Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Anti-Racists DID NOT Outsmart “Aryan Types”

I am disputing this article, which is titled “St. Louis Anti-Racists Outsmart Aryan Types”. Wow, for one thing, the author did not allow a comment section, for any of us “Aryan Types” to dispute his article! COWARD! He did this because he knew his article is a lie!
For one, look at the “anti-racist” protesters. Many of them look like they were just randomly pulled off the street. Below is the picture from the article

Look at the people on the front steps. Wow, looks like they were just pulled off the street. NOW look at our Free Gary Yarbrough protesters!

United Kingdom


Wow, they look a lot more civilized and professional!
Now to state why the Free Gary Yarbrough Rallies and Demos were a success! We might have gotten drowned out by the Revolutionary Communist Party with their bull horn; but we made the media and we got the message out there! Any media, whether it is from the antis or Whites, who sympathize with Gary’s case, is good media. The articles done by the antis, have pushed more people Gary’s way that would not have known about his situation!!!!! Thank you antis! You might not consider these rallies and demos a success, but we do….and another reason why, and the main reason why….UNITY!
These rallies and demos happened in two different places in California, St. Louis, Sweden, London, Scotland, Oregon, and Canada! WOW! Not to mention at the St. Louis rally, it was more than just Aryan Nations there…there was the White Boy Society and independent Skins! Let’s see, that is Christian Identist and Odinist all together at one event! Let me spell that out for you anti-whites and communist…that spells UNITY, and it is growing. Additionally, there will be more rallies and demos to come in the future with more UNITY….so that is how they were and are a success.
Additionally, we don’t consider the anti-racists successful. For one, they acted totally and completely uncivilized by spitting on us and using the f bomb more than I have ever heard it in my life. We, the Free Gary Yarbrough protesters, were a lot more civilized and professional. They didn’t even know their facts, which shows how uneducated they are and how UNSUCCESSFUL they were at trying to incite riot and discord! They were saying that Gary was the bomber from the 2011 Martin Luther King, Jr even in Washington state .Gary Yarbrough had nothing to do with this, he was in prison at the time. So let’s see who looks more successful….I know it was not the anti-racist! So, Leonard Zeskind, write your article based on the truth next time, and oh, don’t be so biased. Reporters are supposed to report the facts without bias! Oh and by the way, what are “Aryan Types”? We are Aryans, we are not Aryan Types!

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