Monday, June 22, 2015

Alabama: Southern Nationalist Police Officer Fired For Refusing To Renounce His Beliefs

A White Man who refuses to back down despite pressure from all sides. We would do well to follow the example of this hero when the time comes.
A few days previously, Majority Rebellion reported on the story of Josh Doggrell, one of two Anniston, Alabama police officers placed on administrative leave, following an SPLC hit piece on their membership within the League of the South.
Word has now come forth that Mr. Doggrell, a nineteen-year veteran of the force, has been unconditionally terminated from his position, after explicitly staying true to his pro-White, pro-South, Nationalist beliefs.
Despite knowing of his involvement with the League throughout the long years, new management within the city of Anniston felt as if the time had come to prostrate before the altar of the United States federal government, which seeks to extinguish any views that differ from the idea of a twisted, atheistic, sexually-deviant, multicultural empire.
Doggrell issued a statement, which brings chills up one’s spine due to its commitment and moral resolve.
For years, my affiliation with the League has intermittently come up at my job. I have told them if ever it came to it, I would choose the League over my job. The previous police chiefs were supportive. This one was not. And the new city manager became openly hostile upon his “discovery” this week.
Friday afternoon the carrot was dangled by internal affairs. Would I be willing to “flush” the League entirely in order to save my job? The answer was a swift no. Three hours later, my termination was announced. Nineteen years, my salary, my benefits, and my retirement are gone. I’m not looking for sympathy, but I do ask for support.
And I’ve gotten it. I am humbled and grateful for the promises of support, including financial, I have received. I think I have a good case, and I am planning to take this to court. If anyone wishes to donate to the legal defense, the Pay Pal email is
God is still on His throne. His will I accept. Pray His hand guides me and protects my family. In tough times, you find out who your friends are. I am proud to be a Southern nationalist and a member of the League of the South.
While other alleged “Nationalists,” throughout mainly the internet sphere, frequently alter their belief system, and switch worldviews as if they were informal party clothes, Lt. Doggrell has stood firm since his entry to the League two decades ago, and demonstrates to us a model for how we should conduct ourselves in daily life.
Information contained in the above statement is provided in order to facilitate some real-life activism to aid a man who has sacrificed much for the Cause he wholeheartedly believes in. Any sort of financial and/or moral support to Mr. Doggrell would go a long way during the coming battles to receive justice and compensation for his loss.
May God stand with him and his family through this difficult time.
Unbroken and growing stronger with each passing day.
Unbroken and growing stronger with each passing day.
Here are the spineless cowards responsible for Mr. Doggrell's illegal and unjust termination. Shame on them for such moral weakness.
Here are the spineless cowards responsible for Mr. Doggrell’s illegal and unjust termination. Shame on them for such moral weakness.

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