Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Robert Ransdell to Take Charge of National Office Start-Up!
Robert Ransdell
Robert Ransdell
We are most pleased to announce that NARRG team member and plaintiff in the lawsuit to restore the National Alliance, Robert Ransdell has announced his intention to initiate the restart of organizational and business activity from the national office property at Mill Point WV upon the successful conclusion of the current legal action.
Robert Ransdell as many of you already know is the former Cincinnati OH National Alliance chapter coordinator. As a coordinator Mr. Ransdell was instrumental in making the National Alliance a household word in the Cincinnati metropolitan area as well as in the suburbs in northern Kentucky.
National Office Property
Whether public relations efforts involving the NA in local environmental campaigns or organizing meetings and public demonstrations for White interests or those against the enemies of our people; Robert is famous for publicly challenging some of the most infamous of our enemies like Morris Dees and Elie Wiesel. Robert has been instrumental in keeping the National Alliance fresh in the minds of the public in his service as a representative for Our Cause.
With his fearless, super-energetic style, this young man is a dynamo who most certainly can head-up the difficult task of getting the national office up and running once again and attract other young people to follow his lead.
Since becoming involved with the NARRG effort Mr. Ransdell has also continued to be involved with his own individual projects in bringing forth a message of White resistance and survival in his region. His more recent efforts have exposed Jewish influence in our society with his “With Jews We Lose” campaign last year in Kentucky which garnered national publicity and a lot of support especially among young people.
In fact some have even given him the nickname, Young Rockwell, due to his charisma, seeming absence of fear, professional demeanor and affable, quick-witted intellectual debating style.
Mr. Ransdell has announced that as soon as the lawsuit is settled and properly concluded that he will be able to relocate to the national office within a month and begin work with the help of other former members and supporters from the region in West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina who have volunteered time to get things in order.
Robert will live and work from the national office and other permanent staff will be added as start-up generates enthusiasm.
We are certainly fortunate to have the take-charge energy of this most selfless and dedicated young man in the service of Our Cause.

A Message from Robert Ransdell

I wanted to thank the NARRG group and its friends and supporters for bestowing such a gift and responsibility to me. I look forward to the hard work and dedication it will take to set the National Alliance and our people upon an upward path again and see it as the fun part of this entire process we have set about with this lawsuit and action to save the NA.
We will set out to build both a leadership cadre of the best and brightest of our people who also have a sense of self sacrifice, people who live this cause and struggle, and also build the foundation for an assertive and organized force in which to appeal to receptive White people out there who are ready for an alternative to what the system has to offer them today.
I look forward to putting the NA on the front lines of the fight for our race’s survival, and do this in a professional and organized manner as that is its proper place I believe. I look to make myself at home there at the National Office where there is much work to be done, I also look to make myself at home in any place and at any time where there is the potential to benefit Our Cause. Those who are familiar with my activity in the past will be fully aware of that of which I speak, our race needs intelligent and organized people working together at the top of what will soon again be America’s foremost racialist organization, they also need people with the courage and guts to take it to the enemy ideologically, to go after our people instead of just allowing the system to capture one segment and make the other segment disillusioned with life and their future as they live an unfulfilled existence with no alternative to the poison of the Jewish administered system in power today.
Above all I set out with NARRG here to redefine the way in which WN organizations are operated and managed. A new example will be set so that we never see the contributions of good people ever again be squandered or taken for granted. The National Alliance will never again be used as a way to pay anyone’s personal bills or see to it that they live a lavish or lazy lifestyle. The only reward I seek in this struggle is victory, if money or material things motivated me I like all other sincere nationalists out there would not be involved in this struggle in the first place. I can assure you all that I will stay hungry and motivated and never rest or be content until victory is achieved, that is a promise made and one that will be kept.
I will show you results, then if you decide my work and the work of the new leadership group is worthy of your support then I am sure people will recognize the difference in the state of things and come forth to help things along further. Gone will be the days of “leaders” making calls for financial donations on what they plan to do, and too often never come through with. We will prove our worth as leaders with results and by demonstrating the ability to perform the work and to embrace the struggle that will bring our race to victory in the fight we are engaged.

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