serious, competent, and dedicated leadership and to put an end to the circuses and soap operas that lead us right back to the starting line over and over again. We are as tired of the crooks, fools and blowhards laying us low as you all are. We are tired of seeing the faith and support, time and money, that people of goodwill invest be wasted and taken for granted time and again. It is about time that the leadership hold its own weight and produce results before they solicit and request support be sent their way.
We hope to have the opportunity to show everyone out there that things can be different and will be with our team having the opportunity to lead.
-Robert Ransdell

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